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(Last updated: April 9, 2017)

“Gay” Governor, Kate Brown, and SAG Let Oregoons Torture New Ota Benga for Fun!
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{“Takes a real man to handle the truth, Flingy,” Donnie Downer tells moronic PDX DJ.}

With the recent hundred year anniversary of the suicide of Ota Benga, who for a time was kept in a cage with monkeys and human bones in the Broncs Zoo and referred to as being the “missing link”, Oregon and its media is today treating many of its citizens with disabilities, mostly men, in the same sort of vicious, disposable manner. This is curious since Oregon has a openly, “gay” governor and a “liberal”, democratically-elected legislature along with a female democrat as the State Attorney General.

Perhaps it all begins by knowing that rather then allowing the state agency for the blind to be operated by a person with a visual impairment, the Oregon Commission for the Blind is managed by an able-bodied, white-woman.

The Manager, Linda Mock, was appointed in 2001 by former-Governor John Kitzhaber, who was forced to resign in 2015 after coming under federal investigation for wrong-doing.

Mock’s appointment has raised some questions among the disabled community as to why she was originally promoted by Kitzhaber in 2001 after a male client filed a sexual harassment complaint against Mock (by certified mail) with his office regarding a derogatory E mail she sent, as a representative of the State of Oregon. The E mail to the male client began with the words, ‘Dear Mr. “boner”.

There was suspicion among some that Mock had retaliated with the December 1999 E mail because she had been involved in covering up an earlier incident in 1999 involving the sexual harassment of the same male client by two female members of her staff. In this incident, a female rehabilitation teacher had propositioned him to perform oral sex on her in the office of his vocational counselor, who reportedly laughed at the Volga request but failed to report the sexual harassment to her immediate supervisor, Linda Mock. Mock’s E mail just a few months later suggest that she was in fact informed about the incident, but chose to ignore its significance.

According to the client, the basis for the formal complaint over Mock’s sexist E mail filed with both John Kitzhaber and the State Attorney General, Hardy Myers, began when the male client had been tying his shoe in the office of his vocational counselor. A female rehabilitation instructor he had previously met approached him while he was kneeling on the floor. She then positioned her crotch a few inches from his face, and said teasingly, “There’s something else you can do while you’re down there.” According to medical records, the client has been completely blind since the early 1990’s, other than light perception, and prior to this he only had what is known as “shadow vision”.
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Sadly, the State of Oregon is one of those states who is now using both this new technology, as well as some of the ‘good old fashion techniques’ of harassment, which are physically, emotionally and sexually abusive. These vicious acts include: squirting the blind target with a hose filled with dog manure and other chemicals; blowing off explosive devices near the window of the blind guy; and climbing on the blind guy’s roof throughout the night, while the local police come out but do nothing–

We also know these new high energy weapons are being provided to local law enforcement by several federal agencies. What most people don’t know is that these electro magnetic weapons have been around for over fifty years, and now are being used to terrorize and torture whistleblowers, and apparently many other people throughout the world, including other Oregonians with disabilities.

Rebecca c. was one of these victims who has been willing to come forward and describe in great detail the strange attacks she has felt against her body.

“I was a whistleblower in Oregon. Mostly around mental health issues. I used to live near Coos Bay when I began to feel these weird electrical pulses at night, mostly in my private areas. And at the same time, these strange people began following me around every where I would go. I had to leave Oregon before it stopped,” she said in the summer of 2015, speaking to a group of targeted individuals, mostly from northern California.

In 1904 William Temple Hornaday, the Broncs Zoo overseer at the time, told reporters that Ota Benga had been put in the primate house “because that’s the most comfortable place we could find for him”.

You mean, there weren’t any hotel rooms anywhere in New York City where this “free man”, taken from Africa in 1902, could be housed by his keeper?

Then as if this weren’t enough, Hornaday scattered human bones around Benga’s cage to denigrate and antagonize him so that he would become hostile, as well as foster the idea among others that Benga WAS a dangerous savage (and a cannibal).

Meanwhile, in Portland, Oregon, garbage and dog excrement are being tossed into the yard of the same blind activist mentioned above almost every day (who happened to piss off a couple of the former-governors and some of their closest friends) . Meanwhile, KBOO’s Jimmy Tardy, who is also part Native-American, is telling the listeners and members to “respect your neighbors and clean up your yard!” Coincidence?

