Over Weight

(Last updated: January 3, 2023)
Over Weight
by DR Wolfe

{From “The Dirty Little Secret About Transparensee” Series}

(Includes strong language.)

If you haven’t noticed, human beings are extremely rare in the universe. So we can conclude humans are extremely precious. Therefore, every life should be guarded at all cots. And human life should only be taken under the most exigent circumstances.

Conservative talk show host Charlie Kirk once said, and he’s right, “People aren’t the problem. People are the solution.”

Those who would say the earth is over populated have apparently never looked up at night. If you notice, there’s more than enough room in this galaxy, let alone the universe and all the other universes for as many people as we could ever possibly produce (even if we could get our hands on Rush Limbaugh’s stash of Viagra).

Bill Gates and most of his fellow billionaires and trillionaires who speak of-over population and limited resources either don’t have our best interest in mind or know something they’re not telling us. So, along with killing the elderly and people with disabilities using some man-made virus, perhaps there’s one other way they might rationalize the culling of the human herd.

It was kind of warm for this time of the morning since summer was still a couple weeks away. The pinks, blues, and purples of the sun rays breaking over the horizon was magnificent. Thankfully, he was almost finished running. “Just one lap to go,” he said to himself.

The track was mostly empty. There were a few early birds, but most people didn’t come out until sunrise, which was still about twenty or thirty minutes away. He knew, by then the track would be filled with dozens of people, than eventually hundreds, trying to lose weight.

He had another lap to go when he heard a voice call out.

“Hey, wait up Garcia!” It was his neighbor, Cowboy Bill. About a year ago Bill insisted that the new law about obesity was a damn good idea, given the recent food shortages.

“It’s a hell of a good plan to get rid of these morbidly obese people. They deserve it, and they’re costing us an arm and a leg,” Bill said.

But now it gone a lot farther than that, Garcia thought. Bill was worried, it was in his eyes and voice.

“How goes it Bill?” He answered, as he slowed down so Bill could catch up.

“Are you kidding Garcia, they want to kill anyone over six feet tall, no matter how physically fit we are? How am I fucking doing, are you fucking serious?”

Bill looked more than a little agitated, and for good reason. He was about six foot two and was built like a weight lifter, although he never played professional sports. He would often talk on his radio show about his college days playing ball at some Division III school, as though anyone listening gave a crap.

Garcia knew, he had to weigh over 200 pounds and would never make the cut. You could see it on his face, this look of defeat and outrage.

“Well, if I recall my friend you didn’t seem to mind when they wanted to kill the morbidly obese?” Garcia pointed out.

“Yeah, but now they’re saying being physically fit doesn’t matter. It’s all about consumption. And the bigger you are the more food you consume.”

“And you big guys shit a lot more than us little guys,” Garcia added.

“Fuck you Garcia!” Bill gave him a frown and looked the other way, and continued his rant.

“It’s all about the greater good. Have you ever herd anything so fucking stupid?” He looked at Garcia, but didn’t wait for a response.

“So the fat asses with the government is going to put all of us to sleep, like some kind of fucking rabid animal? They’re gonna put us down, like we was fucking thoroughbreds in Kentucky with a broken leg! Shoot the fucking jockey in the head not the fucking horse! Are you fucking serious!” he yelled.

Just then a well-dressed runner wearing bright blue sweats and a micro-gold watch came up from behind them and swerved to the outside lane, giving them a dirty look.

Bill could get violent, Garcia knew. He remembered this one block party where Bill drank too much and picked a fight with some little guy, over some sports bullshit. It was part of his personification, as a sports talk moron, Garcia thought, to be perceived as a tough guy, with no brain, all brawn. And Cowboy Bill played it perfect, because that’s who he really was.

Bill worked at one of the local twenty-four-hour sports talk moron stations, spewing out nonsense about things that didn’t matter, talking to these brain-dead fanatics. It was almost funny, if it wasn’t so stupid. From time-to-time Garcia would turn on the radio and listen to Bill and his partners, Johnny Dickwipe and Joey Dumbfuck, arguing over something that they had absolutely no control over, while the world was falling apart. What a waste of time and energy, to listen to this crap, he thought.

“Well, some of us little people think the government might have a good point.” He poked a finger in the big man’s right arm, catching him by surprise. Bill didn’t mind killing all the fat people. But now suddenly he’s on the list of expendables, and he wants the rest of us to give a shit.

“That’s fucked. You’re an asshole Garcia. So you’re gonna let the government kill anyone who eats to much food? Maybe it won’t be that easy, we’ll see.” When he said it, he had a crazy look in his cold blue eyes, and it startled Garcia.

Then Bill spun around on his heels and took off running across the grass, flipping Garcia the bird.

The earth’s population had boomed to over fifteen billion, and simply put, there wasn’t enough food for everyone. New techniques to produce more food and limiting child birth helped for awhile, but it wasn’t enough.

