If “cheerleaders” want to be called ‘theater majors’, especially since many of them become actresses, it would make some sense (although high-priced sex workers, who are former-[or current]-cheerleaders, probably make a lot more money than theater majors, on average). And it does kind of make sense, since cheerleaders are only “pretending” to get men excited about “the game” with their well-toned, athletic bodies. But in a recent story National Propaganda Radio [NPR] erroneously claimed that this Kentucky “cheerleader” is an athlete (like fire fighters, who are also very athletic). But, if we are honest, and she isn’t a theater major, isn’t she actually what we should call a “sex worker” for the University of Kentucky? Consider this, are there any wheelchair users or completely flat chested women (who ironically, almost always make the best lovers) on the squad at any major university or college in America? And is there any amount of training a woman could do to have bigger breast (which is apparently an unspoken requirement of who NPR is now calling “athletes”)? And Are there really any cheerleaders too dumb (outside of Kentucky) to realize why they’re being “paid” to perform, just like the young men on the playing field; they are all being compensated to move their “money makers” up and down the field for their “team”. Except unlike the athletes on the playing field, the “cheerleaders” are “paid” to primarily get men excited (and aroused, at a sub-concious level) while they pretend to “watch the game”. And then, spend lots of money on everything they can find associated with the “product”? Car dealers have been using sex to sell their products since WWII, so it’s nothing new, just not as obvious (or politically correct to say). So let’s please stop pretending, and let’s talk about finding a way to reduce both violence and sexual abuse, without always making men the villains. Which actually only makes men more angry, and sometimes, more violent. Wait, wait, I know! How about if we make all sex workers respectable professionals with safe, clean establishments and give them comprehensive health care. Under this sort of arrangement, sex workers know they can always safely say no knowing that almost all men will respect their choice. This is because men know there will always be other good options, as long as they agree to always remain peaceful, Professional and cooperative, while doing business inside of one of these well-protected establishments. The State of Nevada has proven that giving its citizens this sort of sexual freedom is absolutely possible, while protecting public safety. And NPR is partly right, since no one’s denying that cheerleaders are usually very hard working and athletic. And no one can deny that they do provide a valuable service to all of our fine colleges and universities, and their fans, both during and after the game! Instead, mostly what we got now is a lot of horny, intoxicated young men walking around after “the game”, thinking about and looking for the red-headed “cheerleader”… In my opinion, the best way to learn to respect women, perhaps in a controlled Environment rather than some alley, should begin with understanding what most motivates most men? And maybe this “training” should begin when young men need it most — when young men are at their sexual peak, in their teens. Think About this Out Loud’ “Frankenmite Miller”, would you rather have young sexually-frustrated men spend their money on organically grown marijuana and safe sex (which does wonders for a young man’s mental health), or have them spend their money on guns, bullets and pornography? As long as it was affordable to most, here’s another positive result that is likely to occur if we get off our phony pony and legalized and regulated all sex workers (like we already do for cheerleaders, topless waitresses and exotic dancers). Unlike what we have now, everyone would have to agree to being tested. This way clients and professional providers with AIDS, herpes, or some yet incurable STD, could be easily and quickly matched up to help prevent the further spread of disease. Also, this way, those with curable diseases will more likely agree to be discreetly treated, so they can remain eligible and return to the “Program” as soon as possible. This is another good reason why the government should immediately start and partially fund this “Program of peace”. Another good idea under this “program of peace” (and try to get the spelling right, wise guy), is to create a safe, private environment where women over thirty — the age at which most women begin to blossom, sexually, can mentor, sexually, young men. At this age, young men are also at their sexual peak, around fifteen or sixteen. And, if you didn’t know, are always desperately searching for “love”, or at least some relief from the “pressure”. So, rather than ending up in some corn field with one of their teachers, who may have their student’s best interest in mind, young men and their mentors could meet, privately. By giving them a safe, clean environment, young men can be properly tutored, privately, without either of them being shamed or rideculed by anyone. Additionally, it should be where young men wanting to change their current mentor, or young men wanting to have multiple mentors (for those in good standing), should be encouraged. In order to be successful, we would want them to learn these valuable lessons, about how to best “treat a lady”, from as many different women as possible. He would have a list to choose from, along with a video, of mentors who would be specially selected, based on their ability to both nurture and educate. Here’s how it should work. As soon as a boy begins to show signs of his sexual maturity, they would be assigned to older, wiser mentor, who would begin the process by educating a young man about human sexuality. This casual instruction may or may not include anything physical, but would focus more on learning to respect and understand both women, as well as young girls. We would use positive re-enforcement, rather than using shame, as “we” now do. Then, as a boy begins to mature, and grows more interested in having more physical contact, the mentors available on his selection list would become younger. Mentors and their beneficiaries could remain together, the choice would always be respected and considered to be a matter between the two of them, and no one else. If we adjust our society in this way, I believe our angry young American men will very quickly turn into young gentlemen, and better husbands…and at the very least, better lovers, which always promotes good will among the sexes– I also believe, by creating this level of sexual freedom and honesty in our society, we would not only create a more peaceful nation we would also better be able to protect both women and young girls. It may not stop teenage pregnancy and rape, but there’s little doubt, if treated as part of the educational process, the results will reduce these problems and benefit everyone. You decide, America. But don’t wait too long…the clock is always ticking for the next potential shooter–

“Honey, why are you walking around with plungers on your chest?”

“Daddy, I’m training to be a Wildcat cheer leader when I grow up…”

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(For an alternative idea, about how to reduce violence among young American men, read “The Rock Creek Plan” below–?>

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