Last updated: May 21, 2017
by DR Wolfe

{From “The Dirty Little Secret About transparensee” Series}

The idea for this story, which I may add more to later, was based on the way my scalp has been itching like crazy and pealing off for several years now. It probably isn’t really mites, or “amyloid parasites”, but then again…

My useless OHSU doctor, Cliff Coleman, said I needed to get some kind of dandruff shampoo after I told him my scalp won’t stop itching and pealing, and that somebody from outside of my RV has been shocking me and my dog every day with some sort of weapon.

Curiously, the police who have come out here have been absolutely indifferent to the fact that a severely disabled man is being assaulted, including sexually, every day. At this point I began to wonder, are the police the ones doing it?

As a person who happens to be blind, Dr. Coleman and the police know I’m unable to identify who is assaulting me, so I suspect they can later say, “It’s all in his head”.

In the summer of 2013, someone put some kind of hallucinogenic into my food. It may have been this new drug the CIA developed called “VZ”. It kept me high for several days. Not only was I unable to sleep during this time, at some point I found my self running down the middle of 82nd Avenue at 3:00 a.m. Bye seeking medical attention, the government has now labeled me as ‘a person with a mental history!

I have to wonder, does U.S. District Judge Michael Simon, who signed off on Portland’s own bullshit consent degree, already know who’s doing this to me (The police?)? So you know, I’ve wrote to Judge Simon twice about some of this abuse and never heard from either him, or the FBI, or the local U.S. Attorneys Office (Who apparently have enough time to charge a Native-American kid with a federal felony for buying one joint at school [Devontre Thomas]. And they apparently have enough time to have sex with each other in the office [Amanda Marshall]. And they also apparently have enough time to persecute a group of country folk who were out protesting in eastern Oregon [Amon Bundy].)….

Once when I called the police, one really ignorant, bigoted cop came out here and tried to blame the medical marijuana (I’ve been using for thirty years). But here’s the facts, you decide…

Along with shocking me every day (mostly at night), some real creepy people [gang stalkers] have been following me around, terrorizing me in ways you could never imagine, and, along with shocking me, have been spraying me and my dog with something poisonous for a long while now. It’s some kind of liquid chemical stuff that smells like sewage, and sometimes burns the skin, when I know they’re doing it.

Once these bastards squirted me directly in the head and face while I was in my own backyard. I know for sure it wasn’t a normal water hose they were using because of the pressure of the liquid that was striking me. As I tried to move away, they followed me with the spray.

I think they were using one of those water canons filled with urine I heard some of the protesters brought to President Trump’s inauguration. Like I said, it smells like urine or sewage, mixed with some kind of chemical.

Sometimes they spray this poisonous stuff at me and my dog through the windows and vents of my RV at night. Whenever this happens, I can only cover my head with a blanket an try to fall asleep. Unfortunately, there’s no way for me to cover the dog when this happens.
Isn’t it sad that in America today if you’re disabled, houseless or a racial minority, calling 911 would only give the police an excuse to come out to your home, break down your door, and shoot you!

But maybe that’s the plan, given my history as an activist and a whistleblower–

As I said, I’m being shot in the head, crotch and feet with some sort of electro magnetic weapon dozens and dozens of times every day, apparently, sometimes called a “shock popper”. They seem to really like standing (or sitting in a car) out front of my RV at night and shooting the bottom of my feet over and over while I try to fall asleep.

Based on my experience, I know this weapon can itch you, burn you, thump or poke your muscles, shock you anywhere on your body, and cause a part of your body to go completely numb, such as your fingers, toes or your genitals. They’re really sick!

It usually doesn’t leave a mark on the skin, although the intense itching it causes has caused me to self-mutilate my own scalp to the point where it sometimes bleeds.

Based on something I read about the torture our government is using on political prisoners, by causing me to self-mutilate they are not legally responsible. Even if they did cause the itching.

If you think about it, it’s a perfect weapon!

According to an unclassified Naval document from the 1990’s I read online, one of these new weapons can be secretly used against a person from outside their home without anyone else knowing, even if your neighbors were watching everything.

There are meters available, if you can see, that are slightly effective in determining whether or not you’re under attack from some sort of micro wave weapon.

