3 Americas: More Truth Than We Can Handle 11 The Alpha Dopes and the Rotland Media (And why they’re letting the Deep State kill us)

(Last updated: November 19, 2022)
3 Americas: More Truth Than We Can Handle
Chapter 11
The Alpha Dopes and the Rotland Media (And their role in letting the Deep State kill us)
by DR Wolfe

{As I continue a full revision, this is one of the new chapters from my revised autobiography, “3 Americas: More Truth Than We Can Handle”.}

(Includes strong language and some descriptions of sex.)

A culling of the herd is when nature reduces the population of a particular species. It’s nature’s way of balancing the natural system. It uses starvation, decease, or a larger predator to accomplish this. Usually, the targeted species will eventually come back when nature is able to balance the earth. This happens when the intent is good, as it is with nature.

However, the elite (those with money, power, and/or influence) have determined there is no need to have a large human population, which is threatening to their own survival. The elite and the sheeple on the left always say over-population is threatening to the environment. And since war has become so unpopular, they were forced to find a new way to cull the human herd.

The Report From Iron Mountain, which the elite tried to deny it’s existence for many years, confirmed that the outline for this plan existed.
We now know this secret report described how the rich and powerful would be able to “cull the herd”. And the record will show that Robert Kennedy Jr. tried to warn us.

They would create a pandemic, than offer a mandatory cure, which was worse than the decease. And Kennedy said in his book about the history of Anthony Fauci, the Deep State would use the media and the government to make sure the gullible goydumb would fully cooperate, by ostracizing those who were uncooperative.

So this final chapter is about the role of the media, the Forth Estate. And it’s capitulation with the wealthy to “cull the herd” and silence the dissenters. And more importantly, what it means for our future. Especially for those of us here in Third America.

After reading this the reader may agree, that Alpha Media is the worst media company in the Portland area, but there’s a lot of stiff competition around here, as I’ll tell you about.

I would say the ugliness in our local media is not that uncommon. It’s a reflection of the trend that the national corporate media has taken, thanks partly to Trump’s arrogance tweets. But it’s mostly the snarky, arrogance people who work in the media, as this chapter documents.

In two letters, I wrote to US. District Judge Michael J. Simon, when he was allegedly gathering testimony from the disabled community about their experience interacting with members of the Portland Police Bureau. I believe it was really about getting our own bullshit consent decree from the amorous U.S. Attorney, Amanda Marshall, so the city isn’t sued by the DOJ, not that it would matter. But I suspect Judge Simon never read anything about what I wrote.

And not surprisingly, the formal Consent Decree did nothing for the disabled, since I’m still being tortured here at the Southgate Death Camp on 82nd Avenue by some psychopaths, posing as law enforcement. My feet and other parts of my body are being electrocuted with these low level shocks every time I lay down, usually at night or early in the morning, before I get up.

Often I’m startled awake with some kind of sharp electric shock to my feet or toes, or somewhere else, which really pisses me off all day. And during the day, I’m constantly being itched to death with this same weapons that seems to attack bare skin, such as the face, legs, and hands.

While I’m sleeping they’re able to burn me, so I wake up with welts and what feels like sun burns all over my body, including my genitals. It sounds like some kind of microwave weapon, doesn’t it?

Maybe it’s some kind of ECT therapy by some mad scientist from Kaiser, posing as a doctor? And maybe they tell some sleazy judge I have something the Deep State Jewish, homosexual shrinks call “Oppositional Defiant Disorder”? Except ECT is supposed to be administered while the patient is asleep, and sedated. But apparently these mad scientists can’t wait until I’m asleep to shock me. And obviously, I’ve never been sedated, or given them any kind of informed consent.

Honestly, I feel if I wasn’t completely Blind and owned a gun I would probably shoot somebody, or anybody! And maybe that’s what’s happening to all these shooters who are being rolled off the shelf, who never seem to shoot the rich.

And what is amazing is that nobody, including Christopher Ray, the current FBI Director or Judge Michael Simon, who is a federal judge, will do anything to make them stop electrocuting me!

Like the people in Gaza, I’ve been held prisoner in my RV (and fenced in yard) since February of 2015. They’ve made it clear to me, as I’ve described in previous chapters, “Stay where you are or die (on the streets of Portland, Oregon)!

And that’s why I suspect the Deep State and its agents are doing this all over the country, to a lot of troubled men, who then go out and kill children and other people. And I believe it’s a coordinated effort (from the Deep State) being done to eventually take away the guns from the law abiding citizens, one gun at a time.

It’s the only way the federal government can protect these wealthy pedophiles, who only fear a lone wolf or a disgruntled parent with a gun. That’s probably why Merrick Garland, who many believe covered up the truth about the Oklahoma City bombing, sent the FBI after angry parents who objected to mask mandates and transgenderism. And now our courageous Jewish Attorney General and his Injustice Department is going to investigate the Uvalde school shooting, isn’t that good news? I wonder how this particcular cover up will go?

Other than Garland, everyone’s asking, why didn’t local law enforcement rush the classroom in Uvalde, Texas, since they had over three hundred officers available, with at least thirteen heavily armed police officers in the hallway, waiting outside of the classroom, danitizing their hands? Or was this their orders to stand down. Perhaps, so that the shooter had the seventy-seven minutes he needed to kill these Latino children?

Doesn’t it seem suspicious that law enforcement claim they were waiting for a key to the lock, that any gun could have instantly disabled? And then we find out, the classroom door wasn’t even locked, but no one in law enforcement bothered to check the door.

And why did this teacher prop open the door In late may, in Texas, which violates the school safety policies? Didn’t the school have air conditioning?

Was perhaps the teacher, like Sirhan Sirhan, being brain washed by the Deep State to unlock the door? Maybe that’s why she doesn’t remember? Maybe the rock was a distraction, to what she was really doing, without knowing?

And where did this kid, who was apparently undergoing transgender therapy, get thousands of dollars to pay for these two guns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition? And who was this mysterious acquaintance online who may have offered to pay for the guns, and who may have known about the plot to kill these children? Was this his want-to–be J. Edger Hoover FBI handler?

The shooter in Buffalo also had a handler. He was a retired federal agent, as if these people ever retire. The shooter in Buffalo was conversing with him online, just thirty minutes before he was rolled off the shelf by the Deep State, and massacred eleven African-Americans. And corporate media claims it was nothing but “racism” and “white supremacy”, and push for more gun control.

The Uvalde and Buffalo shootings are also awfully similar to the recent FBI false flag event in Michigan. In that case, several mentally challenged individuals were coerced by several FBI informants to say they were going to kidnap and murder Governor Whitmner? Except, a jury from Michigan said the men were not guilty, and they believed it was entrapment by the government agents and informants.

Maybe moving the age to twenty-one, the age at which a person can legally purchase a gun, might help. And it does make a lot of sense, given the age of these recent three shooters in Buffalo, Uvalde and Highland Park. But the law makers say that’s not constitutional, even though we prohibit eighteen-year-olds from purchasing alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana?

But the extremist on the left aren’t helping, saying they won’t stop until there is absolutely no private gun ownership in America, as if, after Uvalde the people can trust law enforcement being the only ones with guns, besides violent criminals.

Meanwhile, no one’s willing to give an inch. And kids keep dying, in our violent American culture that worships violent games such as football and dodgeball. And none of the experts can figure it out.

Did you know American children on average view over 200,000 images of violent before they turn eighteen? And the Democreeps in California, D.C., and New York, as well as the Jewish homosexuals in Hollyweird, don’t see this as being apart of the problem.

I think most Americans are sick and tired of these network ex’s pretending they know what the hell they’re talking about. When are they going to bring in some current perts to figure it out?

So when they take away the guns, as the Deep State will eventually do to protect the wealthy, people will learn to build bombs, just like the IRA. And eventually most people will be dead, or living in one of Katie Couric’s re-education camps.

If anyone is interested, the Oregon Department of correction is doing this to disabled inmates down in Salem, at the State Prison’s mental health unit. Prisoners from this unit report that every morning, around 4:00 a.m. they are awoken by the guards who administer an electric shock to their fee. Isn’t that a coincidence

Maybe it’s Lars larson’s sick friend, “Ugly Ed” and his “Electric Bleachers” who are targeting people with mental illness, like the shooter in Uvalde, Texas, who gunned down nineteen children, while the media makes jokes about it?

I believe this is what the FBI’s HRT Unit did to Robert LaVoy Finicum, shooting him in the hands with these lasers, causing him to pull his hands down and rub them against his body. Whether the State Police acted in good faith when they shot Finicum in the back, because they thought he was reaching for a gun, or whether they were part of the plot to kill him and blame the Bundy protesters, we don’t know.

But it is suspicious that District Attorney John Hummel from Deschutes County, the wealthiest county in Oregon, allegedly investigated the killing on behalf of the State. When he announced his findings, that the police did absolutely nothing wrong, he made sure no one from the alternative media could attend. So in other words, there were no hard questions from the mainstream slut media for Hummel, and the murder of LaVoy Finicum by law enforcement was quickly dropped.

But it’s not just the FBI and the U.S. Marsals, the dirty state and local police and the correction creeps who are doing stuff like this to people with disabilities, I told Judge Simon, along with law enforcement, the media plays a big part in what’s happening to us disabled people and some minorities here in Oregon. I gave him a few examples of how this type of ridicule is regularly used by the media, directed at those with disabilities. I used the sports talk morons and Alpha Media’s biggest asshole, Lars Larson, as examples.

It’s not about the people who operate Alpha Media, I Heart Radio, and Salem Media, as well as all of the major newspapers and networks, but it’s about the people who own the media and the orders they give, as to what to say and what not to say.

And maybe that’s why Judge Simon, who perhaps has no choice, seems to be okay with this sort of public shaming and torture of people with disabilities?

But here’s the problem. At least twenty-two countries, including Canada, have made it illegal to criticize Israel or Jewish people for anything, or to question the lies told about the German army at Nuremburg, while ignoring the atrocities committed by the allied soldiers.

This is important to understanding our history, and how we came under this Zionist Control, which is mostly controlled by wealthy Jewish people and zellot Christians.

Not all Zionists are Jews, and not all Jews are Zionists, but almost all wealthy people are Zionists.

And Zionists do run everything, including the media and the courts, the pharmaceutical industry, the weapons industry, Congress and the White House, and of course, all the central banks, who print and distribute the money to the rich people.

And now they want the corner lemonaide stand too.
But I think its probably more about getting their hands on the children who run these lemonaide stands, rather than the stand itself.

No government on earth has ever practiced pure socialism, because otherwise there would be no billionaires or trillionaires. This is because the uber-wealthy are in control, and they use this instrument called government to cull the herd, and retain power.

But the third rail in politics means there are certain things we’re not allowed to talk about. Yet it’s the reason things are the way they are, and we’re all getting a little poorer every day.

For example, we know a lot of the testimony given at Nuremburg was true and the German guards were extremely brutal. They told the prisoners, “Work or die!” Then they shot many of them in the head anyway.

But six million is not accurate. The number of Jewish prisoners who died during WW II, mostly due to starvation and illness, was probably about 1.5 to 2.0 million, if we want to give the Jewish historians the benefit of the doubt.

However, the President of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas, introduced his Doctoral theosis with ninety-seven documents that prove only about one million Jewish prisoners were killed during the war. And certainly, that’s a lot of souls to lose in any war. But why do Jewish people continue erroneously claiming six million Jews died, as if it were a magical number taken from the Talmud? And the Talmud includes several noteable lines advising Jewish people how they should live their lives. Including, “Jews are God’s chosen people”, “The goy is inferior to the Jew”, and “A Jew can only be judged by another Jew.”

We know that approximately a million German soldiers were murdered by the Allies after the war in the internment camps. And some say that in the six decades that followed the war as many as five million German citizens were subjected to revenge killing by Jewish vigilantes, proudly calling themselves “Nazi Hunters.” So maybe that’s where the number six million came from since we know there weren’t that many Jewish prisoners killed during the war, simply because of how many cremation facilities were available. The math just doesn’t add up.

The real science also proves there were no gas chambers used in any of he internment camps. Not to say the Germans commanders and their mad scientists didn’t torture and murder a lot of prisoners in cruel and unusual ways.

The Nazi’s especially enjoyed torturing and murdering prisoners with disabilities, similar to what the CIA did to Muslims at Guantanamo, Bagram, and other CIA black sites (to cover up the truth about September 11th).

But compared to what Stalin’s Army did, raping millions of Polish and German Women, what was said about the German soldiers should raise questions about the veracity of what was said at Nuremburg. For example: no Jewish prisoners were made into lamp shades or soap; and no Jewish babies were thrown into pits of fire; yet this was part of the testimony given at Nuremburg. So we know there were some untruths told by the traumatized prisoners, which would be expected.

One prisoner testified that his wife came to the fence every day and through him an apple, so he lived. Does anyone believe in this one case the German soldiers were kind enough to look the other way? And doesn’t this controdict the Jewish version of the evil Nazis’s?

Jews want to make it a crime to question any of the testimony given under oath, whether it is true or not. In fact, under these Wyden Gag Laws they want to make it so that you can’t say Jew or Zionist, or “international bankster”, because it is offensive to Jews, who run our banking system and everything else.

And to distract the goy, they’ll make sure the media is focused on transgender people, and their rights, while the media is pedaling the government’s fear porn and misinformation over Covid.

