Dateline- October 25, 2016, last updated May 5, 2017
10 Year Anniversary Since Bob Hermann Monster Let Dirty Cop Off for Executing Unarmed Stoned Kid
(Then Cop Goes Blind)! Karma?
by DR Wolfe

(Includes strong language)

Of all the sickness that is the real, untold dark history of Oregoon, the October 21st, 2006 cold-blooded execution of Jordan Case, a one hundred twenty pound, twenty-year-old kid who was tripping on shrooms at the time is among the most egregious of all the excessive force cases I’ve ever studied.

After being tasered dozens of times by police, shot with almost a dozen beanbag rounds, Case was then shot four more times with live rounds by the police, including eventually a fatal shot to the back of his head as he was running for his life–

Sadly, many police shootings fall into this particular category — a pissed off, vengeful thug with a badge and a weapon, and someone to blame for what happened to them earlier that day, or last week, or maybe because of something that happened to them last year…

The fact that Washington County District Attorney Bob Hermann did not even bother to bring the case before the grand jury, knowing that Case was unarmed at the time and was shot in the back of the head at point blank range by Washington County Deputy Glenn Howard. And this was after Jordan was tortured by two Washington County deputies, one Sherwood police officer and a “ride-along”, ought to scare the hell out of anyone in Oregon who isn’t among the elite.

But as usual, the mainstream media played a key roll in covering up the facts in this case by only repeating, not questioning, the lies that the Washington County authorities wanted them to tell. Such as saying, that Case was some how able to grow by over four inches two years after he died. Simply remarkable!

Ask yourself, does changing a few of the physical characteristics of a “suspect” create a different impression on your subconscious about someone you don’t know? obviously it does.

Especially if you need to protect the county’s liability and damages in a police shooting and wanted to prejudice the potential jury pool as much as possible. Using the media, there’s many ways the government can accomplish this:

First, begin releasing misleading information to the press which is the most common practice police and prosecutors use, and never mention anything positive about the subject.

Another technique they use IS to make the victim or “suspect” seem, bigger; older; more dangerous than they really are; and with some sort of “history”.

Except Jordan Case had no criminal record, and had been accepted into Oregon State’s Physics Department, and was working full time to save up for school when he was killed by police.

Now days, the corporate media will always echo what their told by “authorities”, true or not. Like saying the “suspect” had a past drug arrest, but never disclose it was only over marijuana.

Or they will say, ‘the suspect had been involved in a domestic violence incident’, But won’t include relevant information such as, ‘it occurred in the distant past’ or say, ‘however, there was no charges filed.

And now days, with all the false flag shootings, the media will almost always say the shooter had a “history of mental illness”, but won’t ever explain exactly what that means.

Or as they did in my case, say the person “isn’t as blind as they “pretend”. Another lie–
(see article: “3 Americas: 42 Days in Bob Hermann Monster’s Isolation Dungeon and the Coerced Plea Bargain”)

Another common way the police use the press to manipulate the public is by getting the media to say, “And the police are also looking for other possible victims. If you have any information you’re encouraged to contact law enforcement right away.” This way, anyone watching or listening with an axe to grind can “help out” the police with what they always call “new information”. However, these “witnesses” are rarely ever found to be reliable.

This sort of willful public manipulation is how Washington County used the media to cover up what many feel was an “extra-judicial execution” by police of a kid they knew was on drugs, and immediately hated because of it. Once they were done fucking with him!

Consider, Jordan Case only weighed 128 lbs when he died. While on the other hand, Howard and the other three men involved in the brutal killing all weighed over 200 lbs. each. Yet, twice, and perhaps many other times, they were unable (or unwilling) to handcuff Case and take him into custody, so they tortured him for awhile, and then killed him.

As you probably already know, using excessive force is a common way police in America today deal with people they perceive as being “defective”.

The first opportunity to take Case into custody came when a deputy discovered the barely twenty-year-old kid in the bedroom of his neighbor, Sally Arellano, where she had him pinned to the floor.

