3 Americas: More Truth Than We Can Handle 00 Introduction (The Zionist Plan)

Close your eyes and see the truth. Then take back the narrative from the Zionists, question everything, and make up your own mind. Because the Deep State can and will control your body and mind, if you let them.

This is a poem I wrote long ago. It’s about the future that will never be:

“In the end the blind will see,
And what will be will be”,
Said the one,
Of the three.

And I ask,
“What say you two”,
And they answer politely,
“We think you always knew”.

So when it’s all over,
And when it’s done.
And the last fire burns away,
We’ll know who one.

I dream of this place,
In the time before gold.
Where no one’s bought,
And nothing’s sold.

Where every deal,
That is made,
Has one rule,
To be an honest trade.

Where debit and credit,
Can never be.
And What can’t be bartered,
Is given away free!

Where everyone owns the land,
And protects each other’s space.
And makes only what they need,
Without creating poison or waste.

But there I go again,
Dreaming of this other place.
Where there are no earthly judges,
And only one human race–

by DR Wolfe,
{Founder of the New Libertarian-Socialist Party}

(Pure Socialism has never been tried, so why not? We know capitalism, by the neo-cons, and communism, by the neo-liberals, doesn’t work, because these systems produce billionaires and trillionaires who behave as monsters.

They have no right to this much money. Because it means they can do anything they want to us like lab rats and no one will stop them. This is because they own the law, and blackmail those who make the law, and they can buy off the people who enforce the law, like the state and local police and the FBI.)

[ATTENTION USERS OF SCREEN READING SOFTWARE: To best understand the meaning, including the shameless satire and cynical sarcasm that I use throughout these writings, I suggest you turn on “most punctuation”.]

(Last updated: November 28, 2023)
3 Americas: More Truth Than We Can Handle
Chapter 00
Introduction The slow making of a super soldier (or perhaps a Super Villain)
by DR Wolfe

{Includes some strong language}

Some troll, or maybe my handler, have recently posted a bullshit definition at Sickapedia saying that the term “Wolf Out,” which is coincidentally the same name as my website, means quitting.

first, I’m glad somebody’s paying attention and that I’m making a difference, given how much corruption there is throughout our government and media under this duelopothy, run by RepubliCons and DemoCreeps.

Unfortunately, we the honest people, the people in the middle, have lost the Forth Estate and, except a few courageous people in the alternative media like Dr. Kevin Barrett and James Corbett, there’s no longer any one to protect us from the government or corporations, who “Do as thy wilt.”

Second, I know often we can learn more from losing than from winning, but often quitting is the best choice for people with disabilities. Better to live and fight another day then go down in defeat.

It’s ignorant to say quitting is a bad thing, with no exceptions. Because there’s always exceptions, whether we want to admit it or not. Besides, when it comes to people with severe disabilities, quitting and moving on is often the best choice.

When a person is severely disabled they quickly learn that often it’s better to quit and take a different approach, or just give up and move on to something else. Sometimes you have to forget and move on. This may not be true for able-bodied people, but it is certainly true for most people with disabilities.

As a deaf-blind person, , I can tell you to survive you must learn when to stay and fight and when to walk away. They say, only a fool never gives up , even though they get the same answer over and over, and over. So learning when to quit and move on is essential to survival for those of us with disabilities who may not have the emotional or physical energy, or the resources available, to continue what we know is a losing battle. Not to say that sometimes people can’t learn from losing.

We the Deaf-Blind Community know the bigotry of the world. We know that it is especially prevalent among those with money and power, and those who serve the interests of the rich and powerful, like Helen Keller, who supported eugenics.

So for the severely disabled, giving up — knowing when to quit, is often the best choice. It’s not just a simple matter of turning the other cheek, turning a “blind eye,” or “wolfing out”, as they like to say. It’s not just accepting the Zionist bigots for what they are, it’s a matter of survival.

