3 Americas: More Truth Than We Can Handle 08 The Southgate Death Camp (and the slow killing of a blind wolfe)

(Last updated: September 1, 2021)
3 Americas: More Truth Than We Can Handle
Chapter 08
The Southgate Death Camp (and the Slow Killing of a Blind Wolfe)
by DR Wolfe

{As I continue a full revision, this is one of the new chapters from my revised autobiography, “3 Americas”.}

(Some discriptions of sex)

All wars are horrible and lots of innocent always die. And one of the most horrible aspects of war are the prisoner of war camps, almost always created by both sides during the conflict. Unless of course, they decide to take no prisoners…

Sometimes these camps are filled with the actual enemy combatant, but often the prisoners are innocent citizens of the state under siege.

And when any prisoners die at the hands of their captors, the places where the prisoner was being held are all certainly “Death Camps”, regardless of what tribe the prisoner came from–

Part I
There’s no doubt now in my mind, just as I was set up by my ex-wife in 2001, I was also tricked into moving in to this RV and Mobil home park on 82nd Avenue, I now call the “Southgate Death Camp”.

After I was wrongly charged and falsely imprisoned by Washington County, on behalf of my ex wife’s powerful friends, I have been unfairly labeled for life as a “registered sex offender” and a “felon”.

First, they used this coerced plea bargain to have me evicted from my Lake Oswego apartment. And then “they” arranged to once again have me denied the right to receive any services or assistance from the state agency for the blind.

Then my next landlord, Phil, curiously decided to up and moved to Hawaii for a job. While he was still collecting our rent, he decided to stop paying the mortgage. Subsequently, we were all evicted by the bank.

Then, finding no one who would rent to an RSO, regardless of the circumstances, I moved into a meth house where my belongings and medicine were being stolen by the other pennants and the landlord’s maintenance guy. One day me and a friend were in my room and we caught this creepy guy named Eric unlocking my door and sneaking into my room (without knocking). When I complained to the owner, Oscar Hess, and mentioned he was drunk at the time, he ignored my complaint. And when I put on a second lock, Hess evicted me.

For god sakes Oscar, at least three of these people were smoking meth in the kitchen!

Sounds like I would have a good case of ‘constructive eviction’, wouldn’t it? Except, since my landlord, Oscar Hess, was well-connected with the county, having once apparently ran the county’s sewer system, once again, there would be no justice in third America for me.

So even today, every night my head and feet are being cooked with some kind of weapon and I’m being sprayed with round up, or some other kind of poison! Despite that this has gone on for the last eight or nine years, neither the cops, or the F.B.I., or the bi-sexual, compassionate governor, or the Jewish controlled State Attorney General’s Office or the BAR, or any of these righteous politician or pressitutes, will do anything, or at least like they give a crap about white-looking, straight men with disabilities!

It’s obvious now, I have been targeted by the government trolls who serve the elite because of my past, and my radical views about medical marijuana and other unpopular subversive ideas, like getting rid of police unions in America and holding bad cops accountable.

As I said, maybe it’s mostly because of what I know and have been writing about the government and universities’ mind control programs…and how truly evil and perverse these people are!

It all began here at the Southgate Death Camp when I agreed to buy the RV and Mrs. Sleeper and the RV’s previous owner tricked me into moving my RV to the very back of the park, away from everything. They said I would be a whole lot happier. Ugh…

When I bought it, the RV was parked in Lot 15 which was directly across from the office, the laundry room, the mail room, the community garden, the public bathroom, and only a hundred feet away from the park’s entrance. They claimed it would be quieter in the far back. But even before all this harassment began, it was already almost impossible to find my way out of the park from back here using a white cane. Not to mention how hard it was coming home alone and trying to find my lot, since the entrance to every other spot felt exactly the same as mine.

And if I went up to the door…which, thanks to the Portland Police who walked around the park showing everyone my picture and telling them that I was a “sex offender”, leaving out the “low risk” part, who was sometimes pretending to be blind, made a lot of these trailer park people afraid of me, and angry or upset if I ever knocked on their door for any reason.

