3 Americas: More Truth Than We Can Handle 03 The Story of the Ham Sandwich That Wouldn’t Go Along To Get Along, And Didn’t Get Into the Bigotucky Law School (And the murder of Breonna Taylor, and the truth about the hanging of Leo Frank, and the founding of the “Anti-Defecation League”)

(Last updated: September 3, 2023)
3 Americas: More Truth Than We Can Handle
Chapter 03
The Story of the Ham Sandwich That Wouldn’t Go Along To Get Along, And Didn’t Get Into the Bigotucky Law School, and THE MURDER OF BREONNA TAYLOR, and the truth about the hanging of Leo Frank, and the founding of the “Anti-Defecation League”)
by DR Wolfe

{As I continue a full revision, this is one of the new chapters from my revised autobiography, “3 Americas”.}

(Includes violence and strong language)

Maybe you can indict a ham sandwich, or a black man, or any “cripple”, but you can’t indict a cop or any person with wealth or influence in America, for anything, let alone murdering a black woman.

So let me begin this chapter with a comment about Kentucky , and why I believe the Breonna Taylor case explains everything that happened to me.

If the people in charge were only more like Riley Gaines, a former-University of Kentucky All-American swimmer and a gem. Even though she tied Will Thomas, who is a biological-man, for the 200 meter freestyle in the NCAA Championship, the male judges gave the 5th place trophy to the biological-man, rather than the woman. Where are the feminists?

Meanwhile, this iddiot, Nebraska State Senator Megan Hunt and Crazy Keith Olberman, one of the biggest sports talk morons ever, are defending a biological man over a real woman, calling Riley Gaines a ‘discontented loser.’

First, riley Gaines is the best American female swimmer ever in the butterfly stroke. But more importantly, where are the feminists? And is Title Nine completely gone, or has the NCAA, much like the Democreeps, lost its mind too??

Hopefully, Riley Gaines will run for Congress in 2026, when she becomes eligible. But unfortunately, there are a lot of bigots in Kentucky who aren’t like Riley and who don’t know or care about fundamental fairness.

For example, if Will Thomas can pretend to be a woman so that he can win a trophy, something he couldn’t do as a man, then why can’t all men with disabilities compete against women, not just the gender-impaired? Unfortunately our own Senator from Oregon, Jeff Merkley, and the neo-liberals won’t answer this question, because their reasoning of allowing transgender men to compete against women makes no sense.

My biological father and his family were from Livingston, Tennessee, which is a stone throw away from Kentucky, So I know how bigoted some people from this part of the country can be. Not to say there isn’t bigotry everywhere.

When I was around five or six, my biological father, Harold Bowmer, would always talk about going down to Detroit to “kill the Coloreds.” I don’t know if he ever actually killed anyone, but as I explained in the first chapter, they kept the body of a dead, brown-skinned woman in this root cellar that was underneath Grandpa Ernie’s bar in Port Huron.

They said she was my great aunt, who was Native-American, but I don’t know if this was true.

Harold did own a hand gun, I remember. Once when we lived in Roseville he pointed it at my mother and us kids while we were sitting on the couch. And he definitely knew how to use it, since he was trained by the Army, up in Tacoma. Who knows, maybe he never stopped working for the military, like Timothy McVey, who coincidentally was from rural Michigan.

As far as Breonna Taylor goes, the fact that the Kentucky Attorney General, Daniel Camerin, who is black and running for governor, is not aware that Breonna Taylor was shot six times, and not five. This shows the general incompetence and indifference of Kentucky’s bigoted legal system toward the little people. Because it matters to Breonna Taylor, since the sixth bullet is the one that may have killed her.

Consider this one fact, which shows pre-meditation. The officers sent the ambulance away an hour before the home invasion took place which suggests they planned to kill everyone in the apartment, and wanted to make sure there were no living witnesses.

The cops do this all the time, refusing to let the paramedics do their job, until the witness is dead.

After the shooting, when the ambulance returned it was twenty minutes before they were allowed to render assistance to Breonna, although they immediately treated an officer on the scene who had been shot in the leg.

The Kentucky court gave the police a “no knock warrant” for Ms. Taylor’s apartment based on unsubstantiated evidence that she had received drugs through the mail, saying the Louisville Post Master provided this verbal information. However, the Post Master disputes this claim. So why didn’t Judge Mary Shaw require any proof in writing from the post office itself, before signing the “no knock warrant”, that led to the death of Breonna Taylor?

The answer is, most of these judges across America are lazy and care nothing about the poor people, who live in the wrong neighborhood.

It has been reported that the judge signed five warrants in twelve minutes, when she processed the warrant that was used to eventually killed Breonna Taylor. However, the warrant was changed to a “knock and announce warrant” sometime before the raid, but the police ignored it.

I believe this information is critical to understanding why they murdered Breonna Taylor on March 13th, a little after midnight, when no one would likely be around, or awake.

Why didn’t they come over during the day, and ask her, “When is the last time you saw your ex-boyfriend, and do you mind if we search the apartment?” If they had a search warrant she would have let them search. Simply because, as the police learned after killing her, Breonna and her boyfriend did not have drugs and had nothing to hide. Even the gun was legally registered.

We’re supposed to believe an ex-boyfriend from two years ago left drugs at her apartment, drugs he supposedly received in the mail. And using this no knock warrant, the police were going to find the drugs. It’s ridiculous.

Apparently despite having no physical evidence. they told the court they believed she had received drugs through the mail on behalf of her ex-boyfriend, Jamarcus Clover. But if they had any credible evidence of this, it would have been an arrest warrant, not a search warrant.

Other than Oregon, isn’t it a crime to send or receive drugs through the U.S. Postal Service?

Maybe they were determined to teach this “Negro” a lesson about trafficking “drugs” in Bigotucky?

and would if the drug they’re referring to in the warrant was only marijuana? Since more than half of America has legalized it, is their any justification in this sort of extreme violence by the police, based on nothing more than a tip from a dirty snitch?

Breonna Taylor had broke up with Mr. Clover long before this, and was dating a man named Kenneth Walker when she was murdered. At the time, Mr. Walker did not use drugs, and as I mentioned there were no drugs found in the apartment by the police following the murder.

So how long is long enough not to be held personally responsible, if a woman’s ex-boyfriend is breaking the law? It seems like feminist would be outraged by this killing, because it sends a message that a woman can be executed for what her ex-boyfriend is doing today, as if she would know. Of course, if she were a white woman living in Lexington, Kentucky this warrant would have never been issued. Which means this was a premeditated, racially motivated murder.

In fact, prior to killing Breonna Taylor, the police had located Mr. Clover, and its very likely he told them that Breonna and him were no longer together. In fact, he may have told the police it had been over a year since he lived in the targeted apartment.

Assuming that this is true, the police had the information of their break up, I would argue that this warrant to search her residence should have never been issued by this lady judge, who obviously didn’t care about a black woman living in a poor neighborhood.

Judge Mary Shaw should also be investigated for signing a “no knock warrant” against someone who was clearly a very, very soft target. But Daniel Camerin, a black man, never held an honest investigation of the facts. The fact that the Kentucky police murdered a innocent, poor black woman in cold blood. And Daniel Camerin wants to be the governor of Kentucky in 2023?

Why did the police go to her apartment in the middle of the night, with a battering ram? And why did they send the ambulance away before the raid, which violated their own policy? Were they intending to kill Breonna and her boyfriend? I think so. Here’s the proof.

Only one unidentified witness out of twelve said they heard the police announce themselves before knocking. Maybe they announced their presence after Mr. Walker fired a warning shot. But studies by the Innocence Project show eye-witnesses are more often wrong. Either they intentionally lie to please the police, or embellish their story to appear in agreement with the prosecutor’s long-winding tail. Or they simply have a faulty memory.

The interview by ABC’s show, Perspective, of the police officer who was wounded by Walker’s warning shot, Sergeant Jonathan Maddenly was very revealing. During the interview, Maddenly admitted that at first, he only pounded on the door, but didn’t announce their presence.

No matter the outcome, this conduct violated the revised warrant. He should have yelled “POLICE”, while he was knocking. Or even better, he should have yelled “POLICE” and then knocked.

“We don’t want the targets to formulate a plan”, he told Preston, a shill for the Deep State. He made it sound like some heavily armed drug dealers were living in the apartment, when they knew otherwise.

He said after he knocked, they heard a noise coming from inside the apartment. He claimed they never heard Breonna and her boyfriend yelling, “Who’s there?” This is obviously a lie, since any reasonable person would want to know who is banging on their door in the middle of the night and would ask them to identify themselves.

Apparently, they never identified themselves as police, unless we believe this one witness, who may have been another unreliable informant.

