(While the FBI and the DOJ seem to do nothing…)

(Last updated: July 10, 2017)
by DR Wolfe

{From “the Dirty Little Secret About Transparensee” Series}

A low moaning sound, barely audible, came from the group of “Halfrights,” as they were called by their care-takers.

Other than the 200 child sex slaves, there was 7,013 of them left, all gathered together wearing matching, bright orange outfits. An unspoken command was given, and instantly, they were all silenced.

Over the last several weeks since they were taken they learned that disobeying the least of commands wasn’t an option, no matter how much they wanted to with all their bodies, hearts and minds–

They were a collection of the who’s who, among the who’s who on earth. They all knew that bringing all of them together in one place at one time was a historic event. And they were all preparing for the greatest event in history.

Once again, just a few months later, they were all standing together side-by-side — the last survivors of the human race. They were self-selected simply because they were the most powerful people alive, or in a few cases, had a special skill or knowledge which the group needed to survive. While there were a few intellectually-challenged, attractive celebrity types among them, it was decided no media personalities would be brought along just in case that one or two of them happen to get a spine and ask a few embarrassing questions about how things had transpired before leaving earth.

As it had been centuries earlier, when monarchs and military commanders ruthlessly ruled the earth, by the Twenty-First Century once again power was determined exclusively by one’s ability to accumulate wealth or scientific knowledge. Or by, having control over those with the scientific knowledge or power to control others, which was just as good, as long as that control was absolute. The new technology made the control those in power had over the average person both undetectable and completely unsurmountable.

The ability to use the media and law enforcement to create any reality they needed made it impossible to challenge their authority through the legal system, which then made it easy to silence any one who dared to publicly question them…by asking embarrassing questions, like:

I. How did the Twin Towers and Building 7 all collapse at nearly free fall speed, exactly like any well-controlled demolition would?

II. And how did the BBC and Larry Silverstein, the building owner, know Building 7 was going to collapse before hand?

III. And why did the 9-11 Commission completely ignore the collapse of Building 7 and hundreds of reports from witnesses who heard the sound of explosions in its “official” report?

IV. And how were they able to write a complete draft of the final report before the 9-11 Commission had ever met?

The fact that the dumb-down masses just ignored all of this trickery and tragedy, and went back to their FaceBook and sports talk nonsense, until the next “Sandy Hoax”, is the only explanation really needed to understand the truth about the nature of modern man. It’s why they did what they had to do, and it’s what they had to do to preserve the very best of the human race–

So, being a member of this exclusive club in the Twenty-First Century was almost like being a god, or as close as a human being could come. And never before in human history had the members of this celebrated group all been gathered together, all in one place, all at one time. But here they all were, gathered together, waiting their turn to leave the earth. For some, this would be the last time they would ever step foot on this, or any other planet–

Two-hundred and seven of them at a time were being transported inside a shuttle craft up to a massive spaceship, which had been secretly assembled in earth’s atmosphere over the past four and a half decades. It was assembled in space to orbit the earth at the southern axis so that it couldn’t be viewed by amateur astronomers.

The curvature of the earth and the gravitational attraction of the sun prevented almost anyone from seeing an object that was either orbiting directly above the South Pole, or approaching the earth from the southern axis.

On the other hand, because of the planet’s gentle wobble, and because that pole was always facing toward the earth’s own star, most astronomers in the northern hemisphere had enough light and the right angles to view objects, such as satellites or comets, that were above or approaching the earth from the northern axis at certain predictable times.

The mystery of what or who lies beyond the stars has been the greatest inspiration for most mythology, literature and science humans have ever devised, truth or fiction, since they first looked up, beyond the trees.

The plan was to assemble two space ships above the earth, one would be a massive ship designed to carry thousands of them, and the other would be a second decoy ship, called “sapphire “. The smaller ship would not actually be usable, but the larger ship would fly at one tenth the speed of light out into the Milky Way Galaxy, where they would circle a nearby star and then use the ship’s speed and own mass to slingshot back to this solar system.

