Open Letter: Multnomah County Court, Request to be excused from jury duty.

Donald Ray Wolfe
7911 S.E. 82nd Avenue, No. 23, Portland, OR 97266
(503) 774.3424

March 24, 2020

Jury Assembly Room,
Room 130, Multnomah County Courthouse, 1021 SW 4th Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97204.

Re: Request to be excused from jury duty, 697 POOL, 4-13-20-R.

To whom it may concern:

I am requesting to be excused from jury duty for the following reasons.

First, I’m 100% blind, and about 40% deaf. My case worker (Marcus Mueller 503-988-7823) can verify my impairments, although for your convenience I will briefly explain the history and extent of my disabilities.

When I was Eleven the University of Michigan medical Center discovered that my brother and I had an advanced case of Retinitus Pigmentosa. Because of the lack of vision at that time, they predicted that we would be completely blind by age thirty I am fifty-nine, and have been completely blind for almost thirty years;

As far as my lack of hearing, the Lexington Hearing Clinic first verified that I was starting to go deaf in 1997. Later in 2001, Hardy Myers granted my request to not receive vocational services from the Oregon Commission for the blind (because of a charge of sexual harassment I filed against them), and ordered the Oregon Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services to open my case. As a result, I was placed with Melita Green, who, until her retirement, exclusively provided services to clients who were deaf, or deaf and blind.

At this point, I do not feel I can fairly weigh the evidence and sit in judgement, because of the extent of my multiple disabilities. Even if accommodations are granted, it is unlikely I would be able to independently determine the reliability of any physical evidence.

Also, I may not be eligible for any grand jury service, or criminal case.

After being placed in solitary confinement, I was coerced into a plea bargain by Washington County on February 16, 2005, and sentenced to five years probation as a felon. It was ended two weeks early by a Washington County Judge, on February 6, 2010.

Finally, as an advocate for low level sex offenders, I have been targeted by the police and local vigilantes since 2009, when I moved into the Southgate RV and Mobil Home Park.

Along with stealing my mail, being repeatedly sprayed with poisons, I have been shocked with some unknown weapon over 500,000 times. And at least 5,000 of these have been sexual assaults, directed at my genitals and rectum. Mostly, whenever I lay down or try to sleep.

I have called the police six times, and the last time I was told by Officer Randal that since I could not identify the perpetrators I may need to be taken in for “psychological evaluation”, if I called again.

Despite dozens of letters to my doctor, the SAG, the State Police, President Obama, Governor Brown, Senator Merkley, Representative Blumenauer, and even the FBI, no one will investigate or do anything to stop this criminal conduct.

As a result, I have developed severe PTSD, and have been a prisoner in my own home since February 2015.

I am currently receiving telephone counseling from Jean Waterman (503-731-9510), who works with Lutheran Community Services and Multnomah County. It’s possible, I may be able to serve a year from now, April 13, 2021, not withstanding my disabilities.

Your time is very appreciated.

Don Wolfe

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