Open Letter: FCC Complaint Filed Against Alpha Media and NPR for Complicity in Ongoing Sexual Assaults Against Severely Disabled

Re: Formal complaint filed against Alpha Media of Portland, Oregon over malicious advertising practices.

Date Filed: November 8, 2017

Donald R. [DR] Wolfe
Portland, OR 97266
(503) 774-3424

submitted to:
Federal Communications Commission [FCC]
Washington D.C.
(filed online)

Alpha Media Inc.
1211 SW 5th Avenue
Suite 750
Portland, OR, 97204
(503) 517 6200

To whom it may concern:

I am writing to file a complaint against the Alpha Media corporation over two advertisements that I believe violate both their responsibility to the community and their FCC license.

First, let me disclose that I have been a life-long advocate for people with disabilities, mostly men with disabilities, such as myself. And I have been a long-time critic of the American media, in all its forms, because of the tremendous harm they carelessly do every day to those of us who have physical and/or mental impairments.

I. KXL, a “news and information” station in the Alpha Media family began running a commercial earlier this year [2017] that I feel caused great harm to our community and may have violated its FCC license.

Not only did this ad directly harm the families of Ashley Pon and Miranda Gaddis, two thirteen-year-old girls who were kidnapped, raped and murdered here in Portland a few years ago, but they recklessly and negligently traumatized all of us in this community who have been, or are now, victims of abuse (of one sort or another).

While the owners may or may not have been directly involved, Signature Paving Inc., a local paving company, began running ads earlier this year on KXL, and perhaps one or more of the other Alpha Media affiliates, stating that any one interested could hire this company and have them “bury an anarchist.”

In 2002, the public learned that the two missing girls mentioned above had been kidnapped, raped and murdered by a man named Ward Weaver. One of the horrifying details included the fact that he had buried one of the girls in a cement patio located behind his house.

Certainly the “news and information people” at KXL would remember this fact and would have paused for a moment and thought about how this ad would effect the community, especially how the families of these girls might feel hearing this ad. It wasn’t until I called one of the owners and complained twice, before the ad was removed by Alpha Media.

And while this may mean nothing, KXL recently hired a young woman named “Vanessa Pond” to do their traffic reports. She only briefly appeared on the station, which only ads to the mystery.

She may not be related to one of the two girls mentioned above, and could actually be an employee playing a character with the last name “Pond” (which would be a really sick ting to do), as the media so often does in these times.

However, in light of everything else I describe on my blog about Portland’s highly corrupt and abusive media, it is a strange coincidence that the “Pond” girl, real or not, began her broadcasting career shortly after I had complained to Signature Paving about the ad…

If Vanessa Pond is related to Ashley Pond, and Alpha Media only hired her to protect their liability because they knew by creating this ad they knowingly injured the entire Pond family, they have clearly violated the trust of this community by acting so deceitfully to cover up their abuse, and perhaps their wrong doing. And therefore, I believe they also have violated their FCC license.

II. “Lars Larson”, a “conservative” talk show host, or his handlers, have been running an advertisement for Alpha Media during his show portraying an older man yelling, “Who’s pounding that hammer? Would someone make them stop the pounding!”

I believe this ad, as like several other similar production from both our local and at least one national media outlet, were made with the intention to both retaliate and punish me for speaking out on behalf of those with disabilities, especially on behalf of men with disabilities being targeted by our criminal justice system. By doing so, targeting me in retaliation for this, I believe Alpha Media has willfully, with malice and forethought, both violated my civil rights and its FCC license.

The following excerpts from my blog, Wolfe, explain why I believe that this comment is directed at me, personally, because of my advocacy.

I believe the public reference to “pounding a hammer” by Alpha Media is a joke about how I have been coping with being sexually assaulted by both law enforcement and some members of the local media, using some sort of laser.

Sadly, no one (not even our LBGTQ Governor) so far has answered my pleas for help or protection from these abusers. It is my hope that the FCC will not let our public air waves be used in such a vicious, abusive manner, especially when it’s being used against those who almost always are unable to defend themselves.

Your time is very appreciated.


This was taken from my autobiographer “3 Americas” which I wrote shortly after I heard Alpha Media running the ad referenced above about the pounding hammer.

“This is probably the weirdest thing I have ever heard a sitting district attorney say to the media, and further proves Alpha Media’s involvement in what’s been happening to me. Like the recent ads they’re playing, where this older man is telling someone to stop the “pounding hammer”.

Sometimes when I’m being electrocuted at night, I will use a hammer and a board to take out the anger and rage they are intentionally creating (instead of grabbing a gun, knife or a vehicle, and then they can kill me and call it “suicide by cop”).

“Hock a luger” is what Josh said, but we both know what he meant, like the pounding hammer comment, right Lard?

This was taken from the second of two recent E mails send to NPR’s Science Friday asking them to investigate where the story about shocking birds in the “bush” came from, since I am being sexually assaulted, including shocks to my genitals and anus, every day.

Because of the fact that “law enforcement” or the manager have done nothing to help. and because I have received no response from NPR or the host, Ira Flatow, or any one else at this company, only suggests to me their may also be some sort of collusion, or just another coincidence. I do know other local media groups, including the local community radio, have been been targeting me for many, many years because of my advocacy on behalf of people with disabilities.

“E mailed to legal: November 1, 2017

The fact that a blind man is being sexually assaulted by the gay governor and her friends and NPR’s is doing shows at the same time about shooting birds in the “bush” [i.e. the crotch] suggests to me your company is a co-conspirator in these ongoing sex crimes being committed against a “vulnerable person”.

If you won’t investigate your own people, then you know and your company is liable.

Here’s an excerpt from my blog describing Ira, NPR and OPB’s role in these “daily rapes” of a completely blind man:
“So you know how truly arrogant and sadistic these neo-liberals are (and a few fascists who take their blood money), on October 27, 2017, they apparently had Ira Flatow and NPR do a show on “Science Friday” about shocking birds in the bush (ironically, a term also used to describe the human crotch which is where I’m being targeted [i.e. Being RAPED almost every day!]) with some kind of laser!”

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