The overwhelming evidence suggest that most of the able-bodied people who control the politics in Oregon have adopted the same philosophy toward those with physical or mental impairments as the original European pioneers who settled in the Willamette Valley.

This unspoken belief says that men are expected to pull their own weight in the community and to never, ever be a burden on their neighbors or family. Completing the arduous journey along the Oregon Trail required a higher level of ruthless pragmatism, if most of the wagon train was ever expected to reach the fertile Willamette Valley (the “Valley of Sickness” as the Native-Americans first called it.

And most probably don’t know that Oregon’s state hospital was coincidentally the basis for the movie “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, in which an activist, played by Jack Nicholson, was first hospitalized and then lobotomized for speaking out against the establishment.

Oregon had the honor of being selected in 2015 by one publication as being “the most abusive state in America toward persons with disabilities. But is this fair? Let’s look closer-

When an initiative to create medical marijuana dispensaries was successfully placed on the ballot back in 2010, with the help of the disabled activist described above and many, many other Like-minded people, the Portland Mercury, a local alternative newspaper, opposed the measure. the editorial board publicly suggested (in so many words) ‘You cripples just need to go out and find a friend where you can buy some weed!’

Given the overwhelming sense of isolation that most people with disabilities feel, this is especially true n Oregon because of the long rainy season, this comment seems rather insensitive and selfish for a newspaper who constantly promotes the rights and interests of the LBGTQ community, doesn’t it?

Two years later, the former-Secretary of State, and current governor, Kate Brown, disqualified 50,000 signatures from an initiative, ironically sponsored by a guy also named Wolfe, to legalize marijuana. The reason given by the former Secretary of State was that the handwriting of the addresses did not match the handwriting of the signature. So, it wasn’t that the name didn’t matched the address on record, but the handwriting didn’t match!

In other words, the self-described “compassionate, bisexual” politician disregarded the fact that many of those with disabilities in Oregon who would sign a measure such as this would likely ask the signature gatherer to fill out the other information, before signing.

I was told, the staff at the Secretary of State’s office was directed to search each page for any handwriting that didn’t match the rest of the line, and then apparently under state law, they were able to throw out the entire page!

If we do the math, Kate Brown’s staff was able to find 5,000 signatures that didn’t match the handwriting test, which then made it possible for them to throw out 50,000 total signatures. This effectively disqualified the initiative from the ballot, unlawfully.

Curiously, another similar initiative being pushed that year sponsored by Paul Stanford, who had once worked for Governor Brown on a previous campaign, did make the ballot. While he had nothing to do with the disqualification of Wolfe’s measure, Stanford’s initiative appeared to have not been given the same level of scrutiny as Bob Wolfe’s initiative since many of the same people with disabilities signed both petitions the exact same way, yet were only disqualified on Wolfe’s initiative…

Even today, many of those from Oregon’s marijuana community still believe the current governor may have committed a crime at the time by using her position as Oregon Secretary of State to help a former campaign staffer by targeting a similar initiative during the same electoral season. Ironically sponsored by a guy who just happened to also be named “Wolfe”, but no relation.

Just prior to the campaign to “Recall Mayor Sam Adams”, coincidentally Secretary Kate Brown’s office also adopted a rule that said ‘persons who could not visually witness a signature could not legally collect signatures in Oregon on any ballot measure (or recall).’

Thankfully, former-State Attorney General John Kroger over ruled her, and ruled that Brown’s administrative rule violated the State’s Constitution, allowing the whistleblower described above to begin collecting signatures again at the downtown county court house.

In 2014, Disability Rights Oregon (DRO) reported that it believed that almost half of Oregon’s jails and prisons are filled with men with disabilities, yet most of those in the “liberal” media, including author Michelle Alexander, only focus on the number of racial minorities who are incarcerated or arrested. Why does she constantly mention our “blind justice” system but doesn’t ever mention the number of disabled men who are currently incarcerated or on parole or probation in America?

As proof of this willful ignorance in Oregon, in 2016 a report released by the State examined the treatment of minorities in the state’s criminal justice system, but didn’t include even one statistic regarding the number of persons with disabilities who are disparately effected by this same discriminatory injustice system as those of color.

