Open Letter: To KPFA Over the Unjust Cancellation Of “Guns and Butter”, and the Deep State’s Effort To Silence the Truth About Who Really Did September 11th!

August 25, 2018

Re: The Cancellation of “Guns and Butter”.

Dear KPFA,

As an blogger and activist for the rights of men with disabilities, I was deeply disappointed by your decision to cancel “Guns and Butter”, obviously one of your best investigative programs.

Having worked in the alternative media (Florida Flambeau, KBOO Radio)It is somewhat horrifying to see how so many from the left have adopted a policy of censorship, whenever those positions aren’t consistent with the views of the corporate media.

I always thought KPFA was different…and welcomed opposing views. Personally, it does seem strange that America dedicates so much time and energy to prisoners of war, who happen to be Jewish.

Surely, we know all prisoner fo war camps are brutal, and there certainly many facts that seem worth debating, including the actual number of Jewish victims and whether or not “gas chambers” were used by the Germans? And who actually funded the German army?

It seems to me, as one who is part Jewish, open and scientific debate is the only way to answer these questions which being raised about WWII and Israel’s true involvement in the crimes of September 11th.

Please feel free to share my views, and be sure to check out my blog regarding the use of children with disabilities in mind-control experiments.

DR Wolfe

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