Open Letter: Will Hessam Nadji Turn the Southgate Death Camp Into a Parking Lot to Cover Up What’s Been Happening Here, Torturing a “Cripple Whistleblower”?

July 19, 2022

Hessam nadji, President and CEO
Marcus and Millichap Investment Realtors
19800 MacArthur Blvd., Ste. 150
Irvine, CA 92612

Dear Mr. Nadji:

I am a deaf-blind person living at the Southgate RV and Mobil Home Park. I have lived here since December of 2008, and have always paid my rent on time.

I received your letter on July 14, 2022, dated July 1, 2022 and post marked, July 6, 2022, regarding the sale of the park, and I have several questions and concerns I would like to
bring to your attention.

I wanted to make you aware of the egregious circumstances I have been forced to live under by the current owners of the park, and others. I feel these circumstances, as described below, has been taken against me for the purpose of constructively evicting me, which is against the law.

It is my hope that by this letter you will better understand my circumstances and the harm this conduct has had on my life, both personally and economically.

First, in order to protect my self I have constructed a privacy fence around my RV, with wasn’t a problem, and the manager, Debbie Sleeper, gave her verbal approval. This is self-evident since it took me several years to build, and I never once received a negative comment or letter from Southgate disapproving the fence. In fact, Debbie once stated that she understood my need as a severely disabled person to protect myself in this neighborhood. Although she once said when I told her about being shocked”It is all in your head,” as she padded me on the head, as though I were her helpless pet.

Certainly you would agree this letter documents I am of sound mind, despite my physical disabilities. In addition, her comment was highly inappropriate and discriminatory, since she is not a mental health provider. Further, I feel her decision, as an agent of the owners, to do nothing about these assaults on my body and property was grossly negligent, as I’ll explain.

In defense of Ms. Sleeper, it’s possible that law enforcement is involved in these assaults, since I have reported these crimes to police numerous times and nothing has been done. In fact, one Portland Police Officer [Officer Randle] said unless I could see who was assaulting me, there was nothing he could do.

I’m not surprised since I’ve been one of the biggest critics in Portland of the police and correction officers. In fact, I am well known as an activist in the Portland area, writing dozens of articles about their abusive behavior toward the poor and people with disabilities and a regular caller on Commissioner Hardesty’s radio show, “Voices From the Edge.” So I wouldn’t be surprised if Ms. Sleeper and the owners has been coerced to say or do nothing, while the police and correction officers assault me. Nevertheless, my care giver and I have hundreds of pics documenting the injuries to my body and my property.

It is my understanding that your company is obligated to advise the new owner of this possible liability. They should also be told, I have given notice of my injuries to both the manager of the park, Debbie Sleeper, my DHS case worker, Marcus Mueller, and several government officials, including three letters to the Oregon State Police and the F.B.I.

Perhaps, the owners believe they can sell the property, and avoid all legal responsibility for the harm that has been done to me. I disagree. For what ever reason, they, and the manager, have clearly allowed this to occur, and I know they have participated in some of this abuse, including: stealing my mail; damaging my fence; shutting off my utilities; spraying me with unknown substances that may be poisonous; blowing off fireworks near my windows; prejudicing neighbors and others against me; and other behavior that constitutes harassment, including throwing garbage and dog poop into my yard.

In your letter, you mentioned that a “Residency Committee” could buy the property if they could raise the funds. Despite that I am a resident, I was not made aware there was such a committee representing the residents. This seems discriminatory since I was never notified of this group. I would argue that they do not represent all the residents, and therefore, have no legal standing to say that they represent the residents of the park. If you have any contact information about this group and you would be willing to share this information, it would be greatly appreciated.

My second question is, how much time are you required to wait before selling the property? Since I didn’t receive your letter until July 14th, it hardly seems fair that the legislature would only allow ten days from the date of your letter, July 1st.

