Taken Directly From The Short Story Below, Portland “Trani” Sets Himself/Herself on Fire in Protest! Despite That We Know Governor Kate Brown and Gender-Impaired “Cripples” in Rotland, Oregoon, Have Been Responsible For Torturing and Sexually Assaulting the Straight “Cripple” Men With Lasers At Night, the Rest of Us Other “Cripples” Are Calling For More Mental Health Treatment For are [Gender-Impaired] Fellow “Cripple” Brothers and Sisters! And Then, Maybe the Queers and Their Well-Paid Pigs Will End The “Poop Porn Shame Game Which is Being Used to Target Us Men With Disabilities!”

(Last updated: March 27, 2017)
“The Prison Poop Porn Channel”
by DR Wolfe

{From “The Dirty Little Secret About Transparensee” Series}

Would if we lived in a society that had absolutely no privacy? Even using the bathroom was no longer considered to be private, for those who weren’t among
the elite?

If you have no expectation of privacy, then you have no right to privacy. This has consistently been the court’s findings when it comes to questions about
average people being filmed in public places. Obviously, prisons, jails and detention centers are not private spaces, and “security” cameras are everywhere…

So imagined a ruthless Hollywood producer making a dirty deal with one or more of the prisons or jails, or better yet, one of the detention centers. Let’s
say, the producer buys the rights to the video of prisoners using the bathroom. The jailers agree to the deal, as long as the film-maker agrees to never
show the inmates private areas. The sheriffs and wardens get a cut of the huge profits coming in from the new pay-for-view channel.

Then the ACLU files suit on behalf of the prisoners right to privacy, and then let’s say the Hollywood lawyers make the following argument before the new
Trump Supreme Court:

I. All of the cells have toilets which are readily viewable from outside of the cell because of the cell door’s window, and therefore, the inmates have
no expectation of privacy while using the bathroom, as compared to the state’s right to protect the guards and other inmates. This can only be effectively
achieved by constantly monitoring the inmates at all times;

II. Jails and prisons have always had the right to develop new streams of revenue to offset the cost of operating the facility, provided a rationality
test was applied, and the practice was not harmful to either the inmates or guards;

III. Provided the video of inmates does not include the filming of the inmates “private areas”, which may be temporarily exposed during showers or bathroom
breaks, the practice does not violate the prisoners right to privacy, and therefore, does not meet the standard of being “cruel and unusual punishment”.
Further, the public facilities and any products or materials produced by the public facility are ultimately the property of the public, and therefore,
the public has the right to review or monitor the facility and its operations;

IV. Releasing video of inmates who are incarcerated by the state is not discriminatory on the basis of gender since the state does not select content based
on gender, and actually provides more video of male inmates using the bathroom than female inmates. As part of the studio’s creative licensing and the
contract made with each facility, the producer retains sole discretion as to what, if any, video is used in its programming.

Let’s say, a majority of the Court agrees, with one exception. American citizens who have not already been convicted of a crime, and who are awaiting trial
or or later found to be innocent, can not be included — can not be “publicly shammed” by KBOO’s Lisa Loving or any one else representing the media.

Suddenly, American men h

ave a new favorite past-time. Across America, men gather every Friday evening to drink beer and laugh, while they watch the latest video of female inmates
taking a dump! The portion of the body between the knees and shoulders are blacked out, but it’s obvious to the viewer what the inmate is doing since the
inmate can be seen sitting on a toilet.

While most American women find this new form of entertainment disgusting, the men say they have never laughed so hard watching the faces women make while

“Jerry, can you hear me? We seem to have lost our connection with one of our reporters on the ground, so let’s go to-”

“Bill can you hear me now?”

“Yes, we’ve got you now Jerry. What’s going on there? We’re watching the video feed and it looks like all hell has broke out at the Mall.”

“That’s what it looks like from here. I can see there’s at least six cars on fire right in front of us, including an ammunlins and two police cars. It’s
complete pandemonium.”

“Where are you at now Jerry, as compared to the podium? We can see there’s a lot of smoke and people seem to be running in every direction.”

“that’s right Bill, it’s hard to breathe down here. Right now I’m just west of the Washington Monument. We’ve taken refuge in a parking garage. There’s
about a half dozen reporters here with me watching from the second floor.
And despite the smoke I have a pretty good view of things.

“I can still hear what sounds like thousands of women screaming, and there’s broken glass everywhere. We’re also hearing what sounds like small explosions
going off, but I can’t tell if its gun fire ore fireworks, or what it is.”

“About fifteen minutes ago both the police and the national guard backed out of the area, and apparently decided to just let things burn. Maybe you have
more information Bill, but the reports were getting from here is that there’s been thirteen casualties so far in the melee, and over a hundred people have
been transported to local hospitals.”

“Jerry, did you see the crowd reaction when she first set the fire”

“Yeah, I saw it all right,” He said, pausing for a moment. “First there was this eery silence for about ten or fifteen seconds. I think everyone was in
complete disbelief. Then we began to hear crying and screaming, that slowly grew into a tremendous roar. After that, the crowd began to surge forward.
That’s when some of us fled into the garage where I’m at now.”

“It was pretty hard to tell for sure what was happening. According to my best information, the protesters who were killed and injured apparently were trampled
by the crowd. And that happened about an hour ago-”

“Thanks Jerry, we’ll get back to you in a few minutes. Our star reporter, Melody Short, is standing bye at the White House, but first let’s quickly recap
for our viewers what happened a little over an hour ago that set this whole thing off.”

“After the Supreme Court announced their decision last week in the PPPC case, a million women march was planned for the Washington Mall. Actually, the
planners began planning the march months ago, in the case that the decision didn’t go the way they hoped and the PPP Channel wasn’t shut down.”

“As a result of the Court’s decision, women across America have been in an absolute fit of rage. At least three shootings involving domestic violence over
the last week have been directly attributed to the Court’s decision. So we expected an angry noisy crowd today. There were speakers scheduled all day today,
including Senator Clinton and Senator Warren.”

“based on the interviews we have been doing and the sort of postings on social media we’ve been reading, everyone expected a pretty big crowd. But the
protesters that showed up here today were a whole lot more than anyone expected. It’s been estimated that somewhere around four and a half million people
showed up in DC for the rally. Mostly women.”

“But what put the crowd into a rage was the public suicide of Carolyn Flatt early this morning. Many of you already know that Ms. Flatt was voted by viewers
in January of this year to be the, and I quote, ‘the Poop Porn Queen of the Year’. She was arrested early last year in Washington County, Oregon, for a
DUI and spent ten days in the county jail, where she was filmed by the sheriff. She appeared last year on the new pay-for-view channel in late March.”

“Ms. Flatt was the third speaker to speak this morning when the rally kicked off. It was a tearful speech, to say the least. She described the horror and
shame she felt when she learned that she was one of the women featured on the PPPC. She said everywhere she went she was recognized, and men were coming
right up to her and laughing in her face. She explained with tears pouring down her face, she had to lock herself in her home and would never come out
or answer the phone after that-”

“Let’s take a look at the video just before she set herself on fire. Please be warned, it’s extremely graphic. If you have any kids watching, we’ll give
you a minute to get them out of the room–