I realize now I was moved back here by Debbie Sleeper and the owners so that “they” could abuse me without anyone seeing what they were doing…and maybe get me to commit suicide. Or maybe help me burn down the RV without any witnesses, so that hopefully I would die in one of the many “accidental” fires they have set back here over the last ten years!

The Sleepers, the owners, and their friends from local law enforcement, including Sheriff Mike Reese (Who was forced out as the Chief of Portland police and went on to help form a local group of wealthy and influential vigilantes called the “Round Circle” before being elected sheriff in 2016.), have tried to kill me several times and have held me prisoner in my RV since February of 2015!

I know why the police want to kill me, but here’s why the park’s manager and owners have joined in on all the fun–

After just five weeks, a partly disabled man named Jack died under suspicious circumstances in this same RV I was suckered into buying by a woman named Dorothy Rasche. A year later, after being evicted from her trailer in Tigard, Rasche came under investigation from Washington County for a string of fires set at her former complex.

And then on behalf of Dorothy Rasche, a sneaky lawyer named Aaron Fitzgerald, formally with the DA’s Office, along with a friend of Judge van Dyk named Judge Angel Lopez, made sure I never got the title for the RV that I paid for. This means I can’t move it anywhere and would have to just walk away from it, with only my belongings.

Apparently, this RV was used as a meth lab in Sacramento by the Rasches before being moved to Portland. When Debbie and the owners figured out they were liable for Jack’s death, they refused to let Jack’s family buy it even though they had cash. So they found this ‘stupid blind guy’ to buy it on credit with nothing down instead.

So this way, everyone would believe their story that this blind man had caused the accident…when it was blown up or burned down. That may be why someone removed the inside door handle, requiring a flat head screw driver and a few spare minutes every time to open. There are no other exits…

And does it make any sense that Dorothy Rasche wouldn’t take $4500 in cash from some man who saw her RV posted on Craigslist? But rather, agreed to take $3000 from me (in small payments for the next two years), even though we had only spoken once before on the city bus before she made me this completely unbelievable offer!

As I mentioned, over the last ten years, someone has tried to burn it down several times; twice someone tried to blow it up; and once I suspect they had someone try to run me down at the corner of Flavel and 82nd Avenue. But given what had happened over the previous two weeks, I should have been expecting it–

As I’ll explain, the cops and the oversight bigots (the IPR) covered this attempted murder up!); and now, “they” are doing everything they can think of to make me look crazy, by shocking me every day, and spraying me with something liquid (while my scalp is falling off).

Despite my screaming, no one in law enforcementor the park’s management will investigate. It sure seems like “they” want the police to have a good reason to shoot me, or put me in the State Hospital, a far, far to common practice being used here in the what was the last state to allegedly end eugenics in America (1983) — the State of Oregoon.

I believe the owners have been trying to destroy the only evidence left that might prove that the previous owner, Jack, was murdered by Dorothy’s bathtub (where the Rasches were making the meth for all those years). And they don’t care if they kill me to do it! Yet, despite numerous letters and E mails, the City, the FBI and the State Police and State Attorneys General will do nothing…

So as I write this today, I am still being continuously shocked, burned and sprayed with some kind of poisonous liquid mist. But if they are trying to kill me, then I wouldn’t be the first person here who has died under suspicious circumstances, in which apparently no one from law enforcement has ever fully investigated…

Apparently, according to a 1999 San Jose Mercury article, this RV was used as a meth lab in Sacramento by the Rasches before being moved to Portland. I think when Debbie and the owners figured out they were liable for Jack’s death, they refused to let Jack’s family buy it even though they had cash. So they found this ‘stupid blind guy’ to buy it on credit with nothing down instead.