According to Mr. Walker, Breonna and him both yelled for the intruder to identify themselves, but Maddenly claims he did not hear anything. I blieve this is a pile of Kentucky horse pucky, and here’s why.

Maddenly told the ABC pressitute, Shari Preston, that he pounded on the door again, and six of the officers began chanting “Police”. Except, ten of the eleven witnesses, who were startled awoke by the pounding, did not hear the police announce their presence, until after the gun fire began.

Somebody is definitely lying, we know that. So do we believe the seven cops and the one eye-witness, or do we believe the ten other witnesses, and Mr. Walker?

Police always lie to protect their own. That’s why there are no good cops any more, because the ones who don’t actually engage in criminal behavior , are lying to protect the ones that do (so that they’re not cast out of the “good old boys club”).

If you listen closely, you can hear how nervous Maddenly is during the interview, as if he knows he has something to hide. He’s trying to explain to the audience why the police need to be so militant when they approach a soft target, in the middle of the night. But he doesn’t explain exactly why a soft target needs to be ambushed in the middle of the night by the police, with guns blazing. And he doesn’t explain why they sent the ambulance away, which makes no sense unless they wanted no living witnesses.

He sounds jacked up on something, like cocaine, Amphetamines, meth, or maybe steroids. Unfortunately, cops in America are rarely drug tested, so we’ll never know.

Maddenly is talking fast, and doesn’t clearly answer the question when he’s asked how many cops said the word police. And whether this was before or after Mr. Walker fired his gun.

This is because he is lying, as cops often do, to cover up their wrong doing. Then they lie to protect their lie. And now this dirty cop sued Mr. Walker for his injuries. Hopefully, Maddenly will be caught in a lie, or two, and be sent to prison on a charge of perjury. But probably not.

We know informants, who the police use all the time to obtain unlawful warrants, are some of the most sleaziest people around. The kind of people who don’t work, but need drug money, and will snitch on someone else to get it.

Does this one eye-witness have any reason to lie for the police? And more importantly, is he an informant for the police?

I believe the police planned to kill both Breonna Taylor and Kenneth Walker that night. Yet, because of one lying witness, the police officers are allowed to go home, unlike Ms. Taylor.

But what clearly makes this case a cover up of her murder, is that the City of Louisville had not determined whether or not the warrant was legal, which I believe, it was not. Even six months after the murder, they couldn’t decide? But obviously, by not deciding they could keep this fact from the grand jury, and insure the police would not likely be indicted.

The officers who murdered Breonna Taylor should not have been brought before the grand jury until the validity of the search warrant was determined. Once the warrant was found to be illegal, which is what should happen, then everything these officers did would be unlawful. Not just recklessly shooting into some one else’s apartment, which makes no sense, unless they were completely out of control.

There is hope, since this case can be brought before another grand jury, once Kentucky’s Attorney General is replaced, and it won’t be considered “double jeopardy”.

This was not self-defense as the Kentucky Attorney General claims. If the police are fired upon, they are required to identify the target before returning fire. Can the police blindly fire into a crowd if someone shoots off something that sounds like it might be a gun? I sure hope not.

They never saw Mr. Walker before firing their guns. And the fact they were charged with reckless endangerment for shooting into another apartment, proves that Breonna Taylor was also recklessly endangered when they opened fire. But we shouldn’t blame the grand jury for their ignorance, but rather, the man who presented them with the wrong interpretation of the law about self-defense, Daniel Camerin.

She was an unarmed third party, which means the police were reckless and willful in everything they did that night, including getting the “no knock warrant from Judge Shaw on an extremely soft target. They knew, or should know, that any “no knock warrant” would very likely become lethal.

But this is how these drug enforcement officers behave. There are countless innocent people killed every month by the DEA and local law enforcement, working together. Yet there is almost never any criminal charges filed against the police or the fedral agents.

Almost everyone, who isn’t a cop, knows the drug task force units are some of the most sleaziest, deceitful cops anywhere, other than the U.S. Marshals and the sex offender units.

So we are forced to ask, did they plan to kill Ms. Taylor and Mr. Walker? And did they believed they would get away with it, because the victims were black? Yes. And I think the story below about University of Kentucky Professor Brad Cannon explains how blatantly racist and bigoted the politicians and judges of this state are, when it comes to how they treat blacks, the poor, and other minorities, like me.

By the way, did you know that there is no tax in Kentucky on thoroughbreds (that are sold to wealthy Arabs), while things like bread, milk, and diapers are taxed? Is this fair?

Over the last twenty some years, I received two degrees, mostly studying law, political science, and mathematics, and graduated with honors (with a GPA of 3.54).

However, in 1998, I believe I was black-balled by the University of Kentucky Law School and its disability office, partly for offending a creepy professor from the Patterson School (and his spooky Deep State “spook girl friend”), and for outing a racist, highly defamatory case study published by a constitutional law professor from U-K, named Brad Cannon.

I feel Kentucky violated my rights as an applicant with a disability, and its obligation to diversify its publicly funded law school. And allow qualified individuals with disabilities to participate in the process?

Would I have completed law school in three years? I very well May not have been able to do that. Especially knowing that the disability office wouldn’t be giving me the same level of support as other disabled students (who didn’t have the courage to rock their little river boat).

After all, a University that recklessly would allow its maintenance department:
To leave off manhole covers, with no barricades (a manhole cover which was located along the University’s main sidewalk). That is, to park trucks with ladders hanging out the back end of the truck along a public sidewalk outside of its health center . a sidewalk regularly used by blind students.

You might say, this university has a real serious problem in its failure to accommodate students with disabilities …as the reader will learn.

Let me make one thing clear. As a licensed, practicing attorney in Kentucky, you can bet one of my very first law suits would have been against the University of Kentucky itself. And based on my long well-documented history of being an aggressive advocate for those with disabilities, you can bet that if I were excepted into the law school, they weren’t going to do anything to assist me in earning my degree in any way.

So let me begin this story by telling you about what happened with Professor Brad Cannon and his “Constitutional Law” class (where law school applicants are apparently screened by the University of Kentucky (maybe to keep out any “uppity Negro’s” or any “Negro lovers”).

I won’t pretend to be a fighter for African-American rights, but I am a defender of what is right, and fair. And what is ethical. And the sstory below, and what I have said about Breonna Taylor’s killing, I think will prove that.

As I’ll explain a little later, it’s just as likely that what happen at the [Deep State] Patterson School also played a part in why I was denied a chance to earn a law degree from the “highly exclusive” law school, located in Lexington, Kentucky.

First, so you know, there are two types of case studies used in the study of law. The first type are based on actual cases, and the real names may or may not be used. But the author will usually inform the reader in advance as to whether or not the true identities are being revealed.

The second type of case study is based on a fictional case, using fictional names. And most authors will also reveal this to the reader in advance, so there is no confusion.

However, the two case studies, one of which I objected to, and that Professor Cannon passed out to our class (and apparently all of his previous Constitutional Law classes) used the actual names of four public figures, although the case itself was apparently fictional.

The case study in question described how La Toya Jackson allegedly was having a sexual affair with her infamous brother, Michael.

After receiving a “C” for the class, I filed a grade appeal, and included evidence that this case study help prove the professor regularly, and openly, practiced discrimination against minorities.

It was obvious to me, when he spoke of the two case studies he handed out, he was speaking in “white code” and was openly challenging any of us to dare to publicly raise an objection to his righteous performance. Sadly, none of us had the courage to say anything at the time, although I suspect his bigotry was obvious to most of us.

During his performance, Professor Cannon claimed by also passing out a similar case study about two white celebrities, Clint Eastwood and Rozanne Barr, who were also allegedly having a intimate relationship, his personal attack against La Toya wasn’t racist or discriminatory. And certainly wasn’t liable since they were all public figures.

So you know, this last point is most likely true since they were all public figures. That is, unless the “celebrities” could prove both malice on his part and actual damages, showing they were financially injured by his case study.

Because Cannon had presented his racist case study in a educational forum, he would likely be able to argue he had a “fair use” exemption under the law to any claim for damages against him or the University. Only the University and the State of Kentucky had the power to force Professor Cannon to end this practice of using his classroom to publicly humiliate African-Americans (and other minorities), by suggesting incest was a normal practice among certain groups.

But just like the maintenance department, who recklessly injured myself and one other blind student, for years and years the University of Kentucky did absolutely nothing to stop Professor Cannon.

However, I accurately did point out in my appeal, since I thought I had nothing else to lose, that Clint and Rozanne were not brother and sister, and therefore, Cannon’s ignorant comparison was self-evident of his intent to humiliate both of the Jackson’s, and any African-Americans who would dare take his class (which is required by the University of Kentucky if one wants to attend law school).

