Is the University of the United States Coming to a Computer or Cell Phone Near You? Tuition is Free! Books are Free! And It’s Will Be Illegal to Discriminate Against Anyone With a UUS BA or BS Degree! But Some Professors, the Sports Talk Morons, and the Banksters aren’t Happy…

(Published on: April 1, 2018 AND IT’S NO JOKE!)
(Last updated: April 6, 2018)
Is the University of the United States Coming to a Computer or Cell Phone Near You?
Tuition is Free! Books are Free!
And It’s Illegal to Discriminate Against Anyone With a UUS BA or BS Degree!
But Some Professors, the Sports Talk Morons, and the Banksters (not to mention the gambling industry) aren’t Happy…
by DR Wolfe

{Within days of publishing this article, Oregon Senator, Jeff Merkley, submitted a similar bill to Congress (“The Debt-Free College Act”). However, Merkley’s Bill has no chance of ever passing this congress, or probably any other. It’s a good idea, but here’s why it can’t ever pass.

The only way we can afford to give Americans a free college education, and get Republicans to agree, is to offer an alternative program that allows the government to spend less money. And when it comes to providing secondary educational programs, where is most money spent?

It’s mostly spent on classroom buildings, including heating and cooling them, and keeping them clean. Not to mention all the instructors who have to be paid to teach. There’s no way we can ever afford to offer these services to most students for free, unless it’s a virtual classroom, and young people can live at home.

As the article below explains, a free online accredited degree will quickly become the choice of most students. So under this plan, the real possibility exists of finally getting colleges and universities out of the sports business, along with eliminating dormitories for undergraduates. By saving this money, we can argue Senator Merkley that having a free, online university for all Americans will eventually save the state’s and the federal government billions of dollars. And frankly Jeff, it’s the only bill can ever pass…

We know, the “brainwashed fans” won’t give up their ancient traditions too easily, but having a life-long debt in exchange for what is more or less an ‘advanced high school diploma, has changed everything for the average American family. People know, we are quickly becoming a divided society, divided into two separate, but not equal, groups — and because of it, far too many people have given up hope.

Senator Merkley’s right, only by offering a free four-year college degree to every American, who’s willing to put in the time and energy, and nothing else, will we restore the possibility of the American dream.

However, as I explain, only by creating an online virtual classroom (with downloadable text material and videos), will this plan ever be affordable, and therefore, possible.}

Imagine living in a country where any citizen, or anyone with a student visa (on scholarship) from the United States, could earn a four-year-degree, and then not owe a dime.

Imagine, you could download your text books, both as text and audio, and download your lectures without even getting out of bed. And you would almost never have to leave your bedroom, which just happens to be located in your mom’s basement (because she doesn’t charge rent as long as you’re in school).

But here’s the best part of this great idea, along with getting rid of being distracted by the useless college sports, you will be able to pause your professor, and even rewind them, or just shut them off, any time you want!

And if you think about it, this is what real learning should be about. That is, stopping to reflect on an idea presented to you. Just being able to stop and replay something that was said, and then taking the time to research one word, or one idea, for as long as you need…before moving on to the next idea or concept.

Every course will offer a few dozen different professors from every political and social perspective, and students will decide based on popularity, which professors succeed and which ones don’t. It’s ‘Pure Capitalism 101’.

And if you need, you can reach out and chat online or by phone with several different tutors, during the lecture, or while you’re in the middle of reading a chapter or article.

Let’s say, anyone with a bachelor’s degree could sign up online as a tutor. After qualifying, and listing the tutor’s subject, each tutor could also provide a short video and survey of their political and social views. All tutoring would be monitored and recorded, and tutors would have strict rules about interacting with students (perhaps even using a different name and location). Never the less, we know students will always do better working with like-minded people.

And tutors would be paid based on their popularity, which would be based on their performance, which would in turn likely be based on each student’s individual success.

We would still need some labs for some classes, and more community recreational facilities would have to be built.

New community student groups would also likely be formed.

As long as they’re financially viable, then more semi-professional sports leagues for students, or anyone else, will likely be formed and prosper. And then we can start paying athletes cash above the table for their services, instead of having them walk around the school cafeteria with a broom for a few minutes every other day (which is insulting to everyone who really does work there, and it’s especially insulting to the athlete who is making the school millions of dollars).

Under this plan, very quickly most colleges and universities will no longer be able to offer a BA or BS degree, because no one (except a few rich kids) will be able to afford it (or want the life-long debt).

Then these institutions can focus on graduate programs, which would make a lot more sense, from an academic prospective than what they do now.

Just imagine finishing your degree in three years (or thirty years, if you’re in a real big hurry), with no debt! Maybe, who knows, once again most young people will be able to afford to buy houses and have families again…like it used to be for most people, forty or fifty years ago.

Make no mistake, there are a few groups who won’t benefit from this plan, or maybe not at first. For example, while there will definitely be less direct teaching jobs for graduate students, there will still be a need for online tutors and there will still be instructors working in labs. But less debt for students will mean more economic growth (unless you’re a text book publisher or financial aide officer, which in turn will create more jobs in the community, out side of the university.

Besides having no debt, graduate school will be possible for more people than ever, which will mean more teaching jobs for Ph.D. holders. I predict, eventually the colleges and universities will re-emerge as institutions of higher learning, instead of competing to be the next, best ‘Animal House’.

can anyone argue that there would be far less “accidental” deaths and rapes on campus, without freshman dormitories and fraternity and sorority houses, where there is almost no adult supervision (unlike mom’s house).

Obviously, the networks make a lot on this industry they call “college athletics”, and I can promise you that they won’t let this change take place without a major battle in Congress. And Congress is the only one who has the power to fully implement this idea.

Congress must make a degree from UUS equal in every way, provided that it produces the same (or better) results than any other four year degree. And this will take some investment and integrity, so don’t hold your breath.

The bottom line is, we have the technology to do this today, and for a small investment (when compared to the military), we can make it free to everyone…before we slip into total, and unrecoverable, debt. A choice between ignorance and debt, is a false choice we, as Americans, are being forced to accept–