“3 Americas XX Time Line” (Last updated: November 19, 2018)

(Last updated: November 19, 2018)
Published: March 24, 2018)
3 Americas: Time Line (2007-2010)
by DR Wolfe

(This section is still under heavy revision, so forgive my spelling and grammar. I just want to write as much of this time line down as quickly as possible, while I still can!)

TIME LINE (Includes from May 2007 — October 2010, so far):
On May 6, 2007, a local radio station (KEX AM) replayed an interview that Mark Mason and Dave Anderson did with U.S. Senator Ron Wyden earlier that week. Since my wife’s boyfriend, Chris Rascon, and his ex-wife, Libby Rascon, were closely tied to the E-Bay Corporation, and since both of their fathers were Oregon police officers, it caught my attention when I heard Senator Wyden say that his “good friend, Meg Whitman”, the CEO for E-Bay, had come into his office that week and asked him for a “favor”.

(Regrettably neither Mason or Anderson bothered to ask Wyden what the favor was, or why a Democrat from Oregon would even consider doing a favor for a Republican billionaire from California, or if he actually did the “favor”. I do know the Rascon’s and my wife’s attorney, Michelle Bo Victor, were pressuring a number of people from the State of Oregon to arrest me, to prevent me from testifying at my upcoming divorce/custody trial. As I explain below, I think I know exactly what the favor was that Whitman had asked Wyden to do, and why Wyden needed to announce it publicly over the air (to let all of his fellow conspirators know the fix was in).)

On the morning of May 10, 2007, as I learned later, under the direction of Oregon Governor Theodore Kulongoski’s Office, Art Nagel called me and ordered me to report to his office the following Monday afternoon, May 14, 2004 at 1:30 p.m. He did not want to tell me why, although we both knew my divorce/custody trial was scheduled for Thursday, May 17, 2007 in Eugene. I told Nagel I suspected that had something to do with the meeting, although he would not confirm it.

On May 14, 2007, I was arrested by my Probation Officer, Art Nagel. Along with Nagel, his supervisor, Jay Scroggin, and two other PO’s were present and assisted in what appeared to be a staged photo op for Clackamas County Corrections and Governor Kulongoski. Wile Nagel sat at a table directly in front of me, Scroggin stood about ten feet away, off to my left and (by the sound of his voice) appeared to be focused on something in front of him, off to my right, as he spoke (It was as though he were speaking to a camera or some audience and not me.). and as further evidence it had been pre-arranged, Female PO Mickey Jones stood to my left and gently took hold of my left arm. While another even smaller male PO took hold of my right arm (in the same gentle way) and whispered in my ear, “Thanks for being so cooperative.”

(I have no way to know if Jay Scroggin was wearing a side arm at the time (or was hoping to use it because of what I know about him and the sort of deals he was making with some of the RSO’s from Clackamas County), but I do remember thinking it seemed odd that he selected the two smallest officers under his authority to “restrain” me during an arrest that would change my life forever. The way the two PO’s were holding my arms — one on each side, it probably made me appear to be taller since I’m a little over 5″7′, and probably made me appear to be more “dangerous”, if any one else was watching the performance…)

On May 14, 2007, I was taken to the Clackamas County Jail where I was held for the first night.

On May 15, 2007, I was drove to Marion County where I was roughly shoved into an outdoor cage by one of the Clackamas County deputies (witnessed by an inmate named Mitch) until I was taken to the Washington County Jail sometime that evening, where I remained until May 24, 2007.

On May 16, 2007, with the help of another inmate, I sent a handwritten note to the judge assigned to the jail, according to the monthly rotation, Susan Upton. My note requested that her office notify the court in Lane County that I needed her help to postpone my upcoming divorce/custody trial. I explained that I was being held against my will because of a false probation violation charge filed against me by Clackamas County and Libby Rascon to prevent me from testifying at the trial scheduled in Eugene.

On May 24, 2007 I appeared before Washington County Circuit Judge Rita Batz Cobb, who denied me any opportunity to speak on my own behalf and, despite my request (because of a 30%/40% hearing loss), failed to provide me with a working assistive hearing device.

On May 24, 2007, Judge Cobb sentenced me to thirty days for the alleged PV, although I was released later that evening by the Washington County Jail.

On May 25, 2007, I learned that, despite the note I had sent to Judge Upton and the request I made to the assistant of the County’s Public Defenders Office, Bernard Moore, Lane County had gone ahead with the trial, and as planned, had taken away almost all of my rights to ever have any relationship with my son, Abraham.

The first week in June of 2007 my ex-wife, Christel Purcell [Wolfe-Wolff], and her boyfriend, Chris Rascon filed for a marriage license with Lane County.

On February 28, 2014, Washington county Circuit Judge Rita Batz Cobb retired from the Washington County Court.