While one could argue Michael Jackson, by his behavior, had invited some of this scrutiny, La Toya did not. He had no right to humiliate her in this most outrageous way, simply because Michael Jackson was her brother. But this is how most Kentuckians think, and probably why I didn’t get into their law school.

In my grade appeal, I argued Cannon’s attack against La Toya Jackson , as both a woman and a minority, documented at the very least the possibility of his bigoted attitude and arrogant practice of discrimination toward all minorities and any other protected class, including students with disabilities.

So you know, Brad Cannon used a walking cane, and therefore, is himself a person with a disability. However, I argued that his position of power, along with his subtle threat to determine who would and who would not get into the Kentucky Law School, makes his own physical impairment completely irrelevant in my claim of discrimination.

Further, it’s interesting that he chose in his other case study to describe a rugged cowboy, like Clint Eastwood, having an affair with a woman that the networks and Hollyweird have specifically portrayed as being unattractive. He could have picked any actress he wanted, yet he specifically chose Rozanne Barr instead? Was this supposed to be another subtle attack against women who may not be perceived as being beautiful to white America, such as La Toya and Rozanne?

When I first met Professor Cannon in his office, he made sure to tell me, in white code, about his overwhelming influence over the admissions office to the law school, and apparently, he was right.

Not surprisingly, my application for law school was denied. And obviously, my grade appeal was also rejected by the University.

Hears the funny thing about this story. Ms. Bakkard from the law school’s admissions and the U-K Disability Office did everything they could that year [1997-1998] to get these two visually-impaired coeds to agree to attend the Kentucky Law School. Except, I heard through the grapevine they were both so disgusted by the University’s lack of accommodations (and politics) they both chose to attend an alternative law school, far away from Lexington . and were admitted into the University of Louisville and the University of Indiana, respectfully.

Maybe the best part of the story, as far as knowing who the University of Kentucky is really working for (and its direct ties to the deep state), could be best described in this next story.

One of the half dozen courses I took, waiting to establish my residency and to be presumably approved for law school, included a course on espionage from the Patterson School, which is a college inside of the U-K dedicated to training future American spooks for the FBI and the CIA. I can’t remember the name of the course, but it is was something like “Methods and Techniques of Spookology, and How the Deep State Operates Behind the Curtain.”

One day a woman, who said she was a practicing attorney who as I recall handled classified work for the government, came in to speak to our class. She began by going around the room and asking each of us to introduce ourselves and tell the class (and her) a little about ourselves.

When she got to me, because of my dark glasses, she began, “My, you look mighty incognito. Who are you supposed to be?”

So I pulled out my James Bond laser gun and shot her right between the eyes!

Actually, I did nothing other than to remove myself from the situation (before I said something I would regret later).

Since John Musick, an otholmologist from Lexington, Kentucky had just written me a prescription for these large wrap around dark glasses, which apparently some women, like Heidi Tauber, think look really funny.

But I admit, it was shocking to hear a licensed attorney from Kentucky ask a blind student a question like this about their personal assistive device in front of the entire class. But then again, they don’t call it “Bigotucky” for nothing.

At that moment, I had to wonder what she would have said if I had been wearing a prosthetic hand, or some other medical device to accommodate my disability that made her feel uncomfortable?

I almost always wear sun glasses outside because my deteriorated retinas are very sensitive to light, and if I don’t wear the protective glasses, I was once told my squinting makes me look angry. So I almost always wear them, when I’m not in my home.

Rather than saying anything in retort to this dumb, bigoted remark, made by a lady lawyer who should know better then to judge anyone by their looks, I said nothing. I shut off my recorder and packed up my books, and left.

But instead of immediately defending me, and perhaps publicly reprimanding her, as he should have done, our creepy little professor . a ‘want-to-be-spook’, chased me down the hall and began scolding me for embarrassing him in front of the class. And if you read this book, you will learn what these sick Deep State spook bastards and their friends do to people like me from Third America when we embarrass them.

this is weird, but while I was being screwed out of law school by the University of Kentucky the Disney broadcasters started making “jaking it” jokes during all of the broadcasts of any University of Michigan games, which I never missed. It was only the sports talk creeps from ESPN and ABC who were using the name “Jake” as if it were a slur, since a few of the games I listened to were on other networks.

Not to sound to much like an ‘American Theorist Against Criminal Conspirators. but this is why I think the “Jaking it” jokes came directly from someone at the University of Kentucky?

In 1997, and long before this, there was a man named Dean who provided camera work for all of the Ohio State home games for ESPN and ABC. His kid (who you may remember (if you’re an Ohio State fan, would run up and down the sidelines with this huge crowd microphone during games. At the time, this guy Dean was married to the assistant administrator at the U-K’s Disability Office, Sue]. So I strongly suspect that Dean, Sue and the University of Kentucky may have very likely had something to do with the “Jaking it” jokes that coincidentally began shortly after I moved to Lexington in the summer of 1997.

Then what’s even more weird, a few years after I moved back to southeast Portland, Oregon, this kid named “Jake” goes down to the mall and shoots two people, killing both of them, , including Steve Forsyth, a former-employee of InterCom, the local ESPN affiliate.

If you read the last chapter in this book, you know I have been a real thorn in this 24-hour sports talk moron station’ for many, many years because of its long-standing practice of making bigoted comments over the air about people with disabilities.

So it caught my attention when I heard that one of these sports talk morons (Or more accurately, a man who dedicated his wasted career to help raise money to keep these sports talk bastards daily sickness (and distractions) on the air!) was shot and killed by a kid named “Jake”.

Was it just another strange coincidence…or was it some weird sort of karma against those who regularly brutalize the weakest and most vulnerable among us with their words and ignorance?

Unfortunately, an angelic hospice nurse named Cindy Yuille . the only truly innocent victim, was also killed when this shooter was apparently rolled off the shelf by his government handler.

Here’s another reason why the University of Kentucky may have screwed me out of law school…perhaps, on behalf of some federal judge in Atlanta and his vengeful body guard, Mr. Smith.

Let me begin by telling you about one of the crazy things I used to do when I lived in Atlanta. It has to do with the developing of these extra abilities, which I began testing before I even knew I was testing them.

About twice a month I would ride the MARTA from Brook Haven to the Five Point Station to pick up some weed. After he picked me up, he drove around the block a couple times and would usually let me take a couple puffs, before driving back to the station.

And when he dropped me off, often I would hear the train coming from the direction of downtown Atlanta. So I would take off running and try to catch the train. And I always did make the train. And here’s how I did it.

So there I was, running for the train with my white cane in one out stretched hand, and my other hand barely touching the steel railing. One by one, I would begin jumping the flights of cement stairs…one flight after another.

I always skipped the first flight, so the guard wouldn’t see me. But the other three flights I was able to completely jump without ever stumbling.

Here’s the funny thing. I never once injured my ankle and always landed flat on my feet on the cement platform, just inches from the edge of the last step.

And I never hit anyone coming up the stairs. I don’t know how I knew when no one was coming up along the inside, where I was jumping, and where normally most people would walk, but I always seem to know when not to jump.

Sometimes I would imagine being struck by a one-hundred and ninety-five pound man hurling through the air, which would have certainly caused some serious damage to anyone coming up the stairs, but it never happened.

Each flight of stairs included about ten or twelve steps. And even though I had a small amount of shadow vision back then, and could barely tell if someone was standing directly in front of me, I can promise, there’s no way I could see the steps, or anyone coming up the stairs from below.

Because of the traffic outside, and the echo inside the station, it was completely impossible to hear much of anything, let alone tell where any sound was coming from. So, it was done entirely with nothing more than my intuition, and maybe this extra-ablism that had begun to take over my brain and how I perceived the world, as a blind person.

I’ll bet the people who sat in the ticket booth upstairs, not to mention the approaching MARTA drivers, got a real kick out of seeing this blind guy flying through the air, with his white cane stretched out behind him, jumping flight, after flight, after flight. And who knows, MARTA may even have some old video of it if anyone’s interested, since I would assume there were cameras almost everywhere.

So just prior to transferring to Kentucky, where I took a few courses wile submitting an application to their law school, I attended Georgia State University, where I earned my BA and worked two jobs).

Before I get back to the story of my failed effort to pursue a career in law, There are two important stories about Georgia State University I should also talk about. They’re important, because they tell how it really is for those of us who are forced to live here in this ‘Third America’, that Senator Edwards doesn’t even know exists.

The first story involves a federal judge from Atlanta. About a year before I graduated a graduate student named Michael Smith, who worked in the disability office at Georgia State University switched all my answers on my midterm exam.

I knew this because when I received a “C” on the exam, before I had anyone read any of the questions, it was obvious that someone had tampered with my answers, because I had never gotten less than an “A” on any political science exam, ever.

