It only took 8 days to get back online. Thanks a lot hackers!

Don Wolfe
(503) 774-3424

Go Daddy

To whom it may concern:

Since over 72 hours have passed since I submitted my request on Tuesday of this week to” to reset my password, and restore access to my web site ( , I am writing to request your assistance. For your information, I discovered this problem on November 22, 2021, and was able to last post on November 18, 2021.

Since I have been a loyal customer for more than three years, I am disappointed that Go Daddy has made the process of restoring access to my web site so difficult.

I am completely blind, and use a screen access program to read the screen. This makes almost everything I do on the web more difficult. So far, your company seems unwilling to accommodate my disability. For example, it would be very helpful if I could speak to a person directly (503-774-3424) who can fix this problem. Your customer service people seem to have no clue as to how to help me resolve this problem, other than submitting the form located at I know this wasn’t the case the last time I needed to reset my password, although it was about a year ago. Apparently, you have changed your policy?

Since it takes over an hour on hold, waiting for customer service, it has been even more frustrating.

So for your convenience, I will specifically describe the problem.

Apparently someone has hacked into my Go Daddy account and changed the E mail address listed on your site to an E mail that I have never had, and do not have access to ( In addition, outlook will not send the password to me for that E mail, because it does not belong to me, and never did.

When I first set up my Go Daddy account I put in my Go Daddy E mail,, which makes perfect sense. But obviously, someone has hacked into my account and changed this E mail, and the automated reset link is going to this inaccessible E mail.

Your customer service people have insisted I submit my request to “”, along with a picture of my state identification. Otherwise, they can’t help me fix this problem.

Additionally, the form I filled out would not let me use my Go Daddy E mail, which makes no sense, since I got this E mail from your company. Why wouldn’t this be used as the default E mail, since it obviously belongs to me?

So you know, I used my care giver’s E mail as my contact, *****. But as I’m sending this, she has not heard from your company either.

While I’m’ only speculating about this, one possible reason my web site is not available may have something to do with my name change.

In 2002, I took my wife’s last name. I did this legally, but some people think I am committing fraud and misrepresenting myself, since we were divorced in 2007. This isn’t true, although I have kept the last name, “Wolfe”.

In fact, someone told Century Link (my ISP) (along with Social Security) this, and turned me into the fraud divisions at Century Link (and Social Security). While I quickly resolved the matter with Social Security, without contacting me, Century Link shut off my unlimited long distance service. Century Link has never resolved this problem, and they never restored my unlimited long distance.

For a time in 2019, my phone service was being repeatedly shut off by someone at the phone company. After the forth time this happened (over a two month period)I was told by a telephone repairman (who had been out several times) that someone who had access to a secure room was “intentionally unplugging the jumpers”. I was told only Century Link employees and law enforcement have access to this secure room.

For the record, I do not have a cell phone, and there’ is only one other (less desirable) ISP choice, who will provide a land line in this area.

However, I have a degree in political science and it may be the content of my web site that may be the actual problem, since my writings, on behalf of men wit disabilities, is obviously controversial, but not illegal.

For example, I am against vaccines and vaccine mandates, especially when the vaccines are still experimental until 2024.

In addition, I have written on my blog that I feel transgender people are primarily men with impairments, men who think they are women. I have argued they should receive no more rights than other people with disabilities.

And finally, I have written that I feel 9-11 was an inside job, by our government, the military, and the Israelis. And without malice, I have written extensively on this subject, “Jewish Supremacy in America”, going back to the prisoners of war during WWII and the Leo Frank case. Obviously, this upsets many people who are Jewish, who are said to be extremely vindictive.

However, I have been told repeatedly by your customer service people that your company , unlike social media, does not sensor what we write, like a publisher would. Hopefully, this hasn’t changed. If so, please let me know, so that I may find a web hosting company that is more respectful to our First Amendment rights.

Your assistance is deeply appreciated.

Yours truly,
Don Wolfe

CC: Warren Adelman, C.E.O. — Legal,