Open Letters: to Armstrong and Getty, Keep up the good work and you’ll be getting a big bonus in your stocking!

December 4, 2022

Hey Joe and Jack,

Are you letting us know that Kanye is going to be suicided by the Deep State (the friends of the Zionist Jews at I Fart Radio, “and it really hurts you know”).

Every time you guys talk about Kanye you sound like lying Zionist Jews?

Are you obese, elitist Jews? Or are you just whores for the wealthy murdering Zionists who own Jewiforni and Frisco, and maybe you too?

It helps the cause every time you two shmucks talk about Kanye and his hilarious interview with Alex Jones, because most of us goy see through your filthy bullshit when it comes to talking about Jewish supremacy in the media. Under Wokeness, I suspect most Americans will eventually figure out that the wealthy Jews promoted Hitler to kill the little Jews in order to occupy Palestine. And they call this a “holocaust” on all of humanity? Are you serious?

Except for the hyperbole and sarcasm, what Kanye saying is right! [Jews do run the world, especially the music industry.]