3 Americas 07 The Theft of Abraham Wolfe

Before reading this chapter, first read this brief excerpt about the technology that is available if you want to electronically harass someone…especially if they’re blind!

“iPhone Electric-Shock Weapons Seized by Australian Cops”
Dateline: Melbourne, Australia
Source: Tech Media Network (Tom’s Guide)
Published: May 2, 2014

“The iPhone is an inventive little gadget, and has probably shocked a few people over the years, but never quite like this. Australian officials have intercepted a shipment more than 6,000 weapons from China, including a batch of iPhone lookalikes that deliver a painful, potentially incapacitating electric shock.

According to a report and photographs provided by the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service, officers at the port of Melbourne seized the phony iPhones, which came with instructions labeling them as “iPhone 4 super ultra electronic thin riot” equipment, as well as brass knuckles, batons and shock weapons disguised as flashlights.”

(Last Updated: August 29, 2019)
(Published: June 23, 2019)
3 Americas: The Theft of Abraham Wolfe
by DR Wolfe

{As I continue a full revision, this is one of the new chapters from my revised autobiography, “3 Americas”.}

(Includes strong language.)

As we agreed, on August 26, 2002, Christel, her mom, and the girls and I drove to a hospital on the west side of Portland, where my wife was given something to induce labor. And just a few hours later, Abraham Timothy Wolfe was born.

It was an amazing moment, because just at the moment his head began to emerge, the mid-wife placed my hand on the crown of his head, as he came into the world–

Christel, Abraham and I stayed over night at the hospital, to make sure Christel and him were okay. And they were both perfect, despite what pone of woman from the birthing center told us.

“I have some bad news,” she said. “We think it’s possible that your baby has Downs, and you both need to think about terminating this pregnancy.”

Obviously, we were both horrified by this comment. Not because there was a small possibility that our child would be born with a serious disability, but because this stranger was suggesting we end the baby’s life…rather than suffer through the possibility of raising a child with a disability.

Since I was raised catholic, and Christel had converted to Catholicism while she was a teenager, we had already agreed when we learned she was pregnant that abortion was not an option, unless it meant saving her life. And, not surprisingly, this nurse from Portland, Oregon, was compleat wrong.

After taking Abraham home, we wondered how many other parents were being lied to, and frightened, by this woman, who may have been using her position with the hospital to encourage abortions? But he was an amazing baby, always chattering away about something…and almost never crying. I remember this one thing about him, and that is, he was always happy.

One of most fun things we ever did together, was playing piano. From the time he was a little baby, I would set him on my lap while I played the piano. And very soon, he began reaching out and tapping the keys.

At first, he would just play one or two keys, and laugh. and then do it again.

But before Christel took him away and moved to West Linn, he began using both of his hands and would play little songs, five, six, or seven keys in a row. Yet he was barely four-years-old, the last time I saw him, and already writing songs!

Although his best performance was a recording We made of him singing along with Ella Fitzgerald’s “It Don’t Mean a Thing”, , which I’m going to try to post at my Sound Cloud Page, “DRWOLFESMUSIC”.

So, this chapter concludes with a letter addressed to the Sheriff of Douglas County about my wife’s ties to the shooting at Umpqua Community College a few years ago. The shooting left eight innocent students dead, including a young woman who U.S. Senator Merkley described as his “favorite cousin”. And I believe had “they” not falsely imprisoned me so that I was unable to attend my custody/divorce trial, Abraham with still be with me, and all of those students would still be alive–

You see, the professor targeted by the shooter, Chris Mercer, may have been one of two UCC professors my wife had an affair with while she was a student.

However, before reading that letter, I’ll describe a couple more interesting facts about how I was set up for the purpose of “destroying” my life and credibility, and eventually, the theft of my child.

For example, , a wheelchair user named Justin from Oregon (who would later become the “house cripple” for the Deep State’s Revolution Radio Network) and two female gender-impaired members of the peer mentoring group I mentioned in an earlier chapter, Jeaneen and her partner, Roz, had told a blind woman from the group (who was unlawfully recording themat the time ) that “they” were going to “destroy me!” And five years later, they kept their promise–

So here’s the story about how “they” (Ron Wyden, Ted Kulongoski, and a whole bunch of thugs from Clackamas, Washington, and Lane Counties) arranged to steal my kid–

About ten days before I was falsely arrested in 2007 for an alleged probation violation by Clackamas County Corrections and Sheriff Craig Roberts I believe to intentionally prevent me from appearing at my custody trial, U.S. Senator Ron Wyden appeared on KEX Radio with Mark Mason and Dave Anderson.

