“3 Americas 00 Introduction: The Slow Making Of a Super Soldier”

“It is said,
In the end the blind will see,
And what will be will be,
Said the one, of the three.

And then, they ask,
What say you other two,
And they answer,
We think you already knew.

When it’s over,
When it’s done.
And the last fire burns away,
We’ll know who one!

Then perhaps,
It will be like times of old.
Where no one’s bought,
And nothing’s ever sold.

Where every deal,
That is made,
Has one rule,
To be an honest trade.

Where debit and credit,
Can never be.
And What can’t be bartered,
Is given away free!

Where everyone owns the land,
And protects each other’s space.
And makes only what they need,
Without creating poison or waste.

But there I go again,
Dreaming of this other place.
Where there are no earthly judges,
And only one human race–”
From the poem “3 Americas” by DR Wolfe, Founder of the Libertarian-Socialist Party}

ATTENTION SCREEN READER USERS: To best understand the writers meaning, the satire and sarcasm, it is strongly recommended that you turn on “all punctuation”. before continuing.

(Last updated: February 13, 2020)
3 Americas: Introduction: The Slow Making Of a Super Soldier
by DR Wolfe

{Includes some strong language}

In 1972, when I was twelve-years-old, based on a recommendation from the University of Michigan’s Medical Center, I was enrolled in the state’s residential school for the blind located in Lansing, Michigan.

Along with several other blind and partially sighted kids who attended the school during the 1960’s and the 1970’s, I believe I became part of some government program, similar to the CIA’s MK Ultra Program. Although there are some interesting differences, based on what I know about those programs.

I was assigned to second Floor North of the main administrative building (curiously, the only building still standing today). I was put in a room by myself at the end of the hallway. It was the room closest to the back stairwell, on the north side of the building.

This was the door farthest away from the main walkway, and it led out to the parking lot where ironically, a year later I was molested by a Lansing Police Officer in the presence of another student, Bill Bonsky. But it wasn’t the only time–

consider these four facts, and think about how they might be related–

* One night, after being hypnotized by the school’s psychiatrist earlier that day, I found myself in this same parking lot, where I was taken somewhere, but I can’t quite remember–

I have some vague memories about this same thing happening before. And I remember waking up to find myself completely dressed, with my shoes on;

* I don’t know when, but some sort of synthetic helmet was apparently applied to my scalp. i don’t know why, but it has been falling off in chunks over the last ten years;

Obviously, I’m speculating about this, based on what I know today. But apparently this “plastic-like” material became assimilated into the tissue surrounding my skull cap. As I grew older, the material seems to have expanded with my skull.

The cap apparently has the ability to control a person’s emotions, and subsequently, their thoughts and behaviors.

And what’s really amazing about it, I noticed that my skull had become as hard as a rock…until recently, when the cap began to peel off–

To the best of my understanding, the material they are using to create these helmets is maintained by some sort of artificial nano-bot apparently developed by the University of Michigan and the General Motors Corporation. It is called an “aneroid parasite”.

The synthetic “brain cap”, once applied to the skull, apparently has the ability to both monitor and control the brain waves. The parasites repair the helmet, unless the damage to the material is too great. This is exactly what has happened.

* For the last nine or ten years I’m also being shocked every day and night with some sort of invisible weapon, that leaves no marks. It can also itch, poke cramp or burn any part of your body. Are “they” killing me?
* I’m beginning to develop some extra-abilities, which I’ll explain as I go.

I believe these writings will prove to the most skeptical reader, this technology exists today, and is being tested on the most vulnerable people.
While I can only recollect some of what’s been happening to me, I do know that since the cap began peeling away, about ten years ago, I seem to have developed some special abilities.

So let me begin this very strange story by saying, in the last forty years my vision has never been more clear then it is today!”

Yet, I have absolutely no retinas left. and this can easily be proven with a basic eye examination. And finally, a person can not see without retinas. So how do you explain this?

I have no cameras in my head or eyes, as far as I know. So, how I can I see with my eyes closed, in the dark?

