HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABRAHAM!!! BORN: Abraham Timothy Wolfe DOB: August 26, 2002 Gender: Male COUNTY OF BIRTH: Multnomah County, Oregon MOTHER: Christel Lynn Wolfe FATHER: Donald Ray Wolfe (Have you seen this missing child? he’s another innocent child stolen by the dirty child-raping international…who now run America and (I believe) killed Jeff Epstein and did 9-11, Oklahoma City and both of the Kennedy’s, and so much more…

Why were these “Dr. Frankenstine-made” psychopath murderers allowed by the State of Oregon to drive these six stolen children over a cliff! Isn’t it curious that both my bi-sexual wife and these two lesbians (Jennifer and Sarah Hart) fled to the same dirty little town in Clackamas County, Oregon called “West Linn”? Were they seeking protection from these “neo-liveral-nazis”, like, Marc Abrams, Judge van Dyk and all these other suspicious creepy characters who run this dirty county’s “legal” system? While living in Oregon, were they intentionally allowed to continue their sexual abuse under the protection of Sheriff Craig Roberts, DA John Foote, and Washington County Circuit Judge Susan Upton — under the protection of the same power thrusters who helped my wife (and her boyfriend) steal my son in 2007? Read my chapter, “The Theft Of Abraham”, below and then decide, who’s the real “child molesters”…

Meanwhile, our compassionate, gay Governor Kate Brown’s, and Sheriff Craig Roberts’, dirty cops continue to torture Abraham’s completely blind, half-deaf father, with impunity!

Before reading the chapter below, here’s the short version as to why–

In 2007, Senator Ron Wyden and former-Governor Ted Kulongoski, who is best known for being a personal friend of former-governor and child-rapist Neil Goldschmit, instructed Jay Scroggin, who was the head of Crack-of-my-ass County’ Corrections at the time (and who I was told would regularly make secret deals with some of the “sex offenders” under his supervision, who often called him, behind his back, “Jay Scroggomite”).

As directed, Scroggin arranged to falsely imprison me for ten days in Craig Roberts jail just three days prior to my divorce/custody trial, scheduled in Eugene for May 17, 2007.

Presumably, it’s a federal crime for any elected state official to willfully interfere with a civil case to benefit themselves or a “good friend”. Despite this, two weeks prior to having me arrested, Oregon’s arrogant Senator Ron Wyden admitted on Mark Mason’s show that the CEO of E-Bay, Meg Whitman, had come into his DC office and asked him for a favor.

While KEX’s Mark “Moron” Mason never thought to asked why this DemoCreep from Oregoon was doing a favor for a RepubliCon from California, So you know, the favor Wyden was asked was to arrange to have me arrested to prevent me from questioning my wife about her creepy new boyfriend — a true sexual predator, and his ex-wife, Chris and Libby Rascon.

Apparently, the Rascons were high-level sub-contractors with E-Bay and apparently personal friends of Meg Whitman. Since Whitman was planning to sell her stock one year later (for one billion dollars), Whitman told Wyden she was concerned that I would damage her stock by exposing the fact that her friend, Chris Rascon, had a secret apartment (a love nest), where he was having affairs with both my wife and mother-in-law.

Whitman told Wyden she was also concerned that if I was able to question my wife about him, it would be revealed that Chris Rascon had recently broken Libby’s wrist when she questioned him about his secret apartment and his ongoing affairs,

As I said, Whitman was concerned this information would damage the value of her stock and asked Ron Wyden to help her by preventing me from attending my divorce/custody trial. According to my Probation Officer, Art Nagel, Governor Kulongoski had contacted Scroggin and ordered him to have Nagel arrest me.

And when I was released on May 24th and I reported to his Oregon City Office, Nagel walked me outside and around the corner, and then apologized. He told me he had opposed it, but both Scroggin and Kulongoski had ordered him to arrest me!

Not only is this a clear case of ‘influence pedaling’ by Meg Whitman, it also cost eight innocent UCC students their lives, as I’ll explain…

During our divorce/custody trial, I intended to ask my wife about her sexual affairs with two UCC professors (including a man named “Larry”), who she said were involved in a practice of trading female students sex for grades.

Since my wife and her two girls had spent the night with “Larry” in 2001 (who generously gave her a truck load of furniture) just a few weeks after I had given her an engagement ring, it’s unlikely my wife’s dirty lawyer would have been able to keep this evidence out of the trial. Although her dirty lawyer, Michelle Bo Victor, sent me a threatening letter, claiming I had no right to respond to Libby Rascon’s E mail or three phone calls, asking me for more information about my wife.

And when this didn’t work, the Rascons, Jay Scroggin, and my wife’s lawyer conspired to have me arrested three days before the trial was scheduled, which prevented critical information from becoming public about a practice of UCC male professors trading female students sex for grades!

You may remember this particular shooting in Roseburg, Oregon. A male student named Chris Mercer was so angry about his grade, he went to the UCC campus one day and shot his professor, ironically named “Larry”, and eight other students, including Senator Jeff Merkley’s “favorite” cousin, Rebecca Karnes.

I wrote to Senator Merkley about all of this and one of his staffers, a man named Joel, blew me off, and in so many words suggested I get some mental health counseling.

So where is Jeff Merkley today? Stopping the Oregoons from killing me too — the messenger? NO! Instead, holding hands with the same Ron Wyden, who played a key role in the murder of Rebecca Karnes, and apparently thinking about someday being the PRESIDENT!

Then my good friend, Jay Scroggin, gets promoted to be Oregon’s Executive Director of Pardons and Paroles. But when I start causing problems, like helping to block Fluoride from being put into our water system, and attempting to recall the “child molesting” gay mayor, Jay is sent by the queer cabal back to Portland. And suddenly I’m being tortured every night and day with some sort of electro-magnetic weapon, that shocks you, burns you, numbs you, and can make you itch like a maniac!

Imagine, I’m also part Cherokee, and I’m being electronically scalped in America in the year 2018! But apparently I’m not enough Cherokee (1/8th), so instead of helping, some of the local Native-Americans joke about it on the local community radio — KKKBOO FM. I used to volunteer at KKKBOO until two of these Native-American women duct taped a man to a chair and poked each of his eyes out with a hot poker over the air (in an effort to further harass me)!

And, on Monday, August 20, 2018 at approximately 9:30 a.m. someone hurled a fifteen pound cement block over my privacy fence, which was apparently intended to strike me in the head and kill me!

So while I still can write, this blog is about the story of how the sick pedophiles who molest and openly experiment on disabled Americans, especially the children, are running America, and proves no one in power gives a shit about us! And my story proves it…