The Serpent and the Seed

(Last updated: May 8, 2022)
The Serpent and the Seed
by DR Wolfe

{From “The Dirty Little Secret About Transparensee” Series}

(Includes strong language and descriptions of sex)

Would if the story about Adam and Eve, and the story that Eve was the one who ate the apple, wasn’t true? Let’s say Adam was the one who had tasted the forbidden fruit, and blamed Eve. And perhaps he past this lie down through all his children and grandchildren, and even his great grandchildren. And eventually it got into this book, known today as the Old Testament.

And it makes a lot of sense, since, until recent decades, most women tended to avoid risks, where men have been more willing to take chances. So Adam was offered by the serpent the power of the gods, to be their equal. And that must have been quite enticing for Adam.

I suspect Eve was content with things as they were, having her every need granted from this benevolent god. And never growing old. Why would Eve mess with this perfect arrangement?

Think about it. They had everything, eternal life, health, and all the food and sex they could ever want, despite not being formally married. And apparently, they even had some kind of built in birth control, like an IUD or Norplant, since according to the Old Testament they did not had children until after consuming the apple. In fact, god may have punished them for disobeying his law, by forcing them to put on clothes and raise screaming children. And think about it, god may have punished them even further by forcing them to give up all the amenities and move out of the condo (i.e. the Garden of Eden). It’s obvious god was really pissed, and Eve took most of the blame.

I believe history would have worked out a lot better for everyone if Adam had confessed his discretion against god and accepted responsibility, instead of blaming his partner. They had this really great situation and Adam totally fucked it up for everybody, not just Eve, according to the Old Testament.

So why the hell would Adam give up paradise? It wasn’t just a promise, he already had everything.

“The devil made me do it,” Adam would later say, to excuse his bad behavior.

But in the beginning, maybe the serpent was manipulating Adam’s dreams. So as he slept, he began imagining being with lovers, other than Eve. And he imagined them having smaller, slender bodies he could wrap his arms around, and plunge his manhood into, over and over. Perhaps he was trying to Quench this unquenchable desire when he bit into the apple, as the serpent intended.

So I suspect Adam, like most other men, began wanting to have sex with lots of other females, even though Eve was the only woman he knew. Maybe we can blame the serpent, or the devil, But that’s the way most powerful men feel. And if they have the power of the law, and if the law makes them omnipotent, what’s to stop them from taking whatever they want?

We know this is true from world history, because that’s exactly what happened. Emperors, kings, and generals could have as many maidens as they desired, and then throw their used up bodies into the flames, without a care or consequence.

And as we can see from all the secrecy and media corruption, elite men are still coveting this sacred right to “Do as thou wilt” with young people. That’s why the pressitutes aren’t allowed to talk about Jeff Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, or all their thousands and thousands of wealthy and influential unnamed co-conspirators, who come from the Ivy League, and who run all the networks, the federal and most state governments, and everything else.

The literal interpreters of the Old Testament, want to blame women for eating the forbidden fruit, but it’s likely untrue. And maybe in some ways this self-righteousness among the neo-cons, posing as Christian men, continues today. It would explain lynching, which for poor or black or brown skin people never ended. Not to mention, President Biden’s government mandates, or his role in creating the prison industrial complex. Or way back in the 1980’s, when he supported spraying Paraquat on cannabis grown in Mexico and Georgia by DEA.

Maybe the first thing we should do to fix this problem, and remove the elitists from power, is to only use paper ballots and publicly count every votes by hand. So we know what the people really want, no matter how long the counting takes. Screw the pressitutes and their need to know, RIGHT NOW!

In addition, voting privately is a complete fraud, and the Deep State knows it. Since hopefully today nobody’s being forced to vote a certain way by their spouse, we have to give up this elusion called “private voting.” And we have to do this so that we know that every person voting is legally able to vote, and we can watch on the Internet. Perhaps every presinct would have its own channel, so every vote could be verified by the voter.

Unless someone is currently in prison or completely physically or mentally incapacitated, and the burden of the state to take away someone’s right to vote is closely scrutanized, every vote should count. And maybe also, we should let sixteen and seventeen-year-olds vote under this new voting system, where every vote is actually counted. And we’ll do this, expanding our voting roles to promote the idea of democracy for all, where every vote counts.

I believe if all the votes were actually counted, neither Donald Trump or Joe Biden would have ever won their primaries, let alone be elected president. Now, if the Deep State would only let us count the actual votes, before the next stolen election.