But I can see. And I can see even better, the more dark the room is–

This is one explanation about what may have happened. About forty-five years ago some sort of artificial scalp was placed on my head and has continued to grow with my skull. If true, I had no idea that it was even there…and obviously, I have no idea who may have done this to me, other than I strongly suspect the school’s psychologist was involved in a lot of what was going on, with the molesting, and the other odd behavior–

So, Mostly at night I’m being burnt by some sort of weapon.

Subsequently, all day long I am compelled to scratch this brittle, plastic stuff from my head. As I say, it has been falling off in chunks for years.

As anyone with normal vision can clearly see from my most recent photograph, over the last eight or nine years my head has shrunk by almost an inch all the way around.

The fact that my head has shrunk is scientifically undisputable. The pictures don’t lie! So what caused this? And why can I see with my eyes close? And why can I see in the dark?

Almost every night since moving into the Southgate Death Camp ten years ago, located in southeast “Rotland, I have been shocked over and over, probably more than 500,000 times. At least 5,000 of these shocks have been targeted at my genitals and rectum.

And make no mistake, 5,000 of these shocks have been sexual assaults, yet the police or the F.B.I. will not investigate, or arrest anyone (since I am unable to see who’s doing it)–

I have been sprayed with some sort of poison while I sit at my computer, or sometimes when I go outside. And this maybe why the artificial scalp began to peal away, starting about eight years ago.

And here’s the weird thing. Despite dozens and dozens of letters to both the government and the media, no one will investigate. Even though, many of these nightly assaults, as I said, are sexual in nature and are being carried out against a vulnerable person — a person who is completely blind and partially-deaf, with PTSD.

At the same time that this synthetic cap has been chipping and pealing away, these strange abilities, like being able to see things with my eyes completely closed, or see things behind me, have significantly improved.

I’ve had this strange ability to imagine what I was “seeing” for at least the last ten or twenty years,. Although I thought a little about it, I never thought it was anything unusual.

For awhile, I dismissed it as being only the mind’s way of coping with my blindness. I even told a few of my stoner friends about it, since it seemed so strange how my brain was creating images of what was there.

Except now, I know it’s not that simple–

As any reasonable person would do in this situation, I have conducted tens of thousands of experiments. And I’ve been doing this every day for the last six or seven years. So I know it’s real. But how can I convince anyone else, without sounding too crazy (while the government is intentionally doing everything it can to make me look crazy)? Hmmm…

You have to admit, that’s quite a dilemma–

I believe, along with some other blind kids, the government under J. Edgar Hoover, Richard Helms and their collection of mad scientists, such as Joli West, were behind it. ‘After all, the idea of using disabled kids at a residential school to test their theories isn’t anything new…

Maybe, they began experimenting on some of us blind kids to figure out how to make it possible for human beings (and perhaps future soldiers) to see with their eyes completely closed, or in the dark? But they needed to break down the subject before it would work, with regular sexual abuse and public humiliation. Or that’s what they thought–

They have been watching me, and they know it works. For example, If a room is dark, today I can usually see (with my eyes closed) the outline of most of the things around me. I can pick objects up very easily, and see into drawers.

Perhaps maybe it wasn’t as quick as they hoped? But if this outcome was their original intention — to help humans see in the dark, and see with their eyes closed, and even see through some things, it does seem to have worked, on some of us.

It’s not perfect vision, and it doesn’t always seem to work when I want it to work. But what ever they, or God, did to me I can promise you that at certain times, under certain circumstances, I can clearly “see” again! And I believe, that’s a miracle!

But who knows, maybe some of these special abilities may partly be a special gift I (and some of my other relatives) inherited from my great grandmother Nellie O’Boyle (who apparently loved to do the jig, while she cast her good spirits onto the world).

As you may know, it has long been said that some Irish have mystical powers, and legend says my great grandmother, Nellie O’Boyle, was one of those. And who knows, maybe she’s really the one responsible for this special gift (with a little help from god)?

