Open letter to Oregon State Senator Wagner regarding SB 664: Is Oregon’s SB 664, like Wyden’s anti-American First Amendment anti-BDS Bill, more undue influence on our politicians from the all to powerful “Jewish (International Bandkster) Lobby”?

Dear Senator Wagner:

As the descendant of a Jewish great grandmother from Hungry who fled Europe one hundred years ago, I wanted to share my thoughts with you about SB 664.

As a person who is completely blind, half deaf, and suffers from severe PTSD, I support any effort on the part of the Oregon legislature to reduce the suffering of those who have been, and continue to be, tortured and murdered by oppressive forces with unlimited power, such as the Oregon police. As one of those victims, who is being poisoned, shocked and burned (by some kind of lasers) dozens of times every day and night by my landlord and some of the neighbors (and the police), I feel your attentions down there in Salem, by not immediately making electronic harassment of a vulnerable person, such as me, a serious felony, is sorely misguided–

As anyone can see by the dozens of pics of my missing scalp I’ve taken over the last ten years (along with my ambivalent OHSU doctor) prove that I’m literally being slowly murdered for my pro-Palestinian views by someone (Perhaps, Marc Abrams and his friends from Clackamas County?), and absolutely no one will investigate. Which makes your suggestion, as a State Senator from Clackamas County, (who’s DA and wife arranged to have me arrested in 2005 and tortured just days after calling KPAM’s Victoria Taft and expressing my views about the Jewish connection to 9-11 and the Clackamas County DA’s Office connection to the John Kerry Swift Boat Ads (Read “3 Americas”), seem a little suspicious…

As a person who is 3/16th Jewish, I am deeply concerned by this growing control that the Jewish Lobby has over America and our politicians, and criminal investigations. At the same time the State of Israel is openly killing hundreds of unarmed Palestinians, mostly children, the elderly and those with disabilities who are peacefully protesting the illegal occupation of their homeland.

Will you make sure this course also teaches about this ongoing Holocaust being committed by the Israeli government (and its Israel Death Squads), while its powerful American lobby attempts to take away our constitutional right to disagree?

Fact is Senator Wagner, the new science strongly suggests, and I believe, that there were never any gas chambers used by the German army on anyone. It is also strongly believed there were only 1.2 Jewish victims who died in these horrible work camps, mostly of starvation and decease, but not the six million as “the Lobby” and their propaganda publishers and producers have claimed.

Now Consider the 50,000,000 Russians that died under Stalin, and ask yourself, what was the real Holocaust of the 21st Century? And where are the hundreds of museums honoring those Russian victims? Or does “the Lobby” need to keep reminding Americans why Israel has this unquestionable right to exist, on what are clearly the stolen lands of Palestine?

While studying genocide is an important part of history, I stand opposed to the plan to poison our kids minds in Oregon with this “Ron Wyden like” Jewish propaganda bill, SB 644.

Your valuable time is appreciated,

Southgate Death Camp
Rotland, Oregoon