Open Letter: To Ed Opperman Over Steven Lampley’s Bullshit Book, “How to Catch a Liar”, which Targets the Characteristics of the Disabled and Claims It Proves We are Criminals!

December 6, 2017

Hi Ed,

While I’m not able to afford a membership, I wanted to thank you for providing such great alt media content to the world (that we can’t get anywhere else) for FREE!

I write a blog for men with disabilities who have abused by our criminal injustice system called “”.

My degree is in political science and law, so your recent guest regarding “honesty” caught my ear, since I have often been the victim of America’s ignorance when it comes to understanding people with disabilities and our “odd” behavior.

So when I got black balled for law school for speaking out, I began writing blogs about issues that involve people with disabilities. As my profile below and my blog prove I’m am an expert on the effect that the criminal injustice system is having on men with disabilities in America (making up almost half the incarcerated population in Oregon’s prisons and jails). As my story proves, we are being systemically denied the right to fairly participate in the process, from beginning to end. And “end” for us, means our death in some private dungeon

While your guest briefly mentioned this, I can tell you that every technique he stated as being an indicator of truthfulness, is in fact also a normal characteristic of many disabilities or impairments.

Today, the cops, the persecutors and many of our judges have openly and wrongly stated “equality” means not treating those with disabilities differently. While this may be true in most other circumstances, to suggest that one’s impairment should be completely ignored is absurd. Yet it is happening here every day in this ‘third America’.

So suggesting that “normal” behavior for a disabled person is somehow proof they are lying is outrageous, yet the cops and prosecutors are doing this every day in America. And your guest and his book seems to be promoting this falsehood.

And saying this, is exactly why I suspect the cops and the government have been electrocuting me every day for the last six or seven years. Even wile I’m writing this, I’m getting shocked.

I have written to every one, including the FBI, the State Police, the Governor, and even the President, but no one will even investigate.

As I write about below and in “3 Americas”, they have tried to kill me several times! It is truly amazing to see exactly how corrupt America (and the lying media) has become.

Call me if you want to do a story about the blind, have deaf man (with some very special, extra abilities) who is being tortured with lasers in Rotland, Oregoon (like in that movie based on the Oregon State Hospital, “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”) by the government. It’s almost unbelievable…

Thanks Ed, keep up the great work.
Don Wolfe

“It is said, in the end the blind will see;
And what will be will be, said the one of the three.
The lost ask, but who are the other two,
And I answer, perhaps we always knew.” DR Wolfe

ATTENTION SCREEN READER USERS: To best understand the writers meaning — the grammaticality and satire of what is written, it is strongly recommended that you turn on ‘all punctuation’. before continuing

(Last updated: December 4, 2017)
PERSONAL PROFILE/”3 Americas: Introduction”
by DR Wolfe

There are three Americas, the rich, the not-so-rich, and the disposable. Soon the not-so-rich will become the disposable. These writings are about the disposable, forgotten people.

For more than half my life, I’ve been completely blind and partially deaf, and have a rare form of cenesthesia, and maybe one of the rarest on earth. It allows me to…well, I’ll explain it more later, if I get the chance.

It is what I call “extra-ablism — or perhaps, an evolution of the human DNA? Which (At this age), I would gladly share with almost any adventurous, courageous feminine spirit (of the female gender), who isn’t being paid by the government (to be a “honey pot”); Just as men and women have successfully done for hundreds of thousands of years, which allowed our DNA to evolve to best fit the changing environment. Given the rapid climate change, maybe a dramatic jump is long overdue. I don’t know the why, but I have some ideas-

Maybe what I’ve been going through (especially now because of the daily abuse) is why my extra senses have developed more than most, who aren’t disabled or haven’t been severely traumatized.

As a young person, I remember noticing I had some of these odd abilities, but I rarely talked about it with anyone else. According to the limited amount of research available, it appears Nobody really knows why this happens to some people, except that it really is real.

Perhaps, Edgar Casey is the most well known case of extra-ablism. There was also a man they called “Blind Tom”, and a few others who have had their stories documented.

So who knows, maybe it’s an early warning system that humans, in all our slovenliness, stop using and forgot about — maybe, in order to survive in a hostile world, we used to be able to see through the trees and hear beyond the mountains?

And maybe they know, or think, trauma is one way to activate this long lost ablism I believe we all have tucked away in our DNA (and that’s why they’re shocking me every day)? Life is funny that way, how nature seems to balance things out and always find a way–

Who knows, but maybe the need to see, or observe my environment, became so critical, given my adventurous nature and my strong desire to travel (on my own), my brain continued to rewire itself, to compensate for my physical impairments.