This creep named , “Michael Smith” told me his dad was a Federal Marshal who guarded one of the federal judges in Atlanta. Eventually he admitted to his crime to Carol Pearson, his supervisor, and agreed to give her back the original exam which he had apparently stashed in the back of one of the file cabinets in the disability office. Curiously, similar to what Clackamas County did to the sexual assault complaint filed against Ward Weaver, before he went on to murder two young girls.

So, despite that he admitted to changing my answers and hiding my original exam, GSU did absolutely nothing to punish him. So not surprisingly, in the land of injustice, he wasn’t fired or arrested.

What was even more disappointing was that my advisor and instructor, Bill Thomas, also did absolutely nothing to defend my right to a fair and honest education, other than giving me the “A” I earned.

As everyone who knows Professor Thomas, knows he was one of the most outgoing, friendliest professors at Georgia State. I’m extremely grateful that he exposed me to so many cases involving the abuse of our criminal injustice system, including capital punishment, where there is no opportunity to correct the record.

Specifically, I began to learned that the criminal courts in America are almost exclusively use against people of color, the poor, the uneducated and the disabled. Rarely is it used to seriously punish anyone of wealth or influence, even when the crime is mass murder.

Despite our similar views about America’s injustice system, the two cases where Professor Thomas and I strongly disagreed, over the OJ Simpson acquittal and the 1915 hanging of Leo Frank.

While I realize today, based on F. Lee Bailey’s new book, OJ Simpson did not kill his estranged wife, Nicole. At the time, I was absolutely convinced that it was a clear case of reverse discrimination, but I was wrong, and Professor Thomas and the jurors were absolutely right in that case . in finding OJ Simpson not guilty. Clearly, the State did not prove its case beyond any reasonable doubt. And it’s very likely that Mark Fuhrman planted evidence to make OJ Simpson look guilty.

However, I am right about the complete deceitfulness of Leo Frank and his lawyers, as I will now attempt to prove for the open-minded reader who is interested in the truth.

The ADL, the SPLC, and Professor Thomas claim Leo Frank was hung because he was Jewish, and unfairly compared it to the lynching of thousands of innocent blacks who were falsely accused of assaulting white women. And one hundred years later, Les Payne and the Compost are still attempting to blame a black man for the murder of Mary Phagan. Or that’s the implication, by claiming Frank is innocent.

Sure, Frank didn’t get a chance to exhaust all of his appeals, but there’s no doubt that he did the crime.

My research proves that from the moment the murder in question was committed, Frank, his lawyers and supporters all used their money and influence to buy off the national press and the legal system, and are continuing to perpetrate this hoax even today.

After buying off the governor, who issued a commutation, they eventually hoped to get an acquittal for Frank. However, the outraged people of Atlanta refused to allow this to happen, based on the facts presented at trial, which proved Leo Frank was a monster. It was one of the biggest trials of the day, so almost no one in Georgia who knew anything about the case believed Frank was innocent.

Before continuing my own story about the evils of our injustice system, here’s the story of Leo Frank, along with a little about how I ended up in Dr. Thomas’s Civil Rights class in Atlanta, Georgia studying the “practice” of law (and the criminals who guard the gate.

After reading this, you can decide if Leo Frank was guilty or not. And, based on my critical thinking skills, whether or not I should have been given the opportunity to attend law school at the University of Kentucky.

Most Americans have no idea who Leo Frank was, or that his conviction in 1913 led to the 1914 creation of the Anti-Defecation League (ADL), formally known as B’nai B’rith.

To begin, here’s some historical background about America’s most progressive southern city and the truth about the hanging of Leo Frank, who happened to be Jewish.

Be warned, you’ll never hear any of these important details from the corporate media, like the Washington “Compost”, Hollyweird, or any of the networks. Like for example, the fact that Atlanta, more than any other city in the south was not anti-Semitic, as been portrayed in almost every false version of Leo Frank’s story. Including the claim that the angry “rednecks” were screaming anti-Semitic slurs through the window of the courthouse during the trial.

Before his legal troubles began, along with being the President of Atlanta’s B’nai B’rith, Leo Frank was a married, well-connected, well respected Jewish businessman from Atlanta.

He was convicted in August of 1913 of the murder of Mary Phagan, a thirteen-year-old girl who worked in his pencil factory. Phagan was killed shortly after she showed up on a Saturday morning to pick up her paycheck at the designated time, as instructed by Frank. The company’s “Negro sweeper” testified he was asked by Frank to stand watch on is day off, saying he had arranged “something” with one of the young girls, and needed Conley’s help.

Jim Conley must have been an extremely important employee of Leo Frank’s, because this same black man was once caught urinating on a box of pencil erasers as a joke on all the white people he knew would someday stick the erasers in their mouths, and wasn’t fired by the boss! In fact, according to the records, Jim Conley actually got a raise shortly after this happened. Hmmm…

Based on the evidence presented, there was absolutely no doubt among any of the jurors that Frank had murdered the girl. The jury voted unanimously to convict him.

According to the newspapers who covered the trial, based on the testimony most of the jurors believed that Frank had brutally raped Mary Phagan while, or after, strangling her. They also believed that he very likely continued to sexually assault her after her death. So Frank was a necrophiliac romancer!

And maybe that’s why the prosecutors decided to focus their case on the first degree murder charge, and not formally include any charges involving sexual assault despite the overwhelming evidence of Frank’s depravity. Maybe they were worried Leo Frank would be lynched on the spot if he was also convicted of raping the corpse of a thirteen-year-old girl, as he apparently did.

And maybe that’s why those who defend Leo Frank today keep claiming he was convicted of murder, and not rape. Maybe they don’t want the question of whether or not Frank raped her brought up, because Mary Phagan’s defenders might point out that it’s very likely Frank didn’t stop what he was doing when she died…and that idea would certainly embarrass all of his defenders at the Southern Zionist Law Center and the “Compost”.

The trial records which are available online include a mountain of evidence proving that Frank was also a serial rapist and a sexual deviant, praying on many of the young girls who worked at the pencil factory, who apparently were afraid to say no to the boss.

Jim Conley testified that he often stood watch while Frank regularly entertained local sex workers at his family’s Atlanta factory, which he managed.

As I’ll explain below, the physical evidence proves beyond a shadow of a doubt about what happened.

After leading her into the metal room and after the Phagan girl refused to cooperate, Leo Frank punched her in the face. She fell backwards and struck her head on a metal lave mounted on a table. Then Frank brutally strangled her with a jute chord and then raped her dead body.

The coroner’s report included evidence that, much like Ted Bundy did to one of his victims, a victim named Liz Levy, Frank had repeatedly also bitten Mary Phagan’s neck and shoulder while he was raping and strangling her.

One detective who examined the available evidence testified the crime was “unusually vicious.”

A so-called expert on the case , Jewish propagandist Leonard Dinnerstein claimed in his 1966 PH.D. Dissertation [“The Case of Leo Frank”, Frank did not commit the murder

Despite the overwhelming evidence, the SZLC, the ADL, and the Compost claim Frank was hung because he was Jewish, and not because he was a sick fuck Jewish necrophiliac.They all claimed that the teeth marks on Mary Phagan’s neck and shoulder did not belong to Leo Frank, and this could be proven, scientifically. This wasn’t true.

Dinnerstein’s claim was based on the writings of a Jewish author named Pierre van Paassen, who said there were X-Ray photographs hidden away somewhere in the Fulton County Courthouse that both showed Mary Phagan’s bite marks and Leo Frank’s dental impression. Except no X-Ray photographs have ever been found, and in fact, do not exist.

Yet Dinnerstein and other Leo Frank supporters embellished this lie by suggesting the missing X-Ray photograph’s were deliberately misplaced or stolen, and if found, based on science would absolutely prove Frank’s innocence.

Dinnerstein and van Paassen ignored the fact that any first year dental student knows the medical technology to even attempt to do this sort of forensic analysis was not available until many decades after Phagan’s murder. And in recent years, the courts in Texas have determined ‘bite mark evidence’, much like the sort of burn pattern evidence that was used to convict Camerin Todd Willingham, is “completely unscientific” and “completely unreliable”.

To further inform the reader, Frank’s defense team didn’t bother to cross examine even one of the twenty female employees (as young as eleven-years-old) who testified that Frank had also sexually assaulted and/or sexually harassed them at the pencil factory where Phagan was raped and murdered, and found with her bloody underwear ripped.

The medical examiner testified that her vagina was torn and bleeding, and there was evidence of what appeared to be seminal fluids present inside her vagina.

Along with the trial records, some possible photographs of the evidence collected are also available online, including a photo of Mary’s bloody dress and her physical injuries. This may be a depiction of the evidence collected at the time, but this was the only evidence available to law enforcement and the prosecutors.