Today Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon, who is a Democrat, and Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, who is a Republican, want to bring this sort of unconstitutionality in our law to America, to protect the Deep State and all its “isms”, which we know is mostly run by unscrupulous Jewish billionaires, like Zuckerbooger, Bloombooger, and all the other rich boogers from New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

The police don’t use this technology, the ability to see through walls, to catch the rich pedophiles, who apparently shower with their daughters and have hundreds of sleazy lawyers and police to protect them. But rather, they use this emerging technology to watch the poor people in their apartments and homes while they masturbate, so that the police can labels them as criminals, and lose their right to privacy. Thanks to the dirty judges who protect the dirty police, who protect the dirty judges and politicians, who apparently regularly shower with their daughters.

The reader may be surprised to know that almost half the billionaires in America are Jews, even though Jewish people only make up less than 2% of the population in our nation. Any neutral outsider would ask, is that fair? And now, some want to make it illegal to even ask the question, if it has to do with Jewish privilege or Jewish supremacy?

If the reader doesn’t know, this is because the game is rigged against the goy, that is anyone who isn’t Jewish. For example, a person is 1000% more likely to get into the Ivy League if they are Jewish, which is where most of the influential people who run our government and corporations come from.

When people began objecting to this practice, and the Zionist media was unable to cover up the truth, Harvard changed the way they count “Jews.” Now Harvard claims that Jews only include these crazy religious fanatics, who pound on pots and pans all night, keeping everyone awake. So now, the number of Jews who attend Harvard, according to this new Harvard math, only make up 11% of the total student population, which is still about six times as many Jews as non-Jews at Harvard, when compared to Jewish people in the general population.

When asked to explain this significant ethnic difference, between Jews and non-Jews, in who runs our American corporations and our government, I once heard these two morons from Revolution Radio, who were filling in for the regular host, Heather Holman, say (with a straight face), “That’s because Jews are so smart.” They didn’t mention the truth, that most Jewish people practice nepotism, mostly hiring and promoting other Jews. But also promoting radical feminists and homosexuals, who share their fascist, achiest ideas about controlling what the people think, say, and do.

According to G. Edward Griffin, ever since they created the Federal Reserve, Jews began running the banking system, which runs everything else, including the pharmaceutical and weapons industry. And it’s all based on debt. Because of it, most people are a little poorer every day. Doesn’t it feel like the game is rigged against the goy?

That’s probably why the public doesn’t know anything about the demolition of Building 7 and the Twin Towers, or the cover up of the Oklahoma City bombing, or the Anthrax attacks or the killing of Senator Paul Wellstone, or the bombing of the U.S.S. Liberty by the State of Israel, or anything else that matters.

Kind of like how today all fiction writers are told by their Jewish publishers to include derogatory remarks about the elderly and people with disabilities, which devalues these groups. And in some cases the publishers just stick this bullshit in, demeaning the deaf, dumb and the blind, especially the blind. Maybe it’s because blind people can’t appreciate the esthetic value of diamonds and jewelry?

I would like to think this is what happened to Dr. Michelle Alexander’s excellent book about the prison industrial complex and mass incarceration, “The New Jim Crow”, and she had no part in this obvious bigotry, attacking the blind over and over.

In addition, the Jewish publishers also regularly attack those who would theorize about the crimes the people who run the government and corporations commit, calling them “conspiracy theorists, even though we know criminal conspiracies are being committed every day by people who work in government, corporate executives, and lobbyists. Yet the media would like us to believe this isn’t true.

This is true throughout the media, but the Jewish publishers today include in almost every book that is published, and sold on Amazon, countless references to Jewish culture or Jewish people, who are posing as celebrities and leaders. Mistakenly, the reader thinks Jewish people are more plentiful than they really are. And more importantly, so that the reader begin to believe that Jewish people, and their prisoners of war, are more important than everyone else. Is it because Jews are so smart, or something else?

It’s part of the brain washing process. Doesn’t matter if its true or not, just say it over and over, and over, like the Leo Frank Case or what they say happened to the Jewish prisoners of war from WW II, and eventually the goydumb will believe it.

So what does this mean for us, and our future?

Here’s the hard truth, and forgive my overt rudeness. Unfortunately, the answer is we’re fucked! Which is bad news for most of us who aren’t wealthy or don’t have enough Jewish blood, but would you rather not know? If so, then you better stop reading and go back to cat videos, because I hear that’s what’s trending among the well-uninformed.

The reader has probably already figured it out, but the problem begins with the corporate media. Not so much what they say, over and over, and over, but what they don’t say.

For example, the Great Anthony Fauci once said during an interview in the 1980’s, ” You shouldn’t go into a house or bedroom with anyone who has AIDS, because you can catch it.”

While this may be true today about gay men who ingest fecal matter and contract “Monkeypox”, it wasn’t true about AIDS. But the corporate media never plays this interview from Fauci. Why?

Because it means Dr. Frankenshot-Fauci may be wrong about a lot of things. Including the origin of Covid-19 and the efficacy of vaccines, which might not protect vaccinated people from the next variant, or the one after that. Eventuallly, only the unvaccinated will be protected, with natural immunity.

Noted feminist and author, Naomi Wolf, has written one of the best books about Covid and the greatest crime committed against humanity, called “The Body of Others”. And she may be right, because Brittish medical authorities are reporting that in July of 2022, 94% of Covid deaths are occuring in people who have been vaccinated.

In a followup article Naomi Wolf wrote there is evidence the Covid vaccines harms new born babies, and Big Pharma and the FDA knew it. If the reader wants to be shocked about the government’s complicity in this crime, Read Naomi’s article at:

We know there is lots of crooks peddling snake oil in the pharmaceutical industry, because they act like crooks peddling snake oil. First they put their own people in charge of the boards at the FDA and the CDC that approve what ever product they come up with, even if it’s a douche for the nose. And the cons in Congress approve who ever is nominated for these “Boards of Ignorance”.

Then they buy off the media by providing the advertising dollars that keeps the media floating, kind of like crap floating around in a toilet with nose and boob jobs.

So the media attacks anyone who criticizes their advertiser, and they cover up any information about adverse reaction from their advertiser’s products.

But before any of that, Big Pharma buys off congress with bribes given to them by their wealthy friends, through their well paid lobbyests. Then Congress makes sure no one can sue the pharmaceuticals for producing these vaccine, no matter how harmful they are to people.

The right-wingers looks the other way when the government funds war after war, glorifying the employees who volunteer to fight in these endless corporate wars. Almost every holiday celebrates the employees of war, but we can’t have a national holiday to vote? We’re expected to donate to injured soldiers, but why doesn’t the Defense Industry and the U.S. Military provide workmen’s compensation to the employees who are injured on the job?

The neo-cons always support law and order and the cops and persecutors who enforce it, with no exceptions. With impunity, they abuse or kill anyone who objects to their authoritarian rule, especially if they’re poor, has brown skin, or happen to be a man with a disability. Rarely is there justice in abuse cases involving law enforcement, if the victim has no money.

The drug-pushing Deep State opposes marijuana and get Mike Pence, a Neo-Con from Indiana, to promote this failed policy of prohibition. Does Pence want people in Arkansas take drugs that may include Fentanyl, rather than safely using this completely harmless drug called marijuana. And in states where it’s legal, people can get it from legal dispensaries, wwithout Fentanyl.

If you listen to Pence’s video preaching against marijuana legalization, he sounds a lot like the late-Reverend Jim Jones, who was also from Indiana. In these anti-marijuana propaganda ads, similar to Jones Pence offers up his righteous Judeo-Christian view preaching his ignorance about the harm of marijuana, but never mentions Fentanyl. America has rejected this neo-con authoritarian approach to government, controlling the uninformed. But what he’s actually doing is surreptitiously promoting the use of alcohol, pharmaceuticals and any drug they can put Fentanyl in.

In the 2022 Election, at the last moment the Democreeps reminded voters that Senator Mitt Romney and the neo-cons promote cutting Social Security and Medicare, which scared the hell out of older independent voters on election day

Meanwhile, the Deep State Zionist Senator from South Carolina, Lindsey Graham, proposed a federal band on all abortions, which no exceptions. It had no chance of ever passing. But it did motivate women from across the country to get out and vote for the Democreeps.

But we know the cons in Congress could resolve the Social Security problem for the next fifty years Simply by removing the earnings cap. Currently all income over $147,000 is exempt from paying this tax. But these Congress people on both sides of the isle protects their wealthy contributors by ignoring this solution and threatening to cut Social Security. This way, thanks to Congress the rich never pay their fair share of payroll taxes on every dime they earn.

On the other side, the neo-liberals want everyone to put on a ferry costume and join the “Mighty Queerdom” and become homosexual, bisexual, or transgender. So the DNC targets children and vulnerable people, because misery loves company, disenfranchising biological parents and traditional families.

Unlike September 11th, the Deep State now seems to supports the Democreep Party. By stealing up to 3.5%, they’re able to steal almost every election without being caught or raising to much suspicion. never caught. And these neo-liberals either don’t care or are clueless, unless they happen to lose.

But it goes allot deeper, as I’ll explain. Rather than focusing on economic solutions, the neo-liberals and the neo-cons are clearly working together for the Deep State. And their real job is to promote chaos, Big Pharma’s product, and endless wars (with lots of weapons), while the banksters loot the treasury and raise interest rates. They support every war and every drug, and they keep the American population angry and divided, distracted with sports and entertainment, and other irrelevant issues.

They do this by taking turns and swinging the pendulum farther and farther each time. First to the far right and then to the far left. But we know by creating the Covid Virus in the lab and releasing it in China and Iran as a bio-weapon, we should know they’re completely insane! And don’t be surprised if we eventually learn that China was in on the plot, the CIA’s plan to kill all of the little people on earth.

But I predict one day they’ll swing the pendulum too far and it will slip from its pedestal and destroy everyone on earth. Based on the evidence, it’s inevitable. It’s only a matter of time.

If our society was more economically just and there were no billionaires and trillionaires to rule over the DNC and the RNC, who control the stupid and uninformed. Most of these other issues that the media focuses on every day would be irrelevant.

The average person who is targeted by the government because of what they said wouldn’t have to accept the incompetent public pretenders. Instead they could hire a Jewish lawyer to deal with the Jewish court and take on the wealthy able-bodied white man’s injustice system.

Okay, maybe I exaggerate just a little, but it’s true that around 30% to 40% of America’s lawyers are Jewish. And if you haven’t noticed, they seem to get all the attention from the Zionist corporate media, even though Jewish people are less than 2% of the general population.

And our judges are selected exclusively from the pool of available lawyers, which means that about 30% to 40% of our judges must also be Jewish. So should those of us who aren’t Jewish, or who aren’t enough Jewish, be concerned by this many self-absorbed Jewish people, like Alexander Acosta, Bruce Reinhart, and Merrick Garland, running our legal system? Especially since we know every group has its own implicit bias towards its own people (and those who publicly support those people).

On the other hand, those who talk about Jewish Supremacy and this overwhelming imbalance in our western culture, like Kanye West, Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, are quickly killed or destroyed by the Deep State operatives.

The neo-liberals, who currently run the Democrat Party and play the left like trained monkeys, telling them wearing masks is good for them; aborting their children is a good thing; saying it’s perfectly normal for men to believe they’re women; saying women are always victims (unless their sexually assaulted by Clinton, Biden,, or some other neo-liberal elitist); and healthy people getting vaccinated, rather than having natural immunity, is good for everybody.

So let’s all sing together:
“Monkey see, monkey do, I’ve been vaccinated too!”

And don’t forget, let’s sacrifice everything to prevent this elusive problem known as “Climate Change”, even though it just might be a natural cycle of the earth, or more likely, a result of geoengineering by Douglas Macmartin and the “Controllers”, according to Dane Wigington’s “Bad News Broadcast” (available at:

Geoengineering Affects You, Your Environment, and Your Loved Ones

We know, the best lie is one that includes a little bit of truth. And Climate Change may be all of the above. President Obama’s Jewish Chief of Staff, Ralm Emanual, once said, “Why put a good crisis to waste.” And that probably sums it up for all these politicians, who are also getting rich even though we don’t pay congress all that much. Funny how that happens, isn’t it?

Did you know seven of the top thirteen wealthiest counties in America are counties that surround Washington D.C.? Including the top three richest counties, and that’s a lot of money to spread around.

No wonder they couldn’t get a jury from D.C. to convict an admitted criminal like Michael Sussmann. I suspect most of the available jury pool in D.C. is somewhat corrupt, because we know that’s where the corruption begins.

And we only needs to look at our current president, Joe Biden, to know this is true about all these politicians who go to live among the reptiles in the swamp, getting rich, and getting their egos stroked.

According to the diary of his youngest daughter, Ashley Biden, which she carelessly left behind at a treatment center, wrote that her father, Joe Biden, used to regularly take showers with her, apparently in the nude.

Learning that the diary was missing, and what was in it, the Biden’s were horrified, not surprisingly. So the Biden’s first decided to lie to the police and claimed the diary was stolen during a break in, but they made it all up to hide the truth.

As usual, this didn’t matter to the FBI, who tried to intimidate the woman who found Ashley Biden’s diary, and promptly sold it to the highest bidder. As though the Bidens were some sort of royalty and deserved this protection from our government.

Ashley Biden gave the diary away when she moved out and left it behind, as though it were trash. Intentionally or not, Ashley has no one else to blame except herself for leaving it behind.

Ashley Biden wrote in her diary that someone in her family was molesting her, as a young girl who was “hypersexualized” at a very early age, although she didn’t name the person. And in her diary she doesn’t say her age or the type of sexual molestation that was going on.

But because of what we know about Tara Reed’s experience, a Biden staffer who claimed she was sexually assaulted by U.S. Senator Joe Biden, and I apologize for this, when he forcefully jammed a finger in her vagina in the stairwell. So we can easily imagine there was a hell of a lot more going on in that shower than just back scrubbing.