And this book is about surviving in Third America, a land run by Zionist bigots and beasts.

In 1973, when I was twelve-years-old, based on a recommendation from the University of Michigan Medical Center, I was enrolled in the state’s residential school for the blind located in Lansing, Michigan.

Along with several other blind and partially sighted kids who attended the school during the 1960’s and the 1970’s, I believe I became part of some government brainwashing program, run by Sidney Gottlieb, Joli West and the Director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover (a homosexual, transvestite blackmailer).

I believe it was part of, or similar to, the CIA’s MK Ultra Program, although there are some interesting differences, as I’ll explain.

When I first came to the school for the blind in Lansing, Michigan, I was assigned to second Floor North, located in the main administrative building. Curiously, the only building still standing today.

I was put in a room by myself at the end of the hall. It was the room closest to the back stairwell, on the north side of the building. I didn’t think there was anything odd about it at the time, making sure I had no roommate.

Curiously, this was the door farthest away from the main walkway, and it led out to the parking lot where ironically, a year later I was molested by a Lansing Police Officer in the presence of another student, Bill Bonski. But it wasn’t the only time I was inappropriately touched.

consider these four facts, and think about how they might be related:
* One night, after being hypnotized by the school’s psychiatrist earlier that day, I found myself in this same parking lot, where I was taken somewhere, but I barely remember.

I have some vague memories about this same thing happening, where I was led down the back stairs and into the parking lot. And several times I would wake up to find myself laying on the bed, completely dressed, with my shoes still on;

* I don’t know when this happened, but apparently some sort of synthetic helmet was applied to my scalp. It has been falling off in chunks over the last ten or fifteen years, and when I told my doctor and showed him my scalp, he did nothing.

I’m speculating about this, but apparently this plastic-silicon material became assimilated into the tissue surrounding my skull. And it appears as though The material have expanded with my skull as I grew.

I believe the cap has the ability to control a person’s emotions, and subsequently, their thoughts and behaviors.

And what’s really amazing about it, I noticed that my skull was as hard as a rock…until this happened, when the cap began to peel off, ten or fifteen years ago.

It appears as though the material they are using to create these helmets is maintained by some sort of artificial nano-bot. At the same time, the University of Michigan and the General Motors Corporation was developing nano-bot technology. These bots are called “aneroid parasites”, and are a fusion between insects and nano-bots.

The synthetic “brain cap”, once applied to the skull, apparently has the ability to both monitor and control the brain waves. The parasites repair the helmet, unless the damage to the material is too great. And this is exactly what has happened;

* For the last nine or ten years I’m also being shocked every day and night with some sort of invisible weapon, that leaves no marks. It can also itch, poke cramp or burn any part of the body.

In the book “Idea Man”, by billionaire owner of the Portland Trailblazers and the Seattle Seahawks, and co-founder of the Microsoft Corporation, Paul Allen writes about shocking a female classmate for fun.

There was this very pretty, talented girl, that Allen admitted he didn’t like, named Stephanie, who he shocked, intentionally. According to his autobiography, other than two or three sentences, he was either completely indifferent or out right hostile toward most of his female classmates, and this is a good example of how Paul Allen treated most women.

Allen was never married, although he claimed to once have had a girlfriend, named Rita. And despite having twenty billion dollars in the bank, he never had any children or a steady girlfriend (or boyfriend). This is despite that there are thousands, if not millions, of women (or men) around the world who, despite his looks and arrogance, would do anything to be the next “Mrs. Allen”.

One would think a man who was this rich and who was diagnosed with non Hodgkin’s lymphoma, usually a terminal decease, would want an adult companion to share his last years on earth, whether it was a man or woman. But maybe adult companionship was not what he really wanted?

He wrote, “I love traveling to France, because of the cuisine and the culture.”

France is also known for its “sexual freedom,” including promiscuous homosexuality, bisexuality and pedophilia. In fact, the age of legal consent for sex in France is only fifteen.

