The 2014 Corporate Killing of Eric Garner


Published: December 1, 2018)
The 2014 Corporate Killing of Eric Garner
by DR Wolfe

While one can easily find the names of the police officers responsible for killing Eric Garner in the streets of New York for no reason, I feel some of the most important details have not been mentioned nearly enough.

If you don’t recall, he was the African-American young man who was strangled by the cops for “illegally” selling single cigarettes, or what the police call “committing a loosie”–

Almost every day seems to bring news about another horrific case to our attention involving the shooting or killing of an unarmed person by law enforcement. However, considering the alleged crime committed by Garner, which ended up costing him his life at the hands of those sworn to uphold the law, it must still be considered as being one of the worst ever. Any reasonable person must also conclude by the lack of justice, as a society, we are in very serious trouble!

This ruthless policy, known as “Broken Windows”, began under Mayor Rudy giuliani , who is (for the moment) one of President Trump’s lawyers (and who most theorists against criminal conspirators believe is closely tied to the crimes that were committed against America on 9-11, as well as being personally involved in the subsequent cover up).

So, a seed was planted in the mind of the police that the city would be safer if each and every crime were dealt with, swiftly and severely. Even the smallest of “crimes”, like selling, or giving, a person who wants to quit their last cigarette, is going to be met with with the same level of force as an armed bank robber!

Imagine, a police officer strangled another human being to death, which takes a whole lot longer than a bullet, and was never punished by the “justice system”. To think that anyone could get away with this in America today, is a very frightening thought…

Eric Garner scream, “I CAN’T BREATHE”, but the police wouldn’t let go and they knowingly caused his death. So in my mind, the police had the opportunity to stop, but chose not to and should have been convicted of murder in this case.

But what is really sick is those who want to drag out Garner’s past, as though that gives the police the right to kill him…after politely denying the allegation that he was selling single cigarettes.

Which means, according to these righteous fascist knuckleheads, pleading not guilty to a crime (since most of us don’t have easy access to legal counsel, unlike the crooks on Wall Street), is now considered to be a capital offense! And, if they choose, the police now have the right to carry out the sentence on the spot–

In my opinion, like those who hand out clean needles, Eric Garner was actually helping a lot of people cope with life, and probably helping some of them to quit smoking. Yet the New York Police Department, who I believe also framed Pedro Hernandez, murdered him with malice and forethought, someone we ought to pthink of as being a real American hero. Here’s why–

First, the greedy, lying tobacco companies don’t sell single cigarettes to anyone, even the addicts they created, so Eric did. And they say he’s the criminal for helping these addicts?

Meanwhile, the companies blame the government and its never ending regulations, while they all smoke big fat cigars together in the back room and laugh. Hahaha! (Since they all know tobacco is a dangerous, deadly product that shouldn’t be sold to anyone.)

Think about it. If we really wanted people to quit smoking, that’s exactly what we would do, offer single cigarettes to people trying to quit.

Ask yourself, how many times do you suppose some poor New Yorker, down on his or her luck, came up to Eric Garner and it went something like this:
“Eric, I’m broke so I decided I’m gonna finally quit smoking! It’s the perfect time wouldn’t you say?” And they both laugh, and Eric slaps them on the back.

“But I need just one more brother. Can you help me out?”

And with a big smile, Eric hands them a cigarette and answers, “Friend, tell you what. This one’s on me, if you can quit, otherwise, you can pay me later!” And they hug, and the smiling man slowly shuffles away.

So, at the very least, Eric Garner was helping people to either cut back, or probably sometimes, quit smoking. And isn’t that what we should be promoting, rather than instructing the police to treat people who sell single cigarettes like they were a bank robber?

They claim it’s to protect children, but wouldn’t the store clerks be far better equipped to determine who is old enough to smoke? Rather then some guy on the street, trying to provide a service to his community, who probably has a lot of real good reasons why he might not want to ask a stranger for their identification.

But I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the Wall Street tobacco stock holders were involved in encouraging the police to behave as they did toward anyone who was shorting the tobacco companies of their “well-deserved” profits.

but it’s worse than that. Obviously, they make way more money every time people have to buy a whole pack, even if they really only want one cigarette and are thinking about quitting.

Does this mean they will start selling beer by the six pack, and nothing less, to protect minors? Who really knows–

They know people will often accidentally crush a partial pack, and throw the rest away. They know people sometimes get a pack wet, or loose it or even sometimes have a pack stolen, long before they ever finish it. And the tobacco companies are counting on all of this happening, knowing the smoker can’t get just one cigarette to hold them over, until their ready to replace the missing or damaged pack (which the tobacco companies know the addict may decide to never actually do).

You can bet they are counting on people who smoke only one cigarette, and then decide to quit, and throw the rest of the pack away…and then a day or two later, buy another–

Because now, smiling Eric Garner won’t be around any more to help them through the short times…