Open Letter: to Charlie Kirk, The real reason they wanted to slow the counting of the votes way down.

Did you get this Charlie, It wasn’t in my sent box. Maybe the gender-fluid Deep State is afraid of what I have to say about the election results.

November 15, 2022

Hi Charlie,

This slowed-down counting seems very suspicious to me. As an independent voter and a political scientist I have always pushed for paper ballots and hand-counting every vote on camera. We would have to give up privacy, but to get an accurate count it would be worth it. But now who would support counting the votes by hand because how long it takes to count the votes using the computers?

Also the Democreeps used the same old argument scaring the elderly independent voters by threatening their Social Security. But the conservatives had no response this time, and the threat seemed real to many elderly independent voters who voted on election day.

We need to remove the cap on earnings, and this would solve the problem forever, but the Neo-Cons would never support this idea, so maybe this time the liberals are right about Social Security.

Great show,
Don Wolfe
Don Wolfe.