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(Last updated: July 30, 2017)
This is Why the “Jews” (and neo-liberals) Seem to Hate Men with Disabilities, More Than Anyone Else, Even the Muslims
by DR Wolfe


There are many reasons why this is true, but money is the primary cause for the prolific attack throughout our culture against those with disabilities, especially men. While the interests of women with disabilities are at least promoted and protected by the Amy Goodman’s of the left. Men with disabilities are defended by no one!

This is because, men with disabilities make less money, and spend less money, and often don’t vote. And most men with disabilities can’t claim to be “disabled vets” because the military doesn’t hire anyone with a disability…with one exception.

(Although, apparently the word is that President Trump is planning to eliminate this Jewish created exception in the military’s current LGBTQ preferential hiring practices, which openly discriminates against those of us with other types of physical or mental impairments.

Frankly, I feel confident in saying there are lots of jobs in the military that could be, and are,being effectively performed by Americans with all sorts of disabilities, given the chance (like perhaps, working from inside a bunker somewhere in Arizona?).

Truth is, the rights of most men with disabilities, more than any other group of Americans, are not being defended by anyone…as the criminal conspiracy to frame Pedro Hernandez for a murder he did not commit by New York Persecutor Cy Vance and the New York Police Department prove!

Despite that they have not one bit of evidence against him, Pedro Hernandez is being unlawfully caged in a small cement cell somewhere in the State of New York, because he is severely mentally impaired.

Throughout his life, Pedro would often talk about seeing both angels and demons. Along with being a life-long Schizophrenic, he is developmentally disabled, yet he overcame his impairments and worked at a number of minimum wage jobs in New York City most of his life.

For the record, Pedro Hernandez has no history of violence. He has no history of being arrested for any sort of serious criminal behavior.

After reading about the disappearance of Eton Patz — the first missing child to appear on a milk carton, he, like many people, became obsessed with the case.

This is a kid from his own neighborhood, he thinks, so he cuts out the article and puts it in the bottom of a shoebox. Every day he takes it out and re-reads the story, and thinks about what happened to this little boy, and wonders if he can do anything to help the police…who eventually agree to accept his “help”.

At the same time, Pedro belongs to this church of extremely religious (and maybe a little bit whacky) people, who offer to help him with his demons if he agrees to join the church of fanatics. Then one day he figures out how he can get their full attention, so he decides to tell them that he was the one who killed the missing boy, Eton Patz, and it is reported to the police.

The police had no leads in the case, so Pedro’s “confession” was apparently good enough to arrest him for the murder, even if they had absolutely nothing else to prove he did it other than the word of a vengeful ex and some religious whack jobs!

Apparently, after finding the article Pedro had cut out of the paper about Eton Patz, Pedro’s ex-wife and her brother were more than glad to help the police by providing lots of ignorant, personal bigoted attacks against Pedro. With the help of Vance, they describe their unfounded suspicions about Pedro to the jury, with no real evidence, as their testimony documents.

So after forty years with no suspect or conviction in the Eton Patz case, in 2017 it didn’t matter. Apparently the police only need a confession from a mentally disabled person to convict them in the State of New York, since Pedro wasn’t Jewish and had no money for a private lawyer.

So, the only evidence Cy Vance and the police had was that Hernandez had made up this crazy confession forty years ago about leading the kid to the basement for a free soda. Pedro worked at a local convenience store, where he claimed he had killed Eton, and then claimed he put the body in this large box and left the box bye the trash…where it was apparently taken away by someone, without them ever looking in the box.

One would think, in New York City there would be lots of people wandering through the alleys looking for food or junk? We know, New York has one of the largest homeless populations in America. So there’s this huge box sitting near the trash and not one person bothered to look inside of the box? Really? But we know no one reported finding a kid’s body in a box, not even anonymously… And what about when the box gets to the dump, we supposed to believe nobody’s there searching through the trash (or unopened large boxes) looking for “valuables”? Hmmm…

Here’s another one of the many problems with Pedro’s story, as told by “Zucker” Vance. Eton already apparently had been given a dollar from a local maintenance man on his way to school the day he disappeared. For the record, nobody saw him go into the store. So, even if he did go into the store, why would Eton follow a man he barely knew down into the basement for any reason, let alone a free soda that he didn’t need?