According to their scientists, the earth would age hundreds of years before they returned, which would allow the planet time to recover enough to again sustain life.

So to increase the probability for success they decided to accelerate the regeneration process once they left the earth’s atmosphere. They would as quickly as possible cleanse the earth of all potential organic contaminants, and thereby, raise the possibility of preserving the future human race-

But their plans had been changed, or at least, temporarily delayed. They were being forced by these yet unseen beings to defend the Project, and the decisions they made prior to the launch. Making these others understand how among humans, apparently unlike other intelligent life in the universe, there were the “achievers” and the “losers”, who were either unlucky or genetically defective. And the achievers knew, it was the laziness and selfishness among the general public which caused the environment to fail and not because of anything the achievers did.

It is true, they had believed for a time science would find a solution for every environmental problem, but as it turned out they were wrong. This was the reason for their having to abandon the earth once the cascade had begun, and the collapse became inevitable.

“There was no choice left, other than to board the raft or go down with the ship. We chose the raft,” their selected advocate explained. Our world has limited resources, as you know. And the average human cares nothing about this and breeds like rabbits if you let them, not just the mentally defective ones either,” he began. Although, among themselves Albert knew they would say “In one way or another, they’re all defective — “little, blind parasites!”

“Kill the blood-sucking parasites!” they all chanted, over and over, raising the giant crib into the air and hurling it into the flames-

“Ungrateful bastards!” David screamed, and Charles applauded, the day the final decision was made to leave.

Other than a little window dressing for the ignorant masses and the environmental whacko’s, they decided there would be no more money wasted on cleaning things up, so every dime from this point forward would be directed into the Project and their survival.

It was kind of funny, but when they began to gather to begin the departure, other than a few knuckleheads from the alternative media, like Jim Fetzer, no one noticed that almost every one of the world’s leaders had suddenly disappeared from public view.

The mainstream media, who had perfected playing the shell game with their dumb-downed, loyal viewers, played it perfectly when the time to depart came…

As another pre-diversion, over the previous year the public had been treated to lots and lots of new interesting plastic, electronic toys made from some of the most advanced technology available — technology that had mostly been kept from them. And exactly as was predicted, it kept the little rats extremely busy and obsessively entertained, and as usual, ignorant to what their governments were planning-

Suddenly, little johnny was able to have a bicycle that could safely and easily transport him over a busy highway. And little Jill had a robotic sister that not only liked to be bossed around, but could kick the ass of any human, if needed. The technology that had been developed over the previous decades, which the public knew nothing about, was flooded into the market place, including lots of free stuff for the “economically challenged,” as the losers liked to be called.

“How dare they blame the achievers!” Was the battle cry among the elite. And they all laughed, thinking back about how the stupid masses didn’t even raise a small whimper as NASA and its most costly space programs were being shut down. No one seemed to wonder, “What about those other two Apollo rocket engines that you guys built, and are ready to go?” They only need to be shipped to Florida and attached to the space module, right?”

But, only a few space buffs said anything at all to the willfully-deaf corporate controlled media, who as usual ignored any questions they were told to ignore, calling the relentless questioners, “conspiracy theorists.”.

“NASA is going in a different direction,” the submissive, drugged-out public was advised. And, in the age of social media and electronic love, no one really cared much about exploring space any more. Especially when it meant by not going back into space the government would be cutting their taxes a few bucks each week, equivalent to the cost of a six pack or a small pizza. Of course, this meant the billionaires and trillionaires would also each be able to keep a few extra bucks each week, which worked out to be about a few million bucks for each of them…

While the roads, bridges and schools began to crumble and collapse, the number of militarized killer cops, federal agents, and government lawyers increased, exponentially.

The strategy worked perfectly. Anyone who said anything at all about anything, like what might be going on behind the curtain, or being put into the water supply, was viciously targeted by the machine.

The public attacks came from all parts of the media, from both the phony-left and righteous-right, as well as the government agents, informants and provocateurs, posing as peace officers, community watch groups, and morning hosts and callers on the local community radio station.

