Open Letter: Portland City Council

February 27, 2022

Dear Commissioner:

I am writing to support Commissioner Hardesty’s effort to ban all fireworks within the city limits.

I speak for small children, the elderly and pets, as well as the Blind Community, and I can say from personal experience there is no benefit in celebrating holidays by igniting explosive devices and lighting fires that burn at over two thousand degrees. It seems counter intuitive to celebrate a time of joy in this way.

Your consideration in allowing this ban to take effect will hopefully bring about a more peaceful community. And it would help to heal Portland’s recent national reputation as a violent city out of control.

To me, every time I hear a firework explode it sounds like gun fire. So how can we fight gun violence when we allow this alternative form of violence. This longtime tradition of blowing things up to celebrate has such an extreme negative effect on our most vulnerable. But is this really the way we want to teach our children to celebrate holidays?

Your time is very appreciated.


Don Wolfe

CC: Portland City Council