I don’t know why this happened to me, so you can believe it or not. But from the very beginning, here’s my whole story, and how I got to this place, being tortured to death–

“Ode to the Beast”

When you are confronted by a beast that is so overpowering and overtly cruel, sooner or later one of two things will happen to you…either you will prevail, and overthrow the beast, or you will parish, and quietly cease to exist.

The beast enjoys your fear, and only wants you to cower to its power until you die in absolute poverty. The elderly, the impaired, and the afflicted already know how this will happen to you; the shrinking rations will slowly dwindle away, as the beast grows stronger–

If you choose to not be a slave, and accept the challenge to survive as a free being, then you only have one choice. That choice can only be to destroy the beast, who or what ever it is…

So, there are only four ways that I know of to destroy the beast:
I. You must either confront the beast directly, and try to take away the power it has over you.

II. Or you may be able to starve the beast, and wait until it dies (hopefully some time before you).

III. You could attack the beast directly with your fastest fighter and sharpest sword. But we know that some of the beast’s weapons are invisible, and therefore, perhaps already invincible to your strongest blade or swiftest arrow.

Corbett is probably right, even if you are able to chop its head off, the beast may very likely grow back another head even worse than the one before. However, while the beast is waiting for its next incarnation, it just may be all the time we need — “to set things right”–

IV. Or lastly, you could over feed the beast what it wants most, and then watch it choke and die in its own vomit and excrement, as it surely deserves. At this point, it may be the only choice we have left–

So regardless of your faith, remember this. We are all promised that one day there will be peace on earth (even if that means there are no humans among the survivors).

And it may very well be the only way there will ever be justice for those of us living down here in this third America, Senator Edwards.

There are three Americas, the rich, the “not-so-rich”, and the disposable.

The rich step on the not-so-rich and the disposable, so that they can remain rich.

Meanwhile, the not-so-rich step on the disposable, hoping that they some day will become the rich.

However, because of the bots, which will be able to build and repair themselves (and will have no rights or demands), soon the not-so-rich will become the dispensable, disposable ones. And the disposable will be no more–

These writings are mostly about how it “works” for the forgotten, disposable people who live here in this ‘Third America’ (where we are so damn poor we have no choice but to cut our own hair!

For more than half my life, I’ve been completely blind and partially deaf, and have a rare form of cenesthesia, and maybe one of the rarest on earth. It allows me to do all sorts of unusual things.

For example, I can now see through things, like my eye lids. I can see in complete darkness, and sometimes, I can even see things behind me. I’ll explain some of it now, and tell you more later in another chapter, if I get the chance.

I call this special ability “Extra-Ablism “or perhaps, The Curse of Sarah Rabin”, and here’s why.

But before I explain more about this gift, let me make sure the reader knows that I did not mean “from Sarah Rabin”, but rather “the use the word of”, to understand where this ability came from–

You see, I know that there are forces in our universe that have their own way of doing things that we can never understand, as mortals. Today, having seen what I’ve seen, I believe I have a better understanding then most of how that relationship works. as I’ll explain throughout this book–

It was my very first night in the dorm at Michigan State University. My roommates took off, so I decided to crash early, some time around ten o’clock.

This was because I had to wake up early and meet up with one of my tutors, who was going to start showing me around. Unfortunately, I ended up on the third bed, which was located next to the door.

About an hour later I was awoken by the sound of voices coming from the hallway, just outside the door. I waited a good while, and tried to fall back asleep, but the voices got even louder. Especially one of the females, named Sarah.

So I slipped my clothes back on and slowly opened the door. I recognized the male voices. It was my two roommates and two girls, I had never met.

As politely as possible, I asked them if they could keep it down a little since I had to get up real early. Before either of my roommates could answer, or offer to go out into the lobby where there were dozens of couches, one of the girls (the louder one) sarcastically asked me a rhetorical question, apparently in an effort to shame me for interrupting her.

