Open Letter: (To Isn’t it easier to say Gender Impaired Community, rather than LGBTQIA+ Charlie? And isn’t it more accurate.

July 3, 2022

Dear Charlie:

I enjoy your show very much and agree with you about most things, but not everything.

For example, isn’t it easier to say Gender Impaired Community, rather than LBGTQIA+ Community. After all, as I’ll explain, it’s more accurate.

I am a person who is completely blind and half deaf. My degree is in political science and pre-law, and I have worked most of my life advocating for people and children with disabilities.

We know god and nature create all species to proliferate so that the species can survive. This is one of the natural laws . In the case of humans, we are made to procreate to create life. And it takes the essence of one male and one female to produce a new life, so nature makes it so usually men are attracted to women, and women are attracted to men. At this point in history, with our current technology and science, there is no debate about any of these facts, except maybe among the Gender Impaired Community who are afflicted with this condition, this impairment.

In a recent 2022 study at least 40% of high school kids said they identify as homosexual, bisexual or transgender, or some other derivation. So if we feel this is not abnormal, we have to believe that nature meant to create this many members of the species who can not, or don’t want to, naturally reproduce.

Speaking strictly biologically, nature, doesn’t make this kind of mistake, ever. Not to say sometimes there aren’t anomalies in nature and some aren’t born homosexual. But 40% suggests their is some outside force that is altering this reproductive process and disrupting the hormones. With social pressures added on to this process, obviously kids are being manipulated by the government, who wants to reduce the population.

So we teach women to be more self-assured, more confident, more assertive, more aggressive, more masculine. And then we tell them that they have to compete in athletics against men, even though most men are biologically superior. This practice only serves to promote feminine toxicity, which vilifies all straight men.

Meanwhile, the homosexual community overwhelmingly endorses this new gender alteration, known as transgenderism, where men think their women. But is that what we, as a healthy society want for ourselves and our children, men thinking their women

The good news is, the Latino Community, which is overwhelmingly Catholic, is beginning to figure this out about the far left. That is, their plan to convert children to this homosexual ideology. I predict the Latino and African-American Communities, who aren’t down with this agenda will cast the deciding vote in the November 2022 Election and the Democreeps will lose very badly.

Normally, people with disabilities can demand a certain accommodation, and the courts will balance these rights against businesses and government. However, this group of disabled people, the Gender Impaired Community, have been allowed to join the military and change the definition of marriage. I predict the Supreme Court will overturn both of these accommodation, and restore the definition of marriage to strictly mean between one man and one woman.

The neo-liberals and the Gender Impaired Community have only themselves to blame.

Best wishes,
Don Wolfe