The government gave the corporations complete amnesty from having put endocrine disrupter chemicals (EDC) into the environment. This caused people to be infertile and suffer from gender dysphorea, and other medical conditions such as developmental, reproductive, brain, and immune disorders. . The supporters of the transgender movement realized far to late it wasn’t just normal evolution doing this to people, especially children. The people realized it was the corporations and the Deep State’s intentional plan to put EDC’s in the food and water in order to depopulate the earth.

Nevertheless, the food shortages meant emergency measures under the government’s Emergency Powers Act had been implemented to reduce the calorie intake of every person on earth, but it still wasn’t enough, according to the government-controlled media.

Politicians argued that unless people wanted to resort to cannibalism, there was only one other choice. So morbidly obese people became the pariahs of society, and they were targeted by the corporate media and the government. The experts pointed out that it wasn’t only the consumption of scarce food, it was the additional medical expenses needed to keep these people alive. Eventually most people went along with the plan and they began quietly killing the fat people, and hardly anyone noticed.

By the vote of the silent majority, in a very short time this population was considered to be expendable. And after the culling began no one hardly cared, or so it seemed, based on the media coverage. There were a few protests here and there against the government’s sanctioned killing of overweight people, but the media kept all of the protesters off the news. And as usual, social media banned all negative discussion of the topic on its pages.

But it all began in 1963 when the CIA and the Jewish mob murdered President Kennedy. So the Deep State felt they had to make it up to America somehow. So they committed to making Kennedy’s dream of landing on the moon a reality, even if they had to fake the landing.

Seventy-five years later the government was forced to provide the proof. The proof that our government murdered the president and faked the moon landing.

The result was that people lost a little more hope in the government and the media, knowing it was impossible for humans to travel beyond the Van Allen Radiation Belt and we were never tolds. We learned our government Sent robotic ships to the moon with a flag and other space junk, and the Deep State filmed the astronauts in a studio here on earth.

This particular hoax seemed to work for a while, but pesky people like Jim Fetzer and Alex Jones wouldn’t let go. Eventually it was discovered that because of new video technology people learned the simple truth. They learned that Neil Armstrong was filmed on earth and not in space.

But maybe most people should have known since in 1969 it took an entire van to transport the necessary equipment to do live interviews anywhere on earth, and this equipment weighed more than a half ton. And that’s probably why Neil Armstrong refused to do almost any interviews, even though his alleged heroic accomplishment of landing on the moon was the greatest feat in human history and he was absolutely revered by everyone.

And maybe the people should have known since none of the astronauts that allegedly went to the moon ever got any form of cancer, even though they were all presumably exposed to massive amounts of radiation for several days.

But what was most telling was that two of the Apollo rockets were never used. Only conspiracy theorists, who were ridiculed by George Norry and the braindead corporate media, asked the question, why didn’t NASA ever go back to the moon since they had two rockets left?

So the reality that our planet’s resources were finite began to set in. People finally realized we were never going to the moon or mars, or any other place in outer space, other than the orbital space stations.

As expected, some of the space fanatics who always said the aliens would rescue us from ourselves claimed we would still find a way to leave the planet, perhaps using DMT.

At first, most people still had hope. but eventually more and more began to realized the truth. The truth that there wasn’t enough food to feed everyone. Something had to be done.

So several solutions were proposed. One of those solutions was to blame the morbidly obese. Some of these people had a disability and had no control over their body weight. Advocates of the disabled argued it was the drugs to prevent anxiety and depression that caused many people to become obese. But the media claimed it was nothing more than gluttony and laziness. And in many cases this was true.

So the people were given a date, and they only had a few months to reduce their weight or all of the morbidly obese would be Euthanized under the Hayes Act. The United States and England, who had the most obese people on earth, were especially hit hard by the sanctions. After the killing began and seemed normal, the global government claimed it wasn’t enough, and the whores in the corporate media agreed.

It soon became the law that anyone who was considered to be obese, not just morbidly obese, would be eliminated from the population. Again they argued that the extra food and medical expenses to keep them alive was too much of a burden on society. So these limits were reduced even further.

The formula that was used took into account a person’s height, muscle mass, and bone density before calculating whether a person would be considered to be obese. And as time went bye, no one noticed, but the definition of obesity became more stringent. Unfortunately, it didn’t stop there.

The great and mighty scientists, many of whom were obese themselves, appeared before the world and said that all big framed people consume to much food. And the earth can’t sustain this many people.

The government and corporate controlled media said it was the consensus of most that there was not only too many fat people, but to many big people. So by the deadline, which was less than two weeks away, men who were over 170 pounds, and women who were over 130, would need to be Euthanized for the greater good of all. Height and muscles no longer mattered.

Immediately, many former soldiers and professional athletes took up arms and moved into the mountains, or that was the rumor. But the government had a back up plan.