So for a moment, let me take this story in another direction. Here’s the other connections in my case to Oregon secret crime family, and the two men who who are responsible for my ongoing torture, and the police involvement in what’s been happening (and the DOJ’s complete indifference).

But here’s the “Alpha Dope” connection. My ex-wife’s friend, Judge van Dyk’s, 2004 campaign was managed by Oregon attorney Marc Abrams — which was the same exact time, according to my wife, Judge van Dyk had manipulated two West Linn police officers to hunt me down at my wife’s apartment in the middle of the night, with loaded guns!

Then Abrams Alpha Dope friend, Lard Larson, did a local show where Josh “Lugar Marquise(a former Oregon DA and a good friend of van Dyk and Abrams’) ” said he was working with the Democreeps to pass a law that would target boyfriends who harass their girlfriends with the telephone, but not the other way around (and made a joke about (hocking a lugar”, hence the nickname, “Lugar Marquise”).

As you may remember, a few years earlier, District Attorney Josh Marquise became infamous among straight men, and most rational thinkers, throughout Oregon when he threaten to charge a group of thirteen-year-old boys from McMinville Junior High School with felonies (and make them all registered sex offenders for life) for having slapped the bottoms of several girls during school–

For those who don’t know his dark history, Marquise came from DeShutes County, the county that was selected to conduct an “outside review” of the ambush and execution of Robert Lavoy Finnicum. Except John Hummel’s investigate was an embarrassment to Oregon, and that’s probably why he refused to allow anyone from the truth -telling alternative media into the press conference when he revealed his bullshit “findings!”

And so it’s not surprising that the democreeps recruited this dirty lawyer from this wealthy county to replaced a female DA who many feel was intentionally targeted by those who we know were running the cocaine, pedophile government of Oregon during the 1970’s and forward, and was removed from office.

Curiously, just after she had indicted two Oregon cops for allegedly smuggling cocaine. The State Attorneys General claimed the charges were fabricated in retaliation for a traffic ticket her boyfriend had received. Serous?

Usually the cops and the DA’s are pretty tight. And in a few Oregon counties, their more than just “tight”. So it’s really hard to believe that any DA would ever make up charges about two cops for any reason, let alone, over a traffic ticket, doesn’t it?

And then it got even more absurd, when Lard and Lugar began praising the former-State Attorney General, Ted Kulongoski, for removing this courageous woman over a traffic ticket.

Here’s the background, although in this interview Lugar Marquise and Lard Larson are spinning a very different tale about what happened back then–

Apparently in 1993, not surprisingly, it was former-State Attorneys General, Ted Kulongoski, who came after the lady-lawyer from Estoria who was trying to prosecute these two cops for smuggling cocaine (which we know never, ever happens).

This is king of funny, because I heard this next part about “kulongoscapy” from Lard Larson before anyone else, which the Willamette Week mostly confirmed several years later. But for those who don’t know, former Governor Kulongoski clamed for decades that former-Governor Neil Goldschmidt was his friend and mentor. Except, as I said about a decade ago, Marc Zusman and the Willamette Week exposed the fact that former-Portland Mayor, Neil Goldschmidt had raped a teenage girl hundreds of times while he was the City’s mayor for at least three years, mostly at his home here in Portland during the late 1970’s…and they said it was often some Oregon cops who were bringing his fourteen-year-old mistress over for these “secret rendezvous.”

And not surprisingly, Goldschmidt’s victim turned to hard drugs and then disappeared, moving to the state of Nevada, where she recently died in her mid forties. Apparently agreeing to keep (probably out of fear) Kulongoski and Goldschmidt’s dirty little secret, a secret for many, many years. Although the State of Oregon never prosecuted these two perverts for covering up the crime of repeatedly raping a child, the State of Oregoon, in all of its generosity, eventually paid the victim an amount that was equivalent to about $23 per rape–

So here’s the back story, and why “Lugar Marquise” (with the help of his dirty pressitute friend, Lard Larson) was covering for these people who have been raping me every day with lasars and trying to kill me, using electric shocks and some sort of poisonous spray.

