A “Thanksgiving” Poem To All the Media Trolls (who serve the Deep State moles)

“First we connect the brainwashing tube,
Then joyfully cook our poisoned food.
While they yip, yap, and yip, and yap,
We pretend to enjoy their stupid, useless crap!

And not a memorable word,
will likely be heard,
Unless it’s something important,
about roasting the dead bird.

So regardless of whether or not,
your “home” team has won,
Let me say, happy “DEVIL’S DAY”,
Each and everyone!”

While it may be true that “Thanksgiving” is probably the least corrupted American holiday, but what does that really say about us? However, I predict very, very soon men will be sitting home alone eating TV dinners on this “holiday”, watching “fake ball” all day, while most of the women ill spend the day standing in line waiting for the earlier and earlier scheduling of the best “Black Friday Bargain!”
[by DR Wolfe, 2018]

P.S. Before you pass out from all the “celebration”, try to remember one thing. This special day is all about our two greatest traditions, as Americans, defending competition and capitalism (no matter how utterly unfair and extreme it becomes for the least among us)…