Open Letter: To ‘Creepy Kyle Cox’, Founder of “” — is There a “”? If It was a Website That Fully Exposed the Ancient “Art” of Deception (a long-standing practice within Jewish culture since ancient times), Would That Be Offensive to Jewish People? You See Kyle, While I Don’t Believe in Magic or These So-Called “Magicians” (who are really nothing more than liars and tricksters), I Do Believe in Miracles, As Each of Us Struggle for Justice During Our Brief Visit To Planet Earth–

Attn: Kyle Cox
Date: June 5, 2018


Can you tell me how your company came up with the name “Blindster”?

I write for a blog that advocates for straight men with disabilities.

Regrettably, we have become the punching bag for America’s sickness, and your company’s name would only seem to re-enforce the abuse we are regularly subjected to, from the media and the neo-left.

Given the recent shooting in Houston, some might see your company’s name as “bullying”, specifically targeting those of us who are actually blind…

If the name were spelt, “Blindsster”, you might be able to argue that you are only referring to the window covering, and not blind people.

I feel the courts should take action to prevent this sort of “light-hearted bullying, that is pervasive in both the media and advertising. For example, in a recent Hollyweird movie, The California Jews” created a movie about a monster who could only find its victims if it could hear them. And there are hundreds of other examples where the elite have gone out of their way to make our society, especially children, fearful or disrespectful toward the blind.

If you put blind and monster together, what do you get? So your company, and its cute little “joke”, has joined that list, and needs to be changed.

Frankly, I believe your company name violates the Fourteenth Amendment rights of Americans who are blind.
(probably because we don’t appreciate all that esthetic crap they want to sell the average American goydumb, and goydumber) (like in the movie where the two Jews sold a dead bird to the blind guy, claiming it was only sleeping.

Your time in this very important matter is deeply appreciated.

Wolfe, Rotland, Oregoon

P.S. Are you aware that your website’s contact form is inaccessible to blind coputer users?

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