As to my injuries, I have been writing an autobiography of my life as a severely disabled person online called “3 Americas: More Truth Than We Can Handle”. I call Chapter 8, which is about my experience here at the park, “The Southgate Death Camp”. You can find it at:

For your information, I have also attached an excerpt from Chapter 11, specifically describing the shocks I have experienced, and I explain in great detail why I believe they are doing this to me, as a blogger and disability advocate.

I have no idea how much damages are owed to me for my injuries, or the value of the park, but I can and do hold the manager, Debbie Sleeper, and the current owners responsible for my injuries. I made Debbie aware of this abuse more than ten years ago. Yet it has continued. I believe it is a form of constructive eviction, in an effort to make me want to leave. Ironically, I would be more then glad to move, if I had the resources or another place to go.

In January of 2022, my OCT card was stolen from my mailbox. Since I’ve lived here I’ve had a debit card, a birthday card with a personal check, and several ballots also stolen. In at least one of these cases, my missing debit card, a ballot, and about a dozen other letters were tracked down by an investigator with USOPS, Scot Hilton, to the residence of the former maintenance man of the park, Charles. Yet management refuses to change anybody’s mailbox keys, even though the previous tenant at Lot 23 was evicted for “associating wit people who were using meth,” according to Ms. Sleeper.

Also on January 1, 2022, a leanto behind the neighbor’s shed in Lot 22 collapsed and disconnected two of the three electric cords leading to my RV. Despite several calls from myself and my care-giver that week, the management refused to do anything, saying it was “My responsibility.

As you can see from the pic the area behind the neighbor’s shed is clearly on the neighbor’s property, and should not have been my responsibility to clean up. In fact, the manager was negligent in letting the neighbor build this leanto over my electric cords. Most of the lots here do not have this problem because the utility poles are placed in the appropriate lot. Nevertheless, Ms. Sleeper should have never allowed this problem to transpire as it did. And when the leanto collapsed, she should have had the mess cleaned up by someone else, like Michael, her new maintenance man.

As I said, I cleaned most of the mess up, but you can see from the pics it appears Malicious. It appears as though someone was piling dirt and other junk on top of the leanto so that it would intentionally collapse and disconnect my electrical lines.
And that’s exactly what happened, although it took me a week to dig out this mess and fully restore my electric service.

And there are dozens and dozens of other incidents of vandalism and abuse, which I have describe in letters to law enforcement and other officials from government and the media.

But it is the daily electrical shocks that are most disturbing. While I estimate I have been shocked over 500,000 times, and at least 5,000 of these have been sexual assaults, targeting my genitals and buttocks.

While I know your firm is not responsible for any of this malicious behavior, I felt it was necessary to let you know of, and further document, my injuries at the hands of the current owners.

Your time is deeply appreciated.

Yours truly,
Don Wolfe



Excerpted from: 3 Americas: More Truth Than We Can Handle Chapter 11 The Alpha Dopes and the Rest of the Rotland Media”

“And not surprisingly, the formal Consent Decree did nothing for the disabled, since I’m still being tortured here at the Southgate Death Camp on 82nd Avenue by some psychopaths, posing as law enforcement. My feet and other parts of my body are being electrocuted with these low level shocks every time I lay down, usually at night or early in the morning, before I get up.

Often I’m startled awake with some kind of sharp electric shock to my feet or toes, or somewhere else, which really pisses me off all day. And during the day, I’m constantly being itched to death with this same weapons that seems to attack bare skin, such as the face, legs, and hands.

While I’m sleeping they’re able to burn me, so I wake up with welts and what feels like sun burns all over my body, including my genitals. It sounds like some kind of microwave weapon, doesn’t it?

Maybe it’s some kind of ECT therapy by some mad scientist from Kaiser, posing as a doctor? And maybe they tell some sleazy judge I have something the Deep State Jewish shrinks call “Oppositional Defiant Disorder”? Except ECT is supposed to be administered while the patient is asleep, and sedated. But apparently these mad scientists can’t wait until I’m asleep to shock me. And obviously, I’ve never been sedated, or given them any kind of informed consent.”