And here’s why Lugar and the legislature has been trying to pass a bill that only targets men for allegedly “harassing” their girlfriends. I learned about this the next day, according to my wife at the time, that the reason Judge van Dyk sent the West Linn police to her apartment in the middle of the night, in the fall of 2004, with their guns drawn, searching for me, was as follows:
According to Christel, he said because she had turned off the ringer in her bedroom. Based on old information from the previous fall, he was led to believe by my two step-daughters I was using the telephone to harass her. Except, the phone records prove the opposite was true.

For example, once that fall while I was talking to Christel’s sister, Raymie, about the false allegation Christel had used her daughters to instigate against me, Christel called my telephone number over twenty-five times (that I never answered)! Raymie began telling about at least six other men she had done this to, including her uncle who lived in Clamith Falls. And once using Raymie to accuse her step-father Al of the exact same sort of thing — accusing Al of trying to molest Raymie while he was helping her put on a pair of stockings.

So, by ding this show a couple years ago, Lard, Josh and the cops and Oregoon DA’s apparently want the public to believe that it was really my fault for Judge van Dyk contacting the police that night, maybe hoping they would find me there and kill me.

However, if you read that chapter, obviously the West Linn Police Department over reacted, based on Judge van Dyk’s authority. The facts prove that these cops, if I were really there, could have easily killed me (while Dan Handelman and the Alpha Dopes would say, “Clearly, this was another case of ‘suicide by cop'”)–

Along with being a government labor lawyer for the State of Oregon (who defends dishonest government employees who ought to be fired) and a Jewish hack writer for “Blue Oregon”, Marc Abrams is the muscle behind van Dyk’s gang of Crack-of-my-ass County thugs who get Detective Marley to come after me in 2004 (for something that allegedly happened three years earlier).

I believe Abrams and his friends are doing this because I threatened to report Christel to child protective services in the spring of 2004 for some of what is written here. This meant, if this were exposed in the fall of 2004 her blooming relationship with Judge van Dyk may have become public before the November, 2004 election, which would have made Abrams look like the sick bastard he really is!.

Abrams is also a regular host on a local Sunday morning political show with Alpha Media. Every Sunday Abrams gets to pretend to be a compassionate liberal,
rather than the arrogant elitist, crooked neo-liberal lawyer he is in real life–

So is Abrams and his friends from Alpha Media the ones who have been trying to kill me? Around 9:00 a.m. someone hurled a twenty pound cement block over my privacy fence at my RV earlier this fall [August, 2018].

And the facts strongly suggests someone in a high position of power was protecting the two men who run me down and tried to kill me in 2010, while I was petitioning for medical marijuana dispensaries.

So that fall I was campaigning downtown and around my neighborhood for medical marijuana dispensaries with two large signs, a three foot fake joint, and a white cane with a bright red tip. There’s no way they didn’t see me, when these two guys, or agents, or cops, ran me down (and for a moment I thought I died and I heard the voice of an angel, who curiously called herself “Boots”)–

But I didn’t die. Although, I suspect the men who ran me down were trying to kill me because of maybe my ex-wife. Maybe because of my activism over medical marijuana? Or maybe for expressing my views about 9-11 and the Oklahoma City bombing being inside jobs, publicly? But I’m pretty sure it wasn’t just a random accident, as the police claimed, who wanted to blame me instead of the driver–

But here’s the facts, you decide.

First, ask yourself, does it make any sense, that three witnesses saw this driver fly around the corner without pausing, before he hit me, and the police didn’t, at the very least, give the driver a sobriety test? Especially on a corner known for picking up sex workers and illegal drugs.

So imagine this, this blind guy with dark glasses was carrying a white cane (with a bright red tip), two large campaign signs, and a three foot long (fake) joint! Oh, and it was 4:30 p.m. on Halloween, and there were probably already a few very little kids in the neighborhood who were running back and forth in front of their houses, showing off their costumes, waiting to go trick or treating.