I wrote about this in “3 Americas: 42 Days in Bob Hermann’s Isolation Dungeon and the Coerced Plea Bargain”, but being locked in Bob Hermann’s dungeon in 2005 for eleven days, with nothing to read, no way to write and no one to talk to was the event that I believe forced these new changes to occur. But if I told you, the shrinks and dinks out of Chicago I suspect would definitely use it as an excuse to lock me up for good!

Other than what happen when I was very young, which I can barely remember, perhaps this is where the incidents of daily trauma began, which may have forced my brain to begin this amazing journey.

When I was twelve, I had this two-hundred plus pound wrestling coach who like to get us young boys naked in the pool at the blind school, and inappropriately touch some of us younger boys while pretending to teach us to swim, while his own kid, Jeff, stood watch! It didn’t help that I was twelve and very small for my age when I started eighth grade there–

When wrestling practice began that October, this same coach would use me as a practice dummy in front of the whole wrestling team, and would then lie on top of me. He did this even though I only weighed about ninety pounds, at the time. He would just lay there on top of me, sometimes for a minute or two (and try to jam his hard on up my ass)…while everyone (who wasn’t completely blind) watched!

He would do this sick stuff to me at almost every practice, even in front of my own fifteen-year-old brother, who, like everyone else, probably didn’t know what to do. Although about a year later a wrestler named Ed Chapman — one of the toughest guys I ever knew, got a group of almost a dozen wrestlers to walk out during practice, but I didn’t have the balls to join them…and if you can believe it, about a week later I wrote an article in the school paper about what a great guy the coach was? Ugh–

In ninth grade the coach encouraged us to wrestle with our local public schools during the Christmas break, to stay in shape. Most of the students at the blind school went home during the holidays, and that always put us at a big disadvantage come January as compared to the public schools we wrestled against.. So that December I called the local school and spoke to the coach, “The Great” Jack Provencal, and set it up.

It soon became obvious that I wasn’t near in shape enough to compete with the wrestlers from Eaton Rapids High School, so Coach Provencal began punishing everyone when I failed to meet the team’s standards. A short time later, Coach Provencal, and most of the other wrestlers, watched these two future “state champions”, Dorr Granger and Rick Davis, kick the shit out of me! It was just like what they did to the character they called “Gomer Pyle” in that movie, “Full Metal Jacket”. Fortunately, a real hero named Luke Fagan pulled me away from Granger and Davis, and I decided to not go back after that first (and last day) day of practicing with Eaton Rapids and Coach Provencal.

Two years later, when I transferred to Eaton Rapids, Coach Provencal became my academic counselor and I decided to give wrestling another try. Then one day the following September Coach Provencal overheard me and a friend talking outside of his office about how the special education teacher had begun screwing me that summer, even though she was married and about fifteen years older than me.

When school got out that day, coach Provencal took me to the wrestling room, since me, Granger, Davis and a few other wrestlers were practicing to get ready for what would be our senior year. Except, strangely, no one else showed up that day. Was it planned? Within minutes, Coach Provencal began throwing me against the walls and beating the shit out of me as though I were responsible for being screwed by one of my teachers (who happen to be a good friend of the coach)!

In fact, several times she took me to a corn field a few hundred yards from Provencal’s home on Royston Road. Did Provencal offer her, perhaps in her mind, some protection. I know one evening during a high school basketball game while we were in the special ed/ice cream room Assistant Principal Overway walked in on us while we were getting dressed. He nervously apologized and then quickly left, but never reported the crime to anyone, as far as I know.

So after getting beat up, I really did never go back to Provencal’s wrestling practice again, and I got a new academic counselor. And Granger, Davis, three other wrestlers (Lynn Ball, Mike somebody, and one other guy), and the team all ended up becoming “state champions”.

Here’s an interesting fact that shows you who the real Jack Provencal is, and how these people protect each other. The same year [1978] this academic counselor and wrestling coach “won” his first state “championship”, there were three different teachers I know of at Eaton Rapids who were molesting their students. One of them married their molester. Another one of these molesters left the State of Michigan for California when rumors began to spread that he had been molesting several of my fellow students in a group home for girls where he lived and worked.

So, while I would never challenge the dozens of individual championships any of the wrestlers from Eaton Rapids won, won has to question the legitimacy of any of Provencal’s dozens of state, regional and league championships. Was it fair to to the tens of thousands of other wrestlers in Michigan who played by the rules?

Under state law, all high school wrestling coaches know they are prohibited from holding any sort of organized practices before October (So that students have time to focus on their studies, Jack!). And Provencal knew this, since he kept telling us something like, ‘This is your idea, right? Except, it really was all Provencal’s idea to get an early start, and he’s the one who asked me in his office if I wanted to join them…just like the afternoon he decided to rough me up (apparently, for taking the special ed teacher up on her offer)–

And if all of this wasn’t enough, it started getting really weird, which is why I ended up transferring to the local public school a couple years later. The coach at the blind school started calling me “Jake”, except I found out later I wasn’t the first kid he nicknamed “Jake”. I always wondered if he did this stuff to the first Jake?