Here’s what’s wrong about this claim. The Washington “Compost”, and the rest of the Zionist-controlled media, claim these photographs have been faked. Kind of like the mushroom cloud images they published, proving that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction hidden in these Mobile vans. And they may have a point, but why would an investigator fake drawings, when the physical evidence of Phagan’s murder was so horrific.

Here’s the irony the reader ought to know about these hypocrites from the wealthy, corporate, Deep State, who hate any sort of “white nationalism.” We should ask, what about “Jewish privilege” and “Jewish Supremacy”? Maybe that’s the conversation we should be having, before Senator Wyden and Senator Graham don’t make it illegal.

The police, the medical examiner, and other experts who examined the evidence at the crime scene testified to the following:
They believed Mary Phagan followed Frank into the main work room, located on the second floor, and was punched squarely in the right eye by a person who they know was left handed. They knew this because the knuckle marks were clearly visible on the left side of the bruise, and not the right.

So you know, Jim Conley was right handed, and Leo Frank was a lefty.

The examiner and others testified that they believed she struck her head on the handle of a metal lave, where strands of what appeared to be her hair and blood were found.

The Lave’s operator testified that he had cleaned the lave after work the previous day, so they knew something must have happened on the second floor of the pencil factory between Friday evening and Saturday evening, when Mary Phagan’s body was found in the basement.

Several forged notes, written on the back of the night watchman’s alleged time card, an African-,American named Newt Lee. The time cards were found in the second floor bathroom, left by Mary Phagan according to Frank’s Jewish lawyers. Just crooks being crooks, like “Chucky Charles Rooks.”

If you can believe it, Frank’s Jewish lawyers wanted the police to believe that the notes were written by Mary Phagan while she was being raped and murdered by Lee. Can you imagine, Frank’s defenders want us to believe that a woman being raped would be able to find a pencil, some paper, and then write down something about her attack but not identify her attacker) during the actual rape? And apparently she did this right before she passed out and died).

According to Frank’s defenders, she just happened to grab the time card of the man who was raping her, as she quickly scribbled down some notes about her attack. This is so stupid it should be obvious to anyone who isn’t Jewish.

What we do know is that Heidi Beirich, Mark Potock, Dick Cowen and all of their friends at the SPLC and ADL are really, really sick people, defending a necrophiliac romancer child murderer, and blaming two black men!

Within weeks the experts knew this evidence pointing at Newt Lee was completely fake and most likely planted by the real rapist or his friends. someone who had easy access to the entire second floor, and who wasn’t worried about being caught.

According to the testimony, after her head struck the lave, Mary Phagan was knocked into a semi-conscious state, and collapsed.

At first, Frank may have only wanted to rape her, and grabbed a nearby cord to restrain her, until he was finished raping her. There’s no evidence that Leo Frank had ever killed any of his previous victims, and therefore, the detectives did not believe that was his actual intent, in the beginning.

than apparently, Frank wrapped the cord around her neck, and with one hand quickly began tearing off her bloomers (her panties), while strangling her with the other hand.

Common sense tells the reader that it’s very unlikely Leo Frank waited until after he raped her before grabbing the cord that we know was used to strangle her. Maybe in the beginning, he only wants “little Mary” to cooperate, and except her situation like the other young girls, and submit to his sexual needs.

But maybe, in all the excitement while he’s trying to hold her down, and doesn’t realize how tight the cord is around her neck, she suddenly dies underneath him.

Experts at the trial testified that they believe the rape began while she was partly unconscious because of the blow to her head, and being strangled, and very likely continued after she died.

They suspected this is what happened since based on the physical evidence present, the rapist had likely not stopped sexually assaulting her until after he had ejaculated. Maybe he doesn’t know she is dead, and obviously that’s not what was on his mind at that moment.

Every rape victim knows there are two responses to being raped by someone who is larger and more powerful, to struggle or to remain perfectly still. Obviously, Mary was determined to protect her virginity, and fought her attacker, until the lack of oxygen caused her to pass out, sometime shortly after the rape began.

Since her neck was so small, and extremely fragile, given the pressure and force of the cord applied to her throat they believed it probably only took ten or twenty seconds of being strangled before she lost complete consciousness. And then they suspected it only took less than one minute from the time he wrapped the cord around her neck for the former-Cornell basketball player, who was almost six feet tall, to cause her death.

I suspect the very first thing Frank did after slugging the defenseless, young girl was to grab a nearby cord and wrap it around her neck, in order to restrain her while he carried out the rape. However, when she continued to struggle, he continued to tighten his grip, which likely only caused her to struggle more until she passed out…and then died.

In a moment we’ll get back to the gruesome facts involving this brutal murder (and then rape) of Mary Phagan.

Everyone in the community who knew Mary Phagan knew she was a devout Christian and very obviously still a virgin when she died.They blamed first one black man, and when that didn’t work, they blamed another black man. The Jewish lawyers then attack Mary Phagan’s virtue, and her alleged virginity. Most Jewish lawyers are trained liars, and they usually don’t care about anyone who isn’t Jewish or rich.

So before we prove how corrupt the media is in covering up the truth when it comes to crimes committed by Jewish people, here’s some other lies that the Jewish media and their Zionist masters are continuing to tell us about the Leo Frank case. They want the dumb-downed public to believe all this crap, despite that the evidence presented at trial absolutely proves otherwise.

For example, obviously, there was no mob standing outside the courtroom screaming something like, ‘Hang the Jew! Crack the Jew’s neck!’ Never the less, this is exactly what some of these ethnically-obsessed advocates from the media, including a few network and Hollywood producers, would like us to believe about Frank’s trial.

After Frank was convicted by the grand jury (which included four (apparently, extremely anti-Semitic) Jewish jurors), the coroner’s jury, and the trial jury, who all three voted unanimously to convict him, Leo Frank was sentenced to death.

To the shock of everyone in the community, Frank was unanimously re-elected in October of 1913 President of Atlanta’s B’nai B’rith while he sat in jail, awaiting execution. Talk about the hubris of these people…

As if this wasn’t enough, in 1914, in response to Frank’s conviction, the ADL [Anti-Defecation League] was formed. And, along with the Southern Zionist Law Center [SPLC], became the muscle for the international Jewish cabal that runs the world’s banking system (and universities). Just how far will they go, I wonder.

Suddenly, most southern’s, including the people of Atlanta, began to feel less friendly toward the Jewish community, a rift that even Lucille Frank, Leo Frank’s wife, knew did not exist before 1913.

In 1915 the Governor of Georgia, John M. Slaton was hired by the most powerful Jewish law firm in all the south [Rosser and Arnold]. And the firm just happened to still be defending Frank when they hired Slaton.

Leo Frank’s lawyers also just happened to be attempting to get their client a new trial when they put the standing governor into their deep pocket, but first they needed to get their client off death row. And for a little cash and position in the firm, Slaton was more than glad to acquiesce and accept their “bribe”.

So just before leaving office, Governor Slaton wrote a 1400 word report claiming Frank did not receive a fair trial. Ironically, his non-binding report included a statement that so outraged the community, it may be the very thing that actually triggered a group of well-organized vigilantes to hang Leo Frank.

In this infamous report, Slaton claimed the blood found on Mary Phagan’s dress was the result of her “monthly sickness!” Except along with collaborating testimony, the viewer can see from the photograph online that the dress appears to be completely covered in blood, as a result of being brutally raped and strangled by Leo Frank. Even if it is only an illustration, it matches the testimony that was given at trial. Yet in a 2017 Washington “Compost” article they claims the evidence about the bloody dress should be completely disregarded, if the photos online aren’t the actual photos, only depictions of the crime scene as it was described by the witnesses in 1913.

Given all of this evidence, you might be surprised to learn, that along with making five Leo Frank propaganda films, these modern Frank defenders also made a movie about Governor Slaton, claiming he was a hero for “rescuing” Frank from the gallows.

And ironically, a Jewish woman, ironically named Heidi “”Be-I-rich”, from the SPLC, and the Washington “Compost” still claim, even today, this sick Jewish man was INNOCENT. A man who raped a thirteen-year-old girl before she died, and very likely didn’t stop raping her, even after she died!

It gets worse. According to a couple pressitutes from Tennessee, who conveniently lost the actual recordings, in 1982 claimed a fake witness came forward on behalf of another ADL fake news story about Leo Frank being innocent.

According to the paper, an alleged eye witness to the murder, Alonzo Mann, recanted part of his testimony over sixty-nine years later, while on his death bed.

Except was he lying in 1913, or was he lying in 1982? Or was he just lying about everything?