Do you suppose it was because that Officer Leonard and the cops could care less about keeping the kids safe from reckless drivers like this in certain neighborhoods, unlike they do in the burgs and hills, where most of our Portland cops and prosecutors live?

So is it really surprising that Officer Leonard appears to have falsified his report by writing down the license plate number twice and not including the driver’s insurance number. Maybe this is why the driver claimed he wasn’t the one driving the vehicle that hit me, because he had no insurance and maybe the cop (and the two lawyers I hired) knew it, and let him go because he simply viewed me as being another disposable “cripple”?

Or perhaps, was it because he was an under cover cop, riding around with one of his informants (who, if there was an accident like this, would take the rap if they needed)?

So after I spoke to his “supervising” officer later that week, Officer Leonard called me at home and gave me the wrong insurance number over the phone. Apparently, apparently he figured I would just go away.

And even though I never filled out the complaint form they sent me, the City’s “Independent” Police Review (ran by a guy named “Con”) conducted a three month investigation of Officer Leonard but never once bothered to call me to interview the most critical witness — the VICTIM!

And surprise, surprise! The IPR determined that Officer Danny [Jeff] Leonard had acted professionally, and even gave him some bullshit award a few years later for apparently being another one of the “good cops from Rotland”!

Not surprisingly, the two Jewish lawyers [Shulman and DuBois] I ended up hiring (since surprise, surprise, they were the first names that appeared on my “search” engine) withheld almost 80% of the settlement money. Which coincidentally was the absolute lowest coverage available, even though my right arm has been permanent disabled..

So rather than going after the real driver and owner for damaging my right arm, these two greedy lawyers appear to have let the passenger use his insurance instead, which as I said just happened to be the very minimum insurance required under Oregon law.

But does it make any sense that the two Jewish lawyers made no effort at all to go after the owner’s insurance, who, at the very least, knowingly, and carelessly, allowed this passenger to drive his vehicle like a maniac in a residential neighborhood on Halloween evening?

Wouldn’t a competent lawyer in case like this go after both of their insurance companies for damages? Except, Jamie Lynn, their administrative assistant, claimed they were unable to locate the owner (and real driver) of the vehicle. Or is this what the feds told her to say?

Sounds crazy, but I have to wonder, did the law firm of Shulman and DuBois take a bribe of some kind from what may have been a DEA agent (and his informant) who had been chasing me and my massive joint around town all day, and maybe for weeks, and eventually ran me down?

And as always, it gets a whole lot more weird!

About a week or two earlier I was out campaigning on and around 82nd Avenue, with all of my accessories in hand. I paused on the south-west corner of Duke and 82nd, and waited for the light to change. When the light changed, I carried my signs and king-kong joint and started crossing Duke, which runs east and west, when a car heading north cut across 82nd Avenue and struck a car in the southbound lane, heading south.

When the cars hit, I was already half way across Duke when it happened. And I instinctively dove to my left to get out of the way, ironically on to the hood of an idling car, who was waiting for the light to change.

In other words, if the car who appeared to cause the accident hadn’t hit the car heading south, it would have likely hit me…and based on its acceleration speed (Which I remember hearing, just prior to the crash — I clearly heard the sound of the tires gripping the pavement just before the loud smack!), it would have very likely killed me!

So was it the same two guys (or cops, or agents)?

So I waited there on the opposite corner for fifteen or twenty minutes, but the cops never came over to talk to me, a possible witness to the accident. It seemed strange, but maybe they were to embarrassed to ask me if I “saw” anything–

It makes me suspicious, because this happened only a few blocks away from where I was eventually ran down on Flavel.

For example, here’s two more strange things that happened just prior to me being run down.

Just two days before the Flavel “accident”, a dirty Portland cop named Brian Rummel began harassing me at that same corner. He claimed the police two calls (from the local drug dealers, or some bigots) saying that I was wondering into the street. He began by asking me if I “was blind?” so I asked him if he could “see my white cane?”