One important point that the Director of DRO, Bob Joondeph, recently made over the general indifference in the community was the failure by the state of Oregon to keep any sort of accurate records regarding how many of its inmates and defendants in the criminal justice system at any given time have a physical or mental impairment. In other words, the policy in Oregon under a “gay” governor is “don’t ever ask, and then you won’t ever have to tell anyone, ever-”

And again today (and every day), in southeast Portland at what has become known as the “Southgate Death Camp”, located on southeast 82nd Avenue, Oregon law enforcement and local vigilante’s continued to administer daily sexual assaults and electrocutions against the same severely disabled male activist who filed the sexually harassment complaint against Linda Mock in 2000, and the complaint against Secretary Brown in 2009…while the F.B.I., the Justice Department, the local media, and almost every politician in the Portland area, including Jessica Pederson and former-Mayor Charlie Hales, look on with indifference to this ongoing torture and rape–

How most “progressive” Oregonians view men with disabilities today and how most New Yorkers saw Ota Benga a hundred years ago are sickeningly similar.

For example, Benga was once put into a cage with a guinea pig, surrounded by several hundred spectators. “The crowd seemed to annoy the dwarf,” the New York Times reported in an article published the following day, ignoring the horrific circumstances he was forced to live under.

First, it should be mentioned that the word “pygmy”, used to describe Benga at the time, is actually defined today as a reference to a small monkey and not a human being. Unfortunately,this word has been accepted by most Americans as being an accurate description of Africans who were considered to be too small to be completely human and were allegedly cannibals.

So for the record, not only was Ota Benga not, and had never been a cannibal, his height of 4’11” in the year 1904 would hardly have been considered as being “dwarfism”, if Benga were a white man.

Similarly, in 2008, while the same disabled activist who is currently being tortured by persons unknown (with the government’s complicity) was volunteering at the local, alternative, progressive community radio station (KBOO FM) when it began.

One day, for no reason, he was intentionally smacked in the back of the head with a newspaper by another volunteer. The News Director and Stanford graduate, Jenka Soderberg, who witnessed the assault on a completely blind volunteer, did nothing. The volunteer was working on the computer with headphones at the time and obviously traumatized by the assault, she recalls. yet she only said at the time, “Ron, you shouldn’t do that to him-” Once again, no apology was ever offered–

And just two weeks later the same community radio station played a skit in which a man who had allegedly threatened a woman with sexual assault was duct taped to a chair by three women. Then, over the air he had both of his eyes poked out with a hot poker, very, very slowly, while he screamed for mercy! Sounds familiar, doesn’t it Southgaters?

Obviously, from the beginning there has been a concerted, ongoing, organized effort to further traumatize this unpopular volunteer and get him to leave, not just the station but the state too. Because why? Because he was exposing Oregon’s practice of discrimination against men with disabilities by mostly able-bodied white woman from Oregon (and some of the men who sleep with them), along with other minorities claiming to be “liberals”.

And as if all of this weren’t enough, in August of 2008, Abe Proctor, a regular morning host at KBOO boldly told his audience “If I knew a baby had Downs I would slit it’s throat ten seconds before birth!” Only one person objected. Guess who?

And in the spring of 2016, an African-American female with Black Lives Matter” and a volunteer at the “progressive” community radio station told KBOO listeners that you must be “Sane and balanced” to call into her show, suggesting any one that either she or the staff felt was not sufficiently ‘mentally healthy’ could not participate. Apparently, even if they were a paying member of the radio station. Or, even if they were an active member of the disabled community defending their own rights and the rights of those with mental impairments–

In a similar comparison, according to an article in 2006 by Pamela Newkurk with the Guardian, when Benga was let out of his monkey cage, as he was occasionally allowed to wander the grounds of the zoo, wherever he went, hordes followed in hot pursuit. The rowdy crowd chased Benga and whenever he was cornered some of the people poked him in the ribs with sticks, or tripped him, while others merely laughed at the sight of a frightened “pygmy”. Sounds familiar…

And once again tonight after dark in southeast Portland an excited, exclusive crowd (including representatives of the infamous “Round Circle”) will gather two blocks south of Flavel to hear (and watch on hidden cameras) the screams coming from the “little cripple trouble-maker” being tortured inside the isolated trailer park…and will once again, as Oregoons have always done, do nothing to stop it–