(But not for the reasons you think)

(Last updated: October 15, 2017)
Does the End of Organized Competitive Sports Mean the Rise of Personal Athletic Training?
by DR Wolfe

At least one Football addiction survivor is hoping the NFL will suspend every player who takes a knee. But not because they feel the players are wrong.

In fact, the third verse of the “National Anthem”, or more accurately, “The Star Spangled Banner”, may be in fact “racist”, depending on your definition. In the third verse of the song it calls for the killing of the former-American slaves who chose freedom over slavery by choosing to fight on the side of England during the revolutionary war!

If you were only given these two options, freedom or slavery, what do you suppose you would choose?

And could you blame those who chose to fight for the “king”? And should we be singing about killing them?

While we know the employee has no First Amendment rights in the work place, the players do have a few good points supporting their position, for example…

The police are shooting a lot of unarmed people, and a lot of them are people of color. But an awful lot of them are also people who appear “mentally impaired”, and the circumstances are usually irrelevant as far as the police and media are concerned. And almost always the cops doing the shooting are not made to face the same injustice system that every poor, indigent American faces. So that’s why many of us support this public call for some accountability!

But if I were the NFL’s lawyer here’s what I would recommend:
I would tell the league to ask the players to stand for the flag in a moment of silence, and publicly admit the song itself is extremely insensitive to the struggles of African-Americans, and doesn’t reflect the values of the league, but the flag does.

Then I would tell the players to stand, so they aren’t suspended, then maybe cross their arms or do something else in solidarity. But that’s probably why I’m not a practicing attorney in America, right Drusilla?

But those of us who have overcome the addiction to football would like to see other fans, mostly men, be freed from this really, really bad habit, and what is an extraordinary waste of their time and energy, and lives, not to mention what it does to the brains and bodies of the highly-skilled entertainers, which the fans claim to care so much about, and root for…

In addition, shouldn’t all of the policies and practices of any organized athletics that intentionally exclude one gender always be given the highest level of scrutiny?

This brief article focuses on the idea that while athletics — being athletic, is a positive thing that should be encouraged, given the available technology, can we really trust anything that involves organized competitive sports any more?

So maybe in the future we should only compete against ourselves? If we want to cheat ourselves, well then…you can just pretend to be a winner, like a lot of people in the know say about Tom Brady and the mighty “Patriots”! It’s so patriotic when the “Patriots” win, every time! Isn’t it?

But other than playing against any others (just for fun), and not keeping score, will be the only true way to compete in our future world, where everything you see and hear can be secretly manipulated.

It’s unfortunate for the athletes who train so hard, but it is what it is. And the sooner the fans realize this, the better off we’ll all be, as a nation.

Maybe what we need now is more low cost football addiction camps where men can get together on weekends and avoid THE GAME’.

I imagine this camp would be held in this massive log cabin on a farm far out in the woods where there’s no televisions and no radios.

Then during fall every Friday thru Sunday, former fans could gather and share in their shared belief that life would be better without football. Together they could learn to do all kinds of productive things with all that free time. And slowly learn to live without football!