I think this pissed him off, because he asked me for my ID (which I gave him), and wanted to know if I had
“ever been in trouble with the law?”

Obviously, Officer Rummel knew exactly who I was when he began harassing me (and violating my First and Forth Amendment rights), or the person they wanted people to think I was. And then I was intentionally run down two days later, and the police do nothing to the driver. In fact, once again the cops did everything to protect the real perpetrator(s)–

And then just three days prior to the “accident” on Flavel, me and a friend went downtown to promote medical marijuana dispensaries during President Obama’s visit to Portland. I learned from the Portland Cop Watch web site that Dan Handelman’s activist group Peace and Justice Works (who erroneously claims to believing in protesting peacefully) was meeting. So innocently, that’s the corner where me and friend decided to protest at on behalf of all disabled Americans who benefit from the medical use of marijuana.

However, it was mostly a gender impaired group of protesters at that corner, who began harassing me instead. For example, an openly gay host at the local community radio station, Celeste Carey, shoved me into the street, in front of dozens of other people. And before this, one of the gay men (who I think was named “Mike”) kept shoving Handelman’s blow horn up against the back of my head while he was screaming into it, knowing that he was probably damaging this blind guy’s ear drums! And they thought it was real funny too. Even when I put my sign behind my head to block this thug from Rotland (who happen to be gender impaired), he kept doing it!

Despite these obvious assaults, neither Handelman or the Secret Service (who took time to inspect my massive joint) did nothing to stop Handleman’s gender impaired friends from assaulting me, over and over–

So, who knows, maybe that’s why OHSU, or someone, was able to get me into surgery nine months early?

“You’ll never believe your luck,” the hospital told me when they called with the “good” news.

The surgeon said I had completely torn the tendon that connects the shoulder to the arm, and that’s why I was no longer able to lift my right arm. But apparently, to my good fortune, the hospital had an opening in early March of 2011, and so I took it.

The OHSU surgeon, stephen mirarchi, comes into my room and promises me that when I wake up he’ll be there to tell me exactly what happened during surgery, but that’s not at all what happened. And I think I know why–

But before I tell you about how I was mutilated by these people during surgery, let me begin by mentioning that my surgeon, Dr. mirarchi, was from Beaverton, which is the same town where my girlfriend at the time, Christel, was secretly making child pornography, using me and her girls. This is also the same town where these two dirty cops, Marley and oaes, came from, and had kidnapped me from Lake Oswego in 2005, and set out to destroy my life…and two years later, steal my kid–

So back to my story about OHSU, Rotland’s own torture hospital (and home of the Rotland Tail Lasers, where we microwave our “cripples” every night).

It was one of those day surgeries, come in early, and leave around dinner time. It sounded pretty simple–

So I brought my talking book player, and was listening to a book about a gang who ran a chop shop in California. It was one of several books I had downloaded around that time, written by an African-American fiction writer , although at the moment I can’t recall his name.

At first, I put on headphones, since they warned me it would be a pretty long wait before I was wheeled into the operating room and I wanted to be as distracted as I could.

But then people kept sticking their heads in, and asking me questions. So I decided to unplug the headphones and just listen to the book on low. Except, apparently it wasn’t low enough.

If you’ve read urban fiction then you know how the characters speak, including regularly using the n word.

So to my bad luck this African-American woman comes into the surgery room, and I remember hearing her speaking to someone…and then, just at that very moment a character from the book utters the word!

To my horror, suddenly, everyone in the entire operating area got real, real quiet, and I mistakenly quickly shut off the player…still wondering if they had heard the narrator’s voice saying the n word aloud.

As you read the next few paragraphs, I strongly suspect that this woman of color had heard the n word, and since I had shut off the machine, she not surprisingly assumed a man in that room was speaking to, or about, her. And she must have looked directly at my curtain, causing the entire room to instantly become quiet

Then, a moment later, the room began to slowly fill with voices once again–

So the last thing I remember was this male nurse, who sounded as though he was probably gay, was holding me down while some woman was shoving a long needle into my spine. The pain caused me to pass out.