But what is really sad about this, is that Dr. Jill Biden apparently knew about these frequent showers between her husband and her young daughter, and was willing to look the other way. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

But we shouldn’t be surprised, Dr. Jill Biden was a married woman when she began sleeping with Senator Joe Biden. Although her husband may have been an asshole or just another shitty lover, so she may have had her reasons for sleeping around. It certainly does explain why Jill Biden might be willing to looked the other way if her husband wanted to molest her daughter in the shower. Since after all, he’s a United States senator who is working hard for the American people, really hard.

In fact, I suspect that a lot of these wealthy and connected mothers in the District of Columbia are willing to allow their young daughters to serve these “leaders” in the shower or tub, if it helps their career.

Then we find out the president wired $100,000 to his son, Hunter Biden. It’s a funny coincidence, given Ashley Biden’s own mistake, but Hunter Biden carelessly left a very incriminating laptop behind at a local computer store. And on the laptop there was lots of evidence of sex, bribery, blackmail and other crimes involving his family. Going into the 2020 Election, the liberal media and the DNC claimed it was a hoax, but I suspect it was a lot worse than they ever knew, as we will eventually find out.

So just maybe the protesters on January 6th were right, and the 2020 Election was stolen by withholding information about Hunter’s laptop from the American people? Knowing all of this was true and can be documented, who would have voted for Joe Biden? It’s a fair question to ask, in light of these expensive hearings that are only willing to tell one side of the story, but seems to have the corporate media’s complete attention.

The President, Joe Biden, claims not to have any knowledge about why his son needed the money, and never asked. But the lesson is if you don’t want to know although you might have some suspicions, don’t ask.

Hunter Biden admits getting the money from dad on camera, because he wants to prove later that the sex he had with these sex workers was all consensual. But this also means part of this money from the Big Guy was intended to pay several sex workers for their services, although this dirty Bastard never actually paid the girls!

Neo-cons, posing as compassionate conservatives, are also part of the problem. They almost always support dirty cops and dirty prosecutors, regardless of the circumstances. They always say “If a person is arrested, they must be guilty.” and to make sure their right, in most counties they give indigent defendants (along with a thousand other clients) the worst lawyer they can find, with almost no resources to investigate the client’s claim of innocence.

Also Neo-cons, posing as compassionate conservatives, always support the weapons manufacturers and the military industrial complex, and their endless wars. That’s why the neo-cons in 2022 blocked any oversight from the Inspector General of the Defense Department, and went along with President Biden’s plan to give Ukraine the money. But what’s funny is that the neo-cons gave Ukraine even more money than Biden asked for, and hardly a word from the Democrats or the media about this fact.

But nothing for American citizens who are descendants of African slaves who were forced to help build this country, but were never paid. Of course, if we gave reparations to African-Americans the government would begin to arrest them and then put them on paper just so that it can collect the money, just as the judges, police and persecutors do to men with disabilities who receive social security. Sadly, incarceration, parole, and probation have become a lucrative business today in America.

These sleazy Ukraine billionaire Jews, who were some of the same people who looted Russia under President Boris Yeltsin, took the CIA’s dirty money and agreed to put in more than thirty dangerous bio-weapons labs, right there on the border. And the CIA promised the billionaire Ukrainians, “Don’t worry, we got your back.”

Under Putin, most of the Oligrachs were thrown out of Russia, and now the Russian Jews want revenge and what they call a “right of return”. But history proves that most Jewish people don’t care about other nations or peoples, as we can see from the occupying of Palestine because of what the Nazi’s allegedly did.

But we know the Zionists run the media and they make sure most Americans don’t know the truth about anything, including the bombing of the Twin Towers and the Oklahoma City Federal Building.

Naturally, putting in bio-weapon labs and threatening to join NATO really pissed off Putin and the Russian Government so they did something about it, and invaded Ukraine. And the American people are financially on the hook for the war, thanks to the sick fucks at the CIA and the State Department, whether we like it or not.

And now we’re sending them even more powerful weapons, that have a range of over one hundred miles and can hit targets well within the Russian border. I’m predicting that this continued escalation can’t end well for either side.

But the Zionist media’s job is to sell the war to the American people, and sell more weapons for the weapons manufacturers. Wile the media falsely tells the American people that the whole world is behind Ukraine, even though only 15% of the world has supported sanctions against Russia.

Did you know that despite Ukraine being only about 1% Jewish, seven out of the eight Ukrainians billionaires are Jewish Oligarch’s (over 80%)? And it’s estimated about 80% of the American weapons industry is also owned by Jewish people. So, is this just a lucky coincidence or is it an example of Jewish privilege in America, wealthy Jews helping wealthy Jews, while the rest of the population is slowly depopulated?

So once again the weapons industry will get most of this money, and as usual, the Ukraine elitists will skim a few billion off the top. Meanwhile, the Zionist media will falsely tell the American people that “Ukraine is winning the war! They just need a little more support (i.e. money).”

Meanwhile, the neo-cons glorify war by glorifying every veterans, no matter what atrocities they may have committed on behalf of these corporations. They almost always defend the rights of the wealthy and the corporations, who they claim are people. Meanwhile, they refuse to provide any significant help to anyone who is poor, elderly or disabled.

Liberal talk show host, Thom Hartmann, who apparently worked with the CIA while in Germany, always says we can change the party from inside by voting for someone different in the primary. Except in very rare circumstances, the courts have said primaries are private clubs where either party can cheat or rig an election if they want. The court’s reasoning is that we have a choice, to join the club or not.

Specifically, the Supreme Court ruled it’s not within its jurisdiction to make sure every private club is fair, and certainly “Bernie Bros” know there is nothing fair about the primary elections.

As a result, many think the DNC leadership in 2016 stole the election from Bernie Sanders by creating these Super Delegates who had more power than anyone else and by rigging the votes in the California primary.

And many also believe Congressman James Clyburn and the DNC leadership stole it again in the South Carolina primary in 2020. Until this point Sanders was ahead in the primaries, but after Biden’s win in South Carolina the Deep state media claimed the race was over.

And we now know both parties conspired together to steal the 2000 election from Al Gorr, who obviously didn’t want to be president since, as a U.S. Senator, he could have put a hold on certifying the results until every ballot was counted. Maybe he didn’t want to be president because he knew what was coming on September 11th, like a lot of other elitist, including Bill and Hillary Clinton.

So the real problem is, both the neo-cons and the neo-liberals are working for the Deep State, a secret society made of the rich and powerful. And under this first level, there are dozens of other levels, who pick all of our leaders, depending on the blackmail available. And then these politicians go to Washington D.C. and pass laws that help to cull the herd while they protect the wealthy.

It’s always the choice between two evils. And any honest candidate is ridiculed out of contention by the corporate Zionist media, like Cynthia McKinney, Jesse Ventura and Tulsi Gabbard were.

At this time in history, the corporate media is defending the neo-liberals, while talk show conservatives are mostly secretly supporting the policies of the neo-cons, publicly attacking the policies of the neo-liberals. Who frankly have made it very easy by supporting policies that, in order to retain their power: force children to wear mask in school and get vaccinated; and locking down every small business in America; and supporting gender dis-assignment for children; and finally, legal abortion for everyone, regardless of your gender, up to the time of birth (and even in the State of New York, after birth).

As the November 2022 Elections will confirm, I think most average Americans now feel the neo-liberals have lost their minds. They have completely abandoned the idea of freedom and liberty, and have become a party of raging fascists.

In fact the shooter in Buffalo, who just graduated high school, may be an example of how these lock downs have effected our young people. But as usual, Biden and the press will exploit the racial aspects of the crime. While they ignore the recent attacks at a Wisconsin Christmas parade and the New York City subway attack, which also appear to have been racially motivated. But apparently it only matters when whites kill blacks, and not the other way around.

Even on January 6th, no one in the media seems to care that the Capitol Police killed two unarmed white people, and maybe three.

So understanding the media begins with understanding the lies they are feeding us every day to destroy our humanity. And understanding how these lies about kicking Russia’s ass and vaccines and masks will prevent Covid from spreading are corrupting our society, from the inside out, beginning with our youth.

In order to investigate the national media’s corruption and their complicity with the Deep State, I will closely examine the local media here in Portland, Oregon. This chapter is mostly about the radio scene, since that’s how I get most of my local news. And I’ll go back to something I heard last year.

I was listening to KXL (the first week in August, 2020), a Portland “news and information radio station”, allegedly.

After the morning news, there’s this sort of phony social gathering between the morning news hosts, Veronica Carter and her co-host, and the hosts of the next show, featuring three average members of the community, three able-bodied, conservative white guys: Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dumb, and Tweedle Even Dumber (who always likes to talk about Ugly Ed’s Electric Bleachers).

One morning Veronica made the following comment, “You know what’s really funny, is people who have funny shaped heads!” And she giggled. Then the men giggled with her, as though it were rehearsed.

When I heard this, I thought about all the people with brain cancer, who wear something to cover their heads. This is because the tumor grows outward, creating a massive lump, and they are embarrassed by it. When the tumor grows inward, and they don’t look so “funny”, it usually kills them fast.

Not to mention, how do you think people who are born with Downs, or some other birth defect, might feel about being made fun of because of their misshapen heads?

So this last chapter is about the sick Portland media. and even sicker national media, Although the Alpha Dopes seem to be especially vicious, no matter who’s on the air. It probably has something to do with the management, or more likely, the Zionist ownership.

“Dope Larson” is the name I used to describe the station’s “superstar” host, according to Larry Wilson, the owner. he stands about five foot tall, and is almost five foot wide. He’s best known around the northwest for his big mouth, both literally and figuratively.

As part of his secret corporate advocacy on behalf of Big Pharma, he would always refer to marijuana, which is a medicine to many, as dope”.

So by Alpha Dopes, specifically I mean the idiots at KXL and KGW (channel 8), and the sports talk morons at “The Game”, formally owned by Paul Allen. Alpha Media now owns over 200 stations across the country, and KXL is one of them.

But Eugene is where my history in Oregon first began. As I wrote about in several earlier chapters, there were two Register Guard front page articles about me when I lived there.

And my roommate, Olga, had another front page article written about her, describing her as a Cuban refugee who was blind and sang with the local orchestra. It also mentioned that she had graduated from the same Ivy League school, with honors, that Hillary Clinton had also attended.

While Living in Eugene I would call a local conservative host, Victor Boc, from time-to-time. And I would also regularly talk to the two knuckleheads from the local sports talk station. While we may have sometimes disagreed about things, they were usually fairly friendly.

And they didn’t make nasty comments about the caller, after hanging up, which is apparently a regular practice among the talk show hosts here in Portland.

When I was about fourteen, I started calling Larry King at night, and became a regular caller to his show, I think that he liked that some little kid was calling in in the middle of the night. I sounded younger than I was. However, when I got older, and didn’t sound so cute, I realized he was kind of a jerk to most callers, and I stopped calling. But I never gave up calling other radio shows.

After moving to Portland I began calling the local ESPN affiliate, and became a fairly regular caller. It was kind of cool, because they didn’t know I was blind, and it never came up. I would talk about sports like everyone else, and after all, I was back then a seriously addicted sports fanatic.

I remember once they were talking about Scott Padget, who I think played for the Golden State Warriors at the time. He had put the ball in the wrong basket and everyone was wondering why.

So I called the station and said, “I can sum up the Scott Padget play in one word, Can-tuck-key!” I added a little southern twang to my voice on the last word, and the hosts and update guy all laughed.

If you don’t know, Padget played for the University of Kentucky, and I’m pretty sure he never scored any points for the other team.

Because of my former-sports addiction, much of my time was wasted listening to this crap. However, because of my political science and pre-law degree, and since I leaned a little to the left at the time, I started listening to KPOJ, a new liberal network called “Air America”.

In the afternoon, while writing programs, , I would listen to Colin Cowherd on the only twenty-hour sports talk station back then, who did a sports talk and political show, where he would spew out his dime store philosophy about sports and life. Sometimes it was funny, although it was mostly stupid stuff about his life being a degenerate gambler and attacking “mouth breathers”.

Christel, the kids, and myself, moved from Beaverton to southeast Portland after Abraham was born. I stayed home to take care of him while Christel worked on her “education”).

In August of 2004, about two weeks before the Beaverton Police came to my apartment in Lake Oswego to question me, I called Victoria Taft show. She had a far right-winged talk show on KPAM at the time, which is part of the Pamplin Group. Pamplin also owns the Portland Tribune, the same paper I mentioned in Chapter 5 that published the deceitful painting of my step-daughter.

During the brief call, I told her that George W. Bush and his brother were known drug runners when they were younger, which is true. And I told her that I thought his administration was behind 9-11, along with our military and the Israeli and Saudi governments, which is also true. She hung up on me, and literally blew a fuse.

It was pretty funny, listening to her rant for ten or fifteen minutes about what a lunatic I was…and how they were going to eventually find “weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, someday”.

Curiously, at the same time the Clackamas County District Attorneys Office was being used to create the infamous “Swift Boat Ads”, belittling the military career of presidential candidate, John Kerry (who actually won the election). I just happen to be campaigning for John Kerry and U.S. Representative Darlene Hooley at the time, canvassing in the West Linn and Lake Oswego area. Which apparently outraged the Clackamas County far right-wingers.

That’s probably why the Clackamas County District Attorney and his drug-addicted wife, former-Washington County Circuit Judge Susan Upton (according to the Oregonian), apparently made a dirty deal with the Washington County District Attorney, Robert “Herman Monster”, to destroy my life. The truth didn’t matter, and never does to those who have power and money.