Just as the local DA’s always protect the local cops for abusing or executing the houseless, “cripple” men and members of certain dark complected racial minorities, the courts and the Justice Department were directed to not seriously prosecute anyone who helped in this slow genocide of the undesirables.

As one example of the secret plan of genocide by the elite, it was decided that George Zimmerman would never be sent to prison by the state or the federal government for the shooting of an unarmed, black sixteen-year-old boy in Florida, Trayvon Martin, who was caught carrying a loaded can of soda and a half bag of Skittles by Zimmerman in a mostly white neighborhood.

The victims were always quickly described by the agents of the machine to the public and their neighbors as being either “a crazy pothead”, like Trayvon Martin and Michael Hastings were, or described as being some kind of “dangerous terrorist” who “got what they deserved.” And it all had worked perfectly, until now-

An unspoken signal was given for the representative of the Halfrights to approach. An extremely tall, gaunt-looking man of about sixty years of age, who looked especially pale in the dim light, stood up slowly and approached the middle of the circle. the circle was lit by a green glow that made his orange jumper appear as though it were a muddy, brown color that needed a lot of cleaning, and after what he had been through, it probably ought to be burned-

Albert Switzmyer, a trillionaire from Oregon, had been chosen by the survivors to speak as their representative, sort of like an advocate, but that wasn’t exactly an accurate description of what his role would be during these proceedings, they were told. One of the many rules that had been given to them when they were directed to select a representative was that it could not be a person who had been formally trained in the “law”, which was always followed by a chuckle from the ones watching. In addition, their selected representative could also not be a person who was trained or involved in politics, finance, or the practice of taking other lives, human or otherwise. Only the act of having hunted for one’s own food was considered as an exception to this last rule.

So, among the few that were left, Albert was the one selected to speak on behalf of the survivors. Under the rules, the group would be provided fifteen minutes at the end of each day following their daily punishment to discuss their strategy with Albert.

The strangers told the Halfrights, ‘This is far, far more time to prepare for your defense than you ever gave any person without the means to purchase the services of an ‘expert in the law’.”

One of the most amazing abilities these beings had demonstrated to the survivors involved having a thousand or more images flashed across their brains in a few seconds. And every image was instantly printed into their memory. In this case, the visions showed how the legal systems on earth were made to be completely inaccessible unless one had a well-paid, trained “expert” to defend their “rights”.

Even before the voice began speaking, they already understood why their choice had been approved, They were told, because so few “blacks” had settled in what was once proudly called a [able-bodied] “White Homeland”, and because of who the State mostly targeted to fill its prisons and jails, made selecting a wealthy, arrogant man from Lake Grove, Oregon a perfect choice, they were informed.

“Since the Oregon BAR, like almost all of your state BAR associations, is a symbol of your widespread injustice,” the voice began.

Albert’s direct association with many of those from the Oregon BAR, which was located in Albert’s home town, was the deciding factor since the Oregon BAR had a well-documented history of not punishing corrupt government and corporate lawyers for wrong-doing.

The voice continued. “And because of Oregon’s history of providing its poor, brown-skinned and disabled defendants so-called experts to pretend to represent them, while these obese advocates were actually allowing their clients to be tortured in the county’s “Isolation dungeons” in exchange for becoming the director of their county’s public pretender’s office, makes this an excellent choice for these proceedings. Albert Switzmyer of Oregon’s selection is approved by the Council.”

Albert Switzmyer, a micro chip designer out of Silicon Valley, had made most of his trillion from creating a device and software that could retrieve and record the thoughts of the human brain using synthetic helmets and nano implants.

In one of their first press releases, his company demonstrated how it was able to create an actual written transcript reflecting the thoughts of a person’s brain, in real time. During the research, sponsored by the U.S. military and the CIA, “useless male cripples” and “criminals” were selected for the implants, and never told.