Arellano was five foot two and weighed about 120 lbs at the time of Case’s killing. Apparently, the two had struggled when Case forced himself into a back bedroom, but was subdued by her before police arrived.

For an unspecified amount of time Washington County Deputy John Jayne repeatedly tasered Case, but never handcuffed him, despite having several opportunities. In his own words, Jayne describes how both he and his friend, Grant Collins, took turns pressing their foot into Case’s back as he lie on the floor, and continued to taser him…rather than handcuffing him and putting him into the patrol car, as a reasonable officer would be expected to do.

So that it is perfectly clear to the reader, Jordan Case was laying face down on the floor with the foot of either Deputy Jayne or Grant Collins’ in his back, at some point according to Jayne, and yet Jayne chose to not reach down and handcuff him, but instead, chose to just keep on tasering him–

To those of us who have studied the growing problem of excessive force being used by police on unarmed “suspects”, the picture that begins to emerge here is that from the very beginning Jordan Case was viewed by these officers as being nothing more than a wild animal. And animal who could be legally tortured by the police, who knew they had absolute impunity from the DA, the DOJ and the courts no matter what they did. And apparently they were right!

After a time Jayne and his friend, who was described as a “ride-along”, decided to leave Jordan there, in the master bedroom, still not handcuffed.

Deputy Jayne claimed they decided to back out of the apartment and wait outside for backup. However, it more appears as though Deputy Jayne was planning to ambush Case when he came outside.

The original victim, Sally Arellano, had told a different story in 2006 when she gave an extensive interview to Helen Yung with the Oregonian.

During the interview, Arellano said she saw Deputy Jayne and his friend walk out of the apartment without Case, but she said they were facing forward with their guns drawn, not walking backward as Jayhne claimed.

According to Arellano, she then saw Case come out of the apartment following Deputy John Jayne and his friend, Grant Collins. It’s important to note that Collins wasn’t a trained, certified police officer, but apparently a personal friend of Jayne’s.

[Some questions for the grand jury:]
I. Why didn’t ?Deputy Jayne handcuff Case before leaving the apartment?

II. Did Deputy Jayne change his behavior when he decided to keep tasering Case, and not handcuffing him, because Collins was there?

III. Did Deputy Jayne’s friend, Grant Collins, have the right to brandish a weapon against an unarmed citizen?

Maybe these are the questions the prosecutors did not want a grand jury to hear, thinking that all three officers and Collins may end up being indicted for Case’s murder, if all the strange facts and strange behavior were fully exposed by some uppity, inquisitive grand juror.

So, let’s draw this picture a little clearer, in the case you already can’t imagine how grossly negligent these cops were, until they decided to stop messing around with Case and finally kill him.

Imagine, the police show up on a call involving a home invasion, with two possible victims, a woman and her eight-year-old daughter. They enter the apartment to find the male intruder laying on the floor, being held down by an extremely petite woman. At this point, in the training police receive aren’t they supposed to secure the “crime scene” and quickly handcuff the suspect, who they already know is guilty of trespassing, at the very least?

According to Arellano at the time, who apparently made no allegation and had no visible signs of being sexually assaulted by Case, Jayne and Collins were facing forward when they walked outside with their guns drawn. Not walking backwards and pointing them at Case, as Deputy Jayne testified in the civil case. But instead, Arellano said the two men were both pointing their guns at an invisible suspect who appeared to be walking in front of them, as though it were a parade honoring the brave and courageous officers of Washington County.

And then, according to Arellano, as though it were a comedy film starring the ‘Keystone Cops of Washington County’, here comes this skinny, still unarmed kid staggering out of the bedroom, stoned out of his mind, following the cops, like a lost puppy searching for its owner–

Now ask yourself, according to the facts provided by the original victim herself when it happened, Sally Arellano, do the police behave as though they perceive Jordan Case is a dangerous criminal who has attempted to sexually assault a young woman in the presence of her eight-year-old daughter? Yet, this is what the story later became…

After Case came out of the apartment,this is when the game of cat and mouse really began, and probably why they didn’t handcuff him, despite multiple opportunities.