As I mentioned, a few weeks after I was released from jail, the following spring the Portland Tribune published a picture of my step-daughter, the alleged victim.

My step-daughter was shown looking down into the water, and a very deceitful face was looking back. I have to ask, what was my wife trying to say in this painting, that she painted while I was in jail?

It was very important to the Pamplin Group and Clackamas County, where Pamplin is located, to embarrass me by promoting my case, and my alleged victim. Except, it only served to embarrass my step-daughter , and raised a lot more questions about what my wife knew at the time about my persecution, as I explained in the previous chapters.

I moved back to southeast Portland in the spring of 2005, and began listening to the local community radio station, KBOO.

Stephanie Potter was one of my favorite hosts. She hosted a show called “Recovery Zone” and I would always listen. Community radio was commercial free, and I really liked the idea of having no commercials. However today, they aren’t so secret about where they get most of their money and advertise during the station’s pledge drives, “We have many (wealthy) anonimous doners” (i.e. The Deep State, who prints all of the money?).

Nevertheless, I was excited to learn about this new format, or new to me. No more stupid Kyle Cox commercials, insulting the listener’s intelligence, claiming it’s magic! How does the FTC allow this sort of dishonesty, unless Kyle spells it “magik?”

And since we can’t trust kyle and his wife not to lie about their name, how can we trust their product, what ever it is?

the truth is that the advertisers are manipulating the listener to spend more money on useless junk. Like the stupid idea of shoving a douche up your nose and trusting their claim that 100% of this saline solution will come back out.

Isn’t this what they claimed douches would do for women? Except, we learned to late that they push all that bacteria back into the body, which causes cancer and infections. Once again we learn from women using douches, staying as natural as possible is always better. But according to the Democreeps and the federal government, this philosophy doesn’t apply to Covid experimental vaccines.

So back to KBOO. Collecting a little something from everyone to broadcast a message from the left, it sounds good, until you learn what the message really is. So before I knew the message, designed by the Deep State, I joined the station and became a regular contributor. Every month they took a little out of my social security check, and I hardly noticed.

So, in 2008 I contacted Stephanie Potter, and told her I was a fan. I gave her one of my piano CDs, called “Jammin’ With the Whales”, and she promised to play it on the air. I even hooked up her husband Rob with some weed, or medical marijuana as we called it back then, and thought we had become friends.

So I became a volunteer working in the news room, but soon discovered it wasn’t the friendly, non-judgmental group of people I first thought.

Because of my own experience, I began covering a lot of the police stories involving corruption and shootings.

There was some significant changes that had to be made to accommodate my disability. For example, in order to have my accessible speech work in the studio, as well as the news room, we had to put it on the server. This is the only way it would load like any other program, but only on the two selected computers.

It took a few weeks for the engineer John to get it right, even if it wasn’t completely legal. We needed to purchase a different kind of license that allowed it to be on the server, and I didn’t have the $300 we needed. At Jenka’s recommendation, I applied for a grant from the Blanch Fisher Foundation.

Two months had passed and I hadn’t heard back from them, . Then things began to unravel at the station, as my alleged “criminal past” became known.

It began when this woman (who I suspect was Jewish) asked me to participate in a Martin Luther King Jr. show. At first I said yes, but as I got to know her personally, I changed my mind, and told her I wasn’t interested.

After telling her this, she became irrational, saying that I had sexually harassed her in a previous E mail. This was untrue. As proof, I provided the station volunteer coordinator Ani Haines with all of our correspondences, which were in the form of E mails. My accuser never did provide any proof. She just made it all up, to get even, as women, homosexuals, and Jewish people will often do.

However, I made the mistake of taking Jenka in another room and privately telling her about my “conviction”, and explained how they had coerced me into accepting a plea bargain, to get out of the isolation dungeon.

I realized later that this was a mistake, but I was afraid that if she found out later she would never trust me again. Accept, her helpful, accommodating demeanor quickly changed, once she learned I was a “registered sex offender” and obviously guilty of some horrendous act.

Apparently when the station says, “Are you a member of a under-represented group? And would you like to be on the air?”, They don’t really mean everyone.

The reason I think Jenka began telling some of her fellow feminists about me may have been because of something that happened about a week later.

I was going to use the bathroom. walking with my white cane, and I heard Stephanie Potter’s voice, talking to some other women. They were about ten feet away from the rest room, I figured I’d say hello when I came out, since I had to really go. Besides, she didn’t say anything to me when I walked bye her, which seemed kind of strange.

I tried one door, on the right, and it was locked. So I tried the other bathroom door, and it was open.

So I went in and locked the door. As usual, so I didn’t pee all over the seat, I pulled down my pants and sat down in the tiny restroom. Obviously, I never turned on the light.

Suddenly, someone opened the door! So there I was, sitting there with my pants down, right in front of the door, with the light off.

I knew the lock worked, because sometimes I would find both of the bathroom doors locked, and I would come back later. Apparently, the lock I used didn’t work, but there was another lock above it, and it did work. Of course if you were blind, you would never know or think there was two locks.

When I came out I was too embarrassed to say anything to Stephanie, and she may have left for all I know. I did make it a point to tell Jenka that one of the locks in the second bathroom didn’t work, but she didn’t seem concerned. So I didn’t say anything about had happened, but I wondered what Stephanie and the other women thought, seeing me sitting there with my pants down, and no lights on…perhaps, waiting for some helpless woman or child to open the door!

I think it was the first day of June, in 2008. A group of performers, Lynn, Vicki and Grace, three raging feminists put on a show that seemed very coincidental to my own circumstances.

The radio play involved three women who were being pursued by a man. Apparently, he took all of their clothes, except their panties and bra and threatened them with sexual assault, but he hadn’t touched them.

After escaping, they knew he had broken the law. He kidnapped them and was holding them against their will. This is a crime, and they should have reported him to the authorities and let the justice process proceed. But that’s not what they did.

It was a perfect teaching moment for KBOO. An opportunity to show how the system should work, where everyone gets due process, and justice is served. Instead, the message being sent to the listeners by KBOO is violence and revenge, if that’s what the feminists collective decide is appropriate. Who needs a stinking trial! We all know what happened, and we know women never, ever lie.

So they were able to capture him. And they duct taped him to a chair and began poking out his eyes with a hot poker. First, they slowly poked out one eye, while he screamed. Then they poked out his other eye, as he continued to scream.

The three vigilantes had willfully blinded the man, which seems to violate the station doctrine of peaceful, non-violent behavior. The play never revealed whether or not he died, but his screams suggested he probably had, or at least wished he had.

But it seemed pretty coincidental with regard to my own situation, a blind man who was accused of a crime and never given due process by Washington County, before I was “convicted”. I never got to question the witnesses, or confront the evidence against me. And I was never given effective council.

At the same time, this large black man, who was apparently on parole from Clackamas County, was smacking me every time he saw me. The first time it happened, I was working a pledge drive, trying to raise money for the station. We were in the back area, and there was only one or two people around, when he smacked me across the face. I was momentarily stunned, and then a moment later, I became angry.

I said, “Don’t ever hit me again”, and let the matter drop. I figured since he was on parole he would stop, but he didn’t…as though he had been ordered by someone at Clackamas County Corrections to continue.

About a week or two later, I was working in the news room with the headphones on, and he smacked me with a newspaper in the back of the head. But what made this even more outrageous was that the News Director, Jenka Soderburg, was sitting there when it happened, a few feet away.

She said, “Ron, don’t do that,” but didn’t say it with much authority. I thought, smacking a blind guy in the back of the head with a newspaper! Good thing for him I’m not a dog, or I’m sure Jenka would have been all over him!

Another time, I was working in the news room when he came in and punched me really hard in the arm. I finally had enough, and spoke to the general manager, who suggested perhaps as a equitable solution, we should not be in the same area at the same time.

So, with all of this, I decided to quit volunteering at KBOO, and a few months later, I ended my monthly contribution, although they still send me requests for contributions.

But it wasn’t the sickest thing I ever heard from this community radio station.

KBOO volunteers and staff didn’t end their harassment, just because I stopped volunteering.

About a month after I left the station, a KBOO reporter I never met, Miles Bryant the Third, interviewed a Zionist lawyer from Portland, named Kenneth Kreusch. Not surprisingly, this mocking bird reporter, Miles Bryant (the Third), when on to work with the local NPR station. And perhaps this interview proved his loyalty to the Deep State.

At the time Jenka Soderburg, who was the normal News Director, was working on a fellowship at Stanford, and Robert, or maybe Richard, Ney was the Acting-News Director. Mr. Ney is a gender-impaired individual, who thinks he’s a woman and calls himself “Rebbecca Ney”. So, since most of KBOO’s interview are pre-recorded, I suspect Mr. Ney, along with the reporter Miles Bryant, is responsible for what happened next.

During the interview, Kreusch said he was the President of the National Lawyers Gild, and was talking about incarceration, so it caught my attention. He was allegedly representing one of the unfortunate detainees being held at Guantanamo Bay, who probably had no idea that his Deep State lawyer was misrepresenting him.

We know today that most of these 720 hostages were completely innocent. They were captured when a neighbor or someone else they knew turned them in for the $8,000 reward money which the CIA was offering to everyone, in cash.

Just like the Boston Bombing and 9-11, we needed some Muslim patsie’s to blame, so people wouldn’t get suspicious about what really happened.

Then a few minutes into the interview, completely out of the blue, he said, “If you’re being held in jail or prison, don’t be a Wolfee.” In other words, don’t complain.

It would be hard to misinterpret his message, or threat, considering what happened to me, both while I was in jail, and what had been happening to me over the last several months at KBOO. And what has been happening to me ever since I left KBOO Community Radio.

While I volunteered there, I sent a draft describing my experience in the Washington County Jail, as a deaf-blind person, To another KBOO reporter, Alihondro, who worked with a local organization that investigated civil rights complaints. I also sent a copy to civil rights lawyer, Lauren Regan, who often appeared on KBOO’s evening news.

I had interviewed her earlier that spring, and thought she was sincere about helping indigent people who had experienced discrimination involving the police. I told her how now the state was trying to take my son away, and wasn’t allowing me visitation. I told her how it all started with being falsely accused by my wife, who was guilty of abusing both of her girls, regularly beating them with wooden spoons.

This was unknown to me at the time, but apparently Lauren Regan is a “good friend” of Kenneth and his law partner, Ben. Not surprisingly, she refused to take a look at my case, without explanation.

The material I gave to Alihondro and Lauren turned into one of the chapters in this book, Chapter 6. The reader can decide whether or not my analysis of “Bob Hermann Monster’s Isolation Dungeon” is a fair analysis.

Little did I know, my nightmare of being locked up in the Washington County Jail wasn’t over when I wrote this draft. As I mentioned, after I paid the court costs of $860, ten days before I was scheduled to be released from five years of probation (on February 16, 2010), the Washington County District
Attorney issued a warrant for my arrest and falsely imprisoned me, once again.

Subsequently, they butt search me and put me in an orange jump suit, and later that afternoon they frog-marched me in front of the judge.

But when he learned that I in fact had paid my debt in full a day earlier. And I suspect when he he learned of Sheriff Gordon and the dirty prosecutor’s dirty plan to butt search me (rape me) and then dress me up in this clown suit, and bring me in front of what they called the hanging judge, he was outraged, immediately releasing me from the jail and probation. Or this is what I would like to believe, and that there is at least one honest judge in Oregon.

I learned later that Kreusch’s law partner was a fellow named Ben, who was a fellow classmate at law school of Sean DuBois.

As I explained in another chapter, DuBois was one of the lawyers who pretended to represent me when I was “accidentally” run down at 82nd and Flavel later in 2010, by some drug dealer, or more likely, an undercover cop.

You see, I was campaigning for medical marijuana dispensaries at the time, and carrying a white cane, two large signs, and a three foot fake joint. And despite the minimum settlement they could get, the two Jewish lawyers, Sean DuBois and Josh Shulman, (who coincidentally, appeared first on my search engine), took almost 80% of the money from the settlement. Which they promptly split with the State of Oregon.

I only got about 20%, despite The tendon in my right arm being completely severed. The surgeon drilled a hole in my shoulder and reattached the nerve, but it’s never been the same, if I try to hold anything over my head.

I remember, the day I picked up my settlement check for about $6,000, Shulman came out into the main office where I was sitting, but he never said anything. As he walked into the back, I heard him chuckle.

After he left, I asked the receptionist who that was, who had come out of the back offices. She said it was Sean’s partner, Josh Shulman.

I wondered why he didn’t introduce himself t me? After all his firm had received about ten thousand dollars that day because of my accident. Instead, he only snickered under his breath, as he walked away.

And if this wasn’t enough proof that there was something nefarious goin on, when I heard Shulman go back into his office, located in the back, I herd several people laugh, including his assistant, Jamie Lynn. This kind of surprised me, since she had always been very respectful, even when I told her about the coerced plea bargain I was forced to take from Washington County.

On my ride home that day, the Tri-Met Lift driver told me, “There’s a large coffee stain in the middle of your sweater.” I had no idea, but I thought about Shulman laughing.

But I realized later the crappy settlement they made, giving the State 100% of their expenses, is probably why Shulman was laughing at me, about what a pathetic loser I must be, and how easy it was for his firm to rob the blind, blind.

In August of 2008, another KBOO Community Radio host said something that was completely outrageous, once again.

It was the “Abe and Joe Show, featuring two Jewish guys usually promoting their own version of Zionism.” Joe was gone on vacation, and Abe was in charge. He was talking about abortion, which I don’t believe in, but I don’t think we should tell anyone else what to do with their body, unless their a child. Maybe if we paid women to be mothers, and provided day care and complete health care to them and their child, we could legitimately argue against most abortions.