During the interview, Wyden said Meg Whitman came into his office that week to asked him a favor.

Whitman was the CEO of E-Bay and a billionaire Republican from California. Despite this, neither Mason or Anderson bothered to ask Wyden what the favor was? Your typical corporate-controlled American pressitutes…

However, as I describe above, both my wife’s lover (Chris Rascon) and his ex-wife (Libby Rascon) were good friends of Whitman, and I believe they conspired with the current Governor, Senator Wyden and Clackamas County to prevent me from putting the Rascons on the stand, which would have embarrassed Whitman, who sold her stock in E-Bay for one billion dollars one year later.

My wife married Chris Rascon one week after she arranged (with the help of Senator Wyden and the Governor) to have me arrested on an alleged PV. Specifically, because I planned to disclose that Libby Rascon told me that Chris Rascon had broke her wrist shortly after she confronted him about having affairs with both my wife and my mother-in-law.

Apparently Chris Rascon had an extra apartment that Libby didn’t know about. A private love nest that required a code to get in to…and she didn’t have the code–

Make no mistake, I intended to question my wife about what she knew about this secret apartment and some other serious concerns I had about Chris being a safe guardian to our son, along with her affairs with two UCC professors, which was well within my rights, as his biological father.

Because of the Rascon’s direct ties to Meg Whitman and E-Bay, it is very likely that Whitman’s stock would have taken a tumble and lost value [consideration] if I had been allowed to question Christel under oath.

Shortly after Christel moved to Eugene (so she could be with Chris), she brought Abraham back to Portland for a visit. While we were in the bathroom, making love on the floor (while he was watching a movie), Christel told me she was very concerned about the way Chris had been looking at her older daughter while they were doing homework, together.

Thinking back about everything she did to destroy my life, and considering where we were at that moment, and what we were doing, I was absolutely floored by this comment! (no pun intended)

Maybe she knew (and didn’t mind) that there was already something going on between Chris Rascon and her older daughter? By telling me, and maybe a few others, about her suspicions she was once again instinctively planting a seed that could be harvested later, if she needed to prove she had no complicity in helping them “get together”…as she obviously tried to do with her daughter and me–

Upon hearing this, I immediately began to wonder how long and how often was Christel leaving her older daughter alone with Chris?

Were they ever home alone, and did the oldest daughter ever invite him into the bathroom while she was taking a bath?

So the instant Christel told me about her suspicions about Chris and her daughter, as I listened to her phony outrage, I felt sick to my stomach…understanding exactly why it was that she picked Chris Rascon over me…

Imagine her surprise over the impossible possibility that her new boyfriend might have wanted to also sleep with this pretty little fifteen-year-old grand daughter, having already had sex with both her mother and grandmother!

So how do you suppose America would feel to learn that E-Bay was founded on the concept of cheating uninformed people out of money, mostly the elderly and disabled, by selling them useless junk?

So, do you suppose exposing these two E-Bay fat cats for possibly being cheaters, thugs, perverts and liars might have given great concern to Meg Whitman, who apparently suddenly needed a quick “favor” from her “good friend”, Senator Wyden (just before I was falsely imprisoned by Clackamas County and taken to Sheriff Craig Roberts’ jail (to prevent me from testifying in Eugene against the Rascons and the E-Bay corporation).

Given all of this, the families of the victims of the UCC shooting could reasonably argue that these killings could have been prevented. That is, if the two UCC professors described above, who were apparently both having sex with a female student while she was enrolled at UCC, had been exposed during either my original trial in 2005. Or at the very least, they would have been exposed during my 2007 divorce/custody trial, as I think the letter to Sheriff Hanlen of Douglas County below proves:

Donald R. [DR] Wolfe
Portland, OR
(503) 774-3424

October 5, 2015

Sheriff Hanlen
Douglas County Sheriff’s Department
1036 SE Douglas Ave.
Roseburg, OR 97470

Re: Suppressed evidence that may have prevented the Umpqua Community College shooter from targeting his male instructor [on October 1, 2015].