Sometimes, government agents would deliberately cause an accident, and then during or before the surgical procedure they would secretly apply a synthetic monitoring substance to the scalp. Or, insert an implant into the brain, retina, or the patient’s spine.

Despite the nature of the questionable research being done, Albert and the investors and the inventors all believed that this technology was a historic, evolutionary event for the entire human race. They imagined how everyone could communicate with each other without ever actually speaking a single word aloud, as was described in Alison Krauss’s hit song, “When You Say Nothing.”

In time, the technology made it possible to intercept the thoughts of a person hundreds of feet away, without using any sort of micro chip or implant, or any special helmet. Tapping into the thoughts of the human brain for the purpose of both collecting information and inspiring some sort of behavioral or emotional response, mostly of a criminal nature, was not only possible, but the new reality. coincidentally, America began experiencing a rash of random mass shootings, which led to a widespread effort to take away all the people’s guns. They knew an unarmed populist would be completely helpless against them, and their heavily-armed killing machines.

One warm, sunny day in September, shortly after his first press release about the new technological break through, Albert got this visit from a large group of men and women, a few dozen of them. They came to his home just after midnight, all driving dark suburbans and dressed in what he knew were very, very expensive suits. They explained to Albert how things were going to be for his corporation and his technology. Noticing the bulges under their coats and the federal badges that many of them wore, he gladly sold a controlling interests to the “Company”. Of course, there was never any paperwork or contracts, or anything else in writing. Magically, a large amount of money just appeared in his company’s bank account every month and he regularly received a tax waiver from the IRS for the full amount. He had been carefully instructed to never speak of their agreement or the technology to anyone except to say what he was told and say it to only those who had been approved, such as the corporate-owned television networks and certain selected writers from the New York Times and the Washington Post, and a couple other approved publications, including Popular Mechanics and Rolling Stone. He was informed, there would be a gradual release of information about the technology, always suggesting to the public that it was still many, many years away from being perfected, as was falsely portrayed in Michio Kaku’s 2014 book, “The future of the Mind.”

Each of the executives and inventors in Albert’s company received a similar visit and were given the same instructions, and there were no other options available, and there were no exceptions to these rules. As a final touch, they were each reminded of the tragic “accident” involving Senator Paul Wellstone and his family, who coincidentally, kept asking questions about September 11th, after being told to move on…

The truth is, they needed a new Pearl Harbor in order to effectively implement the new technology, such as Albert’s invention, to keep the ungrateful masses under close watch, and more importantly, under their “tight” control. Albert’s device made it possible for them to know the future, or potential, outcome and take the necessary steps to protect their interests.

When the final solution was agreed upon, most of the billionaires and trillionaires stayed away from any sort of public gathering after that, including Builderberg or the Grove. that is, back when the Grove was unknown, and a private place where they could still get together and rejoice in their power and success.

One day, as a sort of joke, it was decided that the Grove would be “unintentionally” exposed to a couple of the “crazies” from the alternative media. As if anyone could get in without them knowing…

When the trial began a couple weeks ago, they were told explaining the differences between the value of humans, and how the need for having order gave them the right to treat some people differently was not allowed.

“You are all equal, in our view” they were told. Albert could never make the argument that any one particular life was more valuable than any other life. in reference to defending what was alleged against them. In one instant, hundreds of specific incidents were flashed across Albert’s brain showing countless examples of how the most powerful humans had recklessly destroyed life on earth and regularly mistreated others. He was shown the documentary, “Alien Boy.” Then shown the video of Kelly Thomas of California and James Chasse of Oregon each having their head and chest crushed by a gang of angry police officers. As a result of the attacks, they both died in police custody.

First, Albert heard and watched Kelly Thomas, being held down by the police and crying for his “Daddy!” Then Albert was shown a video of the same officers drinking and snickering when it was announced by a hot blond from Channel 6 that they wouldn’t be prosecuted by the government for taking out another “useless cripple.”

