H.W. Bush’s Paper Tiger, the Americans With Disabilities Act, Was Nothing More Than An Effort to Stop the Growing Popularity of Medical Marijuana. And the Same Florida Drug Pushing Cabal That Made Sure George II Was Able to Steal the 2000 Election, Did Not Want “Cripples” Self-Medicating, and Shorting the Billionaires Who Own the Drug Companies (And Most of Our Politicians and Judges)!

(as they claim),
(while still going after certain pot smokers (like me))–

(Last updated: December 9, 2018)
(Published: December 5, 2018)
HW Bush’s Paper Tiger, the Americans With Disabilities Act, Was Nothing More Than An Effort to Stop the Growing Popularity of Medical Marijuana. And the Same Florida Drug Pushing Cabal That Made Sure George II Was Able to Steal the 2000 Election, Did Not Want “Cripples” Self-Medicating, and Shorting the Billionaires Who Own the Drug Companies (And Most of Our Politicians and Judges)!
by DR Wolfe

While the useless corporate presitutes earn their chump change and go on and on about what a great man, and president, George H.W. Bush was, let’s make sure that at least the disability community understands what he actually did to cut the throats of all medical marijuana users who were self-medicating in America at the time, under the ADA.

However, before we examine the facts regarding Bush’s great paper tiger — the ADA, let’s quickly go over his record has a “politician”, and as an agent of the “Deep State” (special thanks to Kevin Barrett and Veterans Today for reminding me of two more important points I had originally left out:
1. It is now known that HW’s father, Prescott Bush collaborated with the Nazi’s during WWII, and betrayed his own country;

2. In 1963 when President Kennedy was killed, HW claimed during an interview that he did not remember where he was that infamous day. However, we now know that he in fact was in Dallas the night before the assassination took place, meeting with persons who have now been connected to planning the murder of the president of the United States;

3. In 1981, the night before President Reagan was almost assassinated by a man named John Hinckley, HW Bush and members of his [crime] family were having dinner with members of the shooter’s family (and perhaps, finalizing the agreement);

4. In the late 1980’s, the HW Bush Administration encouraged Iraq to do what ever it needed to do to recover its stolen oil fields from Kuwait, who been drilling sideways into Iraqi territory. Then to flame the fires of war, the former CIA Director allowed false testimony to be presented to Congress regarding Kuwaiti babies allegedly being removed from incubators by Iraqi soldiers, who then allegedly threw the helpless babies on to the cement floor. After committing these two deceptions, HW Bush launched the first corporate Gulf War, killing over a quarter million innocent people;

5. HW’s son Jeb Bush was the governor of Florida when the courts, at the request of Jeb’s administration, ordered the State of Florida to stop counting the ballots during the 2000 election. As a result, Jeb’s older brother, George W. Bush, “won” the presidential election, even though it was determined that when all the votes were finally counted, Vice-President Al Gore actually won Florida, and should have been president;

6. In a series of interviews on NBC, HW’s granddaughter, Jenna Bush referred to her grandfather as “Gampy”. However, prior to this HW was known to the American public as “Poppy”, a nickname he was apparently given because of his ties to the CIA’s drug trafficking of heroin, which is made from opium poppies;

7. It is well known that HW and at least two of his sons were involved in smuggling cocaine into the United States through Mena, Arkansas during the 1980’s (with the help of Governor Bill Clinton). In addition, at least a dozen murders are linked to the ongoing cover up (not to mention all the addicts who had their lives destroyed). The Bush-Clinton Arkansas drug running operations took place while HW’s Bush was the CIA Director, and continued throughout the time he spent in the White House, as both president and vice-president;

8. While he was signing the “great paper tiger” — the ADA, HW’s son, Neil Bush, was one of a group of influential “crooks”, including the late-Senator John McCain (another alleged American hero), deeply involved in the theft of millions of dollars in the infamous ‘Saving and Loan scandal’ of the 1980’s and 1990’s;

9. Ten years later HW Bush’s son, Marvin Bush, became the head of security at the World Trade Center complex, just prior to 9-11 (at the same time that the demolition of three of his buildings were likely being carefully planned out by the “Deep State”;

10. Despite evidence proving that the Bush White House knew about the attacks of 9-11 before hand, HW’s son, George W. Bush, allowed 3,000 Americans to be murdered. And then started two wars under false pretences (killing almost amilion more people), and imposed the most Draconian laws that America has ever known (taking away all of our rights to due process under the Constitution, once they labeled a person as being a “terrorist” (for smoking weed).

While it’s true, under the ADA changes were made in how America began accommodating those with disabilities, especially in newly constructed, government-funded buildings. However, the dirty little secret about the ADA lies in the “qualified individual” section.

But make no mistake, if Congress and the White House hadn’t taken the steps to begin implementing these changes, the courts definitely would. The court already had ordered the government to beginning providing free marijuana to a handful of Americans, and it was very likely those numbers would continue to grow significantly. Although the quality of the “medicine” was, and still is, intentionally pathetic!

So unlike the milk toast version our “representatives” came up with, and Bush signed, the courts, and not the law makers, would have begun deciding the changes to be made. Not to mention the courts would have begun awarding significant damages to those effected. The ADA ended all of that–

The Bush Administration knew this, and was simply doing the least possible to accommodate Americans with disabilities, under the ADA, to take the matter away from the venue of the federal courts. Throughout history, the federal courts have always been the one to defend the civil rights of minorities, long before Congress ever has, or ever will–

As mentioned above, the other problem that HW and the conservatives faced was the growing popularity of marijuana.

The Vietnam corporate war created thousands of newly disabled Americans. And they knew, like many others with disabilities, that marijuana made them feel better.

In other words, by the 1980’s in the minds of a growing number of Americans, marijuana was fairly harmless. And most marijuana smokers knew by 1990 it was also an excellent medicine that could be used to treat a number of common ailments.

So why has the government been so opposed to Americans using marijuana? Why would they continue to perpetrate this lie?

By 1990, when the ADA was passed, more and more Americans were using less and less pharmaceuticals, both over-the-counter remedies and prescription drugs. Even today, the pressitutes won’t talk about how much money big pharma is losing every year because of the legalization of marijuana (or they’ll lose their jobs)–

So the ADA was a way the Republicans (and a lot of sell-out Democrats) could reverse this trend, by using the ADA to take away the rights of medical marijuana users. Although the Act only refers to the “use of illegal drugs”.

Ever since marijuana was made illegal, in 1937, the police have been able to commit all sorts of brutal crimes against users, simply because of its exotic, distinguishable odor. For these reasons, both law enforcement and the drug companies had a vital interest in keeping marijuana completely illegal.

It’s right there in the ADA. Along with providing an alternative remedy” for the disabled victims of discrimination, it also made it clear that any one who used any “illegal drug”, including marijuana, would not be protected under the “Bush Bigot Act”.

And here’s the real hypocrisy of conservatives like HW on this issue. Under the law, if a person was self-medicating with alcohol, and they happen to relapse, they are still protected under the ADA…since even being an active alcoholic was itself now a disability. On the other hand, being a “drug addict” was only a disability if a person wasn’t using at the time they were filing a claim of discrimination (even if they were clearly using marijuana as a medicine). It only mattered which one was legal, not which was more healthy.

Hopefully, most Americans with disabilities who have been self-medicating with medical marijuana for decades already know that the corporate media and George H.W. Bush were never our friends…even if someday they do pull their heads out of their asses and figure this no brainer out–