Almost everyone on earth took the prevention pill during the last pandemic scare, which was mandatory. The government no longer needed vaccines, which it made it much more simple. The pill, which people were told not to chew, contained a micro graphene chip which allowed GPS tracking. And thanks to G5 and G6 technology, the micro-chip was both a tracking device and a DNA pre-programmed kill switch. In other words, the government of the world and the global corporations only needed to flipped the switch, and the problem of the rebels would be solved.

Meanwhile, the global media furiously hammered on the fact that unless the world’s population was significantly and immediately reduced people would be subjected to cannibalism. As the CIA requested, Hollyweird put out dozens and dozens of movies and documentaries about cannibalism, emphasizing the Deep State’s point that something had to be done. And all the brain-washed monkeys agreed.

At first it was suggested that maybe sterilizing all of the large people, who could never again reproduce, would be the alternative solution. But the global government concluded this would never work. It was estimated by the corporate experts that it would take several generations to significantly reduce the population using sterilization, and the crisis needed an immediate solution.

When Garcia weighed in this morning he weighed 168 pounds, two pounds below the limit, so he wasn’t real worried. He figured he could skip solid food and water for a day and drop another five or ten pounds. He still had ten and a half days left.

“Garcia, Honey is that you?” His wife asked, when she heard the front door close.

“yeah, it’s me Chikita,” he called back. He set his transmitter on the table and left it on full alert.

His wife was barely 100 pounds, and his two kids were still little, so they were okay. And he knew he would come well under the limit. He had nothing to worry about, he told himself.

“Can you check on Marco, I’m busy preparing dinner,” she called out.

“Okay, sure. Where’s Katrina?” He asked. Katrina was his six-year-old extremely talkative daughter, who would scream with joy when ever she saw him, always jumping into his arms.

“She’s next store playing with Martha,” his wife answered.

As he looked in the room, he thought Marco was the most beautiful baby in the world. His son was just eighteen months old and would hardly ever talk. Marco’s jet black hair and bushy brown eyes, along with his bushy eye brows and bashful smile blew all the ladies in the complex away. Not that his daughter wasn’t a real cuty, but he had to admit, at least to himself, that Marco was his favorite.

His wife was given a hysterectomy about a year after their second child was born, because that was the law. And no children were ever born out of wedlock since for a woman becoming pregnant without a husband meant she would be forced to have an immediate abortion.

If the child lives for more than a year, and it was the second child by either the mother or father, the government decided that was enough. This was true even if either person ever remarried. That also meant there were less divorces, since most parents were committed to raising their original one or two children from their first marriage.

“Hopefully Mister Marco, you will have your mother’s genes and stay very, very tiny,” he quietly whispered under his breath, as he stepped out of the room.

A few months ago, they decided to set up this bedroom for Marco. It used to be the dining area, but they wanted Marcus and Katrina to have their own rooms, so they converted it into Marco’s bedroom, with stars and space ships hanging from the ceiling.

After pausing outside his door for a moment, Garcia quietly slipped back into the living room. At the same time his wife appeared, coming out of the kitchen.

“My mom was so upset when I talked to her,” she said, rushing into Garcia’s arms.

“I know honey, but I’ll make weight, and it’ll be okay for us. What can we do. There’s nothing we can do for anyone else, but maybe people should have seen this coming.”

He glanced at his transmitter and said, “The government is too powerful, that’s the problem. We let them set up this world government, promising equity. But is this what we have now? Is this equal, where the government decides some people will live and some people will die?” He left go of his wife and threw his hands into the air.

“I saw that nut Bill from across the way today,” he said.

“Oh no, he isn’t gonna make it, is he?” She asked, looking sad.

“Of course not, and he’s not taking it well. He said he’s gonna do something about it, but he didn’t explain what he meant. He looked fucking loco, if you know what I mean. We better keep the kids away from him until this is all over.”

“Okay. But honey, there’s something else,” she said cautiously.

“What?” He curiously asked as he looked at his wife, who was starting to cry. “What’s a matter Mara?” He asked again. He hated to see tears in those big beautiful brown hazel eyes.

“Well, I heard from Banita, who said she heard this from her cousin Franky that the government was rigging the weigh ins.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” He looked puzzled, and a little angry. “how does she know this?” He had grown tired of baseless rumors, and this sounded like another one of those conspiracy theories. Theories that later he knew proved to usually be true, Like the Kennedy murder, the moon landing, the Covid Vaccines, or the Covid Virus itself.

“Well, I don’t want you to get upset anymore than you already are.”

“Just fucking tell me Mara,” he yelled, grabbing her arm.

She jumped back at his sudden outburst, and blurted out, “, Banita’s cousin says the government is planning to rig the test so that everyone who is at least five pounds below the limit will still fail, but she said they’re just doing it to the men, not the women.”

“But that would be murder!” How can they get away with it?” Instantly, he covered his face with his hands and began to cry.

“When will it ever end, Mara?” He asked, as he saw his son run into the room. He was also crying, as he tightly wrap his arms around his mother’s legs. She leaned over and picked him up. Then she kissed the top of his head, and said, “It’ll be okay baby. It’ll be okay.”