When I woke up, this same creepy male nurse was ripping off my bandages. As he jerked out each of my IV’s, I asked where the surgeon was, mirarchi, sense the room seemed completely empty.

He said the surgery went longer then they planned, so the surgeon had left and would talk to me later. Not more than twenty or thirty minutes later, I found myself sitting in a wheelchair in front of the exit doors. I t was freezing. It was about thirty or forty minutes later when my transportation showed up.

While I’ve always had a few gay friends where ever I’ve lived, the gender-impaired (LGBTQ) community here is one of the most militant any where. So, if you’re a straight man, you should know before moving here the gay people in Portland, both “men” and “women”, are some of the meanest, most vicious gay people I have ever known.

And sadly, because of it, I’ve grown to hate them all– It’s the only city I’ve lived in where a gay man can grab your ass at a bus stop and say something crude to you, and not be arrested (while everyone else at the bus stop laughs)!

And as you may know, within the last ten years the openly gay mayors of both Portland and Seattle, Sam Adams and Eddie Murray, were posthumously forced to end their political careers after being accused of molesting underage males and lying about it.

And that’s why I think this creepy nurse did something else to me while I was under, since I’ve never been able to urinate normally (straight) since my surgery…

And here’s something that can be documented, that they may have also done to me during surgery.

If you examine my lower teeth, it appears as though someone took a small hammer or chisel and busted in the front side of all of my lower teeth. They weren’t like this before surgery, and this can be proving–

And it’s even more weird than that–

it also appears as though someone used some sort of dental tool to file all the lower teeth down so that they are perfectly flat, all the way across. Almost any pic of me prior to surgery would probably show how perfect, and straight my lower teeth used to be. The damage is almost undescribable, since it makes my lower teeth look like the Frankenstein monster, or something!

Funny thing, while Christel, the girls, and me were living in Beaverton they thought it would be funny to put some of Christel’s black ink in my coffee one morning, just like they did to one of the characters in the movie “The Patriot”. By comparing a few pics from before and after, you can see My teeth have never returned to their original color…

And, as I mentioned in the introduction, my head appears way smaller and rounder than it did a few years ago. This is because it always itches and some sort of synthetic material keeps pealing off during the day. As you know, I’m being shocked every night, and it’s likely that they are also burning my scalp…and maybe it’s because I’m part Native-American, and have spoken out many times against the use of the name “Washington Redskins”?

You can also probably see from some older pics that sometime after surgery my head suddenly became much, much larger than it used to be!

So, over the last seven or eight years, As my scalp has pealed away, I also noticed something very odd about the shape of my head. And I’m sure this also can be verified,

As you can see, sometime after surgery all of the pics of me show the top of my head suddenly being very square, kind of like the Frankenstein monster!

And if this isn’t strange enough, I heard Kerry Joyce with American Freedom Radio make this very odd comment while I was listening to one of her live shows (so, because of the Internet, she knew I was listening at the time). If you can believe it, she told her audience (mostly men) that because of some man she saw that day, she would never, ever have sex with any man who had a large head like that, since if she became pregnant it would be too painful to give birth to his baby. Talk about creepy–

As this chapter explains, I believe those who are responsible for doing all of this, including torturing me (and trying to kill me), it those responsible may include a group of powerful people, which I’m pretty sure includes some local and federal cops. And very likely a local group of wealthy and influential vigilantes called the “Round Circle”.

The current Multnomah Sheriff, Mike Reese, was apparently one of the group’s original founders, just prior to running unopposed in 2016, and surprise, surprise, being “elected” sheriff! (In all fairness, this was a special election and Reese was appointed to be acting sheriff when the previous Sheriff, Dan Staton, was forced to resign over allegations of having “sexually assaulted” and/or “sexually harassed” several female deputies. Ironically, Reese himself, was forced to also resign a few years earlier as Portland’s chief of police after a series of allegations and criminal charges had been filed against several Portland Police Officers under his supervision.