“Why don’t you open your eyes?” I was surprised by her overt rudeness, but decided to say nothing. I went back into the room and tried to fall back asleep, which took a long while.

One of the effects of my blindness was having droopy eye lids. My grandmother always said it made me look sexy. But I suspect she was only trying to make me feel better abut going blind. But I knew right away that wasn’t the intent of Sarah’s question.

Not surprisingly, I learned later that not only was she Jewish, but the daughter of a Jewish professor! And apparently was offended that some half blind guy would dare ask her to ‘quiet down’.

So maybe its a very special gift given to me from god, to help me deal with all these ignorant people, in a very, very selfish world. And that’s why I also call this special ability (Extra-Ablism), since I believe it comes from a force beyond this world, and is apparently only given to the least among us. In other words, it’s not for sale to the filthy rich who live in their gated communities up on Snobbery Hill, as I’ll explain–

Before I do, let me add one more important detail about Sarah’s lost soul, and her decision to leave Michigan State University and apparently join the ‘Israeli Death Squads’ in their daily butchering of the innocent children of Palestine.

Later that year, we went to a dance in our dorm, together, although I don’t remember whose idea it was- When we got there, she said “Wait here a minute,” and I ignorantly agreed, being the trusting fool I was, or used to be–

For almost an hour I stood outside, since the room was almost completely dark and I couldn’t see a thing, and waited for her…but she never came back to get me.

Then about a month later, she came to my dorm room and took off some of her clothes and laid on my bed. It was obvious, she was offering me a “pity screw”, if I wanted it. Not that I haven’t done something like that before, I never took it from Sarah. And it wasn’t because I wasn’t attracted to her. Or because I was gay, as she, or some of her sexual partners, began telling some of the other students who lived in our dorm…but it was because I knew there was something wrong with her — I knew something sexual had happened to her in Okemos while growing up.

As I write in another chapter about Stephen King’s character, Beverly Marsh, from the best seller “It”, I had a strong feeling Sarah had also been sexually abused as a young person. During her freshman year, Sarah apparently had slept with several of the guys on our floor, and a few different guys in Case Hall I knew. Later that year, a good friend confirmed what I had heard, and said he had also slept with her a few times.

I’m not claiming I was a virtuous saint, but I suppose (somewhere in the back of my mind) I didn’t want to be just another one of those guys, and take advantage of her effort to apparently exercise her “personal pain”–

It was a couple years later, During most of my twenties when I first actually began to experience ‘total blindness’, and became a “total”, as we at the blind school called those who had no usable vision. As I wrote about in one of these chapters, the rest of us were known back then as “high partials”.

So throughout most of my twenties, I gradually lost the rest of my vision. Some days I could see shadows well enough to walk around without a white cane, if I knew where I was going. But then, on other days I could see absolutely nothing but this blurry, half-darkness.

And what made it even harder was that I never knew how much vision I would have the next day until I woke up. Most days the blurriness would begin to clear up, once I had a little coffee. But other mornings it never did–

So on the bad days, I would smoke a bowl of bud, if I had one, and go back to bed…and just skip class or work.

But then something strange started happening in my late twenties and early thirties. Instead of total darkness, I began to see this white light. And if I sat in a dark room and closed my eye lids completely, the light would get even brighter. And then, slowly I began to see the outline of things in the dark, with my eyes close.

By the time I turned thirty-five I could actually see better in the dark.!

Then shadows began to emerge from this dim light. Except unlike what happened when I was first going blind, during my teenage years when I would do everything to force my eyes to open wider, my eye lids were usually completely closed.

It started when I began to see some shadows moving in front of me. And sometimes I could even see things that were behind me.

By the time I reached forty, sometimes I could see some of the details of these shadows. But I convinced myself that it was only my brain trying to create images to compensate for my lack of vision.

One of the first things I remember seeing and thinking about (with my eyes closed) was watching the way the smoke would raise and curl off the end of a joint whenever I smoked weed. I just assumed it was because of the buzz, and never thought much about it other than it was very entertaining.