October 2008 (the last Friday in November): I was reprimanded by the two able-bodied female owners of the sewing factory on Foster Road where the blind and visually-impaired made labels for the U.S. Marines based out of San Diego, California.

While these women were making over $100,000 per year, I was only paid minimum wage, and had recently complained about the company’s employment discrimination practices. I also questioned why this shop wasn’t owned and operated three able-bodied women, which included the owner’s underage niece, who worked part-time at the shop and still made more per hour than me.

First, all female employees, employees with partial vision, and employees who been referred by the Oregon Commission for the Blind, were hired and all being paid well above minimum wage.

On the other hand, myself and a man named Ray, who was also totally blind, were both hired at minimum wage.

The able-bodied owners had complained about my using medical marijuana during my breaks, even though I had a medical marijuana card, and had one of the company’s highest weekly production rates. Shortly after being hired, one of my supervisors, John from Vancouver, had told me it was okay to do this, but not while I was on the clock (with a wink and a nod, so to speak).

October 2008 (the following Monday): I was fired for a certified letter I sent to the owner, telling her what John had said about using medical marijuana on the job. I also informed her that, Tony, another employee who worked at the Foster shop, and his girlfriend told me on the phone that they found what appeared to be child pornography on John’s computer.

I explained that Tony said, John had brought his computer (from the state of Washington)into the Oregon shop to be fixed (by Tony).

I had lots of reasons why I was disgusted with these women, and felt it was in my best interest to put it on the record.

For example, that all of us would unintentionally bleed on the labels we were making. And as mostly blind people, we were unable to tell when it happened, although I would be told about it by one of ladies who ran the shop from time-to-time. Other than wash my hands and put on a Band-Aid, there’s was little I could do. We were working with sharp needles, and constantly re-threading them, by only feel (which required we touch the needle)–

I was told that the women would wipe off our blood using rubbing alcohol, but I knew there was no way they could remove every bit of it…which seemed kind of creepy, given that they would worn into battle by someone–

To me, this meant they cared very little about what, if any, curse would be set upon the unknowing, courageous soldier who may have noticed it, not to mention the ones who never knew, and were perhaps cursed.

I’ve become more spiritual in recent years, and I do believe there is another world (and maybe many worlds) watching all of us. I also believe they are continuously casting both spells and miracles upon all of us, both big and small–

At the same time, totally blind men were being cheated out of a fair wage by these same two able-bodied (bigots), ironically also from Clackamas County, only because of our gender and disability) (and our aversion to the Commission for the Blind)–

November 10-12, 2008: When I reported to my P.O., Eric Knudsen, that week and notified him that I had been fired for “using medical marijuana on the job”, he stood up and began to unfasten his handcuffs, apparently to arrest me, since ordinarily this would be a violation of one’s probation — using marijuana, regardless of the circumstances.

However, when I explained that I had a medical marijuana card and was not in public view. And that my disability made it illegal for the Correction Department to punish me for losing a job (since I wasn’t required to hold a job), he sat back down and put away his handcuffs…and began thinking about how to get even with this smart ass (maybe get me evicted, and arrange to put me into the Southgate Death Camp where I could be tortured and maybe murdered by his friends with the Portland Police)–

I have good reason to believe that Knudsen, who was a Multnomah Count Correctional Officer (and who was fired by the PPB for using excessive force against a sleeping homeless man), was actually involved in me being fired. Apparently until I gave him a copy of the letter I wrote to the two bigots who ran the sweat shop for the blind on Foster, he didn’t know about John’s “massive” pornography collection. This made Knudsen an accessary.

Consider this, John knowingly brought into the State of Oregon a computer that, according to Tony and his girlfriend, contained hundreds and maybe thousands of images of underage girls having sex with grown men.

late November or early December 2008: I was given an eviction notice by the landlord, Oscar Hess, after complaining that I caught a man named Paul smoking crack in the kitchen one morning. And day and night he would walk up and down the hallway in front of my door, and could easily be heard selling all sorts of hard drugs (even though he was under “supervision” from Multnomah County Corrections) .

December 31, 2008: I moved into the Southgate RV and Mobil Home Park on 82nd Avenue.

March 2008: While volunteering KBOO I met a man named Kit Brazier who I learned was a friend of former-Multnomah DA Michael Shrunk. He said they were both combat officers in Vietnam. Kit insisted on paying to fix my propane water theater (over $500).

April 2008: Someone appeared to have sabotaged my propane water tank, which was recently repaired by a friend of the former-
DA, Michael Shrunk.

