Open Letter: Regarding Recent Harassment, To Social Security Administration

Re: To reconfirm the status of my permanent disability — total blindness, and partial deafness, with severe PTSD.

October 28, 2019

Social Security Administration
P.O. Box 4550
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18767-4550

To whom it may concern:

I am adding this attachment to confirm that my total blindness from Retinitus Pigmentosa (RP) has not improved in any way. And to add to my SSA record that I have continued to lose my hearing, as was predicted by the Lexsington Hearing Clinic in Lexington, Kentucky in 1997.

As a result, , I have not been employed in any way since 2015, when I was sanding some small wooden puzzle pieces brought to my home twice a month by man named Leon Smith who had a playground manufacturing company, for $2.50 per hour. I reported all of these earnings to the SSI Unit of the local SSA Office.

In addition, I have not been gainfully employed in any way since 1999, when I was teaching adaptive technology. to three other blind people.

Around 1971, Dr. Richard A. Lewis from the University of Michigan Medical Center examined both my older brother and me for two days. At that time he documented our eye condition and accurately predicted that we would both loose our remaining vision within ten years.

As I said, I was born with a condition called Retinitus Pigmentosa (RP) and have always been visually-impaired. By age five, I was already wearing very thick glasses, and by age seventeen, I was no longer able to read large print.

And by age twenty-five, I was no longer able to travel outside of my home without using a white cane, and by age thirty-five, I could only see a source of light if you pointed a flash light directly into my eyes.

During this time, I worked at numerous jobs washing dishes, and would often have to fool my employer about how little I could see, by sending a friend into the business ahead of me to scope out the lay out. Back then, by the time the employer figured out how little I could really see, I was usually able to prove my self. I feel this was because of my hard-work ethic, and never give up attitude, which is reflected by my reported earnings during this part of my life.

Even today, when traveling at night, I have to sometimes pretend I can see to protect myself from armed gangsters and other dangerous criminals who live in my neighborhood. But despite the false rumors constantly being spread about me (not being blind), I am totally blind (not withstanding some very special extra-abilities and perceptions god has given me).

Additionally, I have lost almost half of my hearing, which is not uncommon for people born with this form of juvenile RP. To the best of my knowledge, there is no known cure for RP, and I have not, as far as I know, participated in any sort of clinical trials since I attended the school for the blind, in Lansing, Michigan.

I would like the SSA to know that, despite my total blindness, I did eventually earn a BA in pre-law (with honors), and have continued to develop my skills as both a writer and an advocate for the disabled (see

I have also continued to develop and improve my skills as both a musician and sound engineer ( see To date, I have received no income from this activity, but I feel there may be some hope for the future, despite my age (59), and despite the tens of millions of other talented American musicians seeking employment in this highly competitive field.

Because of my political activities on behalf of medical marijuana and other worthwhile causes (keeping fluoride out of our water, and helping to recall one of our former-mayors accused of molesting an underage intern), I have become the target of my political adversaries, including the Oregon Commission for the Blind.

Specifically, every day and night I am being shocked dozens and dozens of times with some sort of weapon, and continuously being sprayed with bug spray or some other sort of poisons. Someone named Michael and/or Larry is constantly throwing rocks at my RV, including a thirty pound rock last August, and has vandalized my privacy fence at least fifty or sixty different times.

For the third time in the last ten years, my ballot was stolen again this year, and a birthday card my parents recently sent also disappeared last month. And a few years ago, my self-trained guide dog was murdered!

While I would never go back to OHSU for anything, in 2014 I visited my doctor, Cliff Coleman, and told him it felt like I was being slowly murdered by the owners of the park and felt the Portland Police Bureau was involved since they refused to investigate these daily assaults (see enclosed letter to OHSU’s Cliff Coleman). Despite that my scalp was falling off in chunks, Dr. Coleman failed to order a blood test, write a prescription, or refer me to a skin specialist. Instead, he suggested I use “extra strength dandruff shampoo!

In 2010, Dr. Coleman treated me when I was intentionally run down by two undercover agents on Halloween. Curiously, when I began asking questions about who these men were, Portland’s Internal Police Review (IPR) opened an investigation. However, they never bothered to formally question me about what happened before issuing their erroneous findings, claiming that neither the police officer or the two “agents” did anything inappropriate.

Because of my vigilance to never give up, as I listed on the enclosed form, Recently I began counseling with a woman named Jean Waterman from Lutheran Community Services and from Multnomah County’s Aging and Disability Services. Very soon, I hope to clearly establish the fact that I am not mentally ill, despite my angry reactions to what is happening. I am being literally tortured to death by apparently a small group of vigilantes (and the police) while I’m in my home. Every night, my neighbors have listened to me screaming, yet not one of them, nor the F.B.I. or the State Police, will do anything to help.

Apparently, using these directed energy weapons they are able to shock me any where on my body through the aluminum walls of my RV. Usually these shocks are intentionally targeting my genitals, rectum fee, and head. In fact, as mentioned above, I have lost almost an inch of skin from the top of my head, that can easily be documented with the 500 pics I’ve taken of my injuries since this harassment began, around 2009.

Despite numerous letters, to the local and state police, the F.B.I., the governor and the president, amazingly absolutely no one will help, or bother to investigate my allegations of these daily sexual assaults being committed against me — a completely blind person with severe PTSD.

I realize these enquires of SSA recipients with disabilities are normal, although my brother, who has the exact same eye condition as me, told me he hasn’t been reviewed by SSA in the last thirty years. For this reason, I am a little suspicious as to whether or not someone from Portland encouraged your office to investigate my status as a severely disabled person, with no other source of income, simply to further harass me.

Please call me at the number listed above if you have any other questions or suggestions regarding my hopeless situation. however, please note, for the reasons described above I have not left my yard since February of 2015; I have been held prisoner in my home for almost five years, and would not be willing to travel anywhere, for any reason, until these vicious monsters are brought to justice, and locked up for a very, very long time.

Your time is appreciated.

Yours truly,
Donald R. Wolfe