In his half-senile recollection of the past, Mann claimed he had lied to the jury about the time he had left the pencil factory that Saturday morning IN 1913. Suddenly he needed to confess his lie (by apparently, telling a bigger lie)

Mann went on to claim that he had seen an African-American sweeper (one of the lowest positions in the factory) named Jim Conley carrying the lifeless body of a young white girl across the first floor lobby of the pencil factory.

Mann also claimed in one of his delusionary statements that he remembered, Conley had reached for him with one arm, while balancing her body on his shoulder, and threatened to kill him if he ever said a word about what he saw.

Then amazingly, Mann claimed he saw Conley throwing her body down a trap door located in the lobby near the elevator (which was located less than ten feet from the front door, in downtown Atlanta).

Apparently, Conley didn’t think to lock the front door before raping and killing the young girl there in the lobby, even though he had several minutes to think about it while she was upstairs collecting her pay from Mr. Frank (who curiously, heard nothing)? And then he still didn’t think to lock the large front door when he decided to pick her lifeless body up and dump it through a very narrow trap door to the basement below? But according to the medical examiner, he didn’t find any broken bones. Hmmm…

and, what about the blood the police found upstairs? Hmmm…

And so apparently, that’s why Alonzo Mann never told anyone until 1982 . because he was still afraid for his life, even twenty years after Conley’s death. Hmmm…

Which is really odd, since at trial this fourteen-year-old white boy testified on behalf of his boss, Mr. Frank, and that he had never once seen him act inappropriately around any of the female employees, even though over twenty female employees testified otherwise.

He had been a loyal and trustworthy employee of Leo Frank’s for three entire weeks, and obviously knew his boss well, when the murder took place? Obviously, Mann knew everything that was going on around there…

So according to the SPLC and the Washington “Compost”, not only am I a “”neo-Nazi” for defending Jim Conley (who happened to be black), we’re supposed to believe this crazy story about how this “new evidence” proves Frank was innocent, and the “Negro” actually did it.

So we’re supposed to believe that on a Saturday morning in 1913 this white teenage boy told his white parents that he had just seen a black man carrying this dead white girl in the lobby of the pencil factory where he worked.

but we’re supposed to believe, they didn’t tell anyone else for the next sixty-nine years?

According to Mann, he told his parents what happened, and they decided the best thing for him to do would be to never, ever tell anyone about the murder. And this way, hopefully, Conley wouldn’t try to hurt him when he returned to work the following Monday, as he did.

Then the Mann’s have a quiet dinner together, and without a fear that Conley might come calling in the middle of the night, they are able to sleep comfortably, without telling anyone else about it. Hmmm…

Even when Conley is arrested that Thursday, for helping Frank cover up the crime, Mann is still unwilling to come forward with critical evidence that would have cleared his powerful and influential boss was innocent. And his testimony would have surely sent a poor black man to the gallows.

Obviously, Mann had no choice in 1913 other than to allow a wealthy “white-looking” Jewish man be put to death for a crime that Alonzo Mann knew he hadn’t committed. Even five days later Mann was still unwilling to tell this version of the “truth”, even though he apparently knew the real murderer was now locked up in the county jail (for lying to the police and tampering with evidence).

But we’ll get back to the one mistake Conley made (by attempting to help Frank cover up the crime), and try to figure out who may have put Mann up to it . figure out who may have most likely bought Mann off in 1982 in order to rehabilitate Leo Frank’s reputation, before Mann would die (of natural causes).

But so you know, Jim Conley was the second black employee Frank and his two Jewish lawyers tried to blame for Mary Phagan’s murder. Does that shock you?

For now, let’s go back to what led to Frank’s hanging. As a result of Governor Slaton’s infamous report, every citizen in Georgia believed his hiring by Rosser was clearly a bribe.

And as many predicted, Slaton rewarded Rosser by commuting Frank’s death sentence to life in prison on his very last week in office. Perhaps wisely, the following day Slaton quietly left the state and didn’t return for over ten years, while continuing to collect a handsome salary from the famous Jewish lawyers and their Atlanta firm.

As a result of the perceived injustice, On Mary Phagan’s birthday a carefully selected group of Georgia’s most respected citizens from the community removed Frank from the state prison in 1915, without incident, and in the most respectful manner possible promptly hung the serial rapist and pedophile near the home of his final victim!

“Little Mary Phagan”, as she was known, only stood 4’11”, while Frank was almost a foot taller than her (And apparently. once played basketball in the Ivy League.).

It’s not likely the SPLC or the ADL will ever tell you the whole truth about Leo Frank (or anything else), and why they need to continue to rehabilitate his history on behalf of the ADL. Although it should be obvious.

For example, Frank’s supporters from the ADL and SPLC haven’t ever mentioned the other twelve-year-old girl Frank raped a year earlier in 1912. After her family learned she was with child, and learned the details about her own rape at the hands of her boss, they sent her away to live with relatives and kept it quiet. That is, until they learned about Phagan’s murder and rape.

When I moved to Atlanta, a “friend”, Marty Allen, drove me up there and helped me to find an apartment. But I should have known such a sleazy character like this would do what he did.

When I worked at the paper, I hung out with Allen, and we smoked weed together. Sometimes he would write stories and make up the people in the article, attributing fake quotes to each of them. I thought it was pretty funny, but I never said anything.

Just before we left Tallahassee he backed his dad’s truck into something, which was pulling a trailer at the time. While I figured the accident was unfortunate, and the damage was fairly minimal, I assumed he had insurance that would pay for it. So we continued on our journey.

When I got to Atlanata, I rented an apartment in the Little Five Points area, and gave him some gas money and weed, and we said goodbye.

However, a few days later he called me, demanding $1000 in extortion money, or would have to do something. He didn’t say exactly what that was, but I figured he was the kind of guy that would make up anything. And with everything else going on in my life, I wondered…

Apparently, he felt I should pay for the damages, even though he was the one who was driving, and I was blind, so I couldn’t help if I wanted to. He said he didn’t want to file the insurance claim on the vehicle, and tell his dad.

Of course, I told him, “Get fucked!” Even though, with the help of Bryant, I imagined he would do a hit piece on me, suggesting all sorts of things. I never found out if he did, and we never spoke again.

I met a woman who was blind, and we moved in together a few months later. She had graduated from Wellesley, and provided me with the motivation to not give up on my degree.

With her help, I got a BA in Pre-law, with honors. She also helped me to file a formal civil rights complaint against Florida State University. It was very impressive. It had that Ivy League touch of professionalism, if you know what I mean.

Not surprisingly, a short time later we received a visit from a former-ATF agent who pretended to fix the bathroom tiles almost every day…for weeks and weeks, and weeks. Every few days he would come over and remount the tiles along the tub and every time the tiles would fall off. Hmmm…

With all my travels, both before and since, I can say Atlanta is the most diverse city I’ve ever lived in. The University campus is located right in the middle of downtown Atlanta, and adjoined on one side by the estate of the late-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Thanks to William Pepper’s new book, “The Plot to Kill Dr. King: we now know The Truth Behind the Assassination of Dr. King was assassinated by elements of our own government and the U.S. Military, under the control of Israel, in 1968 (Coincidentally, shortly after the SPLC was created to allegedly protect the rights of African-Americans).

So back to the Leo Frank case. I remember our professor from civil rights law class introducing us to the case saying, ‘Along with blacks, there were also many Jewish people like Leo Frank who were lynched.’

This may have been the first untruthful statement I heard Dr. Thomas ever say involving the Leo Frank case, but it would not be the last time I heard something like this from the American Jewish propaganda machine, once I learned of the Deep State and its agenda.

While thousands of innocent African-Americans were lynched, it appears Leo Frank is the only Jewish American who was ever hung in the South during this time.

Given America’s horrific history surrounding slavery and the lynching of so many black Americans, in retrospect, the comparison by our professor seems insensitive, and a little disingenuous.

The same sort of dishonest use of false evidence, along with personal attacks, on Professor Anthony Hall, Professor Kevin Barrett, Professor James Tracy, and many, many others, clearly shows how the international Jewish cabal also runs the university system, and expects professors like Bill Thomas to follow the company line about alleged “Jewish victimization”, or else.

I didn’t know much about the Leo Frank case back then, other than what was in a Hollywood movie he showed us, a movie I had once watched as a kid.

As I listened closely to our distinguished professor Bill Thomas explain the “facts” in the case I began to think about the movie and the part where the mob starts screaming into the windows of the courthouse something about, “Hang the Jew! Crack the Jew’s neck!”

All of us agreed with Professor Thomas, attempting to influence a jury in a capital case in this way seemed wrong. I should disclose, one of my great grandparents (Grandma Meltz) on my mom’s side was a Jewish immigrant who fled eastern Europe in the early 1900’s because of the anti-Jewish feelings that were quickly spreading across Europe at the time, because of what wealthy Jews like the Rothchild’s were doing.