When they got outside, witnesses said Washington County Deputy John Jayne first threw Case against the wall and then began tasering him a few more times, knocking Case to the ground. Once again, while Case was down Deputy Jayne made no effort to handcuff him.

Not surprisingly, Jordan got up and took off running.
At this point, Sherwood Police Officer Adam Keesee arrived with a beanbag rifle and joined in by repeatedly shooting at Case who seemed to be running in circles, jumping over anything that appeared in front of him. Try to imagine a toddler laughing and trying to keep away from his mother-

Jordan had been a cross country champion for Reynolds High School and graduated in 2004 with a G.P.A. of 3.55.He was described by most who knew him as being an “exceptional” student, who obviously deserved better.

This is when Washington County Deputy Glenn Howard drove up and spotted Case running, and pulled over his car and got out, leaving the door open. Howard then fired his taser seven times at Case as he approached and then accidentally shocked himself trying to load another cartridge.

In what must have been a state of momentary rage, Howard decided to drop his taser and pull out his revolver and start shooting at Jordan.

Then, once again the police failed to take advantage of the situation and handcuff Case as he sat on the ground, breathing heavily and leaning against Howard’s police car with a gun shot wound to his chest.

Given Glenn Howard’s apparent “inability” to properly use a taser (after three years of policing), one must ask could he have instead tackled Case who weighed a hundred pounds less than him, rather than pulling out his revolver?

Fact is, Glenn Howard had no legitimate reason to shoot Case in the chest. It appears as though Howard shot Case for the simple reason he was angry about being “incapable” of properly using a taser to subdue a suspect. And Glenn Howard certainly had no right to shoot him in the back of the head a few minutes later, when Jordan tried to get up one last time, and run away in fear of his life! Fearing that these “monsters”, dressed in clown suits, as they must have seemed to him at the time (no offense to good clowns), had every intention of killing him, as they eventually did–

Did Case maybe get up and run because he overheard Deputy Jayne, who was standing over him and dangling his handcuffs, according to an eye witness, say something like, ‘What the hell we gonna do now Glenn? We got us a real problem here. You just shot an unarmed kid in the chest. Damn!’

Why didn’t Deputy Jayne immediately reach down and handcuff the bleeding suspect, instead of asking Howard what to do? You notice, the police don’t usually have a problem handcuffing the people they shoot, live or dead. And at this point, Case already had at least one serious bullet wound.

Obviously, Jordan Case needed emmediate medical attention. So why did all four of these men wait to call for medical assistance until after Deputy Howaard had shot him again? For course, it was too late by then to help Jordan–

A witness who was standing a few feet away, Sandra Figueroa, testified, Deputy Jayne stood there for almost two minutes dangling his handcuffs and kept asking Howard “What we gonna do? What we gonna do, Glenn?”

Fortunately for Jayne and Howard, Case gave them the excuse they needed to take out the witness against them.

“I think he was just trying to hold onto something,” said Figueroa, who saw Case get up with his hands raised and stagger forward, and then fall against the car door seconds before Howard opened fire for the second time!

Both this witness and the blood splatter evidence prove Case never actually entered Howard’s vehicle, which was the excuse Deputy Howard used for killing him.

So we should ask, was just getting near a police car enough to justify the use of excessive force?

As evidence of how police regularly intimidate those who witness their use of excessive force, like in the case of Eric Garner, Sandy Figueroa was held and questioned for over two hours by police, despite telling them that she had three children waiting at home for her.

Obviously, the police wanted to find out what she witnessed about what they had done to Jordan Case, but they also wanted to see if they could find something they could use against her to discredit her testimony if needed. Apparently, the only discrepancy police could get from her statement was that Figueroa lied about waiting for a friend when she heard the commotion and came outside to see what was going on.

