Open Letter: To Alpha Media over bigoted Blindster ad. Will they do the right thing or take the dirty money from the Cox Crime Family…

Lisa Decker, Marketing and Advertising
Alpha Media

August 23, 2003

To whom it may concern:

I am a regular listener to talk radio. Now that the liberals have completely lost their minds, I only listen to conservative radio, although I am not a traditional conservative.

On KXL you recently began playing an ad from a company called “Blindster,” although you may not be aware of the company’s history.

The Cox Family from Texas created Blindster without consideration to how offensive it might be to people who are actually Totally-Blind, such as myself. And the Totally-Blind are a separate protected class than those who are visually-impaired. Would it be okay if the advertiser were called “Blackster” or “Jewster” would you take their money?

To explain my argument better, I have included an excerpt from my autobiography, which is available online at: Let me be cleaer, if the Cox Family had called the company “Blindsster”, I would have no problem with the name.

In Chapter 11, I explain that the Cox’s top competitor was a company called “Monster Blinds,” so they recklessly thought “Blind Monster” would be a cute name. Then they shortened it to “Blindster.” This is highly offensive, and violates the 14th Amendment rights of people who are Totally-Blind.

As a first step, I wanted to give your company an opportunity to do the right thing and refuse the Cox Family’s advertising money.

Your consideration in this important matter is deeply appreciated.

Thank you,
Don Wolfe,


“I could write an entire book based on the bigotry toward those with disabilities in the marketing and advertising industry. This one example of a company from Texas and how they attempted to cover up their own bigotry , and I Heart Radio’s decision to use these ads, illustrates part of the problem people with disabilities have with our media.

The court has usually said that “for-profit companies” have a higher standard in advertising, and presumably publicly insulting minorities, including those with disabilities, is not permitted., And if someone insults the gender-impaired community then there will be hell to pay from the ACLU and the government lawyers. But apparently allowing a private business to publicly call totally-Blind people “monsters” in the name of a company, an then use this name to advertise is okay with our gender-fluid government?

It is everyone’s First Amendment right as a private citizen to be a bigot, or just ignorant, or plain stupid in what we say or write, especially comedians like Sarah Silverman. However, presumably the standards in America for a business or any other entity that intends to profit on their name or advertising is higher than that, as I’ll explain.

Creepy Kyle Cox and his wife, Lynda, from Houston, Texas, decided to start a company that sold window blinds. Their biggest competitor online was a company called “Monster Blinds”, so at first they decided to call the company “Blind Monster, probably since “Blinds Monster” sounded really, really stupid. Than apparently, They shortened the name to Blindster”, with one “s.”

Obviously, Kyle and Lynda never once gave a moment of consideration to the people who are actually blind and might be offended by this name. But when you have money and can afford lots of dirty corporate lawyers it doesn’t matter.

Creepy Kyle in one of his original ads boasted of having formally worked for a Fortune 500 company, he made sure listeners knew him and his wife were among the elite and there was nothing the Blind Community could do to him and his bigoted company name.

Except that “blinds” refers to the covering placed over windows, and the word blind, refers to the inability to see anything. People often use the word blind in a derogatory manner to describe people who are unable to conceive simple ideas. Many blind people feel this is discriminatory, but we know it’s a part of our vocabulary.

In fact, those who have some vision always hate to be called blind. Because in our society blind means stupid. On the other hand, it might surprise the sighted world to know that most totally Blind people, who are no longer ashamed of their blindness, don’t mind being called “Blind.”

“Don’t ever call me Blind!” Most partially sighted people will angrily say to any sighted person who dare to suggest that they are Blind. “I told you, I’m not blind!” They will angrily say.

Usually when people actually become totally Blind, and they adjust, they don’t mind being called Blind. Although using the term, “Blind Man” for someone who is a unlikable person, like George W. Bush, and who is not actually blind is an insult to all Blind men.

Creepy Kyle and his lawyers know all of this is true. Because in one of his recent radio ads Kyle and his announcer bot say the company is actually called “Blinds ter”, and spell it, as if this was their original intent. Yet they still pronounce it, “Blindsster.”

Generally within the Blind Community, those who have some usable vision identify as “visually-impaired” and those who do not have any sight identify as Blind”. Even Creepy Kyle and his ignorant wife know this, but as usual the government will do nothing. So they get away with making fun of totally blind people, insinuating they are monsters.

Curiously, the visually-impaired have far more in common with the sighted world than they do with anyone who is totally blind. However, the politically-correct crowd would prefer you used the word “visually-impaired” for everyone with poor vision. But whether a person has some vision or no vision really does matter, and the totally blind know this better than anybody. Ironically, we the Blind people are the only real experts on blindness, if anyone cares.

So other than a few ignorant shills from the National Federation for the Blind and the Oregon Commission for the Blind, most blind people reading this (using their screen readers) already know Kyle and his wife are lying bigots! But will the FTC force them to change the name to “Blindsster with two s’s”? And will the FCC say that this ad violates the civil rights of totally blind people? Probably not. But maybe we should find out?

I explained this difference between the Blind and the visually-impaired in great detail in the first chapter, if the reader is interested. In that chapter I used the relationship between Stevie Wonder and his tutor, Ted Hull, to illustrate why this difference really matters.

If Kyle and Lynda called the company “Blinds-ster”,with two s’s, it would make sense and there would be no issue. But if the reader checks online they would find these two bigots, and their lawyers, didn’t see it this way.

I Fart Radio (really stinks you know) can’t wait to play this ad every morning to piss off all the blind people, who have no power in this government run by the billionaire pedophiles.

So would if we use one of Kyle’s first ads and substitute a few words, like substituting the word “Jew” for “Blind”. And produce an ad for this new pest control company, would it be less tolerable? We know the Jews would scream “You ANTI-SEMITIC!” And the ad would be quickly removed. Maybe the ad would go something like this:
“HI, I’m Kyle Cox! Me and my slut Lynda recently moved into a new house in Texass, because we’re proud Texassans. And we’re real sorry about bein’ cowards at that Uvalde school thing and all those poor dead Mexican kids, and executing that innocent father, Cameron Todd Willingham. And then there’s that not coming down to help those out-of-state suckers at the Alamo, and of course, not protecting President Kennedy when he came to Dallas, and we’re real sorry about the law to pay vigilantes to go after women who want an abortion, but a feller’s got a right to make a livin’, don’t he?”

“And honestly, we’re not to proud of Texass bein’ the home of America’s greatest mass murderer and the grandson of Aleister Crowley, George W. Bush. And of course, these mass shooters probably all started with that marine feller in the tower at the University of Texass who killed all those long haired communist. But overall we’re really, really nice people down here, you can take my word on that partner.”

“So me and Lynda found ourselves surrounded by these ugly rat bastards, with big noses and long winding tales that go on forever and ever, and ever, about persecution and other shit.”

“They were stealing our kids, the pets, the car, the house, our money, and the interest on the money, and the interest on the interest on the money, and the interest on the interest on the interest on the money!”

“So I came up with a product to once and for all get rid of the little rat bastards who was stealing our money, and everything else. You just point it at their big noses, and you can’t miss, and gas the dirty rat bastards! I call it Jewster, and you can get it at””