(Last updated: June 22, 2017)
In 2008, ESPN’s Colin Cowherd Called for the Rape and Murder of his Daughter! Cowherd Was Fired, But Disney’s Friends Continue to Punish the Whistleblower!
by DR Wolfe

(Includes strong language and some descriptions of sex)


As we watch our society crumble under its own sickness, and willful blindness, perhaps this one incident in 2008 involving one of Disney/ESPN’s sports talk morons may explain why this is happening…and further document the lack of accountability within the corporate media murder machine!

While I was still hopelessly lost in my addiction to one of America’s most unhealthy drugs — organized sports, on Halloween morning in 2008 I heard Portland’s own Colin Cowherd tell all the sexually-obsessed, young men who listen to this garbage to, in so many words, ‘please Kidnap, rape, and murder my daughter tonight, so I can blame my wife, and get my son back!’

“No way!, you’re thinking. Yes way! And here’s the facts-

Sadly, I used to listen to this bigoted, gambling degenerate almost every morning on the local InterCom station. And while he was a REAL jerk on the local Portland station, when he moved to Bristol and joined the sicko’s at ESPN he quickly became a truly sick man, as this article will prove.

It went on for weeks and weeks. Every morning Cowherd would rant about how the courts had been biased toward his wife in their custody dispute, and how she has this new boyfriend. Every day he would talk about his son and daughter (by name), and go on to tell the mostly male audience exactly where they lived (in a town he named, in another nearby state which he also named).

So, on this Halloween morning in 2008, like a lot of mornings, he began complaining about how his ex-wife was given exclusive visitation rights for what he said was his most favorite holiday (picture that costume scene from “Eyes Wide Shut”).

I remember, He said something that morning about his ex-wife would probably be making out with her new boyfriend, and because of it, his kids would not be properly supervised (while apparently his ex would be screwing her new boyfriend).

Of course, what ex hasn’t made this exact same claim? Sometimes it’s true, and sometimes it’s not. So maybe his concerns are justified, and his ex was putting the kids at risk by not closely watching them, especially on Halloween night? Everyone knows all parents should be extra vigilant when taking their kids out to trick or treat.

At this point, I was probably more on Colin’s side in what became a public battle of the “Roses”. As my own story describes in great detail, (“3 Americas”), I know first hand how easy it is today for women, more than men, to get primary custody of their kids. And whether or not they’re sleeping around (especially if they’re sleeping with the right man, or woman), seems to make little difference.

So, as I said, I have some empathy for Colin in this regard, but I think he went way to far that morning, as I’ll explain. then I’ll tell you how this sick bastard (and some of his sports talk friends) went after me for writing about it!

Cowherd began his show telling the young (horny) men listening that his seven-year-old daughter was going to be ‘dressed up in a yummy M&M Halloween costume tonight’!

If his actual words weren’t enough to raise a few red flags, the tone of his voice gave me the impression there was something really, really creepy floating across his brain at that very moment.

Doesn’t it seem a little irresponsible for a dad to dress up his young daughter like a “piece” of candy for Halloween, with all the missing and exploited kids we got today, and then telling everyone listening her first name and exactly where she lives (and will be tricker treating that night)?

Think about this, first Cowherd is complaining about his wife’s lack of supervision. Then the next moment he’s sharing all this private information about his daughter with his mostly male audience, which may very likely include more than a few perverts?

So in the fall of 2008 I wrote about this in my blog:
(See:, The J Edgar Blog)

Imagine this, some sex predator (perhaps like, Chad Doing [the dog] or Johnny ‘little bit’ Strong) is listening to Cowherd’s show, pounding his meat. And then, thanks to ‘good old Dad, the predator now knows the young girl’s first name and where she lives, and what she’s wearing for Halloween.

Be honest and ask yourself, how hard would it be for this man (or woman) to find this young girl dressed up like an M&M, and snatch her off the street while her mom isn’t looking? Maybe Colin’s ex-wife is busy chasing her other child down the block when this happens…

“Hey [name omitted], remember me? I’m a friend of your daddy’s? We met at the game last summer, you remember me?” He doesn’t wait for her to respond. “How’s your dad doing [name omitted]? Want some candy? I got all this candy for the church, but as you can see I got way, way to much! He chuckles.”