Dear Sheriff Hanlen:

First, let me offer my condolences to you and your entire community over this horrible tragedy. The suggestion by some of your political adversaries that your views over the implementation of excessive gun control legislation was in any way responsible for this incident is not only shameful, but untrue.
In fact, former-Governor Ted Kulongoski and other Democrats from the Portland area may themselves prove to actually have been responsible for these ten deaths. Or at the very least made political decisions which could have otherwise prevented this deliberate act of violence directed against this particular male UCC professor. As my letter describes,the students may have only been collateral damage, and not the shooter’s primary target.

Upon advice from U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley’s office [Joel], given the Senator’s personal loss [Senator Merkley lost a cousin named “Rebecka Karnes], I am writing to you to share some possibly relevant information about my ex-wife’s experience as a female student at UCC. According to her, the sexually-aggressive conduct of UCC male professors toward female students may have been what triggered the shooter to do what he did. And the professor killed last Thursday, may have been one of the two male UCC professors she was involved with, as a student. [Christel told me the professor she and her girls spent the night with in August of 2001 was a man named “Larry” who taught English at Umpqua Community College and may have been the professor targeted by Chris Mercer, “Lawrence Levine”.]

As you would know, his note may include some suggestion as to feeling disrespected or less valuable, as a male student, and a bias by this professor toward female students. If so, then the information described below may be extremely important in your investigation, and how this may have been prevented had my ex-wife’s testimony not been suppressed by the former-governor and others.

Some time after I began a relationship with my ex-wife in 2001, who was from Roseburg, she told me that she had intimate relations with two of her male professors from UCC while she was a student there.

Despite two separate opportunities in 2005 and again in 2007, Governor Kulongoski and others intentionally prevented information about the inappropriate conduct of some male UCC professors toward female students from being publicly disclosed. Had they known before this tragedy occurred, one would think UCC would have made an example of these two professors, and any others, and set up a clear policy about not ever giving preferential treatment to either gender.

I don’t blame my ex-wife for these relationships as a student, since she admitted feeling pressured by the professors and needed to pass these difficult courses, including a “College Math” class. Clearly, these professors had no right to trade high marks to a female student in exchange for sexual favors. My impression would be that she is not the only female student from UCC who has been sexually compromised over this highly unethical, discriminatory practice, which denies most male students the same opportunity to “earn” high marks.

Specifically, on May 17, 2007, I was scheduled to appear at my divorce/custody trial in Eugene, however, Jay Scroggin with Clackamas County Corrections, as directed by Governor Kulongoski, had my PO, Art Nagel, arrest me on an alleged PV three days before my trial, according to Nagel.

[Note: When I was released ten days later and showed up at his office, Nagel took me outside and walked me down to the end of the building (apparently, so no one would hear what he said to me). Then he told me how Kulongoski had called his boss, “Jay”, and had used his position as governor of the state to intentionally interfere with my custody trial (and help my wife and her new boyfriend steal my kid), which I believe Nagel knew at the time was a crime. On May 24, 2007, Nagel had testified to Judge Cobb that the “governor’s office had called his office (Clackamas County Corrections() and was very unhappy with Mr. Wolfe (me).” Now, does this make any sense, thaqt the governor of the state would even know who I was, or would want to make sure I didn’t testify in Eugene against my wife (or her boyfriend)?]

Let me ask, does it seem strange that a PO would call a client on Thursday morning, and require that they report the following Monday afternoon to be arrested, knowing that they had a divorce/custody scheduled three days later? I suspect Mr. Scroggin knew that I was feeling a tremendous amount of pressure at the time over the upcoming trial, and would be very likely to do something rash in response to this news? It seems extremely reckless. Of course, I didn’t overreact, as Mr. Scroggin may have hoped, but did in fact report to their office that following Monday as directed.

As they planned, I was shipped around by Clackamas and Marion County deputies for almost two days before ending up in Washington County, where I had originally been placed on probation, making it impossible for me to either attend or delay my divorce/custody trial. As a result, not only did I lose all access to my son, Abraham, I was unable to question my wife, under oath, about her affairs with these two UCC professors.

Acting as my own attorney, I intended to present evidence at the trial of my wife’s ongoing affair with at least one of these two professors. In August of 2001, shortly after we became engaged, she and her two girls drove to Roseburg and spent the night with one of these same male instructors. She returned the following day with a U-Haul truck loaded with furniture, which appeared to have been given to her as consideration, much like she said the grades were given to her when she was a UCC student.

Had I been allowed to uncover this information during the trial in 2007, I suspect both of these male teachers would have been fired, and UCC would have likely implemented a strict policy to make sure in the future all students were always treated the same, regardless of their gender.