With the overturning of Roe v Wade, the corporate controlled media will often say “Most Americans support abortion.” But this isn’t true, when you ask people if they support abortion during the last month of pregnancy.

Perhaps the question the Supreme Court should ask, is when does a unborn baby begin to feel pain? If we can agree that all Americans have a constitutional right to life, liberty , and the pursuit of happiness, once they become a legitimate person. Under the constitution they have certain rights as a person. The question for the courts to answer is when does this occur?

If one can feel pain, then it seems logical they would know happiness? And perhaps that’s where the line should be drawn, when the unborn baby begins to feel pain. I believe he or she becomes a legitimate person at this point, with certain inalienable rights.

In 2022 in Kentucky a few Jewish women filed suit against the State under their First Amendment right to practice their religion. Does this mean these Jewish women are saying that the killing, or blood sacrifice, of an unborn child is a part of Judeism?

There are perhaps some good reasons a woman could argue they have a constitutional right to get an abortion, especially in the first trimester. But to argue that abortion is a fundamental part of a woman’s right to practice her religion is kind of creepy, even if one supports abortion.

So it’s no wonder that this arrogant Jewish bastard, Abe Proctor, told his audience:
“If I knew a baby was going to be born with Downs, I’d slit its throat ten seconds before birth!”

So I imagined Proctor shoving his fist up some extremely pregnant woman’s vagina with a scalpel, as she’s giving birth.

As Orgonians we shouldn’t be surprised by this neo-liberal attitude toward people with disabilities, this is what the Trans-movement is really all about. I imagine that they often say to each other, “We need to get rid of those ickie, defective people!”

Using something called the “Board of Protection”, ironically, Oregon was the last state to formally end the practice of eugenics, in 1983. And the Board of Protection became the Board of Medicine.

But some disability advocates say they never really ended it. Some say it’s now being done using the protective services, social workers and teachers who pressure the parents of children with disabilities to sterilize them, before they reach puberty. Or in some cases, they wait until after the child is born, and use the courts to take the child away from the disabled parent, and give the child to some deserving gay couple.

But it wasn’t only the disabled that Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, would go after (who also believed in “seven levels of mind-control”). The African-American community and the disabled community was also being targeted by Helen Keller and Sanger’s Planned Parenthood people using eugenics.

But blacks aren’t being told the truth about a lot of things by the Zionist-controlled media, not just what’s in the vaccines and how many abortions are being performed in the African-American communities. Or that all of this is part of a bigger plan, to depopulate the earth.

I suppose Abe Proctor is just another Jewish entertainer, with a sick sense of humor, and what he says doesn’t really matter. As a matter of fact, did you know “black face” was exclusively used by Jewish performers, as part of their performance, long before any white-looking person did it, but you notice the Jewish-controlled corporate media blames all white men, calling it proof of “White Supremacy” and “White Nationalism”?

But there’s never a word mentioned about the real threat to our society, Jewish Supremacy” and “Jewish Privilege”.

For the wealthy Jews, it’s about playing the little Jews against the goy, blacks against the white-looking people, women against men, and gay people against straight people.

Similar to how the Zionist banksters play both sides against each other, whether it’s war or a self-induced pandemic. The game continues today, thanks to the dishonesty of our corporate media.

Few neo-liberals know, but Ukraine had over thirty CIA controlled bio-weapon labs in their country, just a stone throw away from the Russian border. So why the hell wouldn’t Russia feel threatened and take these labs out.

I feel bad for the Ukrainian people, but their government is extremely corrupt. and maybe that’s why the Deep State corporate media doesn’t want to tell the American people the truth about Ukraine or Hunter Biden’s laptop, or the dirty deals his family made with China, so that Joe “Paraquat Biden” would be elected.

Did you notice, the corporate media never talks about these bio-weapons labs. So maybe, the Jewish weapon manufacturers can sell more weapons to America, to save the Ukrainian people, since the vaccine scam is no longer making money.

In “The Creature from Jekyll Island”, G. Edward Griffin offers this example of how truly deceitful these Jewish international banksters are, and not just because they were funding both armies at Waterloo.

When Napoleon lost the battle of Waterloo in 1815, Nathan Rothchild played the British for real suckers. Although he knew England had won the war, before anyone else, he looked dejected on the morning of June 16th, the day after the battle at Waterloo, and immediately began selling off his British government bonds on the London exchange. Rothchild played it perfect, and everyone believed he had inside information and England had lost the war. Since after all, Rothchild was a powerful Jewish financier and had a direct line of communication to the front lines.

As a consequence of Rothchild’s treachery, the English aristocracy began selling off all of their stock. When the stock got low enough, Nathan Rothchild, from the House of Rothchild, quickly bought all of the stock, pennies on the dollar. And he bought most of England, and as they say, he did it “by way of deception”.

A few decades later, John Pierpont Morgon Jr., a investment banker with JP Morgan, used a similar ploy to make his family’s fortune when he pretended to American investors that he was extremely anti-Semitic. Because of the Waterloo scandal and other reasons, most American businessmen didn’t trust Jews and wouldn’t do business with any Jewish Banker from America or Europe. All the while, Morgan was secretly maintaining a very close relationship with the House of Rothchild, who controlled the Bank of England.

According to Griffin, the same manipulation of the markets has been used by the Zionist banksters throughout history to start every major war since Waterloo, including WWI, WWII, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. According to Griffin, to maximize their profits, The Zionist Banksters will always try to extend every war as long as possible, loaning money to both sides.

Vietnam is the best example of this corrupt system, endless wars for profits. And the soldiers, who were drafted, are not to blame, although to say they are all hero’s and the Vietnamese were the bad guys is also incorrect.

There’s no doubt, Lew Jennings was one of the best helicopter pilots during the Vietnam War. In Jennings 2018 book, “19 Minutes to Live”, he describes in great detail the horrific events of the war and how long he would be expected to live in combat as a helicopter pilot.

However, he misstates the facts when he describes the events of the Gulf of Tomkin Incident.

“The Gulf of Tomkin Incident in 1964, where the North Vietnamese attacked US Navy ships with torpedo boats, propelled Congress to pass the Gulf of Tomkin resolution. Giving then President Linden Johnson far ranging authority to use conventional troops in Vietnam…”

But we learned from the Pentagon Papers , this wasn’t true. According to an excellent article from the History Channel, written by Jesse Greenspan, called “The Gulf of Tomkin Incident; One real and one phantom firefight embroiled the United States in the Vietnam War,” he gives us the truth.

Greenspan’s article begins by describing how the American military was providing South Vietnam with weapons and targets in the Gulf of Tomkin, which were very often innocent fishing villages. The US.S. Maddox conducted electronic espionage missions in order to relay intelligence to South Vietnam.

On August 2, 1964, in response to the unprovoked attacks on their villages a firefight broke out involving the Maddox and the North Vietnamese. Two days later the Maddox and another naval ship claimed they were attacked with torpedos. But as Greenspan carefully explains the details of the seven days leading up to the start of the war, he writes, “It never happened”. Apparently, Lew Jennings never got the memo that the Vietnam War was started because of a false flag. Similar to Ukraine, the war had more to do with the profits of the banksters, and the weapons manufacturers.

Throughout his book, Lew Jennings calls the Vietnamese the “bad guys”. But America had no business starting a war with Vietnam, occupying their country, and killing innocent Vietnamese women and children, to allegedly stop the spread of communism. So, just like Palestine, who are the people writing our history?

If there were no international banksters or central bank, there would be no money for wars. And who knows, maybe instead nations would be forced to negotiate for peace, and then, maybe peace would break out?

It has been well documented that Adolph Hitler was supported financially by wealthy and powerful Jews, like Paul Warburg and the House of Rothchild. At the time, they were promoting Hitler as a decent guy to the gullible Americans, And today most of the little Jews will still defend these wealthy and powerful Jews, like Warburg and Rothchild. They still call any criticism of any Jewish person, like Epstein, Weinstein, Wesnerstein, Soros, Zuckerbooger, or Alan Douche-o-witz, anti-Semitic. And it has nothing to do with their character.

It wasn’t the only time KBOO’s Jewish entertainer, Abe Proctor, would put on a monkey suit and perform for the gullible goydumb. Another time on the show Joe mentioned that Abe was wearing a Portland Timber jacket into the studio, which he proudly confirmed.

If you don’t know, the Portland Timbers are the local soccer team, and they’re owned by Henry Merritt Paulson III.

Merritt Paulson is the son of the former-Secretary of Treasury, Henry “Hanky” Paulson II. And if you don’t remember, dirty Hanky” Paulson was the man in charge as Treasurer during the 2008 mortgage scandal. Regrettably, the older Paulson never went to prison, even though some experts say him and his fellow Zionist banksters swindled the world out of an estimated three hundred trillion dollars.

And if the Deep State is able to scam three hundred trillion dollars this one time, and we know they are running these type of scams all the time, does anyone really think Jeff Bezos is one of the richest men on earth? The truth is that Jeff probably fetches coffee and other “things” for the ones who are really in charge, whose names are never to be mentioned.

It’s unlikely anyone will be prosecuted, since the Injustice Department didn’t prosecute anyone in the Bush White House for 9-11, and no one was ever charged with the crime, including Osama bin Laden. In fact, not one person lost their job over the blunder known as September 11th, in which almost 3,000 people died. Its not likely that they would prosecute Paulson or any of the banksters for their role in the derivative scandal, is it?

Most KBOO listeners knew about the Paulson’s, and didn’t support the Timbers because of it. But Professor Mocking Bird Proctor did.

And here’s the funny thing, the Paulson’s hired John “Little Bit Strong” from Lake Oswego High School to be the Timber’s play-by-play broadcaster. Obviously, it wasn’t because of his talent or experience, since he was barely out of high school when the Timbers picked him to be their play-by-play announcer. Many fans thought it was a strange pick since there was three or four other local guys who were better, with a lot more play-by-play experience.

As usual, it had nothing to do with talent, and it had more to do with John’s dad, Bob Strong, who had a home repair show on one of the Alpha Dope’s station at the time, KXL.

Before his son was chosen by Henry Merritt Paulson III, owner of the Timbers, Paul Allen gave John Strong a show on the new Blazer Radio Network., Strong had been working for another sports talk moron station as their designated update babe, when he was hired. So ironically, Merritt didn’t hire John Strong based on his merrit, unless he has some other talent?.

I suspect Strong was given certain instructions about a certain trouble maker (that would sometimes call these sports talk morons and stir up trouble).

One day on his show, Strong ask the question, “What goes with a lolly pop fellas? You can call in anonymously. But let’s first get the scores from our hot update babe, Jessica Simpson.”

Jessica Simpson was one of the update people that worked at the station giving the scores every fifteen minutes, which almost never change. She was the only female doing sports on air in the Portland area. She sounded like a young, attractive woman when she gave the updates in her casual, care-free way (sounding board out of her f-ingmind). When Strong asked the question, I imagined her licking a lolly pop and reading a glamour magazine, while updating the scores.

So unless you were a gay man, the answer that “Little Bit” Strong was fishing for from his mostly male audience, seemed obvious.

And so being the clown I can sometimes be, I took the challenge and called in, anonymously. I said “I know what goes with a lolly pop.” I paused, then said “Jessica Simpson”.

He quickly cut me off, and started ranting, “I don’t want any registered sex offenders calling in here, okay. That was really creepy. Wasn’t that creepy Jessica.”

She unenthusiastically answered, “Yeah, sure John. Really creepy.” although I think she knew who the real creep was, the one who had set it up.

the other host, Kenny Vance, who used to work for the Pamplin Group, jumped in and said, “He got one bye you John. That’s really funny,” and laughed hysterically for several minutes. So that means John Strong was told to expect my call, and his rhetorical question seemed intentional.

John Strong looked like an idiot that day, so I sent him a lolly pop, anonymously.

It’s Unfortunate that Ms. Simpson didn’t sue Paul Allen and the station, since his behavior was clearly sexual harassment on the job. To have embarrassed her like that over the public air waves, she should have sued for at least two or three million.

But John Strong wasn’t the sickest sports talk moron on the radio. Colin Cowherd would win that award, for sure.

Every day Cowturd would attack the disabled, constantly calling everyone he didn’t like a “mouth breather”. It’s curious that Disney would allow one of their employees to act this way, especially since they are all about defending the gender-impaired, because breathing out of the mouth can be a symptom of either a physical or mental disability.

The reason people breathe out of their mouth can be because of Aerophagia, which is swallowing air, a habit that can be done subconsciously. It can also be a nasal blockage, or a problem with their throat, such as having a tracheotomy. More often, mouth breathing can be caused by allergies or asthma.

Mouth breathing can also be the result of having Downs or some form of retardation, either mild or severe.

But that’s not why they fired him, making fun of the disabled. He made some comment that apparently offended the radical feminists, but his daily attacks against the disabled were okay with women and these sick Disney bastards.

One day I was listening, around Halloween, 2008. Cowherd had been ranting all week about how Halloween was his favorite holiday (probably because, he’s kind of a monster, himself).

He was angry because his wife was given custody of the kids during h is favorite holiday. He said, “She supposed to keep an eye on the kids, even though she is going to be with her new boyfriend, and will obviously be distracted.

Then Halloween morning, this sicko said his eight or nine-year-old daughter would be wearing a “M&M” suit for Halloween. Whether he meant the candy or the singer, I don’t know. But his intentions suggested that it was the candy, which seems pretty perverse for a dad to say about his own daughter, if you ask me. Although he works for Disney, and apparently that’s pretty normal for Disney employees, making comments about kids masturbating and dressing up like little pieces of candy.