According to Barry Levine’s book about Jeff Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, “The Spider,” he confirms there is no age of consent in France for wealthy men or women. And this may be the real reason Allen enjoyed spending time in Paris, sampling the cuisine and partaking of the French culture.

In Oregon, we say if it walks like a Duck and talks like a Duck, it’s probably a dirty Duckster.

In Eleanor Herman’s 2020 revealing book, “Sex with Presidents” she confirmed Levine’s claims about the French culture, when she writes this, “The French leaned on stories that riotous kings and fragrances royal mistresses are titillated by modern scandals, to be sure. But almost never horrified. Their reaction to the love affairs of their political leaders is a smirk, in between a slug of expresso and a puff of a cigarette.”

Jeff Epstein used a French modeling company to recruit young girls, run by a man named, Jean-Luc Brunel. Once for his birthday, Epstein had three twelve-year-old French girls brought over to “entertain” him, according to sworn deposition from Virginia Roberts-Giuffre, who was forced to watch Epstein rape all three girls.

While there’s no direct link between Allen and Epstein, as far as we know, Bill Gates, co-founder of MicroSoft, was apparently a good friend of Jeff Epstein’s. The two were spotted together many times and had some kind of secret arrangement, according to James Corbett (Watch corbettreport.com/gates), Barry Levine’s book, “The Spider, and many other sources.”.

In addition, according to Levine, Paul Allen’s friend and business partner Bill Gates appears to have been one of Jeff Epstein’s favorite clients. Levine writes, “According to the New York Times Gates had met with Epstein on numerous occasions, including three at Epstein’s home in Manhattan.”

This is why we need to make non-disclosure agreements (NDA’s) illegal, as they are being used by the wealthy to hide their criminal behavior, including the wide-spread problem in our society involving pedophilia and the elite.

When Paul Allen was a senior, and his all boys Private prep school, Lakeside, merged with an all girls school, St. Nicolas, he and Gates strongly objected.

Bill Gates attended the same high school, although he was two years younger than Allen. Together they created a tombstone memorial for their male classmates, that read (in Latin), “Long Live Male Virginity.” Allen never explained what he meant by this.

This may explain why I’m still being electrocuted, but once when Allen was in elementary school, as part of a class project, he hooked a battery up to two wires. He then Allen had his classmates, one by one, hold the negative wire in one hand, and a positive wire in the other. Then, he gave them each a small one volt shock. It wasn’t painful, instead they only felt a tingle that went through their fingers and up their arm, and probably made them laugh.

However, when Stephanie, the classmate Allen wrote about in his book, took her turn and grabbed hold of the two wires, he dialed up the voltage (five times what other students received). It gave her a shock, causing her to scream in pain. The horse-faced Allen, laughed aloud.

As a former-sports talk moron, I remember one story that explains who Paul Allen really was, and not the image of him that Disney and the corporate media created.

In 2009, or maybe 2010, because of what happened the prior year, the NFL owners were warmed by the Commissioner not to tweet the first round Picks before the television network had formally announced them. The network paid for the right to be the first, and it was a violation of their contract, not to mention, extremely unethical, to give out the pick early.

Despite the warning, in all his arrogance Allen tweeted the first thirteen picks anyway…and the NFL and network did nothing to Allen for giving them the finger in public.

And today, it seems as though every story about Allen’s draft pick disclosure has been scrubbed from the Internet. To protect his privacy I presume, which Allen valued more than anything else. I wonder why?