As far as I know, the shooter’s motives and the written note have not yet been revealed, but if his note suggests that he felt disrespected or devalued as a male student, as compared to how this professor treated female students, then both Governor Kulongoski and Mr. Scroggin are partially responsible for these deaths, in my opinion.

As a man with a disability, I should mention I have a tremendous amount of both fear and resentment toward the police in the Portland area. As you may remember, following the murder of James Chasse by police, 800 officers marched through the streets of Portland with t-shirts publicly announcing their support for the police officer responsible for Chasse’s death. The fact that they did this wile there was a ongoing federal investigation over Chasse’s brutal killing seemed highly unethical, and was definitely extremely threatening to those of us with disabilities. After all, Mr. Chasse’s, who was mentally impaired, only crime was that he had urinated on a building in public.

Despite my mistrust of the police, I would be willing to speak with anyone from your department over the telephone if you feel information about the practice of some UCC male professors of trading sex for grades, would be relevant to having prevented this tragedy from ever occurring. This may be true, since the shooter killed the professor first.

It is absolutely clear both the governor and Mr. Scroggin knew they were interfering in a civil case by having me arrested just prior to the trial. According to my PO, Mr. Scroggin had had many personal conversations over the previous weeks with my wife (Christel Wolfe) and her attorney (Michelle Bo Victor), as well as the ex-wife (Libby Rascon) of her new boyfriend, Chris Rascon. Despite sending me an E mail and calling me three times, Ms. Rascon alleged that I had harassed her by E mailing her the information she had requested, with regards to my divorce. I gave a copy of Ms. Rascon’s original E mail to my PO who showed it to Mr. Scroggin, who had him arrest me anyway.

As I mentioned above, under both Oregon statutes and federal law it was a criminal act for both Ted Kulongoski and Jay Scroggin, who was perhaps later rewarded by being promoted to be the Executive Director of the Board of Pardons and Paroles, to interfere in a civil case by intentionally arresting a witness specifically for the purpose of preventing a witness from attending a civil trial. The result was that I lost my son and the secret about the UCC ‘sex for grades scandal’ remained secret. Perhaps, these nine people would still be alive had the truth been disclosed in 2007 and had UCC been given a chance to discourage this type of discriminatory conduct toward male students, such as the shooter.

Your time is appreciated. Let me know if I can help further.

Donald R. [DR] Wolfe


As a side note, shortly after I was framed by Bob Hermann and Greg Olson, the Oregon legislature created yet another unconstitutional law by setting up a “risk assessment” system for RSO’s. And under this “assessment”, an RSO could have his (or in a few very rare cases, her) status raised to a higher level, making it impossible for them to ever be removed from the list — making them an easy target of the corrupt cops and the local vigilantes (especially if they’re blind).

Also under this rigged kangaroo court, run by the Board of Pardons and Paroles, the legislature completely took away the right to have any sort of due process for the accused.

Under this new law, the State of Oregon made it possible for the persecutor to bring as many witnesses as they wished, and introduced any new evidence they wanted.

How do you suppose crooks like Kulongoski, Scroggin, Hermann, and Olson would abuse this sort of unlawful legal system? Obviously, the RSO would have absolutely no opportunity to know what witnesses the persecutor would call, or have any opportunity to review any new evidence being brought against them, until the day of the hearing.

Obviously, as the legislature planned it, no poor, disabled defendant, without legal council, could ever adequately defend themselves against any false allegation, or the usual typical dishonest sandbagging that persecutors always use against the accused during the grand jury proceedings.

And there’s no doubt that Jay Scroggin, as Executive Director of Pardons and Parole would make sure he stuck it to me again, to keep his secrets. According to several RSO’s from Crack-of-my-asss County told me that Scroggin was making secret deals with some of them…and maybe that’s why a few years ago, when I refused to attend this kangaroo court hearing in Salem, he transferred to Multnomah County’s Sex Offender Unit.

So you know, this is a unit that includes scoundrels such as Eric Knudsen, an abusive alcoholic, who was “forced to resign from the Portland Police (which almost never happens), after he beat up a homeless man who was sleeping (in a sleeping bag) on a woman’s porch.

And it also includes an accused sexual predator named Todd Wyatt. Wyatt was accused by several female officers of inappropriate touching, and, not surprisingly, wasn’t prosecuted, but rather, transferred to Multnomah County’s Sex Offender Unit (where he could take out his revenge on us falsely accused disabled RSO’s, who never got a real attorney to represent us)–