As my civil rights professor spoke, my brain began to think like a criminal defense lawyer. I asked myself, why didn’t his lawyers raise this claim about the screaming racist mob during Frank’s many appeals (all of which he had lost) or trial, a trial record that consisted of over 3,000 pages? This was blatant incompetency by what were supposed to be the best law firm in the South that money could buy. How could this happen, I asked myself? It didn’t make sense.

From the many death penalty cases we studied, I knew attempting to intimidate or rig a jury would be sufficient grounds for an automatic appeal and a re-trial. Why wouldn’t America’s best lawyers include this claim in any of their appeals, I wondered…unless of course, it never happened, and Frank’s modern day supporters are lying?

Along with the trial record itself, the truth lies in the fact that there is no mention of any mob screaming racist threats in the windows at the jury in Governor Slaton’s fictional writings or any of the stories printed by any of the three major newspapers who covered every aspect of the trial. These stories included reports about the circus performers and musicians who were entertaining the anxious, peaceful crowd that had gathered outside the courthouse, awaiting the verdict, but there’s nothing in the record about an angry mob.

When I was in Professor Thomas’s class, I was much, much more gullable in those days and believed the corporate controlled media was committed to always telling the truth. However, the cover up of who really did September 11th by the media, changed everything.

I believe a new, more trustworthy alternative media is now emerging, and there may still be some hope… But it is up to each of us as citizen journalist to set the record straight and argue each of our case studies the best we can, based on what we know.

Disney, the Times, the Post, and the rest of the corporate owned media will not, and cannot, tell you things that would upset their owners, who own so much more than most of you know. So why we still have them, let’s use our minds and common sense to make sense of what really makes the most sense about Leo Frank, and what really happened here in Oregon on that lonely Harney County road, which caused Lavoy Finicum to suddenly pull his hands down, and rub them against his body, as though is hands were being electrocuted with some sort of weapon.

As these writings document, I believe they are protecting a “Secret” about the ongoing human experimentation’s being done on most Americans. I can testify that every day in this country there are invisible directed energy weapons being used against, children, the poor, racial minorities, the elderly and the disabled (along with Robert Lavoy Finicum’s finger tips, as he was reaching up to indicate his willingness to surrender).

As I’ve written, every day I’m being shot with some sort of weapons, that instantly forces me to rub my hands, feet, face or some other parts of my body that is being targeted. But neither the bisexual, compassionate governor, the police, or even the FBI will do anything. Does that seem strange?

You have to ask, is there ever any sort of honest investigation of anything any more, whether it’s the media or the government? Anyone who suggest anything other than the subscribed “text” are publicly vilified, or publicly humiliated, or just killed in the street, or in a cell. Or they kill them in their home, and call it suicide, like they did with Gary Webb and Phillip Marshall.

The Leo Frank case is a perfect example of how truly far those with power and money are able and willing to go to claim the truth and control our world. Whether it’s a rigged murder trial or another false flag event for the dumb-downed masses.

As mentioned earlier, Jim Conley wasn’t the first black man Leo Frank’s legal team tried to blame for the murder of Mary Phagan. From the beginning Conley later admitted he knew Frank had killed the young girl, and raped her dead body. Conley testified that he had agreed to help Frank move the body. Conley was on the main floor when Frank killed the young girl, and was called up by Frank when Frank realized he would need Conley’s help.

It was a Saturday, so only a few people were around the factory. Together, Frank and Conley used the elevator to take the body to the basement, and planned to burn her remains in the furnace later that evening. But after drinking some alcohol that night, Conley changed his mind and didn’t return until Monday morning.

Probably because of this, Frank decided to frame the African-American night watchman instead, Newt Lee, who also worked at the pencil factory.

Fortunately for Lee, Frank’s dirty little plan quickly fell apart. Along with several notes allegedly written by the victim while she was being raped, someone attempted to plant one of Lee’s clean shirts at Lee’s home, after using it to wipe up Mary’s blood.

Just like the notes, investigators were able to quickly determine that while the shirt appeared to have been used to wipe up someone’s blood, they knew it had not been worn during the murder since it smelled perfectly clean.

Knowing he was completely innocent, when asked, Lee quickly admitted the shirt belonged to him and was arrested for Phagan’s murder. So, thanks to Frank, Lee spent several weeks in jail before being exonerated and released.

When this happened, Frank’s legal team decided to bring in some outside help to better control the investigation, and hired the best private detectives money could buy.

As a result, the Pinkerton Agency out of New York was hired. And Frank’s lawyers told the Pinkerton people, “We want you to follow the truth, no matter where it leads.” Except when the Pinkerton’s concluded that the murder could only have been committed by Leo Frank, and no one else, they were fired…and were never paid by Rosser (who apparently was more than glad to pay Governor Slaton for his “cooperation”).

And here’s the clincher. Frank’s lawyers hired a second detective agency, who three weeks after the murder amazingly found the actual murder weapon in the lobby of the pencil factory, despite being repeatedly searched by police and the Pinkerton Detectives . the new detective found a piece of bloody twine. Which, according to Rosser and his law partners, proved Mann’s story was true, and proves that Conley must have committed the rape and murder of Mary Phagan in the lobby, without anyone knowing (including his boss, Leo Frank, who was apparently working in his office on the second floor), just forty feet away from Conley when he committed this horrific crime.

In Frank’s defense, his lawyers claimed Conley had tossed her lifeless body threw a two foot-by-two foot trap door. And then dragged her body over to the furnace, where she was found a day later.

Problem with this bullshit, is that Mary Phagan’s body was Autopsied several times by several different people, and she did not have even one broken bone. Since there is a fourteen foot drop, and there was only a narrow, steep ladder going straight down to the basement floor, Mann’s claim that Conley used this trap door to dispose of the body, is completely impossible.

yet in 1986, after years and years of undue pressure, the ADL and SPLC finally won a posthumous pardon for Frank from the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles, who claimed Frank had been denied his right to appeal when he was hung. And because of it, the Board said the State of Georgia had failed to protect him, until his formal hanging, as they were required to do. Thankfully, the Board did not exonerate Frank for the murder and rape of Mary Phagan.

The curious thing about his pardon, is that Leo Frank had lost all of his appeals, including his final appeal to the Supreme Court, which ended any further opportunity he would have had to appeal his conviction (despite Rosser’s promise to get him a new trial). So at the very least, for his own safety, Leo Frank would have likely spent the rest of his natural life locked in solitary confinement,until his death.

For the record, I oppose the death penalty in almost all cases. However, there’s no doubt in my mind that Leo Frank was guilty. But his lynching had nothing to do with Frank being Jewish, other than it was the Jewish community who attempted to use their money and influence to escape justice for one of their Jewish leaders. In fact, Leo Frank is still being defended by the Jewish controlled media because he is the original benefactor of the Anti-Defecation League, and his conviction was the reason the organization was originally formed. OUCH!

And what’s really sad about this story today is that the Georgia BAR has a video about the lynching of Leo Frank in which an uninformed African-American young woman is speaking about his alleged innocence (at the hands of those Georgia crackers” and the KKK). My hope is that Bill Thomas didn’t play a role in poisoning this woman’s mind with this nonsense, given that Leo Frank brutally murdered a young girl, and then raped her, because she refused his advances.

And I have to wonder, does she know when she recorded this bullshit video for the ADL and the Georgia BAR that Leo Frank’s Jewish lawyer, Rosser, were more than willing to send two more innocent black men to the gallows for Frank’s crime, if they needed…

Consider this, Mrs. Leo Frank included in her will a request that she not be buried next to her husband, Leo. In fact, she was so afraid that some Jewish organization might someday dig her up and move her body to New York, her dying wish in 1957 was that she be cremated and her ashes be buried in an unmarked grave near her parents.

So in the middle of the night, two of her relatives granted her final wish by going to the cemetery and digging a small hole, and then poring her ashes into it.

Seems kind of extreme for the wife of an innocent man, who they say was wrongfully hung, doesn’t it?

So knowing how dirty politics in America can be, I now have to consider whether or not a woman from Atlanta named Peggy Rosser was involved in my denial to law school, but it is a curious coincidence.

Unlike most other states, the State of Georgia provides vocational training and assistance to its blind and visually-impaired citizens through the state’s vocational rehabilitation agency. There’s a few vocational counselors in the state who specialize in blindness, and I was lucky enough to have a great guy named George Littlefield as my counselor.