But then I noticed, the shadows around me were slowly becoming more clear and it had nothing to do with smoking marijuana, because it was happening almost every day, mostly at night, whether I was smoking or not.

I would clearly see something on the floor that I had just dropped, but then whack my head on something that was in the way when I reached down for what ever it was that I dropped. Today, this is still a problem when I try to pick things up, despite my ever-improving “vision”.

In other words, it was as though I could see right through one object enough to clearly see the shape and position of the object below or behind it, which makes it possible to quickly pick it up. As I said, sometimes this is a real “headache”, since my brain is apparently only able to focus on the object I’m looking at– I will explain this better, when I describe to you in detail one of the daily experiments I’ve been conducting.

So when I began to notice there was something very strange going on, I began testing this crazy theory in all sorts of ways — I seriously began testing my ability to see through things, including my eye lids.

As I continued experimenting I began to realize that I had been using other parts of my body, like my fingers or toes to see things around me. By moving my fingers or toes closer to, or by touching an object, I was suddenly able to clearly see all of it, and which way it was positioned.

I think this would be an easy experiment to demonstrate to an audience, because the viewer would be able to tell by the way I grab something, like a fallen lighter or fork, that I seem to know exactly which way the object is facing.

Of course, the best way to prove this is by first putting on something that covers my eyes, completely. Then it would be difficult to explain if I were to describe to the viewer exactly what I’m “seeing”, and which way the object was facing, before actually picking it up.

Sometime during the 1990’s for no reason I began walking around with my finger sticking out in front of me, as though I were holding a white cane. I realize now, I was able to “see” some of what was in front of me, and was already using my first finger and some of my extra abilities, even if I didn’t know it.

And today, I can “see” my fingers moving over the piano or guitar and clearly see the frets of the guitar or the spaces in between the keys, even if my head is facing the other way, or my eyes are covered. And I can tell by how much my playing has improved, it really does help to “see” the keys or frets. Not to say that there aren’t lots of great blind musicians out there who don’t need any sort of “sixth sense” or extra-ability to play well.

There’s no doubt, something strange has happened to my brain to help me to see, and it has absolutely nothing to do with my eyes, because I was born with a degenerative retina condition called Retinitus Pigmentosa (RP).

I was already wearing pop bottle glasses by the time I turned five and started kindergarten. Because of how fast this decease destroys the vision of young children, as opposed to those who develop the condition later in life, I can easily prove I have no retinas left! And while this may soon change, there’s no evidence that retinas can ever grow back on their own…

As I mentioned above, it is not a “psychic gift” but rather what I properly call “Extra-Ablism” — or perhaps, an evolution of the human DNA, which (At this age), I would gladly share with almost any adventurous, courageous feminine spirit under the right conditions. as long as it wasn’t in some government lab while some perverted Doctor Frankenstein was watching!

But seriously, men and women have been successfully recombining their DNA for hundreds of thousands of years, which allowed our genes to evolve and adapt to best fit the changing environment. So given the rapid and unpredictable changing climate, and the massive amount of poison we are ingesting every day, maybe, who knows, a dramatic jump in the human DNA is long overdue.

Because of the daily abuse I have had to endure over the last ten years, being shot with some sort of electro magnetic weapon and coordinated harassment, which I’ll explain more later, my extra senses and abilities have apparently developed, significantly.

In actuality, this is not all that uncommon among those who are born with severe impairments and those who have been seriously traumatized during their early lives.

As a young person, I can still remember noticing I had some of these odd abilities, like being able to float above my body at will, or know what someone was thinking about, or sometimes know what was going to happen or what someone was going to say. But until now, as I’m apparently being slowly murdered by the government over the last twenty years, I rarely felt comfortable enough to talk about it with anyone.

In class, very often I would know the answer before the question was ever asked. And sometimes I would try to put the answer (my thought) in the mind of someone else, and wait for them to give the answer. It didn’t always work, but a lot of times it did–

And over the last ten years I’ve been also experimenting with controlling objects while they are in motion, like for example, grabbing things in mid-air as they are falling.