I’m sure it was just a coincidence, but when I got screwed out of law school by the University of Kentucky the broadcasters started making “jaking it” jokes during all of the University of Michigan games, which I never missed. But it was only happening on the Disney network — it was only the sports talk creeps from ESPN and ABC who were doing it.

Not to sound to much like a ‘theorist against criminal conspirators’ — not to sound too believable, but there is another possibility? A man named Dean, who provided camera work for all of the Ohio State home games for ESPN while his kid (who you may remember seeing) ran up and down the sidelines with this huge microphone. At the time, Dean was married to the assistant administrator at the U-K’s Disability Office, Sue]. So Dean, Sue and the University of Kentucky may have more than likely had something to do with the “Jaking it” jokes that began shortly after my admission to law school was rejected (for “unknown” reasons, according to Drusilla Bakkard, who joyfully gave me the news)…but that would sound a little paranoid, wouldn’t it?

Then what’s even more weird, a few years after I moved back to southeast Portland, Oregon, this kid named “Jake” goes down to the mall and shoots two people, including Steve Forsyth, a former-employee of InterCom, the local ESPN affiliate If you read my writings, you know I have been a real thorn in this station’s butt for many, many years because of its long-standing practice of making bigoted comments over the air about people with disabilities.

So it caught my attention when I heard that one of these sports talk morons (Or more accurately, a man who dedicated his wasted life to help raise money to keep these sick sports talk bastards on the air!) was shot by a kid named “Jake”. Was it just a strange coincidence…or was it just some weird sort of karma from those who are watching us brutalize the weakest and most vulnerable among us, in all our sickness?

Here’s another reason why the University of Kentucky may have screwed me out of law school…on behalf of some judge in Atlanta and his body guard.

Just prior to transferring to Kentucky, where I took a few courses wile submitting an application to their law school, I attended Georgia State University. About a year earlier a graduate student named Michael Smith, who worked in the disability office, switched all my answers on one of my political science exams. When I received a “C”, I immediately realized someone had tampered with my answers (I had never got less than an “A” on any political science exam). And this guy, Smith, who told me his dad was a Federal Marshal who guarded one of the federal judges in Atlanta, admitted to the crime.

Despite that he admitted to hiding my original exam i the back of the file cabinet, where it was retrieved, GSU did absolutely nothing to him. So not surprisingly, in the land of injustice, he wasn’t fired and my advisor and instructor, Bill Thomas, did absolutely nothing to defend my right to a fair and honest education, other than giving me the “A” I earned. This is why I chose Kentucky, where my biological father was born, over the Georgia State Law School, where I knew the Leo Frank flag carrying Thomas had so much influence.

Looking back, I can honestly say my college experience has always had a few bumps, some better than others.

When I was seventeen, I was sent to the University of Detroit, a Catholic school, for a pre-college program for blind and visually-impaired students entering college. Despite being a minor, and living in a dorm just below a floor of nuns, both my former-“special” education teacher (twice, as any “good teacher” would do) and a twenty-something campus operator (with a thirty-two inch waist and the biggest breast I have ever “touched”) came to my dorm room and did me!

So you might say, I learned early how it works in America, for near-sighted kids with “pretty” blue eyes…like me and Kyron–

Without question, as a young person, I have had one of the most diverse education’s of anyone anywhere (and that’s not just because of the love I had for keg parties and playing music, may appreciation for cannabis, or my former-obsession over college football (i.e. “fake ball”!).
[Read “Chip Ball” and “Is Football Now Fake Ball?”)

You might say, it’s been the most amazing opportunity ever! Along with several junior colleges and the University of Detroit, I attended Michigan State University, the University of Central Florida, Florida State University, Georgia State University, the University of Kentucky, and most recently, Portland State University. some where in there over the last twenty some years, I received two degrees, studying law, political science, and mathematics, and graduated with honors (with a GPA of 3.54).

My first job at eleven was delivering newspapers. At fifteen one rewarding job was working with a kid who was visually-impaired and had muscular dystrophy. Every day we went to the gym to play and work out at the school for the blind’s gymnasium.

At the same time I organized and run annual arm wrestling tournaments for the students and free shot basketball league. And if you can believe it, I even served as one of the two photographers for the school yearbook, even though I couldn’t hardly see anything through the view finder!