Given all of this, a reasonable person must ask, why didn’t the District Attorney, Bob Hermann, bring this incident before a grand jury? Because of it, many of the details in this case will never be known to the general public, other than the version the police and the Prosecutor want to tell. And since the corporate controlled media won’t tell the real story, on behalf of Jordan Case and all the stoners out there I will tell it, except without the usual righteous spin–

Make no mistake, our lives depend on it. Understanding the misleading details about the execution of Jordan Case provided to us by both the police and media is critical in recognizing how “they” cover up these ongoing executions by “law enforcement”.

As mentioned above, Jordan Case was only five foot seven inches tall (And probably looked more like a kid?), yet one reporter inaccurately wrote years after the shooting he was five foot eleven inches tall (And, based on this alternative description probably looked more like a mature male with a serious eating disorder? Perhaps, from using hard drugs, as Deputy Jayne claimed by saying “I thought he might be on PCP”?

Fact is, Case had never been in trouble with the law.

Yet, the way the police and the media described Jordan’s drugs of choice, confirm their intent of misrepresenting the killing of someone whose behavior would have more accurately been described just a few months earlier as being “a ‘scrawny teenager who was caught experimenting with magic mushrooms wile aimlessly wandering his own neighborhood”.

Fact is, Jordan had a few marijuana plants, a bag of mushrooms, and instructions about how to make mescaline. Yet, the police said he was “manufacturing mescaline”, since putting it this way sounds more like Jordan Case was running some sort of massive drug operation out of his apartment.

The reason they misrepresent the evidence and the physical characteristics — making the suspect bigger, older and more dangerous, is because they know our society has a different set of standards about how police should treat kids who are dabbling in drugs and wandering the neighborhood. Or who might go into a neighbors’s home without permission, even if it sounds like there’s a party going on and the door is unlocked.

So embellishing a person’s shortcomings and muddying up other facts is part of an overall strategy among the powers that be and those who serve them, as you can see from the case about Case that was never brought to light.

Years after the killing, it was reported that Jordan’s neighbor suddenly remembered that he also tried to repeatedly touch her pants and then later tried to pull them off during their struggle. If true,
don’t you think the police would have included this information about a possible sexual assault at the time to further justify the shooting? But they didn’t-

During one of her early interviews, Sally Arellano described how she woke up on the couch to find this young guy, Jordan case. waiving his hands over her, as if to feel her aura, but said nothing about him trying to touch her while she lie on the couch.

“like he was trying to feel the energy,” she told the reporter. But she never claimed he had tried to pull her pants down, as she claimed years later.

Apparently, Deputy Jayne had no reason to suspect the woman had been sexually assaulted, since he walked out of the apartment without case, who was never handcuffed, as one would assume a reasonable police officer would do in any alleged sexual assault case, finding the suspect in the bedroom of the victim.

Now years later, with these new salacious details, the killing seems more justified, or at least it does to the feminist reading the story about how the police killed a suspected “rapist” who was on “mescaline!”.

But the facts prove that’s not what Case did, or what he was thinking about doing, when he heard a neighbor’s television blasting out the sound of people laughing and decided to investigate what sounded like a party by opening her unlocked door and walking in.

No doubt, it must have been a really creepy experience for Sally, waking up to find a stranger in your living room!

She had every right to be afraid for her and her sleeping daughter. She said, Case refused to leave and tried to follow her into a back bedroom. He then forced the door open and a struggle ensued.

But if we think about the facts they prove Case had no intention of ever harming Arellano or her daughter. He could have easily put a knife to Sally’s throat when he first found her sleeping on the couch, and given her an ultimatum of either letting him do what he wanted to her, or her daughter.

Except Jordan apparently had no idea that there was a sleeping child in the other room, which proves he never searched the apartment, as one would think any real sex predator would likely do to make sure no one els was home, finding an attractive young woman sleeping on the couch.

Also, since Deputy Jayne was able to walk right in, apparently Case didn’t lock the door or search for a weapon after entering the apartment, which further suggests he had no intent to harm Sally or her daughter. One would think locking the door would have been his first thought, after finding her alone, sleeping in the living room. Police records document Jordan Case had no weapon when he was killed.