A couple years before the NFL Draft scandal, the Seattle Seahawks, owned by Allen, had almost won the super bowl. The Hawks were down by four points with a minute left in the game. They came within two yards of the goal and had a chance to win it all. . But rather than giving the ball to the top NFL rusher, Allen insisted on throwing the ball, as though he knew there was some kind of chip in the ball that would give the receiver an advantage. Despite Allen’s arrogance, twice the ball fell incomplete, and curiously, the local sports talk morons hardly asked a question about Allen’s blunder. But the real question they should have asked is how any owner can take over the play calling during the game? Any owner who would take over, rather than letting a coach, who knows the team a lot better than the owner, call the plays is very stupid, or extremely arrogant. But no one in Oregon would dare say this, or they would end up like me, being tortured…

This tells you how much power Paul Allen and people like him have over the NFL, the media, and the legal system, doesn’t it?

As I’m being shocked every night, I thought about what Paul Allen did to Stephanie. This is why I began calling the weapon that is being used on me, mostly when I try to fall asleep, a “Rotland Tail-Laser.”

I don’t know if this is related to the shocks I’ve been getting or the synthetic helmet that seems to be falling off, but I’m beginning to develop some extra-abilities, which I’ll try to explain in the following chapters.

I believe these writings will prove to the most skeptical reader, this technology exists today, and I believe it has been tested on the most vulnerable people, including children and adults with disabilities. It may have begun when the University of Michigan sent me to the school for the blind in Lansing, when I was twelve.

About ten or fifteen years before I began getting shocked and the scalp cap began pealing away, I began to develop these extra-ablism’s.

So let me begin this very strange story by saying, in the last forty years at times my “vision” has never been more clear. And it seems to be improving every day.

Yet, I have absolutely no retinas left today. And this can be proven easily with a basic eye exam by any eye doctor. And a person can not see without retinas, this is understood by all physicians.

So, how is this possible?

I have no implanted cameras in my head or eyes, as far as I know. So then, how is it possible I can see with my eyes closed, especially in the dark?

Long ago, when I could still see, I was completely night blind as far back as I can remember.

This is one explanation about what may have happened. About forty-five years ago some sort of artificial scalp was placed on my head and has continued to grow with my skull. Maybe they decided to do this when I hit a tree on the family toboggan, or a week later, when our pony Patches accidently stepped on my head while I was racing a neighbor kid?

But if this is true, I had no idea that the helmet was there…and obviously, I have no idea who put it there, other than I strongly suspect the school’s two psychologists (for only 300 students) were involved.

I think they were complicit in a lot of what was going on there, including the child molestation and the other odd stuff.

Today, all day long I am unconsciously compelled to scratch this brittle, plastic stuff from my head. As I said, it has been falling off in chunks for over ten years.

As anyone with normal vision can clearly see from my most recent photograph, over the last ten or fifteen years my head has shrunk by almost a half inch all the way around. How is this possible?

The fact that my head has shrunk is scientifically undisputable. The pictures don’t lie! So what caused this?

And why can I see with my eyes close?

And why can I see in the dark?

And why can I sometimes see through things, like cabinets and drawers?

Almost every night since moving into the Southgate Death Camp (now called Portland Pines) twenty-five years ago, located in southeast “Rotland, I have been shocked over and over, probably more than a million times, and it continues still today, in the summer of 2023.

At least 20,000 of these shocks are sexual assaults, which have been targeted at my genitals and butt.

Most of these shocks have been painful assaults. Yet when I have called the police they won’t help, For example, this one time Portland Police Officer Randal since I am unable to “see who’s doing it.”

I’m being sprayed almost every day with some kind of liquid, or poison, while I sit at my computer, or sometimes when I go outside. And this maybe why the artificial scalp began to peal away, starting about ten years ago.

And here’s the weird thing. Despite dozens and dozens of letters to both the government and the media, including FBI Director Chris Ray, no one will investigate. Even though, many of these nightly assaults, as I have said, are sexual in nature. And most importantly, are being carried out against a vulnerable person — a person who is completely blind and partially-deaf, with PTSD.

At the same time that this synthetic cap has been chipping and pealing away, these strange abilities, like being able to see things with my eyes completely closed, or see things behind me, have significantly improved.