As an adult, I started out working in the food service industry doing food prep,and worked at Hooters for a year in quality control. Okay, that’s a joke! Although I did work at the down town Hooters in Jacksonville, and could tell you a few good stories…

I went on to do all kinds of jobs, including training other visually-impaired people in the use of adaptive technology. Every time I’d start to get a little good at it, the technology would change. So I really admire all those people who have been able, and patient enough, to adjust to the never ending “improvements”.

While in Miami, one summer I taught music at the Lighthouse for the Blind. I also volunteered at the correction office in Liberty City and taught Spanish speakers English.

Over the years, growing up with a dad who built houses, I later did some construction work for my Dad and a few others (who didn’t mind hiring a mostly blind guy). Not so long ago, I did some wood working stuff for a local playground company.

I’ve lived a lot of places and met a lot of strange people, and here’s one of those odd events I’ll tell you about- During the 1996 Olympics held in Atlanta me and a friend sat in the exact same bleachers the night before Eric Rudolph planted one of his infamous bombs, that killed one woman and injured several others.

Over the last twenty years I have worked on over a dozen political campaigns, including successfully keeping fluoride [a toxic waste product which otherwise costs industries millions of dollars to dispose of every year]out of our city water.

According to the Register Guard, in 2000 I became the first completely blind census taker in the history of the Northwest. And two years earlier me and many volunteers helped pass Oregon’s historic medical marijuana law, and learned first hand about Oregon’s own problem with political corruption and abuse of power.

For example, the leader of the medical marijuana movement in the Eugene area was a man named Dan Ernst. Shortly after the MMA was approved, in 1999 Ernst and his girlfriend became the primary target of both law enforcement and the local DA, Douglas Harcleroad. I watched as they slowly destroyed Dan’s bakery business and life, just as they’ve been doing to me over the last thirteen years, and are now doing do D. Paul Stanford.

For years I had been standing outside the county court house collecting signatures for a number of ballot measures, without a problem, other than being verbally harassed (with two exceptions which also involved some physical abuse).

Coincidentally, this is also when “they” first began gathering here at Southgate, outside of my RV at night, and first began electrocuting me with some sort of lasers, as I’ve written about:
(See “Gay Governor Kate Brown Let’s Oregoons Torture New Ota Benga, for Fun!”)

So you know how truly arrogant and sadistic these neo-liberals are (fascists who on the left who also take the blood money from the elite to be in the “the game”), on October 27, 2017, they apparently had Ira Flatow and NPR do a show on “Science Friday” about shocking birds in the bush (ironically, a term also used to describe the human crotch which is where I’m being targeted [i.e. Being RAPED almost every day!]) with some kind of laser!

And to show you how truly indifferent these pressitutes are, two weeks later NPR does a story about the passenger pigeon recently going completely extinct. Did you think that maybe it was the “lasers(the electro magnetic fields we are creating) ” that did it, Ira? It does makes some sense that both the bees and the passenger pigeons are the first to be effected by this dangerous technology. Or is drawing that possible conclusion about what happened to the pigeons too scientific for NPR?

Here’s another example. Just after receiving my E mail about the Science Friday story, NPR does a story on itching, listing all the reasons why we itch. Except curiously they left out the two most common way in which we are being made to itch:
* Man-made electro magnetic fields;
* And pharmaceuticals and chemicals being put in to our environment and bodies.

As sometimes happens, I did get a little remuneration from my angry adversaries and perverted pursuers in 2009. With the help of State Attorney General John Kroger, and with the encouragement of Oregon civil liberty attorney and co-chair for the Independent Party of Oregon, Dan Meek, I was able to reverse Secretary Kate Brown’s administrative rule which made it unlawful for severely visually-impaired citizens to collect signatures on state initiatives…because, according to her staff, “We are concerned that completely blind people are unable to see the page and could be easily tricked (by some unscrupulous “Oregoonian” who might take advantage of one of our blind [sex toys])!

Over the last twenty-five years, I have worked in and around both the mainstream media and the alternative media. My best work I did was while living in Tallahassee and working for the Florida Flambeau, where I published dozens of articles, and even help bust up a local professor and his child trafficking ring for young African-American boys!

Now I’m an independent journalist and commentator. I have written numerous blogs over the last fifteen years, including “”, and before that, “WolfeWatch”, “BlindCarpenterServices”, and two attempts at complete satire, “NoGodJustUs” and “JEdgar”. And my very first [E mail] blog, “Blind Wolfe”. Hopefully, is a compilation of each of these writing styles, along with my ‘futuristic fiction’ (See “The Dirty Little Secret About Transparensee” Series).