And what makes his intentions even more obvious is that he never once mentioned what his son was wearing for Halloween?

At the same time, the celebrity moms of young kids in Hollywood are fighting to make it illegal to take pictures of their kids. Obviously, for their safety.

So, it seemed rather reckless for Cowturd to inform his male audience that his daughter would be dressing up as a piece of candy. Many times, he mentioned her name over the air. He also mentioned the town where his wife lived, with the kids. So it seemed really reckless to give out this additional information about what she would be wearing during trick or treating. It also seems like the kind of information a predator of celebrity kids would be listening for, once he knew her name and where to find her.

In 2008, I wrote about this on my blog, J. Edger, a father intentionally endangering his daughter. He apparently found out about it and decided to get even. So he, and the two other creeps in the morning, Mike and Mike, came up with a special show for me on the morning of the NFL Draft, in 2009 (since they knew I probably would be listening).

Cowherd, mike Golic and Mike Green put on what they called the “Blind Prognosticator”. This character was made to look like a mumbling, bumbling fool, kind of like my fake lawyer, “Gregory Troll”. But unlike me, all of his Prognostications sounded pretty stupid

And I have a strong feeling that Eric Knudsen, with Multnomah County Corrections, had something to do with all these sports talk morons who were attacking me over the public air waves, on Paul Allen’s sports talk station.

Knudsen was my Probation Officer at the time, and he coached youth basketball. He made sure to make his coaching and his relationship with the local ESPN station and the Blazers front office known, as it was some how a badge of honor.

He once told me as a “recovering alcoholic” he used to be a very, very mean guy. Except, I don’t think Knudsen ever changed, although he might have stop drinking.

And I believe he arranged to have me fired from my job, with Blind Industries (run by two able-bodied white women).

Knudsen was forced to resign (quietly fired) from the Portland Police when he kicked a homeless man have to death. The homeless man was sleeping in a sleeping bag on a porch when it happened. Although not surprisingly, Knudsen was never prosecuted.

That’s how he ended up at Multnomah County Corrections supervising sex offenders. Apparently, his supervisor, Alison Kinsey, and the Oregon Department of Corrections didn’t mind if he happen to brutalize someone with a physical or mental impairment. But they never do.

We shouldn’t be defunding the police and correction officers, just holding them accountable when they violently abuse one of us, under the color of law. This way hopefully violent, abusive people won’t become police officers, as they so often do today. Obviously, the district attorneys aren’t going to prosecute police and correction officers. So maybe we need a separate state agency, that can’t be threatened with the “blue flu” or the “blue wall of silence”.

According to my supervisor at Blind Industries, John, I could smoke medical marijuana as long as I wasn’t on the clock. So, as I was required to do, I clocked out during my breaks and lunch, and usually smoked a little.

When the owners found out, they threatened me with firing, so I stopped smoking while at work. But when I sent them a letter about John’s computer and his pornography, they promptly fired me the following Monday.

Before firing me, the owner and her henchwoman, Jennifer, sat me down in her office, and said, “You didn’t write this, did you?” I didn’t answer, but laughed to myself.

“Who helped you?” She asked.

The audacity to think that a blind person wasn’t capable of writing a coherent, legal three page argument, such as this, in only two days is pretty insulting, and bigoted. In the letter I explained that she ought to reconsider her opinion about medical marijuana, and that her little business wasn’t as clean as she pretended.

I’m sure it infuriated her, a BLIND man telling her, an able-bodied white woman, the truth about her business. But I wanted to put all my cards on the table, and let her know what I was told by both John and Tony, in case that it ever came up in court.

When I was fired and reported it to corrections, Knudsen tried to arrest me, since he said I had violated the terms of my probation by leaving the job without his explicit consent. As he was taking out his handcuffs, I informed him that people with disabilities, who are on Social Security Disability or SSI, are not required to work (since the state can extort money from our social security checks, whether we work or not). He paused, and re-considered.

According to a fellow employee, Tony, who had a home computer repair business on the side, John had brought his computer from his home in Washington into the shop and it was loaded with pornography. And some of the girls, according to Tony’s sighted girlfriend, didn’t all appear to be of “legal age”. If true, In other words, John had transported child pornography across state lines, which is a federal crime, and Blind Industries and these two able-bodied bigots were deeply involved.

About half of the employees of Blind Industries are partially sighted. Obviously, and John is a high-partial, as his collection of pornography suggests.

But I wasn’t surprised by this hypocrisy. The two women who ran the shop, and the niece of one of them, would use rubbing alcohol to wipe off our blood from the labels. Because of the sewing needles, it was almost impossible to keep our fingers from bleeding, as we sewed on the labels, and obviously, half of us couldn’t see the blood left behind.

Most marines are very suspicious about having someone else’s blood on their name tags or uniforms, and would probably feel “cursed” if they knew the able-bodied women were doing this, wiping off the blood of the blind employees (but probably, not all of it).

What was funny about this, is that the owner argued that alcohol was better for you than marijuana, and she went on to explain, she would drink at least a fifth of vodka per week. And it didn’t effect her ability to work (or her bitchy attitude).

Similar to how I believe a Lake Oswego police officer, or maybe some federal agent, in the summer of 2004 used his vehicle to slowly shove me out of the way as I was just about to enter the Safeway store, I believe he did this to determine whether I was actually blind, or just “faking my blindness (as cops always say)”.

Immediately, I went up to the Lake Oswego Police Department to report the incident, which was assault since he bent my white cane beyond repair. It’s possible that the same Lake Oswego police officer who had assaulted me a few minutes earlier came in from the parking lot, when I asked to speak to someone. I briefly described to the female officer on duty what had just happened.

The first thing he did was to get down on one knee, like I was a little kid that had a problem. Then he said, before ever asking me what happened, “We have no jurisdiction over a private parking lot. I’m so sorry.” He sounded extremely sincere, and I imagined his sad puppy dog look.

“You’re saying that even if a person is shot or raped in a grocery store parking lot, you can’t do anything?” I thought to myself, how gullible do you think I am?

It was probably that same racist cop from West Linn, Terry Timeus, who once worked as a cop in Lake Oswego, that fucked over Michael Fesser, who was a black man, by having him falsely arrested for a friend that employed Fesser. He eventually got $600,000 for his false imprisonment, but I got nothing after being assaulted by a cop.

In the mornings I would listen to Tom Hartmann and Heidi Tauber on KPOJ. This one morning Heidi told a joke that began, “Maybe we could hire the homeless to collect fairs around here.”

Portland had decided to end what was called the “free zone, where people could ride the buses free in this ten block area downtown.

She went on to say, “Oh but that wouldn’t work. They would keep the money, wouldn’t they?”

Then the following week she saw Tom Hartmann wearing a pair of wrap around glasses and said, “You look so funny, Tom! You look like one of those blind people!” And she laughed.

I wrote to Hartmann and Clear Channel management, and told them about her two jokes, that to many of us listening, weren’t that funny. I said it seemed pretty hypocritical that a liberal woman who is working on a liberal network that claims to support the homeless and the disabled would tell such offensive jokes.

Later that week, they fired her. I don’t know if my E mail was the only complaint they received, but I felt that on behalf of both of these two communities it needed to be said. There was no intent on my part to have her lose her job over it, but apparently, that’s what happened.

Before this, she had worked at several of the talk and information radio stations around town, and was fairly well known. However, after getting fired from KPOJ, she never worked in Portland radio again.

About a year later, she was trying to get onto the Interstate, when she drove up the wrong ramp and was struck and killed by a semi-truck. Her death was ruled an accident, but I always wondered.

But Heidi Tauber wasn’t the only liberal on the radio telling tasteless jokes. Another time when I was listening to Sam Seder, formally with Air America, I heard Sam tell a joke that went like this:

“A blind man goes into a restroom.”

And if you didn’t get the joke, that was supposed to be the punch line.

And once I heard another one of these Air America trolls, Randi Rhodes, out of the blue screaming over and over, “GEORGE BUSH IS A BLIND MAN! GEORGE BUSH IS A BLIND MAN! GEORGE BUSH IS A BLIND MAN!”

Since we can reasonably assume that George W. Bush is of the male gender, do you suppose she was intending to be complementary by calling him “blind”, over and over?

On a side note about W, if you look at the pictures, some say George W. Bush is very likely the grandson of the Satan worshiper, Aleister Crowley. And the facts would support this, since his grandmother, Pauline Pierce, knew Crowley, and was considered to be “extremely wild”.

Nine months before Barbara Bush was born, Pierce traveled to France and, along with a girlfriend, is said to have had a weekend fling with the well-known luciferian. So many believe, 9-11 was a luciferian sacrifice to Satan by George W. Bush, the neo-cons and the wealthy homosexual Jews, who run the country from behind the curtain.

In Michelle Alexander’s book, “The New Jim Crow”, , she failed to mention that a person is three to four times more likely to be assaulted or killed by other inmates or the guards in prison if they have a disability. But apparently, if you’re a woman, like Ms. Rhodes, you can pretend people with disabilities don’t matter. And without question, you can’t ever be called a bigot in the eyes of the corporate media, even if it’s true.

And maybe that’s why, calling the president this awful word, “blind”, over and over, someone assaulted Randy Rhodes while she was walking home from a local pub, knocking out her tooth?

Although, it may have had something to do with her comment about the infamous Caribbean trip that Rush Limbaugh and his nine mysterious male traveling companions took, apparently, without any of their wives.

When returning to the United States, Rush was busted by border agents with several bottles of prescription drugs in someone else’s name. , This is despite that he was on probation for a drug felony at the time. Yet he wasn’t immediately arrested at the airport. Isn’t that’s curious?

Normally, one would think this sort of violation would result in having a person’s probation immediately revoked, and they would likely be jailed. But not Rush, and maybe it had something to do with who his mysterious traveling companions were?

Besides, do you think anyone else could leave the country while on probation for a drug dealing felony? We know it wasn’t job related since his job didn’t require him to travel out of the country.

As I said, he was busted with three bottles of Viagra in his possession, under someone else’s name. This is also a felony under the law, for most of us. But apparently not for an influential Florida man from Palm Beach, with these unnamed wealthy friends, who may not want to be embarrassed by the publicity (not that their wives would ever say anything about their husbands’ secret trips).

Apparently the men were on their way to Costa Rica, not the Dominican Republic? A very important correction I noticed Randi Rhodes made shortly after someone or something had knocked out one of her front teeth.

Meanwhile, around the same time we learn about a group of “Judeo-Christians” from Idaho who were caught transporting a group of orphan children from the storm ravished country of Haiti to the Dominican Republic, and handing them over to a known international child trafficker.

Thankfully the children were returned to Haiti. And then, miraculously, all the charges against the Idaho Judeo-Christian kidnappers were dropped. Isn’t that curious, how this whole thing just went away?

Some would say Rush Limbaugh’s death was karma. But I would say it’s the consequences of his actions, sitting in those smoke-filled back rooms, making dirty deals, screwing the little people, swallowing handfulls of Viagra, and breathing that second-hand smoke from those big Cuban cigars.

Apparently, when rush quit smoking he didn’t have the courage to ask his billionaire and trillionaire friends not to smoke around him. I suppose it was his conservative nature, to be polite, to be courteous, and to respect a fellow wealthy person’s right to do as they wilt (unless of course, they’re smoking marijuana, then it depends on how rich and powerful they are).

I believe, that’s what killed Rush Limbaugh. When he quit smoking, he lost his immunity to second-hand tobacco smoke, as often happens to people who quit smoking tobacco. I believe when he continued to breathe in this back room second-hand smoke, without the immunity that smoking provides, the result was inevitable.

Around 2008 or 2009, Paul Lindman, a former-anchor for both KATU and KGW television, was raising money on the local Clear Channel radio station, KEX. The annual fund raiser was intended to help kids who were visually-impaired, or hearing-impaired get glasses or hearing aides.

This is certainly an admirable charity, raising money to buy glasses or hearing aides for underprivileged kids, whose families may be unable to afford them.

However, he subconsciously said something that seems to reflect how the entire community appears to feel toward those without vision or hearing. Especially, those without both hearing or sight. And this book certainly proves it.

“If your kid is blind or deaf they are never going to succeed.”

I was shocked by this remark, but I shouldn’t have been. What he really meant, that without glasses or hearing aides, it’s going to be almost impossible for a kid to compete in the classroom. And this is true.

However, what he said, and the message it sent, is that if a person is already completely blind, like me, or is completely deaf, and can’t benefit from hearing aides, they will never succeed in Oregon (unless of course they become a sex slave for the D.C. elite).

Well, with this sort of attitude among the Oregon politicians, judges, and the media, it’s not surprising what has happened to me, is it? Since Oregon was able to convict people accused of a felony with ten of twelve jurors, which was eventually found to be unconstitutional it’s no wonder I took a plea bargain to get out of hell (or end up as another victim of Oregon’s long history of bigotry) toward the disabled.

In December of 2014 or 2015, as part of their “Science Notes” (because this gives it more credibility), Discover Magazine published a study by Knox College about ‘What is creepy’. Except what people said, according to the study, seemed to be targeted toward people with disabilities. So I wrote to Discover Magazine and expressed my concern over this obvious bigotry, but I never heard back from the Jewish publishers, from North Chicago, or anyone else.

According to this study, that surveyed mostly college age females, they claimed seven of the eight most creepiest things were symptoms or characteristics of having a disability, or using some kind of medication, such as “people who lick their lips”. In fact, most of the symptoms described in the study written by three young women had to do with having a visual impairment, including such things as: people who have bulgy eyes; or people who have crossed eyes; or people who have squinty eyes; or people who have bags below their eyes.