I’ve had this strange extra-ability to imagine what I was “seeing” for at least the last thirty years,. Although I have thought a little about it, I never thought it was anything unusual.

For awhile, I dismissed it as being only the mind’s way of coping with my blindness. I even told a few of my stoner friends about it, since it seemed so strange how my brain was creating images of what was there.

Except now, I know it’s not that simple.

As any reasonable person would do in this situation, I have conducted tens of thousands of these experiments. And I’ve been doing this every day for the last six or seven years. So I know it’s real. But how can I convince anyone else without sounding crazy, while the government is intentionally doing everything it can to make me look crazy?

You have to admit, that’s quite a dilemma…

I believe, along with some other blind kids, the government under J. Edgar Hoover, Richard Helms and their collection of mad scientists, like Sidney Gottlieb and Joli West, were using kids with disabilities, like me, to test their ideas.

Maybe, they began experimenting on some of us blind kids to figure out how to make it possible for human beings (and perhaps future soldiers) to see with their eyes completely closed, or in the dark? But they needed to break down the subject before it would work, with regular sexual abuse and public humiliation. Or that’s what they thought.

I know they have been watching me, since I attended the blind school. And they must know now it works.

For example, If a room is dark, today I can usually see (with my eyes closed) the outline of most of the things around me. I can pick objects up very easily, and see into closed cabinets and drawers. And when I touch things with my fingers or toes, or another part of my body, they seem to light up and stay visible for twenty or thirty seconds.

Perhaps it didn’t happen as quick as they hoped? But if this outcome was their original intent — to help humans see in the dark, and see with their eyes closed, and even see through some things, it does work.

It’s not perfect vision, and it doesn’t always seem to work when I want it to work. But what ever they, or God, did to me I can promise you that at certain times, under certain circumstances, I can clearly “see” again! And I believe, that’s a miracle!

But who knows, maybe these special abilities were inherited from my great grandmother, Nellie O’Boyle (who apparently loved to do the jig, while she cast her good spirits onto the world).

As you may know, it has long been said that some Irish and Welch have mystical powers. Family legend says my great grandmother O’Boyle had some of these gifts. So who knows, maybe she’s really the one responsible for this special talent with a little help from god?

I don’t know why this happened to me, so you can believe it or not. But from the very beginning, here’s my whole story, and how I got to this place, being tortured by friends of Paul Allen and Bill Gates.

While all the Rotlanders yell together, “RIP OFF CITY, BABY!”

“Ode to the Beast”
When you are confronted by a beast that is so overpowering and overtly cruel, sooner or later one of two things will happen to you…either you will prevail, and overthrow the beast, or you will parish, and quietly cease to exist.

The beast enjoys your fear, and only wants you to cower to its power until you die in absolute poverty. The elderly, the impaired, and the afflicted already know how this will work. The shrinking rations will slowly dwindle away, as the beast grows stronger.

If you choose to not be an enslaved person and accept the challenge to survive as a free being, then you only have one choice. That choice can only be to destroy the beast, who or what ever it is.

So, there are only three ways that I know of to destroy the beast:
I. You must either confront the beast directly, and try to take away the power it has over us.

You could attack the beast directly with your fastest fighter and sharpest sword. But we know that some of the beast’s weapons are invisible, and therefore, perhaps already invincible to your strongest blade or swiftest arrow.

Corbett is probably right, even if you are able to chop its head off, the beast may grow another even worse than the one before. However, while the beast is waiting for its next incarnation, it just may be enough time “to set things right”;

II. You may be able to starve the beast, and wait until it dies (hopefully some time before you);

III. Finally, you could feed the beast what it thinks it wants, until it can eat no more. And then watch it choke and die in its own vomit and excrement, as it surely deserves. At this point, it may be the only choice left.

So regardless of your faith, remember this. We are all promised that one day there will be peace on earth even if that means there are no humans left.

It may be the only way we see justice for those of us living down here in this third America, Senator Edwards.