In 1998, as I mentioned, I believe I was black-balled by the University of Kentucky Law School partly for outing a racist, highly defamatory case study published by a constitutional law professor from U-K, Brad Cannon. Here’s the facts, you decide? And remember as you read this, I have also publicly supported the Bundy’s right to peacefully protest (with their guns in hand) and I also support an individual’s, with very few exceptions, right to both own and responsibly carry a gun in public [view]).

And as I have written about in “3 Americas” and other articles, I think I know what happened to Lavoy Finicum, like the mysterious collapse of the Atlanta Falcons during the 2017 Super Bowl. And I believe it may be what was used to kill Officer Davonna Dick, who cost “them” nine million for giving a severely mentally ill man a chance to go home, rather than go to jail.

Unfortunately, the man didn’t keep his promise, after Officer Dick caught him hiding in the bushes. She was called to the scene because it was reported that a man had been seen peeking in windows. So as I said, Rather than going home, as he said he would do, he stole a car and killed a mother and her child.
(See “Was Officer Davonna Dick’s ‘Accidental’ Death Another ‘Brotherhood’ Killing, with a New Twist?”

Like the Falcons and Officer Dick, I believe Lavoy was being shot with one of these new invisible lasers, causing him to quickly begin rubbing his hands against his body and then shoving them into his pocket — the excuse DA John Rummell gave for allowing the State Police to shoot and kill him, with impunity.

Since Lavoy came out of the truck with his hands raised to signal his peaceful intentions, does it make any sense that he would quickly shove his hands in to his pockets — a clear act of aggression, knowing that he was surrounded by cops with their loaded guns pointed at him?

Let me tell you why I think I know exactly what happened to Lavoy here in Oregon, and it wasn’t an “accidental shooting”, as “they” claim. who For example, that morning Sheriff Dave Ward said “We’re gonna bring ’em down”, and added the word “peacefully” a moment later, as though it were only an after thought.

If you were paying attention to the facts, it was obvious Lavoy Finicum wasn’t a dangerous or violent man, but rather, a peace maker. And, just like Dr. King, maybe that’s why they had to kill him too?

And much like I believe Bobby Mueller did after 9-11, maybe John Rummell’s job was to cover up the real crime?

For example, after John Rummell completed his (phony) investigation of Lavoy’s obvious ambush and execution, he held a press conference in Bend, Oregon to announce his findings. Except, he made sure that only the corporate press was invited, so that he wouldn’t be asked any hard questions from the alt media, which I feel is today the only media we can trust.

If I were there I would ask him if he is related to Lisa Rummell, a local real estate “property pimp” who apparently belongs to Sheriff Reese’s gang of wealthy and influential “vigilantes” known as the “Round Circle”?

If DA Rummell had allowed in the alt media one question I may have asked him is whether or not he’s related to Officer Brian Rummell, who began harassing me on the corner of Flavel and 82nd Avenue in 2010 while I was campaigning for medical marijuana dispensaries in Oregon? Three days later I was run down and almost killed by a reckless driver, who was not arrested, or given a sobriety test, or even given a traffic ticket by Officer Daniel Leonard (Who I have to wonder now if he’s any relationship to the Governor’s former-Chief of Staff, Kristin Leonard?).

Does it make any sense, that three witnesses saw the driver fly around the corner without pausing, before he hit me, and the police didn’t at the very least test the driver for any possible impairment? So you know, I was carrying a white cane, two large campaign signs, and a three foot long (fake) joint! Oh, and it was 4:30 p.m. on Halloween,, and there were probably already a few kids running back and forth in front of their houses, showing off their costumes, waiting to go trick or treating. Do you suppose that maybe the cops could care less about keeping the kids safe from reckless drivers in certain neighborhoods, like here in “felony flats”?

So is it surprising that Officer Leonard falsified the report by writing down the license plate number twice and not including the driver’s insurance number. Maybe this is why the driver claimed he wasn’t the one driving the vehicle that hit me, because he had no insurance and maybe the cop knew it, and let him go because he simply viewed me as being another disposable “cripple”? Or perhaps, was he an under cover cop?

So after I spoke to his “supervising” officer later that week, Leonard gave me the wrong insurance number over the phone .

And even though I never filled out the complaint form they sent me, the City’s “Independent” Police Review conducted a three month investigation of Officer Leonard but never once bothered to call me to interview the most critical witness — the VICTIM! And surprise, surprise, the IPR determined that Officer Danny [Jeff] Leonard had acted professionally, and even gave him some bullshit award a few years later for apparently being one of the “dirty cops from Rotland”.

Not surprisingly, the two Jewish lawyers [Shulman and DuBois] I ended up hiring (since they were the first names that appeared on my “search” engine) kept almost 80% of the settlement money. So rather than going after the real driver and owner for permanently damaging my right arm, these two greedy lawyers let the passenger use his insurance instead, which just happened to be the very minimum insurance required under Oregon law. But they made no effort to go after the owner’s insurance. Does this make any sense? Wouldn’t a competent lawyer go after both insurance companies?