And, if you think about it, wouldn’t he save the dollar until after school, so he would have an excuse to hang outside the store? Would he even be allowed to bring a full soda into school? If you asked, bet most kids would wait to spend the money until school got out.

And why did the maintenance man give him a dollar? Was this normal? If not, then it seems like a real big coincidence that the kid disappeared the same day he gets this free dollar from the maintenance man. And it sure seems like the maintenance man, who was the last person who admitted to having seen Eton alive, would be the first person we might suspect, wouldn’t he…which would seem to create some reasonable doubt in the mind of any reasonable person.

However, earlier this year the State of New York, a Jewish American stronghold, convicted Hernandez based on nothing but a forty year old confession from a man who the State knows is severely mentally ill. The State had absolutely no other evidence against Pedro Hernandez, other than his delusionary confession and the fact he happened to work in the same neighborhood where the boy disappeared.

Consider this additional evidence that the police, Cy Vance and the rigged jury chose to completely ignore, and ask yourself if you were on the jury would you have a reasonable doubt about Pedro’s guilt? Or knowing all of this, would you agree to sentence him to life in prison based solely on his “confession”?

The house keeper who usually walked Eton Patz home from school every day was apparently a close friend of a man who was a “convicted pedohphile”, according to the NY Times, who had no solid alibi at the time Eton disappeared. Does this one fact raise a little more doubt in your mind about Pedro’s guilt?

Across America today, persecutors and police care nothing about the truth, only getting the conviction, as though it were a touchdown, and only raising the persecutors conviction percentage matters in our heavily Jewish influenced criminal injustice system.

Like some other minorities, disabled men are an easy, convenient target for the wealthy, and their lawyers and persecutors, who we know are the real criminals in America today. Pedro’s framing proves it!

Fact is, using television, radio and movies, our society has been programmed, especially the people who are usually selected by the state for jury duty, to believe that men with dark skin or with a disability are almost always the villains.

Obviously, our brains and bodies are under attack, both chemically and electronically, so even the process of thinking critically becomes difficult for most.

“Just tell us what to think, and let us go back to our movie, game or nap.”

So here’s the first reason that I know the Jewish movers and shakers of Florida, Atlanta, New York, Chicago and California (and now Oregon) hate us “cripples” so much, more than any other group.

Capitalism and compassion are not compatible, and the elderly and those with disabilities are always the first victims in this daily exchange in our modern techno-culture between money and our humanity. And we’re losing.

Among those of us with disabilities, we value are independence and our freedom to think, say and choose as we wish more than anything else. We are usually overly pragmatic, by the nature of our impairments.

Every minute of every day brings a new challenge to overcome, so solving these never ending tasks means we have very little appreciation or time for the “esthetic” things of the world…which means were not as likely influenced by the commercial propaganda posing as being a “free market”. And this really, really pisses off the people who pay to put out all this crap through their corporate media murder machine!

While I won’t focus this article on whether or not most of our government and corporations are owned or controlled, disproportionately, by persons who describe themselves as being Jewish, since there are many, many other far more knowledgeable people than me, like Christopher Bolyn and Kevin Barret, who can speak to the obvious truthfulness of this fact.

However, I will prove that people with disabilities, like Pedro Hernandez, are being targeted for a slow genocide by both our government and their corporate masters, a great many of who happen to be, coincidentally, Jewish.

Did you notice, neither the “righteous right” or the “phony-left” will ever speak about the fact that our American injustice system is specifically targeting men with disabilities.

The simple fact is that us “cripple” people are not profitable! And even worse than that, we are costing them lots of money, just by the fact that we are alive!

If you haven’t noticed, Americans are being programmed to be selfish, which makes those with disabilities often the target of the rage people feel, rather than the corporate masters who actually control the flow of money and information.

“But do you want to monetize this site?” is all I’m ever asked, instead…

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