There are three Americas, the rich, the “want-to-be-rich, and the disposable.

The rich step on the not-so-rich, and urinate on the disposable people, so that they can remain rich.

The want-to-be-rich step on the disposable, hoping that they some day will become the rich.

However because of the bots, which will be able to build and repair themselves, and will have no rights or demands, the disposable will be obsolete. And soon the want-to-be-rich will become the disposable ones, those who aren’t chosen to be sex slaves for the rich.

And the disposable ones will be no more.

These writings are mostly about how it “works for the forgotten people who live here in this Third America, where we are so damn poor we have to cut our own hair.

This book will tell you in no uncertain terms what and why this is happening to both me, and many Americans in Third America, where apparently completely blind people can be sexually assaulted over and over, tortured, and slowly murdered by someone from the Deep State. And law enforcement, the County Prosecutor, the U.S. Attorney, and the FBI will do nothing.

As these writings document, this is being done today in America to anyone who dares to question the Deep State’s version of the truth.

First they make a person look crazy by secretly administering low level shocks over and over. At the same time, they vandalize the targeted individual’s property, steal their mail, and hacking into their electronic devices, which will eventually make anyone feel a little crazy.

then the Deep State will get the Zionist media to repeat these “false narratives” about the targeted individual over and over, calling them all sorts of nasty names, destroying their reputation.

In this book, I describe step-by-step how the government has intentionally destroyed my life, and many other lives, including the victims of the January 6th protest over the stolen election and the genocide of the Palestinian people by the terrorist state of Israel. By using the fascists techniques I describe in this book. I hope you will appreciate my courage for sharing my story and exposing the elephant in the room.

It was my very first night in the dorm at Michigan State University. My roommates took off, so I decided to crash early, some time around ten o’clock.

This was because I had to wake up early and meet up with one of my tutors, who was going to start showing me around. Unfortunately, I ended up on the third roll-away bed, which was placed next to the door.

About an hour later I was awoken by the sound of voices coming from the hallway, just outside the door. I waited a good while, and tried to fall back asleep, but the voices got louder. Especially one of the girls named Sarah.

So I slipped my clothes back on and slowly opened the door. I recognized the male voices. It was my two roommates. There were also two girls there, I had never met.

As politely as possible, I asked them if they could keep it down a little since I had to get up early. Before either of my roommates could answer, or offer to go out into the lobby where there were dozens of couches, one of the girls (the louder one) sarcastically asked me a question, apparently in an effort to shame me for interrupting her. A sort of “public shaming”, I suppose.

“Why don’t you open your eyes?” She said. But it wasn’t a question, but rather a command.

Because of my blindness, I’ve never been able to open my eyes completely. And I was surprised by her ignorant question, but decided to say nothing. I went back into the room and tried to set aside my anger and fall back asleep, which took a long while.

One of the effects of my blindness was having droopy eye lids. My grandmother always said it made me look sexy. But I suspect she was trying to make me feel better abut going blind. I knew right away that wasn’t the intent of Sarah’s question. As a Jewish person, I suppose she felt it necessary to shame me in front of my roommates, and apparently, make me feel guilty about asking her to be quiet. Something I learned later that most Jewish people like to do to us goy.

I learned later that not only was she Jewish, but the daughter of a Jewish professor at Michigan State. I went to a dance with Sarah later that year in Case Hall. When we showed up, she asked me to wait outside for a moment . And since I was night blind anyway, I agreed but never asked her why. I waited for about an hour in the hallway for her to come out and get me, but she never did.

I figured out years later that the real problem is that America has been taken over by these arrogant, narcissistic Jews. And here’s two more examples of blind “authors” who exemplify this dishonesty and bigotrry in our media, which includes the publishing industry.

The first author, Andrew Leland wrote a book about going blind from a condition we both have called Retnitus Pigmentosa (RP). Most of his experiences are similar to my own, although some of what he says about RP isn’t completely true.