I don’t know why this happens to some people, except that it really is real. And every major government on earth knows it’s real. And I suspect there are some of us extra-able-bodied people locked away in labs and facilities that you’ll never know about.

During these experiments, often I try to pick up things as quickly as I can, at the first instant I “see” it, as fast as I can. I do this just to see if I can grab what I think I see. And usually I get it right. Maybe that’s why two men, who claimed they were with the U.S. Marshals Office, came into my home in 2009 and probably put in a hidden camera or two, while I was being distracted.

So unless they kill me first, I hope to document it for the world very soon, although I know the video proof already exists…

Before I tell you a little about the secret, let me say, a person can use anything for good or evil. It is our choice, as it was intended.

However, I have no doubt now that these special abilities are a gift from god, and from the good, and not from Satan or anything that is evil or magical, as some would like you to believe.

For the last ten years I have been shocked every day, as much as fifty or one hundred times per day, mostly at night, or any time I lay down to rest. and the police and FBI will do nothing to help, other than to offer to commit me to some mental hospital (where they can get another fake FMRI and claim I’m not really blind).

For the last twenty or thirty years “they” have done everything they possibly could do to make me an angry, hateful person, like I suspect they are doing to most of the shooters being rolled off the shelf every week by this same shadow government.

So like I said, the government already knows this, but I can see and pick up objects with my eyes completely 100% closed. It’s not perfect vision, maybe even less than 20-200 most of the time. Although other times, it’s better than 20-20, and sometimes I seem to be able to see inside of things, like a closed kitchen drawer or cabinet.

For example, in this one experiment, before I will open a drawer I’ll look to see where the object that I’m looking for is located. Then I’ll quickly open the drawer and grab the object. Despite that there are dozens of things scattered inside the drawer, yet I am almost always able to see the outline of the object I’m looking for first, then open the drawer and grab it.

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

But I can also see through wood and other solid objects. I can also identify the shapes and the exact position of an object when it’s behind the solid barriers I am looking through. And this would be easy to prove, if I weren’t being intentionally isolated by the government trolls–

Given the opportunity, I can absolutely prove these extra-abilities exist, although I don’t know why. Simply by placing a helmet or something else like that on my head, and then by turning on the camera, I will show you the most amazing thing you have ever “seen”– a completely blind man who can see through solid objects. And who can also see with other parts of his body, like his hands and feet (in total darkness). No shit April Bear!

April recently did a story for the local version of “National Jewish Propaganda Radio” suggesting that the electric guitar was becoming absolute as a musical instrument. However, as I write about in the first chapter of this book, playing the guitar successfully requires a tremendous amount of strength in your hands, wrists and fingers. Making it an instrument usually played by men. And maybe that’s the reason April was publicly demeaning the hobby…just as she and this station apparently once publicly demeaned my ability to “see” with my eyes closed, and sometimes “see” through objects.

So I predict some day soon April Bear and OPB will deeply regret having publicly ridiculed my Extra-Ablism.

Edgar Cayce is the most well known case of Extra-Ablism. Thousands testified that he was able to see the future and read people’s mind, and sometimes even cure their illness with nothing more than his touch. Along with being extremely sensitive to electro magnetic fields, such as florescent lights, his life work, healing others, apparently drained him of the energy he needed to live. He died at a very early age, long before we had a chance to understand his special abilities.

There was also a man they called “Blind Tom”, and a few others who have had their stories documented.

So who knows, maybe it’s an early warning system that humans, in all our slovenliness, stop using and forgot about — Perhaps, in order to survive in an extremely hostile world we all used to be able to see through the trees and hear beyond the mountains?

In 1970 or 1971, when I was ten or eleven, me and my older brother spent two days at the University of Michigan Medical Center, where they first took our blood, and then had us come back in a few weeks to undergo all sorts of these strange tests on our brain and eyes.