Perhaps Sally Arellano was feeling some guilt over Jordan’s death that subconsciously caused her to later embellish her story. While we can agree that she was certainly careless by falling asleep with the door unlocked and a sleeping child in the home, she is no way responsible for what the police did to Jordan Case that night. Yet she may have been feeling some guilt about what happened when she testified at the civil trial several years later.

Clearly, Case should have been immediately arrested by Deputy Jayne for trespassing the moment he found Jordan in Arellano’s bedroom.
However, throwing in a few alleged sexual assault or sexual harassment allegations is what the police, prosecutors, and almost all of the corporate (and a few of the”liberal”) media shills, do today to promote their agenda that all “females” (and police) are “victims”. And almost all straight men are violent, sex predators.

So let’s take a close look at the facts that caused Deputy Howard to pull his police revolver out and fire, not once, but twice, and eventually kill case for what was no legitimate reason. Well, that’s not completely true since this knucklehead had accidentally tasered himself seconds before deciding to make Jordan Case pay for the pain and embarrassment he felt by shooting Case in the chest and then shooting him again a few minutes later, blowing off the back of Jordan’s head!

According to Howard, he claimed he believed Case was climbing into his patrol car to grab a rifle that was locked in a rack between the front two seats.

So, Washington County Deputy Howard wants us to believe that despite a bullet wound to the chest and being loaded on shrooms Case was going to be able to lay on his injured chest and stretch his body across the front seat and then use one hand to push the rifle’s release button located on the upper left side of the floor board, provided he knew it was there.
And then with amazing dexterity, Howard said he believed Case was going to use the other hand to pull the rifle from its rack. And then Howard believed Case would be able to quickly back out of the car and point the rifle toward Jayne and him, and then fire it before they had a chance to defend themselves. Really?

Only problem with this story, is that Case would have to hold the foot button down with one hand at the same time he was removing the rifle from the rack with his other hand…if you can imagine him stretching his body across the seat and spreading his arms out wide enough to do this, bleeding heavily from the chest. Of course, this would seem like the perfect opportunity for Howard to have thrown his 200 pound body on top of Case until he could be handcuffed.

Thing is, every police officer knows the rifle’s release button is designed to be pushed down with the driver’s foot at the same time they are removing the rifle from its rack. Even for an experienced officer, this isn’t easy to do. It’s made so the button has to be engaged at the exact same moment the rifle is being removed from the rack.

Howard knew, or should have known, this was just about physically impossible for anyone to do, let alone for someone who was in the condition that Case was in by this time, bleeding heavily from a wound to the chest.

Before the fatal bullet was fired, apparently Deputy Jayne just stood there waiting to be told what to do, with his handcuffs in hand.

So maybe Howard was thinking to himself. “Oh Shit! Oh shit! What the fuck am I gonna do-”

Howard’s opportunity came. Case got up to run away, but stumbled forward and fell against Howard’s car door with is hands raised, as if to surrender, according to the only eye witness not working with the police, Sandra Figueroa.

So we are supposed to believe, Howard envisioned case making this remarkable physical maneuver to get the rifle out, much like the plane that allegedly hit the Pentagon, and then was going to be able to kill both Deputy Jayne and himself before they could react!

Howard’s argument was that he believed he would not have had time to react if Case succeeded in getting the rifle out.
But would if Deputy Jayne had said something that made Howard think he had no other choice other than to kill the only witness who would testify against him.

“Dead people tell no truths”, he may have thought to himself, as he pulled the trigger and watched Jordan’s brains and blood splatter across the car door and ground…

Yet, no grand jury ever heard any of this evidence. So then, what is the grand jury really for? Perhaps, we should ask the Oregon legislature, who once again in 2015 chose to do nothing about fixing this broken, highly corrupt grand jury system, where cops always get off, the average person is almost always indited, and the whole truth is rarely ever told by witnesses for the state?

Bob Hermann’s claim that Howard and Jayne were in fear of their lives is not only a blatant lie, but completely laughable…except that Jordan Case is dead, forever, and Howard is now living off the county’s disability insurance because of an injury to his left eye, and is walking around free–