For example, it’s true most totally blind people see some light throughout their life. But Leland makes it seem as though seeing a small amount of light for totally-blind people is in any way helpful to menuiver through a world designed for sighted people. And he specifically contridicts the fact that those who develop RP at a very early age, like me, lose their vision by age thirty. But Leland isn’t a optomologist, although in this book he pretends to be.

The book he wrote is called “The Country of the Blind,” a title he borrowed from H.G. Wells. And it’s interesting that Leland chose this story, since in Wells version the blind people of the village “pluck out” the eyes of a sighted man who stumbled into their closed community.

But what is more interesting that Leland chose this title is that there’s an extremely prejudicial quote about blind people from this story that the reader may have heard from some bigot, like KBOO’s Abe Proctor, that goes, “In the village of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.” Really? Even if the one-eyed man is an complete idiot, like Andy Leland?

Leland also misquotes the MOSOD motto, which he claims is “Through deception, we wage war” But actually, the motto is, “By way of deception, we wage war.” But maybe it should be, “By way of war, we wage deception (against everyone who isn’t Jewish)?”

Along with shoveling this shit about synagogs and the Torah, as if anyone who isn’t Jewish really cares, in his book Leland claims the American Council for the Blind is mostly made up of older blind people who need to be coddled.

In his bullshit book about going blind, Leland claims the National Federation for the Blind is a better organization that attracts younger and more engaging blind people. Except he leaves out a very important point, which is that the ACB is made up of almost entirely totally blind people, Where as the NFB is made up of mostly fully sighted and partially sighted people. This is a very important distinction when we talk about respect and providing accommodations to totally blind people, which I explain in Chapters One and Eleven.

Obviously, the totally blind people need more assistance and more accommodations then do the partially sighted. Not surprisingly, the Zionist corporate sponsored NFB opposes almost any law that forces corporations to provide accommodations to totally blind people, except when it comes to technology, which most blind people can’t afford.

For example, the NFB opposed creating different size bills when the matter came before Congress. They also opposed putting warning strips at train stations, which is essential to traveling in the city if one is totally blind. In fact, the partially sighted people hate being called blind, which explains their natural bias.

In his book Leland quietly mentioned that he had a trust fund from his wealthy Jewish Grandpa Slimon, so he doesn’t have to worry about purchasing this expensive technology, like the rest of us.

Not surprisingly, Leland praises his fellow Jew, Eric Weihenmayer, the first blind person to ever allegedly summit Mt. Everest.

In his first book, available in audio format, “Touch the Top of the World,” not only does Weihenmayer poke fun at Stevie Wonder for his blindisms, such as looking up and rocking , he never actually provides his blind audience with any written descriptions of his climb up Mt. Everest. On the web and print version of his book there’s lots of pics available of Weihenmayer climbing mountains, but nothing in writing about his historic climb.

In Weihenmayer’s somewhat self-aggrandizing book about climbing the seven highest peaks in each continent, which sounds pretty impressive, he never actually describes what happen when he climbed the highest peak of them all. It seems like this would be the highlight of the book, but instead, it’s barely mentioned. Isn’t that strange?

The truth is that the Zionists have manipulated everything in our world, and rarely tell the truth. It’s hard to know what to believe any more. It’s sad to say, but the Zionists have knowingly and ruthlessly stolen the hope of the people here in Third America, and the hope of the people in Gaza and the Third World. And America is responsible.

In this book I explain how the Deep State had selected me when I was eleven-years-old to participate in one of its MK Ultra programs, and then set out to destroy my life when I began to speak out against exploiting kids with disabilities.

This book is also about the manipulation of the little Jews and the gullible goydumb. All controlled by the government and the corporations, which are controlled by these billionaire homosexuals, billionaire pedophiles, and billionaire homosexual pedophiles, who are mostly Jewish.

Here’s my story.