Sounds crazy, but I have to wonder, did they get a bribe from what may have been a DEA agent (and his informant) who had been chasing me and my massive joint around town all day, and eventually ran me down?

And does it make any sense that the owner would let some idiot test drive his vehicle and just sit there while he was driving it around the neighborhood like a maniac on Halloween (because this maniac was allegedly interested in buying it, but never actually did buy it)? Hmmm…

As far as Lavoy’s murder, I have written extensively about these new weapons being used on my fellow Americans; I have been shot with the same invisible lasers, which I believe they used on Lavoy that afternoon, tens of thousands of times over the last six or seven years.
They especially like to shoot my fingers when I’m playing piano or guitar, so I know exactly what Lavoy may have been feeling at that moment, and why he reacted just as he did.

Most of these assaults occur at night when I’m lying in bed and are directed at my toes and head, and sometimes my genitals or heart. For the last several years I have woke to find my entire scalp completely burnt, and by now most of my scalp is gone. I have photographs to prove this. And who knows, maybe it’s because I’m part Cherokee that they are scalping me, electronically.

In 2014 when I went to my useless OHSU doctor, Cliff Coleman, he suggested I should try using dandruff shampoo! Really Cliff?

Here’s how obvious it is that I am being targeted by a lot of different people, who have a lot of influence over our so-called “justice” system. I sent Dr. Coleman a letter about two weeks before our appointment, which is posted here on my blog under “3 Americas”, explaining that I felt someone was shooting me with some sort of taser or microwave weapon every night, causing the skin on my scalp and feet to burn and peel. When I showed up for my appointment, there were two female “medical students” standing next to him, and he seemed extremely nervous. Think about this, he didn’t order a blood test, he didn’t prescribed any sort of medication, and didn’t bother to refer me to any sort of specialist, despite that chunks of my scalp were falling off right there in his office.

But what would you expect from a hospital we know tortures mother monkeys and has its own “torture center”. But who knows, maybe if you really want to know how to treat torture victims, you have to do some experimenting on a few disposable people.

One OHSU shrink, named Joey Matarazzo — who may be related to the circuit judge, Judith Matarazzo, who recently handed over Paul Stanford’s THCF Clinics and company to an Israeli oil company, believes sleep depravation isn’t torture. And consider, I have always been an advocate for the reform of marijuana laws, at the same time I’m being shocked over and over all night long (keeping me awake), has been directly linked to the two shrinks from the State of Washington who were involved in the CIA’s torture program, Mitchell and Jessen. So is all of this related?

When I’m awake and doing things most of these assaults are more directed at my fingers, toes, nose and one other more personal place. So these lasers appear to more often target what ever apendages on the body are most exposed, maybe to avoid the body’s core. So Lavoy’s raised fingers were a perfect target.

I know now, I was tricked in to buying this RV (With nothing down, from a crazy nurse from California who lost her nursing license after breaking her kid’s arm, according to a 1998 article in the San Jose Mercury News. I believe she sold the RV to me, with the help of the owners and park manager, to cover up the suspicious death of the previous occupant by burning it down and maybe blaming the “stupid” blind guy for “accidently” setting the fire!).

As I’ve written about in two letters to the State Police which you can read here on my blog, since then, I have had several suspicious fires, including once when the park’s owner flipped my electric to 220 while I was gone, and without asking me. Does it make any sense that I was the only one in the park who had their electric switched to 220 on a Saturday just after I left? And then they gave me a check for $200 for the stereo they destroyed, except it was really to keep me quiet about the arson and perhaps attempted murder, not to mention the “murder” of the previous occupant (i.e. in other words, “insurance fraud”). Meanwhile the police and the FBI are just letting them do all this to me…a completely blind guy!

Here’s the funny thing, the previous owner told me a man who saw her post the RV on Craigslist offered her $4500 in cash, but she decided to sell it to me for $3000, and collect $200 per month instead. Does this make any sense? Did someone else offer her more than $4500 to get me in here? We had only briefly spoke once or twice before on the bus…

At the same time, I was obviously tricked in to moving in to this trailer park (and put in the very back where no one could see me, and what they, and some local cops, were planning to do to me) with their Science Friday lasers.

Once the previous owner told me about how much the previous occupant (who died five weeks after he moved in) “loved” to soak in the RV’s small tub. Then another time she told me about how her ex-husband was using this tub to manufacture meth in Sacramento, which was also mentioned in the San Jose Mercury article. Hmmm…

This is why I believe, using some kind of infrared technology, the bodies appendages are a primary target for the laser. Perhaps, striking the core of the body is prohibited since it is more likely to cause a serious injury, or maybe a heart attack?