I don’t remember many of the dozens of experiments they did, but I do know the MK Ultra Program was in full use at the time and children with disabilities were often their unknowing victims, like Willowbrook. And it’s possible that they were already using kids like me with perhaps an earlier version of the “CRISPR/Cas 9” — both what many believe is the most dangerous weapon on earth, as well as the greatest advancement ever in the biological sciences!

And it would explain what’s been happening to me. I know I always had some unusual abilities, but now I’ve experienced things that I can’t ever let myself think about, since just thinking about something means they may be listening…

So, maybe they always knew I had something unusual going on in this small area of the brain, where they know it occurs. And maybe they think or know trauma is one “good” way to activate this long lost Ablism I believe we all have tucked away in our DNA.

And maybe that’s why some mad scientist out of Chicago or California, with the help of the police and the F.B.I. is shocking and burning me every day and every night with these new weapons. A few years ago Multnomah Sheriff Mike Reese boasted to the Portland City Fluoride Club that he had these new tasers that could be used by the police against a person from over thirty yards away. He went on to say something about how effective these new electro magnetic weapons were against a person hiding behind a door or wall, such as the thin aluminum wall of my RV.

But nature is funny that way. No matter how threatening life becomes, nature always seems to try to find a way to survive. Especially when a life is being put under this sort of continuous trauma — like when a person is constantly being denied sleep, and being shocked in the head, feet, rectum and genitals over and over, while being sprayed with poisons and hallucinogens!

When I was locked up in Bob Hermann’s dungeon in 2005 for eleven days, with nothing to read, no way to write and no one to talk to, while people all around me were pounding and screaming 24-hours per day, it may have been the event that triggered these new changes to occur. I just hope by telling you this I don’t end up like Jack Nicholson’s character from the movie, “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” which was based on a true story about the Oregon State Hospital!

So as I said, today almost every day I’m being shocked, itched, numbed, cramped poked, stung, and burned over and over in what “they” humorously call “the electric bleachers”.

My scalp has been completely burnt off, and the bottoms of my feet are solid chunks of burnt flesh. For the record, I’ve taken hundreds of pics of my injuries.

This all began after being falsely accused of a Measure Eleven crime in 2005. Then early one morning I was arrested and falsely imprisoned. In a good part of this book, I describe how I was tortured for forty two days by Washington County District Attorney Bob Hermann and Sheriff Rob Gordon, until I agreed to sign nine blank pieces of paper.

As a result of one of these pieces of paper I signed, I am now literally being cooked alive with some sort of laser weapon, using some kind of magnetic field, and even my own doctor refused to treat my injuries, suggesting that I only needed to get some “extra-strength dandruff shampoo”, after examining my scalp, where chunks of my scalp were literally falling on to the floor!

As I said, I am also being sprayed with some sort of poison when I’m outside. And sometimes, I’m even being spray through my windows and vents at night, when no one’s watching.

So because of this government sponsored terrorism, I have been held prisoner under the threat of violence in my home for the last three and a half years, since February of 2015. They have almost killed me several times, including once when they intentionally ran me down while I was campaigning for medical marijuana, as I write about in another chapter. But let me say here, the two guys who did it got no ticket or sobriety test, just a pat on the back from the Portland Police Bureau and the Mayor’s “Equity” Office.

The rest of this book will tell you in no uncertain terms what and why this is happening to both me, and many Americans, where apparently completely blind people can be sexually assaulted, tortured, and slowly murdered by someone and “law enforcement” and the district attorney, Rod Undertakerhill, sits around and does absolutely nothing to help.

As these writings document, this is being done today in America to anyone who dares to question their version of the “truth.”

In this book, I describe how the government has intentionally destroyed my life, with complete malice and forethought. So I hope you will appreciate my courage and blatant honesty, as you continue to read about my own horrific story, and how I believe the American government had selected me when I was ten-years-old to participate in one of the government’s MK Ultra program. And then set out to destroy my credibility when I first began to speak out against it — using kids with disabilities for government experimentation!