She sees the huge bag of candy, and knowing this is a friend of her dad’s, she comes a little closer to look.

“Come on honey, hop in. How’s your dad? Sorry to hear about your mom and dad, breaking up like that.” She wants to tell him how much it hurts her that their splitting up, as he slaps the seat. As he begins shoveling a big handful of candy toward her, she climbs in, but just for a minute.

“Did you know, there’s a house at the next block, around the corner here that’s giving out these great big massive huge candy bars? Come on, I’ll show you where it is, and you can take your brother there,” he tells her, as he reaches across her lap and pulls the door closed…and drives away.

Can you guess what happens next?

As usual, to protect another one of their own sick fucks, Disney goes out and finds another Ottis Toole (who was one of the worst serial murderers in American history, but didn’t kill Adam Walsh) or Pedro Hernandez (who has a severe mentle illness and is completely innocent of Etan Patz’s murder) to blame, and America quickly falls back asleep listening to another sports cheat winning another “championship”…and quickly forgets about the kidnapping of the young Cowherd girl–

So in the deep dark mind of this Disney sick fuck, letting some perv steal his daughter was okay, if it meant getting even with his ex-wife and getting full custody of his son — the kid he really loves!

If you want to know who some of his Portland friends are, you can read more about these local sports talk morons here:
(See “Is Football Now Fake Ball?”

So in retaliation for me writing about this in my blog in 2008, Cowherd, Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg did a skit on the morning of the 2009 NFL draft, just for me! Maybe you remember this?

The skit involved a character they called the “blind prognosticator”. Along with being visually-impaired, the character was portrayed as being a bumbling, stumbling blind idiot (just like the Disney bigots portrayed this other visually-impaired character in their sick Hollyweird movie, “Mr. Magoo”).

And here’s a strange coincidence. In June of 2008, the local community radio station [KBOO] where I was volunteering as a reporter in the newsroom produced this skit I suspect was made just for me (Just because you sound paranoid, doesn’t mean some people aren’t out to screw you over).

First, for weeks, this man [Ron] who was on parole under the supervision of the highly corrupt Clackamas County Corrections Department at the time, had been walking around the radio station and punching me every time he saw me. Once, in the presence of the News Director, Jenka Soderberg, he slapped me in the back of the head with a newspaper while I was working on the computer with headphones! Not surprisingly, this outspoken feminist did nothing…

Rather than doing stories about the LBGTQ community or women’s rights, like almost everyone else, most of my stories were focused on the rights of men with disabilities, as well as police and prosecutorial misconduct.

So, this disgusting skit was about a man who threatened these three women with sexual assault. Despite that he never received a trial or was allowed to confront his accusers, and despite having not been convicted by a jury of his peers, they killed him in the most vicious manner possible. The three ugly women duct taped him to a chair and then poked out each of his eyes with a hot poker, as the radio audience had to listen to him screamed for mercy!
(See “3 Americas: A Pearl Necklace for Christmas”)

Similarly, the short radio play that Mike and Mike (and Colin Cowherd) produced and aired over the entire ESPN Network was apparently created on behalf of the Disney “suits”. I believe it was made in retaliation for the misunderstood satire I was using at the time in my nationally syndicated blog, named after the infamous former-FBI Director, J. Edger Hoover.

My blob was based on this psychotic, billionaire character [J Edgar] who was ruthlessly describing our future on earth, and our inevitable demise!

If you read those extremely politically “insensitive” postings today, its kind of amazing how many of my predictions turned out to be right…although I’m still waiting for the complete collapse of all life in the Pacific Ocean, a prediction I still stand bye and believe is going to eventually happen. It’s only a matter of time, as the ocean waters continue to heat up and Fukushima continues to burn…

Well Disney, at least I’m not “Jaking it” any more!

(Wait until you hear that story, involving ABC Sports, the University of Kentucky Law School (and its disability office), THE Ohio State University Buckeyes, and a sick wrestling coach from the Michigan School for the Blind (who liked to get the young blind boys naked and take them into the heated pool, and fondle them, while his twenty something son [Jeff] stood watch)!