Open Letter: To President Sick Fuck Biden, The genocide of the Palestinian people by the evil Zionist money printers who rule the world wit an iron fist.

October 18, 2023

Dear Mr. President:

In light of the bombing of a Palestinian hospital and the murder of almost one thousand Palestinians, you must order an immediate cease fire by the Israeli occupiers. Targeting the Palestinian people for what Hamas may or may not have done, is collective punishment and a war crime.

The Israelis have killed at least one Palestinian every day this year. And these Jews, mostly from Europe, have targeted the Palestinian people for over one hundred years.

You claimed that Hamas had chopped the heads off forty babies, which wasn’t true. On the other hand, the Israeli Death Squads were responsible for shooting both Israelis and Hamas Freedom Fighters on October 7th.

I think we know now why the IDS allowed the attack on Israel to go unchallenged for so long.
To blame this vicious attack on the Palestinian people and cleanse Gaza of all Palestinians.

In our history books, why weren’t we told about the Japanese Unit 731, who committed far, far worse atrocities than the Nazis ever did?

And why did American Jewry pay off Unit 731 members to remain silent? To make the Nazis look worse than they really were?

The occupation of Palestine by European Jews because of what the Nazis allegedly did was a violation of international law. Instead of acting like grateful refugees, and guests of the Palestinian people, they have behaved, and still behave, as sadistic invaders.

Any reasonable person, who wasn’t being blackmailed, would ask why wouldn’t the Palestinians and Arabs want to remove these Zionists by force?

I suspect your hands are tied by the Zionist money printers, who run the world, and they, thanks to Jeff Epstein, have the dirt on most of you politicians in D.C.

We know you and your son took more than twenty million dollars in bribes from China and Ukraine, and we know you used to like taking showers with your daughter when she was barely twelve. And Tara Reed says you sexually assaulted her in a stairwell, So we can only imagine what this International Jewry has on you.

When the right wing fascist talk show morons and our Democreep president agree, we, the average American person, know we are really in big trouble. But what it comes down to, is that Jews hate Muslims because they don’t believe in charging excessive interest and this is how International Jewry retains power over schmucks like you and Lindsey “Lady Graham.”

I hope you will do the right thing and call off the bombing (by your team), and end the innocent bloodshed. But I realize your hands are tied, literally.

With great regrets,
don Wolfe

P.S. It would be nice to get that Jeff Epstein infamous client list, and see if your name is on the long list of the people being blackmailed.