Open Letter: To U.S. Postal Services, Inspector Gernal Tammy L. Whitcomb, regarding my missing ballot and missing birthday card

Re: Letter to U.S. Postal Services, Office of the Inspector General over the repeated theft of my ballot and other personal items by the park’s management and one or more of our local postal carriers.

October 28, 2019

U.S. Postal Service, Office of the Inspector General
Tammy L. Whitcomb, Inspector General
Criminal Investigations Service Center
Attn: Mail Fraud
433 W. Harrison Street, Room 3255
Chicago, Il 60699-3255

To whom it may concern:

As a person who is completely blind, and partially deaf, I am writing to your office once again to report the theft of my ballot and other mail by the employees, manager and owners of the RV Park where I currently reside. There is also strong evidence to suggest that once again, the postal carrier assigned to the park is also involved.

Regrettably, this will be the third time I have had to file a complaint with your office regarding my missing mail. And the second time it involved the theft of my ballot.

For your information, I’ll include some attachments regarding the previous problems that I feel were never resolved, satisfactory. Briefly, here’s the details regarding the most recent theft of my mail.

The two recent incidents involve the theft of my 2019 ballot around October 17, 2019, and the theft of a birthday card, sent by my parents around September 12, 2019, which included a small check (to the best of my knowledge the missing check has not been cashed, yet).

Here’s a little background, and the reasons I believe the local postal carrier is involved.

My problems wit the post office began shortly after I moved into the Park in December of 2008.

Much to my surprise, our female carrier, Tamera, began bringing my talking books to my door, at least once or twice a week. I told her that I appreciated her extra effort, since I was regrettably placed by the manager in the very back of the park, far away from the mailboxes.

However, the carrier soon began waking me up at 8:00 a.m. every morning, even though often she only brought me a handful of junk mail. Since back then, I would always sleep in the nude, it was somewhat embarrassing to be standing in my doorway, which was four or five feet above her head, wearing nothing more than a bath robe. However, she didn’t seem to mind, and that may have been the reason she kept waking me up so early, as I’ll explain.

When we first met, she began telling me about her husband, a former-postal carrier who she complained was “more than fifteen years older” than her. I didn’t have to think about it very long before I realized exactly why she was telling me this — why she was telling me about her husband’s apparent inability to perform.

Truthfully, at that moment she reminded me of Diane Downs, another female carrier from Oregon who would allegedly seduce men along her postal route, and then killed two of her three children, because of one of the men she met and wanted to date. And so, at this point I began to worry about what sort of family problem she was attempting to drag me into.

Another time, she began telling me about a blind woman who lived along her postal route, and that she wanted us to meet. Then, without this woman’s permission, Tamera gave me her full name and approximately where she lived. As a bind person, living in one of the most predatory cities in America, this really bothered me.

And then another time, she began telling me about her daughter, who she also wanted me to meet. She said her daughter had recently broken up with her boyfriend, and had a brand new house where she was living, all alone.

Needless to say, since we had just met, I felt sharing all this personal information with me was very inappropriate and deeply troubling.

Then when she found out I went down to Salem to visit a lady friend for a few days, she apparently became very angry with me, and retaliated by putting my mail on hold, without my consents, including forging my signature.

After reporting the incident to one of her supervisors by phone, later that week she came to my door, but didn’t knock. She went on to throw all of my mail into a pool of mud at the foot of my door, where I found it later that day.

Then a couple weeks later, she gave all of my mail to my drug-dealing former-neighbor, Sean Farrell, which conveniently (as though it were planned ahead) included a letter from the State Police (which curiously, was stamped in a dozen different places with some very derogatory and defamatory words by a vindictive lady-cop named Beardsly, who had recently testified against me in a hearing held by the Oregon Senate’s Judiciary Committee, although she never mentioned me by name).

Then about a year or two later a package my parents had sent to me from Florida was returned to them. In that case, I never received any sort of notification from the carrier or park manager in my mailbox, which is the normal practice.

Then a year or two later, I learned that a different female carrier had given my ballot, along with everything in my mailbox, to the park’s maintenance man, Charles.

After I reported my missing ballot and debit card to both Cathy Clap with the local post office and to your office, a man named Scot Helton (503-776-2079), who claimed he was with the Office of the Inspector General’, came out to the park. He called me and said he had found all of my missing mail. This was seven days after it disappeared. Apparently, he found a stack of my mail at Charles home.

Helton went on to say that it was just “Charles being Charles”. According to Helton, Charles claimed he had forgot to bring it to me, even though I hadn’t given him my mailbox key or asked him to get it from the carrier.

Obviously this was no accident, as the manager and Charles claimed, since I had reported the theft directly to the manager Debbie Sleeper, on Monday of that week, and she knew I was very upset about my missing ballot and debit card. Obviously, Mrs. Sleeper asked, or should have asked, Charles if he knew anything about the missing mail since she admitted seeing him talking to the female postal carrier the previous Friday, the same day my ballot was delivered.

I feel Mrs. Sleeper, Charles and both of my recent postal carriers are intentionally stealing my mail to harass me, and take advantage of my disability — total blindness..

However, this is not the only way I’m being harassed. For your convenience, I’m also enclosing a couple other letters which describe in detail the other more serious crimes regularly being committed against me by the park and their employees.

Please keep in mind that it’s very likely any mail sent to this address from your office will also be stolen, and following up with an E mail or telephone would be helpful in communicating with me.

I have a dozen other related documents I would like to share if your Office or the DOJ decides that my complaint warrants a deeper investigation of this matter.

Finally, I would deeply appreciate it, if it is possible, that your office would assigns a different investigator other than Jim Sprague, whose investigative skills proved to be extremely ineffective and highly questionable, the last time this happened. For example, to my knowledge, he never did provide the follow up letter that he promised, explaining his findings.

Your time is very appreciated.

Yours truly,
Donald R. Wolfe