Because of my activism, and how Sheriff Reese had bragged to the Portland City Club about his brand new powerful tasers, I believe both the Portland Police and the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Department, along with Clackamas and Washington County law enforcement, are all involved in the ongoing sexual assaults and the daily harassment being leveled against me.)

A few years ago my neighbor, Donna (Lot 24) suddenly died. She was a few years older than me when she died and was a very delicate woman. She had both a brain tumor and bad heart, and could never handle the sort of shocks I am getting.

Since most of these sudden shocks used to be coming from mostly the north (Lot 22 or maybe Lot 19) and they sometimes take away my breath and leave burn marks. And since Donna lived only about twelve feet away from me to the south, I believe they may have unintentionally killed her while they were torturing me and my dog with these weapons.

Debbie Sleeper, the manager here at Southgate, claimed she died of natural causes the same day she died…but I have always wondered how the manager could know exactly how Donna died that soon?

I also told Ms. Sleeper at the time I had heard a man screaming at Donna the night before she died. I also told her I heard this same man, who I thought I heard Donna call “Mike”, yelling at her once earlier that week,

Apparently the manager never told the police anything about this stranger…who may have “accidentally” caused her death, by either threatening her or upsetting her, if not by electrocuting her too. I heard him telling Donna she had to move (until they were done with me).

Here’s the strange thing. They had already once moved Donna out of her trailer about six months earlier, claiming they were re-modeling it, which the manager confirmed when I asked what happened to her.

When Donna first moved back in she asked for, and I gave her a small bag of medical marijuana, as I often did. she told me they hadn’t done hardly any work at all on her trailer and she was angry at Debbie [the manager] about being forced to move out of her home where she’s lived for twenty years. That is, until she put her foot down and demanded to be brought back home…where she died a few months later–

So, there’s no doubt in my mind this is all happening today because of what began that afternoon. And probably because of my outspoken political views about marijuana reform, removing fluoride form our public water, and holding the State of Israel accountable for its continuing genocide of the Palestinians. And probably because of my vocal advocacy against the government’s over reaching surveillance, our criminal injustice system (that regularly abuses anyone who is poor, who is a racial minority, or anyone who is or who appears to be disabled [i.e. “defective”]).

For the last seven or eight years almost every night “they” gather outside my RV after dark to conduct these daily rapes, where me and my dog are being shocked, sprayed with some liquid, and literally being cooked alive with some sort of cell-damaging, microwave weapon, which I believe is being used by some federal agency’s secret authorization under the pretences of being a “body scanner”, or that’s how I would describe how it feels (except I have no weapon, other than my mind, and haven’t left my home in almost three years):
(See my article: “Gay Governor Kate Brown Lets Oregoons Torture New Ota Benga, for Fun!”

Ask yourself, is this why the Vegas shooter, Stephen “Potok”, was reported to have been heard screaming in his bed at night? Was he being tortured like me? Except maybe he didn’t know which Nevada mobster was behind it, so, like Aaron Alexis, did he start making a plan…a plan to stop them (or at least, stop the people who may be funding this evil program? A secret program that is intentionally driving Americans like Aaron Alexis and Myron May crazy and seems to want more and more anger and violence, since it would give them an excuse (with the public support)to take away the one weapon they, for the moment, can’t control, electronically — the gun and the bullet.

We’ve always known the pressitutes have been covering up for “them” (if they want to get paid). Along with the plastics and other poisons they’re using to kill us, by turning up the “heat” on the entire world, our bodies will begin to break down from stress and decease, making all of you helpless blind people who, like me, can be raped, tortured or murdered by the police, the “correction” creeps or some guy under their mind control weapons (like Chris Mercer or James Holmes) when ever they want.

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