They damn well knew all humans were not equal, but they kept this thought to themselves.
A painful and humiliating demonstration was given to each of them every day, as a reminder about who was in control. And since the punishment was always imposed in the presence of the other survivors, which made it even more humiliating, made it so they never, ever openly oppose anything their keepers said or did.

In a blink, they were taken from their ship, and dressed in orange jump suits with shock collars around their necks as the first phase of what would be their pre-trial punishment and their daily public shaming.

This would be done as an example of how they had directed those under their authority to pre-judge and punish everyone else, as harsh and as often as possible. That is, everyone else except themselves.

In the final years, the daily assaults against the weakest members of the community by the government agents against mostly the houseless, those with dark skin, as well as adults and children with disabilities, was almost completely ignored by the corporate controlled media. A media who only focused attention on relevant subjects, such as:
* The ever-important, minute-by-minute stock market change;
* Or what the intoxicated celebrity did last night;
* Or who the over-aggressive, steroid-induced athlete unloaded on today;
* Or their sponsor’s latest version of the most popular electronic gadget,
(that everyone just had to have!).

Prior to one particularly painful session, the survivors were shown tens of thousands of video records of how their sadistic government servants laughed about what they were able to do to their victims, on their behalf.

During one session, in the final video, and one of the most horrific videos of all, a few Israeli soldiers were shown smiling as they lured a group of very little kids on to a Gaza beach, and then shot all of them to death.

He wiped a tear from his eye, and lowered his head in shame, knowing that his own financial contributions to certain ethnically-obsessed politicians and groups was what gave these Israeli soldiers the absolute power to ruthlessly murder Palestinian children with American made weapons like this–

“Well, when we first began the project,” Albert said slowly. He cleared his throat which sounded even more hoarse than it had the day before. “You see, we felt it only made sense to provide a way for the human race to survive, in case of an asteroid or something like that. And well, it was more expensive than we originally thought. And rather than give it up, we just began putting more and more resources into the entire project, which meant for every dollar we invested the chances of success increased by that much more. It was simple economics. We knew, failure was not an option. And of course, that just meant there was a little less to spend on other things, like bridges and health care.”

“And we already knew the environment was a lost cause, our experts made this final determination by the 1990’s, which was the primary motivation for finishing the project as soon as possible.”

“We felt everyone needed to share in the burden of saving the human race, and that meant cutting back on other things considered less important, including some food and medicine.” The ones watching from beyond the green glow, groaned in unison. this was the only time they were ever heard by the survivors. That is, they would never heard to speak any particular word aloud, but instead would make some sort of sound which they knew the humans would recognize and understand its meaning.

“It’s just like you humans behave toward your caged and chained animals at what you call the zoo or the circus,” they were told by the voice, when they asked what the strange sounds meant. Then, all at once, they were shown thousands and thousands of images of caged animals and people being tortured,such as Ota Benga, Sandra Bland, and a prisoner locked in a scolding shower, ending with the image of a small baby elephant chained to the ground who was being beaten with a metal rod by his human master!

Albert was directed to move on to something else by the voice. “We have already heard this testimony,” he was advised. It wasn’t going well for them. They all knew it, they knew it because both the punishment and the taste of the food they were given had been getting worse.

Having your body moved about and controlled by someone else while you helplessly watched, was the most indescribably horrible experience he had ever known. The children who were stolen from their families by the wealthy to be used as sex slaves also watched, but said nothing, seeing their wealthy abusers being punished, as they always hoped would someday happen.

One by one, they were each forced to perform both together and separately in the most sexually-denigrating ways one could ever imagine for their unidentified captors. and when it was over They felt there wasn’t enough water in all the universe to clean the awful taste from their mouths.

He knew, most of them felt he had done a good job under the circumstances. In fact, they were amazed Albert was able to stay so calm and transposed each morning as he carefully tried to answer their questions and explain how it was for them, as the leaders of the world who were ultimately responsible when hard decisions needed to be made.