However, Peggy Rosser was in charge of the state vocational rehabilitation agency at the time and appears to have been involved in attacking my character from the very moment I arrived in Georgia. Did someone from Tallahassee put her up to this?

here’s what happened. While waiting to gain residency, for financial reasons, I decided to work in the state’s vending program for the blind. I had known several blind vendors from Michigan and Florida and briefly attended Florida’s own training program, before deciding to go back to school.

Apparently, under Rosser’s directions, a woman named Gale Golden for some strange reason decided to interviewed a man named Dave Pearson, who ran Florida’s program and get some background (dirt) on me.

After being terminated from Georgia’s vending program, for no reason, I obtained a copy of my personal file. According to Golden’s notes, Pearson claimed that I had once posed as a “blind preacher in Tampa who was conning people out of their money”. Except, I’ve never been to Tampa.

And what is even more curious, Ted Hull, Stevie Wonder’s infamous tutor, worked as Director of the Western Division of the Florida Department for the Blind. Since Hull was responsible for the Tampa area, he may have maliciously provided this misinformation on behalf of the Michigan Division for the Blind.

Since Dave Pearson had once also unfairly terminated me from Florida’s vending program, it became obvious to me that the people who run most of these state vending programs regularly conspire to remove anyone they see as a potential “trouble maker”.

And it’s easy to understand why the state employees who run these Randolph Sheppard Vending Programs would view me this way, in Georgia, Florida and Oregon. I was pretty open about my belief that the program should be designed to allow the vendors to eventually own the vending stands they operate.

Except, currently under the program rules every state owns the stand and keeps a percentage of the profits from their Blind servants, who actually own nothing!

So this is how I met Dave Pearson. Shortly after moving to Florida in my early twenties, I made friends with two people who were involved in Florida’s vending program, including a guy named Dave Nelson. I had filled in for Nelson several times that year. At the time, Nelson had a highly profitable stand located at one of the local post offices in Jacksonville, and definitely wasn’t hurting for money (unlike most of us blind people, who can barely afford a six pack).

Sometime that year, I was accepted into the training program run by the same Dave Pearson, who had designed this five week training program for Blind and visually-impaired people in Florida.

The training was held at a small campus, with a separate dormitory, located in Daytona, Florida. The second weekend I was there, Dave Nelson showed up in town to party (with the current students, some of whom he already knew) which seemed kind of weird. I soon learned why.

Apparently, Nelson was a close friend of Pearson’s, and seemed to have extraordinary privileges, even though he was not enrolled in the program, and was not part of the training process.

That Friday night, me, Dave and a few other trainees, including this great saxophone player from Miami, named Charles Johnson, got some beer. Except Nelson and this attractive young female trainee from Pensacola (who had this beautiful long jet-black hair that hung almost to the floor, ironically named “Wanita Black”) took off with all of our beer.

Of course, I couldn’t blame him for taking off with the only young lady in the group, but I suppose we shouldn’t have let him carry all of the beer.

After searching the graveyard for more than an hour, where we were told they were hiding, we finally gave up.

Thankfully, by scrapping together what money we had left we were able to buy a couple quarts of some cheap beer. And then spent the evening sitting under a couple palm trees talking about what sort of gag we were going to pull on Nelson when we caught up to him.

Then the next morning Nelson came in to the cafeteria and set down next to me, and pretended nothing had happen. After asking him if he thought he owed us an apology and if he was going to give us back our money, Nelson, who stood about six feet tall and claimed he once played high school football, made some smart ass comment.

So, like any proper gentleman would do in a situation like this, I asked him to step outside with me, even though I was only wearing socks at the time

When he continued to not accept any responsibility, the fight was on. After wrestling him to the ground, I beat on his head for a few minutes, UNTIL HE GAVE UP AND cried “UNCLE” (and agreed to give us back all of our money, although I’m still waiting for the money)!

As I’ve often done in these sort of impossible situations, I decided to give up Florida’s vending program and ended up at the University of Central Florida, which turned out to be another nightmare.

In 1993, I got an apology letter from Dave Pearson, who obviously didn’t want to be sued for defamation. In the letter he claimed he had confused me with someone else. So I decided to let it go and wait for the fall semester (and give the Zionist university system another try).

In other words, I let the entire matter drop (and did not seek damages for my lost wages), but that may have been a mistake. Since Rosser and some of these Florida creeps from the blind agencies in Florida and Michigan, who may have also been involved in sabotaging my law school plans.

Maybe now you understand why I chose to apply to law school in Kentucky, where my biological father was born (Owensboro(), over the Georgia State Law School, where I knew the “Leo Frank Flag” carrying Thomas, and the Rosser’s, had way, way to much influence. But perhaps, maybe it really didn’t matter where I applied to law school?

Once you’re black listed by the elite Zionist educators, who always walk on their tip toes around any questions involving Israel or Jewish supremacy, or homosexuals, your hope of getting any advanced degree or teaching position is almost impossible.

You might be surprised to learn, my effort to aggressively advocate for the rights of those with disabilities made me more of a threat to the neo-left, than the right. Unlike other minorities, accommodating disabilities can be costly and time consuming, with very little political reward. Other than the best of friends, compassion only goes so far.

At this point, there’s a story I want to share with any disabled students who may be reading this and thinking about pursuing a career in legal studies. You need to be prepared for a very sad truth about how our “justice” system really works.

One of the required courses for my degree was a class called ‘Legal Studies”, which was being offered through the Risk Management Department. The instructor was a professor (and lawyer) named John Truslow. I was told Professor Truslow was a personal friend of Nancy Grace, who had also taught at GSU before she became a television celebrity on Court TV during the OJ trial.

Shortly after the term began I filed a complaint of discrimination against Professor Truslow, since he had designed the class to require that almost every day every student read hundreds of pages of material and then complete these “silly” written assignments that were almost always inaccessible (to any blind student).

For example, you had to read an article and then circle the correct answers in a specific type of colored pen or pencil. Or underline certain words, or number certain paragraphs. It was always some sort of task that was really, really crazy. And most of the tasks we did had nothing to do with studying law.

A student could earn over 3,000 points during the semester. And I argued that at least one third of these points involved meaningless requirements that had nothing to do with the study of law.

Because of it, almost every assignment Truslow handed out required that I have a tutor available every day for a couple hours to help me. Which meant there was no way to get any help to complete the work for my other classes, if I needed it.

I almost always carried at least twelve credit hours per semester, and sometimes as many as fifteen or sixteen hours (along two part-time jobs), so I felt this undue burden based on my disability was unreasonable. And I argued, most of his required tasks were not germane to the stated purpose of the class.

This is not to say the material we read wasn’t filled with tons of valuable information. And to be fair, I would have to admit not only did I learn more from Truslow about law than any other class I ever took, we had weekly spelling tests, that forced me to carefully study the spelling of the words we were using (which always had been my worse subject).

But it was all this extra required “crap” that made it impossible for me to earn a good grade, even though I was learning so much about the law.

So right from the beginning, not only was it almost impossible to keep up with my classmates, but the disability office also complained to the political science department because it also put their office under tremendous stress in their effort to assist me.

As a settlement, Truslow agreed to let me audit the class and retake it when it was next offered. But before this agreement was finalized, at his request we met privately in his office. And he said something I never forgot. Here’s my recollection of that conversation:
“Don, I’m sorry to burst your bubble but this is how it is in the real world, especially the practice of law. No judge is going to care if you’re blind (especially if they’re Jewish), and there’s nothing you can do about it. In law, only the client’s rights matter.”

“And you can bet the lawyers on the other side will do everything they can to overwhelm you with tons and tons of useless documents, hoping you’ll miss some or all of the important ones.”

He went on to say, “Here in this artificial world of academia they can force me to spoon feed you the information, because of your disability. And you’re right, some of it is intentionally just pure garbage. In fact, most of these assignments are intentionally filled with useless garbage. But that’s the actual point of this class. Make no mistake, law is about knowing how to quickly sort out the copper from the gold.”

“So I want you to know. The world isn’t fair, and the practice of law is probably one of the most unfair of all, if you’re hoping to find any justice in this system. And you can bet, the most ruthless are usually the most successful.”

I did end up earning an “A” from Professor Truslow, with second most points in our class, and I never gave what he said much thought at the time…other than to say to myself, “We’ll see about that John Truslow!”

But Truslow was right, and it was probably them most important thing I learned during my lengthy college career. For the most part, the elite who live up on Snob Hill and control our legal system do not give a flying fuck about our rights or our futures! That is, those of us who are forced by happenstance or circumstance to live here in this third America.

So back to my own story, and Bigotucky.

After both my application and appeal were denied, without explanation, I decided to move to Oregon…hoping for another opportunity, and an even break. Little did I know the bigots of Bigotucky, and all their “good friends”, would follow me here to “Oregoon”, as I recently began calling it, and continue there complete destruction of my life…to keep the secret.