But if we were honest wouldn’t most people (who aren’t living in this liberal bubble) say that a man, pretending to be a woman and wearing a dress and lipstick, and going into a women’s restroom is far more creepy?

Not surprisingly, Knox College produces many of our future corporate mainstream journalists, and maybe this explains what’s gone wrong.

While I could write an entire book based on the bigotry toward those with disabilities in the marketing and advertising industry, perhaps this example of one company attempting to cover up their bigotry, Even though the government’s indifference, best reflects these values. Even though the court has usually said that for-profit companies have a higher standard, and presumably publicly insulting minorities, including those with disabilities, is not permitted., Unless of course, someone insults the Gender Impaired Community, then there will be hell to pay from the ACLU and the government lawyers! But apparently, publicly calling the totally-Blind “monsters” in an ad is okay?

Creepy Kyle Cox and his wife, Lynda, from Houston, Texas, decided to start a company that sold window blinds online. Their biggest competitor was a company called “Monster Blinds.com”, so at first they decided to call the company “Blind Monster, probably since “Blinds Monster” sounded really, really stupid. Than apparently, They shortened the name to Blindster.com”. Isn’t that cute?

Obviously, Kyle and Lynda never once gave a moment of consideration to the people who are actually blind, and who might be offended by this name. But when you have money and can afford lots of dirty corporate lawyers it doesn’t matter., Creepy Kyle in one of his original ads boasted of having formally worked for a Fortune 500 company, he made sure listeners knew him and his wife were among the elite and there was nothing the Blind could do to him and his bigoted company.

Except that “blinds” refers to the covering placed over windows, and the word “Blind” refers to the inability to see anything. In fact, those who have some vision almost always hate to ever be called “Blind”.

It might surprise the sighted world to know that many totally Blind people who are no longer ashamed of their blindness, don’t mind the word, and very often embrase the identity. Unless of course, it’s being used in a derrogatory manner, for example by someone like Kyle Cox, and the bigot using it knows and doesn’t care.

“Don’t ever call me blind!” Most partially sighted people will angerly say to anyone who dare to call them Blind. “I told you, I’m not blind!”

But usually, when people actually become totally Blind, and they adjust, they don’t mind being called Blind. Although using the term, “Blind man” for someone that is generally unliked by everyone and who is not blind, is an insult to all Blind men.

Kyle and his lawyers know all of this is true. Because in his recent radio ads Kyle and his announcer slut say the company is actually called “Blinds ter”, as if this was their original intent. Yet they still pronounce it, “Blindsster”, and then misspell the word being pronounced.

When we refer to the international war financiers, do we pronounce it “bank ters”? And when we refer to the University of NIKI chipping-Ducks, do we call them the “Duck ters”?

Generally within the Blind Community, those who have some usable vision identify as “visually-impaired” and those who do not have any sight identify as Blind”. Even Creepy Kyle and his ignorant wife know this, but as usual the government will do nothing. So they get away with making fun of totally blind people, insinuating they are all “monsters”.

Curiously, the visually-impaired have far more in common with the sighted world than they do with anyone who is totally blind. However, the politically-correct crowd would prefer you used the word “visually-impaired” for everyone with poor vision. But whether a person has some vision or no vision really does matter, and the totally blind know this better than anybody. Ironically, we the Blind people are the only real experts on blindness, if anyone cares.

Apparently it’s okay with the Democreeps if Randi Rhodes with Air America calls the president she doesn’t like (and nobody likes), “Blind man”, over and over, and over. And in America it’s okay for Kyle and Linda Cox to name their company “Blind Monster”, but it’s not okay to ever use the word “retard” or “spas”.

So other than a few ignorant shills from the National Federation for the Blind and the Oregon Commission for the Blind, most blind people reading this (using their screen readers) already know Kyle and his wife are lying bigots! But will the FTC force them to change the name to “Blindsster with two s’s”? And will the FCC say that this ad viiolates the civil rights of totally Bblind people? Probably not.

I explained this difference between the Blind and the visually-impaired in great detail in the first chapter, if the reader is interested. In that chapter I used the relationship between Stevie Wonder and his tutor, Ted Hull, to illustrate why this difference really matters.

If Kyle and Lynda called the company “Blinds-ster”,with two s’s, it would make sense. But these two bigots, and their lawyers, didn’t see it this way and never responded to my E mail, if the reader is wondering about my animosity.

So would if we use one of Kyle’s first ads and substitute a few words, like substituting the word “Jew” for “Blind”. And produce an ad for this new pest control company, would it be less tolerable? Maybe the ad would go something like this:

“Hi, this is Kyle Cox. Me and my slut Lynda recently moved into a new house and found ourselves surrounded by these rat bastards, with big noses and long winding tales that go on forever and ever, and ever (about persecution and other shit).”

“They were stealing our kids, the pets, the car, the house, our money, and the interest on the money, and the interest on the interest on the money, and the interest on the interest on the interest on the money!”

“So I came up with a product to get rid of the little rat bastards who was stealing our money, and everything else. You just point it at their big noses and gas the little rat bastards! I call it Jewster, and you can get it at Jewster.com.”

Project “Mocking Bird” is the government’s plan to use the media to control the population, and criminalize all poor people.

Similar to what was going on during the 1960’s, the federal government through Homeland Insecurity is now paying influential members of the media, the “superstars”, to spy on activists and manipulate the truth.

To understand how this works, let’s closely examine the following two former-Portland News Directors, Lisa Loving and Rebecca Marshall. The evidence would suggest they were both compromised by the Deep State, in what they said and did. Then when they were no longer useful, others were brought in, and the operation continues. Here’s the evidence.

I first met Lisa Loving in 2008, while I was briefly a volunteer in the station’s news room. When a class on researching news stories was being offered, and Lisa was listed as being the instructor, I quickly signed up.

And I wasn’t disappointed, since not only was her class very informative, her presentation was entertaining . I found her presentation to be extremely sassy. I’m sure, any backwash sailor from the Barrios would have been proud of how she used so many colorful four letter words in her examples and explanations.

However, I had mixed feelings when I learn that Lisa had been selected as the new News Director in 2015 to replace Jenka Soderburg.

At the time of her selection, Loving had been a volunteer at the station and editor of an African-American local newspaper called “The Scanner”. 

I worked with Lisa Loving on an environmental project called “Follow the Garbage”. Along with several volunteers, the story track the
path of our everyday garbage from our home trash can to its eventual destinations. 

My part of the project involved an interview with Dr. Dennis Ericson who help expose the great “ring of plastic” that floats around the rim of the Pacific Ocean. Apparently, these trillions and trillions of tiny pieces of plastic are no bigger then a grain of rice. And there’s no effective way to remove them from the ocean! 

In fairness to Lisa, it was a good story idea, and put together well. It clarified Dr. Ericson’s main point, that there is no such thing as “waste”.

However, as a journalist and activist who has primarily focused on the criminal injustice system along with disability rights, I’ve always been alert to the media’s and the neo-cons bias against those who live in urban areas and are accused of any sort of criminal offense. In fact in one Clackamas County Commissioner’s political ad from KXL’s Rob Kramer, the people in Portland were called “the creep”, urging voters to keep out the Creep. Except the creep is already living in Clackamas County…

The first red flag I noticed and mentioned in Chapter 6 occurred around 2009 when Lisa Loving interviewed the publisher of a fore-profit newspaper that included the mug shots of anyone arrested in Portland. Even though most, if not all, of these unflattering photos, catching people at their very worst moment, were taken and published before the person had ever been convicted of anything! They may have been conned into signing a plea bargain later, rather than resting their future on an indifferent, self-serving, useless public pretender who is dealing from the bottom of the deck, just like the persecutors and the cops.

But what is most disturbing about this was Lisa’s decision to keep the little creep’s true identity secret from the same public, whose pain he was exploiting for profit. 

The next incident involved a story Lisa did in which she featured a single, able-bodied white mom who had served in one of the corporate wars and was given a free house by the banksters. Sounds good on the surface, doesn’t it?

Especially if you’re into the whole “corporate war hero” idea, saying that we should honor our veterans on every holiday.

It really does matter whetehr a person volunteered to serve or whether they were drafted, such as it was during the Vietnam War and the wars that proceeded Vietnam. But glorifying all veterans today, especially when the standards are being lowered, is kind of like glorifying war. Isn’t it?

We know it’s a shitty job working for really shitty people, that true. But no one is forced to join, giving up their mind, body and soul.

Lisa claimed she understood why the banksters gave this woman a free house. She said her sister experienced domestic abuse, and that’s why she joined the military, so to her, it made perfect sense.

But they weren’t giving her a house because she was a single mom and suffered from domestic violence. If true, that might be understandable.

But that wasn’t the case. They were giving her a free house because of her military service, although the banksters claimed it was because she was a single mom. Is that fair to other single mom’s, who were unable to “serve”, like women born with disabilities?

Men or women, Americans born with disabilities are prohibited from ever serving, even though there are clearly many jobs in the military that could be effectively performed by persons with disabilities. The United States Military discriminates in employment based on disability, unless of course, you’re gender-impaired. But is this fair to other people with disabilities?

If a man wants to dress like a woman, and even act like a woman, when there’s nothing at stake it should be okay. This would be an accommodation, and is provided under the Americans with Disabilities Act. However, women are extremely offended that today a man would pretend to be a woman and try to use a restroom designated for only women.

The problem is that when people who are gender-impaired demand extra rights because of their behavior or belief, and claim they are not disabled, it’s harmful to all people with disabilities. To seperate transgender people into a unique category , and say they deserve special employment rights is not fair to other people with disabilities.

It goes way beyond granting a particular accommodation, based on their disability and the balancing of rights. The accommodation they’ve been granted by the Supreme Court infringes on the rights of people with disabilities, biological women and employers, with no rational basis, and it’s wrong. And hopefully soon it will be reversed.

Perhaps an innovative young person with a disability who wants to “serve”, will step up for all people with disabilities and sue the United States Military for discrimination, based on disability. And perhaps, end this unhealthy trend in America, instigated by the selfishness of the Gender Impaired Community (and their ACLU lawyers, who care nothing about people with disabilities being tortured by the cops and the correction creeps).

By the way, what does transgenderism have to do with protecting civil liberties? This is clearly a civil rights issue, protecting the rights of those with disabilities. Yet the American Civil Liberty Union is using its limited resources to defend these people, who most likely have been poisoned by the corporations (in order to depopulate the world).

And why isn’t the ACLU defending our liberties, fighting against government mandates and vaccine passports? That’s because neo-liberals are mostly Jews, homosexuals, and radical feminists who support fachist control of the population, if it promotes their delusional agenda.

Getting everyone vaccinated is also the goal of the World Health Organization, WHO. And WHO wants control of our bodies and our right to choose.

The WHO holds its annual meetings in Switzerland, which is one of the most nationalistic countries in Europe, with one of the most restrictive borders in the world. Also the WHO invites every country on earth, except Taiwan, because it offends the Chinese government. So why would we trust this group of elitists with our bodies, whhich seems to practice a form of racial discrimination, and who falsely calls itself a world organization?

Sorry for taking the long way around, but getting back to the bankster’s free house, did Lisa Loving ever bother to look to see who was the previous home owner? Especially, since at this same time KBOO was publicly defending the rights of an African-American mother who was being evicted by a bankster. 

Then about a week later, Lisa managed to squeeze eight female Portland police officers into one studio (WOW! Impressive). In this pro-police-promo, Lisa and her female guests went on to describe how they intended to, in so many words, further vilify and incarcerate poor, straight men,and help women.

And then, Lisa Loving interviewed a female, former-Portland persecutor about her fiction book about guess what? Crime! And it’s called, “The Ex’s”. Not surprisingly, this particular self-serving promo piece described how a male cereal killer goes after his ex, who just happened to be a lady lawyer. 

Rumor is, the Deep State, as well as the cops, the prosecutors, the politicians, and the corporate war mongers, all really, really love Lisa Loving. And she announced a few weeks later that her family circus planned yet another international tour. But the bigger question is, “On who’s tab?” 

I do know what KBOO used to pay its news director, and it isn’t much. In fact, you probably couldn’t afford a bus ticket to Eugene and back, let alone a ticket half way around the world…and back.

I weighed about forty-five pounds in Forth Grade when we first started playing this vicious game, called “dodge ball.” The object of the “game” is to not let the ball hit you, which is being hurled at you with full force from less than ten feet away, by a kid that’s at least double your weight. Maybe “grown ups” think thirty or forty pounds difference isn’t much, but to a Forth Grader it’s a lot.

There was this kid, who was double my size, and probably weighed fifty or sixty pounds more than me, named Rocko DeSantis. He, Mike Broska, and a few other boys would deliberately try to smash me in the head with the ball every time, while the gym teacher and Principal Mock watched with amusement.

I couldn’t see it coming and therefore, couldn’t get out of the way. I couldn’t dodge it, which made me an easy target. to these bullies, same as the bullies around here, who steal my mail, vandalize my property and electrocute my feet and crotch at night.

It was against the rules to hit someone in the face with the ball. Nevertheless, almost everyone in my class, except maybe Dorine Nixon (who was just as little as me), cheered, as pieces of my glasses went flying.

I could have taken off my glasses, but that probably would have only made it worse.

Let me give you a few more examples how sick the media people are today, and why Donald Trump supporters are so outraged that the lying, snarky media has gotten away with it, again — manipulating the election.

Trump is right about one thing, the corporate media shouldn’t be trusted, ever. And Brian Sicknick did not die when he was, according to the New York Times, bludgeoned by a fire extinguisher, and he didn’t die from bear spray or maze. So who really caused his stroke? Perhaps the Deep State, in order to blame Trump?