Those from the outside always blame the deciders when things go wrong, but forget how often things go right and who made it happen- “Somebody always has to lose, so that others can succeed. this is what nature is,” Albert explained and the watchers snorted in response. “there’s no such thing as a zero gain,” Albert added, in frustration.
He gave the analogy of a group of people in a small boat, lost out at sea for months with no food and a small amount of fresh water. “It wasn’t a matter of not respecting the life of your fellow traveler, who had gone to a better place, if it meant others would be able to survive. It is our humanness! It is our innate will to survive!” Albert stated as forcefully as he was permitted to do. He had been told showing anger or aggression toward the Council was considered an insult, and he would be severely punished for this. And it was suggested, that if he chose to disobey this particular rule he would be required to continue his defense with a few less body parts.

He paused for a moment and took a deep breath, waiting for the rebuke. When the voice remained silent he continued, briefly feeling grateful. All of them expected at the very least Albert would be directed to end this particular line of reasoning and focus on one of the other allegations being posed. This made them a little leery about why this was- But just as quickly as they pondered this question, their brains were given the answer. They all knew it was because of the analogy of the boat Albert had used, and what they had been doing to the food supply on earth during those last few years before the departure.

“We knew the outcome of what all of us had done to the planet was inevitable. The cascade affect had begun. It was too late to stop what we knew was coming. So at that point, the decision to put everything we could into the project was the only option left. Obviously, we could never build enough ships large enough to take everyone, so other hard choices had to be made. And, yes were not proud of some of the things we had to do. But it is our duty, as a species, to try to survive. Surely, you can understand and support that basic right,” Albert pleaded passionately.

In response, a groan came from those in the shadows. Yet, the calm, quiet voice that spoke to them, that spoke directly into their minds, remained silent, and they could tell even Albert was surprised by this. Up to this point, he was rarely able to complete more than a sentence or two without being interrupted, and reprimanded. It gave them some small hope that maybe Albert was getting through to their captors, whose abilities seemed unlimited, just as if they were some sort of gods.

Yet, when one of them asked innocently if they were in fact, what we humans thought of as “God”, the man violently crash to the floor and began screaming for his “MOMMY!” They all knew instantly, as they watched the man screaming and bleeding from his mouth and ears, the word “god” was considered to be one of the greatest insult they could ever use to describe these mysterious beings.

They were told, based on how it was most often used and misused by so many humans made the perverted concept of being “god”, repulsive. They added that they absolutely should not be considered as being gods, or God, by the Halfrights. “Among the higher forms of life in the universe, more than anything else, creating spacial bubbles and organic life is what we consider to be the most pleasurable purpose of all. It is what we do for the fulfillment of being “alive and a member of the universal community.” They went on to explained, “We gather together at different times and compare our successes, and think of ways to do better. And sometimes, we learn by our mistakes–”

As Albert thought about what they meant by this and thought about what to say next, he quickly went over the history of the Project in his mind. He knew, the secret space project first began in 1975 under President Ford. But had not been thought of as being the final solution until the late 1990’s. It was also decided that no cost should be spared.

The South Pole was chosen to be the perfect location, because of its remoteness. Overcoming the extreme cold was no longer a problem, thanks to another technology stolen from Nicholas Tesla The wealthy had always been provided with an almost unlimited amount of energy. And working at the most isolated place on earth made it really easy for them to keep out any curious, unwelcome visitors who might not understand the need for protecting the “greater good.”

And then that November, almost over night, an entire city had emerged from the frozen tundra, even though most of the workers had no idea what was really happening there. Compartmentalizing information was the best way to keep things secret. So, all of the very best minds in the world were brought in to work on the project, yet very few of them knew the intended outcome-

It was the greatest challenge the human race had ever faced. Not only did they need to build a large spaceship, but do it without anyone knowing. And because of its size, it had to be assembled in orbit, it was even more important to build a space craft with the ability to approach one tenth the speed of light. It had been proved by astronomers long ago that if a rocket ship traveled into space and then returned in the future, time would have moved slower for the rocket and any organic life on the ship, when compared to the time that had passed on earth.

the key was to travel into space fast enough and far enough, so that when they returned in a few decades, the earth would have aged over two hundred years. By this time, according to their scientists, the atmosphere would again be safe enough to sustain life. The plan had always been to bring as much animal and plant DNA along as possible, to make sure that when they returned most life on earth could be revived, “not just the human life,” Albert argued.