I noticed they like to mostly shoot me with this invisible Lazar just as I’m falling asleep or waking up. Apparently, this is when the subconscious brain is most vulnerable.

Also, the perpetrators are able to hide some distance away when they use the weapon. This Naval report says they can be as far as 3,000 yards away and still hit a target.

So, when I heard Dave Miller from OPB, a friend of two of my most vicious adversaries, “Creepy Carl” Wolfson and “Johnny Little Bit” Strong, do a show about mites, my ears perked up. Dave asked his guest, “So we shouldn’t ever scratch our mites?”, while my head was literally itching me to death. At this point, I already had a pretty good suspicion the public radio people, the local community radio people, and the Alpha Dopes (and some of the local “Democreeps”) were involved because of my tireless political activism on behalf of men with disabilities.

Did you know the Democrats of Oregon gave Hate Crime protection to the LGBTQ community before they gave the same protection to the most vulnerable people of Oregon — the elderly and the disabled?

We know Oregon was the last state in 1983 to allegedly end the practice of eugenics, a process of sterilizing the disabled, and abolished what they arrogantly called the “Board of Protection”…

“Its perfectly normal to have mites chewing on your skin, so don’t scratch them,” Dave’s so-called expert said. When I heard this, then I knew for sure Dave Miller and his neo-liberal media friends (and Officer Jason Jones, Officer Brian Rummel and Officer Daniel Leonard) were all involved in these daily assaults I had been experiencing.

And again this year, in May of 2017, my ballot disappeared from my mailbox. Because of having a ‘Vote by Mail’ system, I know for sure the ballot was sent out by the State of Oregon on April 26th.

A few years ago, the last time my ballot disappeared from my mailbox, I wrote to the appropriate U.S. Inspector General’s Office who was able to locate my missing ballot.

Despite that Scot Hilton with the USPSIG found my missing ballot, a missing debit card, and a stack of my mail in the home of the Park’s maintenance man, who admitted to having conned the mail lady into giving it to him (and despite that he had previously spent nine years in prison for selling heroin), no one was ever arrested or fired.

Over the last week, they’ve been using another kind of weapon that causes the ears to ring, imitating the symptoms of tendinitus .
The frequency can be adjusted to help Chris Mercefry the target, kind of like a human dog whistle. What better weapon to use on a prolific ‘whistleblower’.

I have written about most of this in letters to Dr. Cliff Coleman, Governor Kate Brown, the Oregon State Police and President Obama you can read here, filed under my autobiography, “3 Americas”.

I wrote about this ongoing abuse in the article you can also read here called “Gay Governor Kate Brown Let’s Oregoons Torture New Ota Benga, For Fun!”.

*****SHORT STORY*****
“At least now they’ll have a good reason to wear those rag heads!” Sergeant Brown yelled. All the men in the platoon roared with laughter, as they watched the metallic cylinder land gently on the top of the sand doom. The doom was about a click and a half away from their current position.

They watched as the light sparkled off the cylinder as it began to spin and slowly borough down into the mound. Within just a few minutes the miniature rocket was gone from view.

Sergeant Brown looked around at the men. They caught his glance and all relaxed, knowing it would be about ninety minutes or so before they saw the first results of this particular weapon. And this is when their training would come into play, when the sand began to move and their targets emerged from the ground.

After tens of thousands of years, reducing the risk soldiers face during battle became the primary objective of every modern weaponry system being developed.

Remote vehicles, such as drones and terrestrial robots, were the most common type of weapon currently being implemented by the military. But new types of biological and chemical weapons were also being tested, with the First Objective in mind, as it was known among the military industrial elite.

Along with synthetic dragon flies and mind controlled rodents, the scientists at a certain midwestern university, who also produced the president who pardoned another president who broke the law and who produced the “greatest” quarterback in history, developed one of the most frightening weapons of all, ‘cyborg amyloid parasites’.

These nifty little critters were part insect and part mechanical, and self-replicating. They could be programmed to target a biological unit with a exact DNA signature. Or they could be programmed to go after a particular type of DNA consistent among a certain selected racial group…and literally, eat them alive!