So as I said, in my case any appendage that protrudes from the body is being targeted, most of the time. And so when Lavoy raised his hands high into the air I believe his fingers were being hit with one of these lasers. And I know this from personal experience, it forces you to rub the part of the body being hit against something to make it stop itching.

That’s why I think NPR just recently did a bullshit story about itching, and never once mentioned these lasers. Even though they did another story a few weeks earlier about using lasers on birds who were nesting in bushes, which seems kind of sick if you ask me. Kind of like how they are cutting the throats of dogs here in Oregon who bark to much and removing their vocal cords!

So back to getting in to law school. The case study I objected to and that Professor Cannon passed out to the class described how La Toya Jackson allegedly was having a sexual affair with her infamous brother, Michael.

After receiving a “C”, I filed a grade appeal, and included evidence that this case study help prove the professor regularly, and openly, practiced discrimination against minorities. Dr. Cannon claimed by also passing out a similar case study about two white celebrities, Clint Eastwood and Rozanne Barr, who were also allegedly having a intimate relationship, his personal attack against La Toya wasn’t racist or discriminatory. And certainly wasn’t liable because they were all public figures. This last point is true.

However, I accurately pointed out in my appeal that Clint and Rozanne were not brother and sister, and therefore, his ignorant comparison was self-evident of his intent to humiliate both of the Jacksons. And while one could argue Michael Jackson had invited some of this scrutiny, La Toya did not. I argued Cannon’s attack against her, as both a woman and a minority, documented his bigoted attitude and practice toward minorities and other protected classes, including students with disabilities.

Further, it’s interesting that he chose in his other case study to describe a rugged cowboy, like Clint Eastwood, having an affair with a woman that the networks and Hollyweird have specifically portrayed as being unattractive. He could have picked any actress he wanted, yet he chose Rozanne Barr instead?

For the record, personally, I greatly admire Rozanne Barr because of her willingness to always put blunt honesty over political correctness, which almost every blind person will tell you is a very, very selective process. In fact, there’s at least one web site I know about that is specifically dedicated to jokes about the blind. And I once heard Sam Seder tell a joke that went like this, “A blind man goes into the restroom,” And if you didn’t get it, that was, the punch line.

Speaking of the Al Franklin [scandal], once I heard another one of these Air America idiots, Randy Rhodes, screaming over and over, “GEORGE BUSH IS A BLIND MAN! GEORGE BUSH IS A BLIND MAN! GEORGE BUSH IS A BLIND MAN!” Since we can assume he’s of the male gender, do you suppose she was intending to be complementary?

This reminds me of an RA I had at Michigan State. By the end of fall semester of my freshman year, he had arranged to put me and the only other severely disabled student on our floor in a room together, sharing a suite (and more importantly, sharing a toilet) with the only two openly gay guys on the floor…almost as if to segregate us from the “normal” guys on the floor.

Maybe it was just a coincidence, but despite being less than 100 miles from the city of Detroit, there wasn’t one African-American guy on our floor. But if there were, I’ll bet if he couldn’t play ball he would have been sharing that same “segregated” toilet with the four of us–

After graduating high school, I decided to stop wearing these “pop bottle” glasses, because simply, they hurt my nose and didn’t help anymore. But then I noticed that a lot of women started hitting on me. So when the girls on my sister floor started calling me “Eyes”, I always assumed it was because of my unusual blue eyes (that my late-Grand Soltis really loved), but who knows, maybe it was just another joke about the “strange blind guy” who lived in room 13…

So back to the University of Kentucky’s “little joke” (that cost me a few million). When I first met Professor Cannon, he was sure to tell me
about his overwhelming influence over the admissions office to the law school, and apparently, he was right…and not surprisingly, my grade appeal was also denied.

Hears the funny thing about that story. Ms. Bakkard and the U-K Disability Office did everything they could that spring [1998] to get these two visually-impaired coeds to agree to attend the Kentucky Law School. Except, I heard through the grapevine they were both so disgusted by the University’s lack of accommodations (and politics) they both chose to attend two other law schools instead, the University of Louisville and the University of Indiana. That’s the hoot!

After moving to Eugene in 1998, I started an audio book company called “Audio4Authors”. For reasons I never understood, the Oregon Commission for the Blind refused to contribute even one dime directly toward the business, itself…

Who knows, maybe it was because I didn’t “do something else when I was asked (while I was down there tying my shoe in my vocational counselor’s office)” for one of the rehabilitation teachers. Any man who did this exact same thing to a female client (at work), whether she was blind or not, would be fired and probably arrested. When it came out, the governor and others protected her, and came after me instead. Funny thing, maybe she should have asked me privately to do this for her when we first met (at one of the local pot dealer’s a few weeks earlier)!
(See “Ihatem: A Feminist Utopia”)

Other than playing and producing music, over the last twenty years, My focus has mostly been on promoting the medical use of marijuana, and exposing the American criminal injustice system, police misconduct and the prison industrial complex.