“This proves we had the best interests of all life in mind, not just saving our own human race.” Albert argued brilliantly, they all felt. It seemed as though Albert had at last met the burden of proof they set in order to overcome the most serious allegation against them :
I. A reckless and willful disregard for universal life.

But the problem with these proceedings is that they didn’t really know how they were being perceived, since they couldn’t see the jurors and knew nothing about them, and thus, were unable to threaten or coerce them as they usually did in important legal matters.

The only feedback they got, besides the instructions from the voice and the millions of images they were forced to view, was the annoying sounds that came from those in the shadows. The strange sounds they heard ranged anywhere from angry jeers to the sound of someone passing gas, which made a few of the younger humans laugh, in the beginning. But the odd sounds coming from the dark did not give them a reliable impression of how they were doing. And it was this lack of feed back that was the most frightening of all, since they had always been in control of things, before this. They were told the outcome was final, and without appeal, the same justice that most indigent defendants on earth were given by the courts and their government appointed “experts”.

So, as prescribed, if found guilty their journey and existence would be over, and permanently erased from the history of the universe, like a dying star in a distant galaxy, they were told.

“We are the last of the human race,” Albert said, and they all believed in their hearts that ought to be enough reason to preserve them, as a species. “Does it really matter how it got to this point?” They rationalized.

They knew the trial was beginning to ware on Albert, as he thought about what to say next. “Okay, I think…I think we need to just move on.” He stuttered, “That’s the way we humans deal with difficult things, we just let it go, and well, just move on,” he tried to explain.
Instantly, Albert’s figure was illuminated by a bright amber light. He gasped for air and collapsed to the ground. He was then told by the voice, “Okay, move on.”

As he slowly got to his feet, the voice asked, sarcastically, “Unless of course, it was something that effected you personally, Albert? Apparently, then this admonishment to ‘move on’ doesn’t apply? It would appear, things have changed.”

Albert said nothing aloud, but he angrily thought to himself, privilege had its benefits. That’s just how it is among humans, and what outsider had the right to question the logic of it.
Not caring any more, Albert wiped the tears and blood from his face and blurted out, It has always been that way on earth! An frankly, it was the only way to keep human societies ordered, and lawful.” These other ones just had no comprehension about how it was for mortal beings living on a dangerous, hostile planet where having order and an established hierarchy is absolutely essential to the survival of the group, or organism.

He went on, “This is just common sense, and true with any sort of organized construct, organic or otherwise. From the very beginning, humans naturally set up a system of rank and file within every group or clan to control the members of the group, based on each individual’s skill, strength, or their real or perceived influence over nature. It was only natural that defending the survival of the group, or in this case the entire human race itself, would mean first we needed to protect those of us who were in the highest positions of authority. Sending the generals or kings into combat in front of the troops may be noble, but that’s not how we as human beings survive and pass on our best genes to the next gen-”

The voice interrupted, “As usual, you were half right, Halfright.”

Then, other than the child victims who were separated off to one side, Albert and the others faded away, into nothingness-


Among the two hundred children who were permitted to survive, they became the mothers and fathers of the first new generation of humans born away from the planet earth in over a hundred thousand years.

With the guidance of their benevolent mentors, the children learned to never, ever see any other’s life as being more or less important than their own. And so , when they grew up, they taught their children, who then taught their own children, who taught all of the children who followed.

Humans learned, the primary universal rule of life had to be respected and obeyed by any species who chose to join the universal community and live outside of the bubble.

And because none of the children who were selected by Albert’s group to serve as sex slaves for the elite were of the same ethnicity as any of the Halfrights, any record of Albert’s people having ever existed was completely wiped from all of human history…