Open Letter: To U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley, The murdering of innocent Palestinian women and children by the sick fuck Israelis.

October 12, 2023

Dear Senator Merkley:

Regardless of what was done last Saturday, how can anyone support the collective punishment of the innocent people of Gaza?Isn’t this a war crime Senator?

It has been fourteen years since there was elections in Gaza and to say Hamas represents the people of Gaza is absurd. Then to murder women and children for what Hamas may or may not have done is unconscionable.

Please call for the end to Israeli aggression, which has gone on for more than a hundred years. The sadistic Jewish settlers of Europe and America had no right to invade Palestine and claim this was “their home land.” The truth is, the Israel of today has no connection to the Israel from the Old Testament.

Unfortunately, I have begun to hate all Jews for what they are doing today to the people of Gaza, and for what they’ve done to the world, especially the international banksters and the defense industry.

The banks loan the money to anybody for war and the defense industry builds the weapons used to kill innocent people around the world. And Congress votes to support war after war after war, whether it’s a proxy army in Ukraine, Israel, or our own military.

Like Naomi Wolf, I realize not all Jews are this evil. But, in 2007 when Meg Whitman and Ron Wyden conspired to help steal my son, Abraham Wolfe, I began to ask the question why do Jewish people, who are only 2% of the population, have so much power in our government, and our injustice system.

Maybe we should ask, why did Epstein and Weinstein get away with what they were doing for so long? And why wasn’t Hamas stopped by the Israel Defense Forces sooner? And why didn’t our own military do anything to stop the attacks of September 11th?

And why do we not only tolerate, but fund the Israeli Death Squads walking around with t-shirts that show pregnant Palestinian women with bull-eyes on their belly, and say “2 FOR 1!”

So who are the real monsters, I ask?

For god’s sake Senator, please help stop the murdering of innocent Palestinian!

Your time is appreciated.

Don Wolfe