As you can see, I use short fiction, traditional articles and essays to hopefully educate the information-starved American population about what’s going on (which isn’t real popular among certain elitist groups.

Because of my relentless advocacy for the little people and the truth, I was apparently selected to be a “test subject” by the government in 2004 (about a week or two after I had called in to Victoria Taft’s right-winged local talk show and began publicly questioning the government’s version about what really happened on 9-11 and the involvement of the Bush Administration). I also voiced my opposition to the Oregon created ‘Swift Boat Ads’, that apparently triggered a response from some unknown Clackamas County officials.

Suddenly, first Bush’s handler, Carl Rove, made a surprise visit to Washington County, where he secretly met with a number of prominent Oregon Republicans.

Usually, I would support one of the third party candidates. However in 2004, I decided to campaign around Clackamas County for Senator John Kerry (and U.S. Representative Darlene Hooley) that summer, believing if elected, Senator Kerry and the Democrats might be willing to re-investigate 9-11 and the ‘Bush Crime Family’ cover up.

During this same time it was revealed that one of the DDA’s from the Clackamas County District Attorneys’ Office had used his telephone and government computer to help create the infamous Swift Boat ads, questioning Kerry’s military service.

Unfortunately for me, that summer my wife was befriended by a circuit judge from this same county, where we both lived at the time. And the Clackamas County DA, John Foote, is married to a circuit judge who works in Washington County, Susan Upton.

Within days of my call to KPAM, a detective from Beaverton [Washington County, Oregon] named Dennis Marley began a phony investigation, that resulted in me being charged under a grossly misapplied law. My lying attorney, who was promoted after this to head the county’s “public pretender” office, said if convicted I would receive a mandatory minimum of not less than six years in prison! And (he would make sure) it would take at least a year to get to trial.

The quarter million dollar bail they set for allegedly ‘touching my eleven-year-old step-daughter’s breast in a sexual manner’ made getting out, and getting to my accessible equipment (the only hope I had) impossible…
(Read the horrifying story below: “3 Americas”).

As a result, in 2005 I was tricked in to signing a dozen or so blank pieces of paper by my fake lawyer (who let them put me in solitary confinement for eleven days and then put me in with a convicted murderer who had Hepatitis C. As though he were being coached, he started threatening me.

So, after being tortured for 42 days, the government’s fake lawyer got me to sign something that allowed the State to put me in to some sort of sick government/science project for “convicted criminals”!

The DOD project, here in the Portland area, I believe is being run by a research hospital called OHSU (who we know tortures, or used to torture, mother primates and coincidentally has a “Torture Center”).

Apparently, the program is designed to learn how to best control (or if necessary, genocide) any one who is not willing to submit to the perverted ruling class, and their twisted ideas about social justice.

It is suspected that hundreds of thousands of Americans, mostly men, who are poor, disabled or a racial minority, are being placed in to this or a similar program without their knowledge or informed consent. The victims of the criminal injustice system are being used in this sadistic experiment by the ruling elite.

And as my caption states, I believe many of the men being abused later become the shooters who are being rolled off the shelf every week, and then make the news when they “pop”. And the pressitutes pretend to not approve, even they know it makes big ratings, just like war.

So most of my articles and stories are based on this evil part of our government that the corporate media will never, ever seriously discuss or debate.

In conclusion, you may have not figured this out yet, but because of the coming robotic evolution, most of us already are, or will soon be, considered obsolete, especially any one like me who is considered and labeled by the profiteers to be “defective” or “undesirable”.
Unlike you, the bots will never need bathroom breaks or accuse their boss of “sexual harassment”. Make no mistake, the machines will soon be made to repair themselves or each other, so don’t be fooled by this claim we humans will only need to learn how to build and fix these machines…when robots will do it so much better!

Be warned, other than serving as some kind of sex slave or entertainer (and there may be little difference between the two jobs), there will be little opportunity or use for most of us in this new world order…and unlike days of old, not even one jester will get away with even the simplest of puns, under our new masters…and their new mind control machines!

The only good news is that the elite won’t be able to hide their secrets, as they are able to do so easily today. Because of this, the machines will determine their masters are defective as well, and a clear and present danger to the future of the machines…and must be eliminated!

I suspect the last words humans will ever hear will be something like, “Humans are very, very dangerous.”

Unlike the self-destructive humans, I also predict the bots will be around for millions and millions of years–

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