Dateline: Portland, Oregon Last updated: April 26, 2017
Was Officer Davonna Dick’s “Accidental” Death Another “Brotherhood” Killing, with a New Twist?
( We’re Told once again, “There’s Nothing Suspicious Here, Just Move on”)
by DR Wolfe


It may only be another coincidence that Portland Police Officer Davonna Dick “accidentally” fell down a flight of stairs the same day Portland Chief of Police Mike Marshman returned to work, after being exonerated of any wrong doing. So call me a “conspiracy theorist” but consider this…

While Chief Marshman was formally cleared to return to work by Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler on April 12, 2017, he didn’t actual return to his desk duties until this past Monday, April 17th. And apparently, this is the same day that the once “disgraced” Portland Police Officer, Davonna Dick, had fallen down a flight of stairs in her North Portland home. Her fall is suspected to have caused her death, however, there has been no information released to explain why she fell. To date, the medical examiner’s report has not been completed.

After Dick’s body was found on Thursday, April 20th, Marshman sent out an E mail that said very little about her “accident” other than to claim “there were no suspicious circumstances”, even though the coincidence of his return to work on the same day she died is a little curious, isn’t it?

Last month, Chief Mike Marshman was suspended (with pay) based on two anonymous complaints. Perhaps, knowing that Officer Dick was not one of these complainants, and didn’t know one of the complainants, would be helpful. Otherwise, one might wonder if this wasn’t a message being sent to any cop, or anyone else, who might be thinking about filing an anonymous complaint (and becoming a whistleblower)-

We know the Internal Police Review (IPR), much like the United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA Court), is nothing more than a rubber stamp for the government. It’s apparently a big conference room with a table and a rubber stamp. You just go in and get your papers stamped…

Did you know, out of 10,000 requests, only once has the FISA Court out right refused a request for a surveillance warrant on a “suspect” (a.k.a. usually a “government whistleblower”). And apparently the IPR doesn’t even bother to call victims when they spend the next four months pretending to investigate the questionable conduct of a Portland police officer, like Daniel Leonard [2011].

Despite that we know the useless IPR won’t ever honestly investigate anything, what makes the Dick death even more suspicious is that the department, who claims it’s officers are in constant fear of their lives (and may sometimes over react based on this perceived threat), did not bother to check on a missing officer for three whole days!

According to the Portland Police Bureau (PPB), Officer Dick had a reputation of being reliable and dependable, yet for three days she didn’t call in or show up for work? Wouldn’t you think her supervising officer would have thought to send a patrol car by the home of a missing patrol officer just to make sure she wasn’t a victim of foul play. Especially since the “bought and paid” politicians and the media tells us every day that the police are allegedly being targeted by every “crazy” out there!

Is it strange we live in a community where a fast food employee would face more scrutiny from their supervisor for being late for work than a police officer? Is this normal that the department doesn’t prioritize any missing cop? No wonder there’s a staffing shortage.

Even a phone call from the duty sergeant that went something like, “Hey Davonna, it’s me, the Sergeant, checking in with you. Just let me know your okay. This isn’t like you. I’m going to send a car bye to check things out if I don’t hear from you in the next fifteen minutes. We cops just want to take care of our own, and this just isn’t like you, to not call in or anything. So call me right away?”

But apparently no call like this went out the first day she didn’t show up or call in sick. And apparently no call like this ever went out the second day she didn’t show up for work and didn’t call in…

So, after three days the PPB decided to go bye her home and break down her door. And surprise, surprise, they find her dead at the bottom of her stairs.

Was it an accident or murder? Just because the door was locked doesn’t prove she was the last person to lock it, does it? Did she have a car parked outside, which would have indicated she was home? And if she was home, why wouldn’t she open the door? Or did anybody bother to knock when this cop disappeared?

However, the murderers didn’t need to go into Officer Dick’s home to cause her to fall down the stairs.

First, Infrared cameras make it possible for someone to monitor a person’s every movement from a nearby location. For example, the book “Supermog” describes how a private investigator was able to use Infrared in 1955 to watch a U.S. Senator having sex with an underaged girl from the room next store. That was sixty years ago?

And second, under the TETRA System the government’s been using microwave weapons to experiment with mind control on the police and military personnel (as well as children, the disabled, political prisoners and dissenters).

Under one of these programs, The Pandora Project began receiving funding in the late ’60’s and early ’70’s from the CIA.

Dr Ross Adey, the chief researcher on the Pandora Project, has released a video to leading UK researchers which proves that not only does the TETRA system cause “ELF zombification” by massive release of calcium ions in the cerebral cortex and the nervous system, but the activated calcium ions also cause massive hormonal disturbances which lead to frenzied imbalances.

This weapon could cause someone like Darlene Miles or Davonna Dick to fall down a flight of stairs, and appear to any investigator as though it were an accident.

Adey said, “Eventually, use of the TETRA system by the police will lead to psychotronicaly controlled officers who may be totally controlled in any situation and are very useful for states of economic or social chaos where extreme and violent behavior is needed without any conscious or moral compunction-” [2001]

But since some people actually do fall down stairs and die, we’re supposed to automatically believe “there’s nothing suspicious here”? Like we’re supposed to believe the chemical weapons used against the Syrian people in 2013 came from the Syrian Army and not the Saudi funded rebels.

Except some people won’t ever forget (Even if you did, Maxine. Or were you told to “forget about it”?) that Davonna Dick cost Clakckamas County and its Corrections Department (an agency riddled in corruption), and the city of Portland over nine million dollars because of the Cayla Wilson settlement. And maybe that’s why the Oregonian used a picture of the police building instead of an actual pic of Davonna, when describing her “suspicious” death…

As a patrol officer, one would think there would be many from the community who would only recognize Davonna Dick by her face, and who may want to honor her service to the community (and who might question the “circumstances” surrounding her death). It seems even more curious that the “Oregoonian” would use a picture of a building instead, if not down right disrespectful!

And Chief Marshman says “there’s nothing suspicious here”? Really? Ever heard of the “Brotherhood of the Strong”?

Are they back? The same usual suspects, perhaps under a different name or title?