June 2009 (although it may have been 2010): For no reason, Southgate switched my electricity to 220 volts on a Saturday while I was gone. When I returned home, I found my RV filled with smoke. The manager, Debbie Sleeper, admitted they had PGE switch my electricity, but couldn’t explain why, and apparently didn’t do this to anyone else. They also paid me $300 for a stereo that was destroyed. Since the previous owner, Jack died within five weeks after moving in under very suspicious circumstances…and the previous owner, Dorathy Rash (and her husband), were using the tub to make meth in Sacramento, and Dorothy said Jack would soak in the tub all the time. I believe the owners were trying to destroy the evidence by burning down the RV while I was gone. Jack’s family were prevented from getting Jack’s RV by the manager, and that’s when Dorothy found this blind sucker (me) on the city bus, to buy it.

July 6, 2010 (or it may have been in 2009): Someone threw an explosive device (which I know for sure wasn’t a legal Oregon firework) at the back of my RV, causes the vehicle to shake and sending me scrambling to the floor for safety. They may have only been trying to scare me up, but they may have also been trying to blow up my RV, and maybe the entire neighborhood. Within about ten seconds after I heard the explosion, I heard someone drive off on the motorcycle. I believe it was my neighbor’s brother, Mark (Lot 22) since he owns a motorcycle, and I know that’s the bike I heard take off just after the explosion. I had two partially filled propane tanks at the time, which are easily visible from the front of the vehicle.

October 28, 2010: PPB Officer Brian Rummell began harassing me while I was campaigning on the corner of 82nd and Flavel. He began yelling offensive comments like (to intentionally harass me), “Are you really blind?” Do you have any criminal history?” He did this so everyone around hi, standing at the 7-11 could hear him. He claimed the police got an erroneous call saying I was walking in the street. Three days later I was intentionally ran down, and the police and the IPR did nothing.

October 31, 2010: I was struck and seriously injured by two men while crossing Flavel, and campaigning for medical marijuana dispensaries. PPB Officer, Daniel (Jeff) Leonard, administered no sobriety test and issued no ticket to the “driver”, despite three witnesses who saw them turn the corner without pausing and run me down. It was around 4:300 p.m., and I was carrying a white cane, two large sines, a two foot long fake joint, and wearing dark glasses.
October 2012: My grower, Randy Seratt Sr., began pushing me to go hunting with him. He said there would be lots of beer and smoke. Except Randy wouldn’t take me into a store, or anywhere else (his wife said jokingly, because it made him look “queer”). I believe Randy was told by the Milwaukie Police that I was an RSO during a visit to his home the previous December (2009), and told him I wise an RSO who had “raped” a child (see “3 Americas” to learn the details about my how my wife and the child pornographers and child traffickers who run Clackamas County set me up). I believe DA John Foote, Judge Susan Upton, Sheriff Craig Roberts, and a few others had made a deal with Randy, who was collecting unemployment insurance from the state while working under the table pouring cement (while his wife was mailing hemp oil to people across the country), to “accidentally” shoot me in the woods (under the protection of another corrupt DA fro Oregon, named Josh Marquis (who is best know for hocking lugers on the radio and making thirteen-year-old boys registered sex offenders and felons for slapping the butts of girls, in school).

September 20, 2011 (it could have been 2012): The wife of my grower, Kelly Seratt, offered to take me to Edgewood for lunch for my birthday (except I ended up paying for out lunches). At one point, she took me to a small garden area and said there was an older man there, but said “don’t worry”. This seemed strange, but I didn’t think about it at the time. However, that evening, after a short nap, I woke up to find my entire left cheek swelled up like a balloon (for several weeks). I found a mark on my cheek which felt like a bug bite (or something made by a poison dart, perhaps, that was intended for my throat). When I got home, I also found my credit card missing. When I called Kelly and asked her to look in the car where I was sitting, she never bothered to call me back, as she promised. After fifteen minutes I canceled the missing credit card, and then I called Kelly back. She said she was standing in line at Cosco’s, but didn’t find my card, but forgot to call me back. Then she called me about a week or two later to say she just found my missing credit card in the car door’s pocket, which I know positively that I never put there. She may have tried to use the card, and there may be a record of someone attempting to use it at Cosco that day (even though the card was rejected)?

July 2013: After suffering from some serious hallucinations, I was voluntarily taken to Adventus Hospital for observations. I was released six days later, and was convinced that it was because of the marijuana. I had been hallucinating for several days before I was hospitalized, coming in and out of consciousness. I now believe someone had put a powerful drug in my food or beverages, which were stored in a refrigerator located on my porch (and easily accessible). According a book called “DARPA: The CIA’s Brain”, the CIA has such a drug called “VZ” that can keep a person “high” for several days. Since we know the federal government and private corporations are providing all sorts of dangerous weapons to local law enforcement (to fight terrorism), it may explain why there are so many people doing so many crazy things today, like running out into traffic, and then being killed (often by the same law enforcement who were called).