And do you wonder who hired an assassin to kill Seph Rich, after he released Hillary Clinton’s E mails? It’s no wonder they’re going after Julian Assange, to keep this secret a secret?

And why isn’t anyone being prosecuted for killing Ashli Babbitt? Unless looking through a broken window is a crime?

Remember this one from Jewish reporter, Judith Miller from the truth-telling New York Times, “There are weapons of mass destruction” (so be afraid, be very afraid).

How many Muslims died in those two wars? Do you even know or care. One noted expert says it was twenty-seven million, which was thirteen times more than the estimated Jewish prisoners of war who died at the hands of the Nazi’s.

It was all a bunch of crap, just like the truth about . But as usual, the corporate media kept feeding this shit to us…saying, “We need to get even with the people who did 9-11!” except, we never did.

And now they want to vaccinate everyone for a virus that is constantly mutating. Except, how long before the vaccines don’t work any more and our natural immune system gives up. Just like anti-biotic’s, we have lost our ability to fight the virus.

To begin withh, the MRNA vaccine was never properly tested by the FDA, which is made up of former-drug company employees, who are loyal to their former-employer. And let’s not forget, the media receives most of its advertising money from Big Pharma. And You Tube, which is owned by Google, along with FaceBook and Twitter, and the media, are blocking any information from getting out which contradicts their master’s plan, to depopulate the earth.

According to Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of MRNA technology, MRNA vaccines are a form of gene therapy, never before used on human beings. And the MNRA vaccines are considered to be experimental until 2024.

So let’s look at how corrupt the FDA really is. Before getting this emergency approval two use MRNA vaccine the FDA used a check list which is normally used for all vaccines, but did not use the same checklist for this particular gene therapy vaccines, according to Dr. Malone. This was done knowingly. And it was a fraud against the American people.

As of April 2022, according to Dr. Molone, the vaccine pool, that Congress set up, has not paid out even one penny to any person who has been injured by the Covid vaccine.

But the Deep State always takes care of its own corporations and wealthy people, whether it’s falsifying vaccine results and injuries, or covering up the demolition of the twin towers and Building Seven.

And by the way, speaking of the cover up of September 11th, it is very possible that Building 1 and Building 2 were hit by two remote-controlled planes, since we know none of the nineteen Patsies could fly a plane. And as though military pilots were flying those planes from some underground bunker, just before impact both planes turned their wings vertically to inflict the maximum damage, by hitting as many floors as possible. The government wants us to believe these patsies from Saudi Arabia could do this?

The government claimed there was a third plane heading toward New York. This report was later proven to be false, but they immediately began evacuating Building 7.

Except, how did they know Building 7 was the target? Or was that the intended target of Flight 93, and when they learned the plane crashed in Pennsylvania, did Larry Silverscum give the order to bring the building down?

“So I gave them the order to pull it,” he told the reporter, according to the movie “Loose Change”.

And if there was explosives in Building 7 then doesn’t that mean there was also explosives used in bringing the twin towers straight down. like Building 7? The planes may have been a good distraction, for the goydumb. But experts from the 9-11 truth movement say it’s obvious to anyone who looks, explosives were used on all three of these buildings. And the science proves it. But according to the media, science only matters when it can be manipulated to serve the Deep State.

So today we put on our blinders and trust the doctors and the media once again, and we agree to get vaccinated. But don’t be surprised if our immune systems become dependent on the booster shots to fight the virus. In other words, our natural immune systems are compromised because we’re dependant on the boosters to protect us. Similar to the anti-biotic’s that were over used by doctors.

Although if you are obese and not exercising, or using tobacco or other addictive drugs, or drinking excessively and eating processed foods, it may not matter whether you’re vaccinated or not, you will have little chance against this new virus (which appears to be man made).

Suppose the boosters no longer work against the latest variant? After all, the virus wants to survive, so it constantly mutates. But in a rush to public safety, did we forfeit our immune system for the vaccine?

Hartmann and the rest of these Big Pharma shills, who are probably getting something under the table (like our doctors were given to pass out opiates to everyone), are all saying that unvaccinated people are putting the rest of the world at risk. But would if it’s the other way around.

Consider this, whether you are vaccinated or not you can catch the virus. And it doesn’t matter whether or not you have had it before. And maybe this time around you won’t get as sick. But what about the next variant?

The virus is smart and it wants to survive. But would if the vaccinated people are teaching the virus how to defeat the vaccine and break through the cell wall, simply by being vaccinated.

On the other hand, the people who have not been vaccinated are teaching the virus nothing it doesn’t already know about the human species. So eventually the virus weakens, and we get herd immunity.

But would if, because of the vaccine, the virus figures how to go around the artificial barrier of anti-bodies created by the vaccine. So the virus mutates into a new strain, that no vaccine is able to defeat. At least, the unvaccinated will still have their natural anti-bodies to fight the virus, while the vaccinated (impaired) will have nothing left in their arsenal to fight the virus.

And how much will you be willing to pay for the next booster, or the one after that? You can be sure eventually it won’t be free for most people. And in case you didn’t know, it’s not free to our government or the insurance companies, or any other government on earth. It’s not war, but the same people are sure making a lot of money on this scamdemic.

Not surprisingly, the German Pharmaceuticals are refusing to waive any of their profits, and are getting really, really rich off the vaccines, not to mention the billions of dollars they’re making from the Covid-19 tests, or the masks.

Albert Einstein once said, “Compound interest is the most powerful force on earth!” And he was probably right.

But what he meant, was that it would be better if the government or corporations can collect money from someone by paying a re-occurring fee like the interest payments we pay the banksters. Because it adds up.

And that’s why the governor of Illinois, JB Pritzker and his family are funding the transgender movement. Once a person is mutilated by one of these Frankenstein doctors they can never go back. And once they start taking these expensive drugs they can never stop, for the rest of their life, unless they give up the delusion of being someone else.

Pritzker and the other billionaire Jews from Chicago, just like Al Capone and the Chicago Railroad, are getting rich on this gender scam. And this particular stream of revenue will never end as long as the Illinois Legislature keeps passing these Gender-Deaffirming Bills.

Like Pritzker, Albert Einstein cared more about getting rich and powerful, and getting the approval of the “Bourgeoisie (who he pretended to hate so much).

After getting married and having a child, Einstein allowed his eight month baby girl to be adopted away, because it interfered with his studies. Most Jewish people would say today, he had a higher purpose so who are we to judge him?

Although he never saw his child or wife again, because he wanted the approval of his male professors, even though his wife was once again pregnant when he completely abandoned her. As a result, he never saw his second child.

So what does that say about Einsteinc’s motives (and his defenders), and his thoughts about paying this form of “compound interest” over and over, and over?

Maybe after paying the Jewish drug companies this annual booster fee for several years, at $20 or $30, or more, a pop, and the vaccine will likely become useless against the forth or fifth variant of this virus, that we humans created.

According to Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, this is exactly what will eventually happen, the Mu, Lambda, or the Gamma, or some other variant will be completely resistant to the vaccine. So while the vaccine is helping the immune system fight one of the old variants, because that’s how the vaccine works, one of these new variants will slip in behind the artificial barrier of anti-bodies and kill the vaccinated person.

Like I said, at least the unvaccinated, and their unmanipulated immune system, will have a fighting chance.

It’s not likely this man made virus will go away. And maybe that’s exactly the way it was designed to work, to depopulate the world and make the “German Pharmajews” rich (See WWW.rethinktrade.com).

We’ve really out thought ourselves this time, wouldn’t you say?

For the first time there is more people dying in the United States, then are being born. And I’ll bet Bill Gates and the rest of the billionaires and trillionaires are smiling. And the multi-pronged plan to depopulate the earth is working well, beginning with the weakest among us.

Connie Willis, part-time host of Coast to Coast AM, once told her audience “Dodge ball is a great game for kids to play.” But she should have added, “If you’re a big kid, and have no impairments, and you’re not too slow.”

But maybe we should ask about the long term effect of this “game”, and whether or not the bullied kid will ever come back with a gun? The gun doesn’t care how big the assailant is, or well he plays the game of dodgeball, it only cares how much pressure he puts on the trigger, to get what he perceives is justice, at last.

Premier, another Zionist-controlled media company, who puts on the show “Coast to Coast AM”, is all about manipulating the public. Not only do they distract the listeners with these meaningless stories about aliens, UFO’s, Bigfoot, and ghosts, they often use this platform to abuse people with disabilities, who can’t play dodgeball, as I’ll explain.

George Norry. the current host of Coast to Coast Amm, is a friendly , grandfather type, although he’s not very bright, and he appears to be easily manipulated, although it may be intentional, by his guests. His role is to keep his audience entertained and distracted from the truth, and does a good job. Although from time to time he does have a good interview, such as his 2020 interview of Robert Kennedy Jr., who stated during the interview that he believed based on the evidence Sirhan Sirhan did not kill his father. Despite this, the State of California, another Jewish stronghold, will not release this Palestinian Patsey.

However, George did an April Fool’s joke, most likely written by his Zionist handler, where he pretended to interview a three headed person, where the middle head died. To those disabled people and parents listening, who know in fact from time-to-time people are born with two heads, this April fool’s joke wasn’t very funny.

But like I said, it’s usually the producers and editors at Premier who are responsible for seeding this sort of hatred, like using this sick example on April Fool’s Day. But it only promotes anger, which only creates more violence, while the media pretend to oppose violence and war.

Another time, Norry interviewed a professor from the University of Central Florida, who couldn’t wait to disclose that he happened to be Jewish (like most Jews). The interview was all about the Palestinians “sharing in the prosperity of Israel”. But it was really about getting the American people to believe that Israel is the good guy in this conflict, and these Palestinians, who had their country stolen from them, are acting like discontented children, “who don’t want to trim our lawns and clean our toilets.”

It’s a sadistic game being played on the American people by the Zionist-controlled Deep State, and the media, the technocreeps, and the billionaires and trillionaires. Clearly, the technology has gone to far and it’s too late to stop this runaway train, and there’s probably nothing we can do about it.

For example, on a recent Coast to Coast AM show in 2021, Norry said “There’s a phenomenon happening, where people are reporting that they are feeling like there’s thousands of bugs crawling on their skin, and they’re hearing voices.” He quickly moved on, and never said anything else about it.

Norry knows the government has the technology to beam any sound directly into your eardrum, and no one else can hear it. It’s called “voice-to-skull technology, and Derrick Robinson, who represents a small group of people who are targeted individuals by the federal government and/or the corporations [Freedom From Electronic Covert Harassment], told George about this several times. So why is George pretending he doesn’t know anything about what their doing all over the world, beaming voices into the skull to create the impression that the individual suffers from schizophrenia or some other mental illness?

This technology is also being used in department stores to target customers. As a person walks bye a certain display, they hear someone encouraging them to take a look.

As I’ve described in several other chapters, the military now has weapons in which they can make a person itch all over. They can also make a person feel like there is thousands of bugs crawling on your skin. They can also make it seem like a bee or wasp is buzzing you, and even make you feel like you’ve been stung by something.

With these weapons, they can shock you, they can burn you, like a needle they can poke you, they can cramp your muscles, and even thump you. And it can all be done from inside a white van parked down the road, or some satellite.

They can target your baby toe, or your left testicle, or your right eye ball, which they often do to me. As a sort of “blind joke”, i suppose.

And when the Deep State operatives are board with these weapons, or letting their dog shit in my yard, or spraying me with poison, they use a sound emitter device. This particular weapon can send a sharp sound into the eardrum, causing pain and discomfort, and long-term damage. That’s probably why I’m now 40% deaf. And this isn’t torture?

Getting back to dodge ball, Sheila Hamilton, a former-news anchor at KXL, once said, “My kids had the right to enjoy the game of dodge ball… it’s part of the learning process,” she argued. But do we want to teach our kids that the best way to have fun is to hurt a smaller kid. Hitting another kid in the head with the ball, is it okay for a mom to excuse this bad behavior and say “It’s just about our kids having fun?”

In other words, this corporate-liberal, who once said she supported putting fluoride in Portland’s water, which is a toxic poison that causes mild retardation, thinks it’s a good idea to let the bigger kids abuse the smaller kids, by smashing their heads with a rubber ball. Apparently, like rubber bullets that do no harm, according to the Israeli Death Squads.

And by the way, every major city in the United States is paying some corporation to dump this waste product into their water system, to dumb down the population (and perhaps, make men think they’re women).

Despite what the bought-off politicians and mocking bird media claim it does way more harm than it helps, if you swallow it. And if the reader doesn’t believe me, just read the warning label on the toothpaste, about never ingesting it.

Let’s be clear, there’s no other substance on earth that protects teeth more than Fluoride, when it’s used to coat the teeth. Buying toothpaste without fluoride is bad for the teeth, becuase there is currently no good substitute. But to pay to put this poison in most of America’s drinking water is really, really stupid. So we can conclude fluoride is working, as it was intended.

Getting back to the mocking bird media, Rebecca Marshall, former-news director at KXL. was one of the most vicious people I’ve ever heard on the radio. She now works for the Red Cross which raises some questions about the people from the Red Cross who stick a needle in our arm?

It’s not just what she said, herself, but Marshall would often use other people to promote her sickness, and bigotry.

One of those people was the Oregonian’s movie critic, Kristi Turnquist.

One day Turnquist said, “Hollyweird, recently came out with it’s own ‘blind monster’ movie, where the monster can only find you if it can hear you!

According to Turnquist, the Alpha Dopes “movie expert” said, “Yeah Rebecca, it’s the SCARIEST MOVIE EVER!”

Well, at least this time Kristi and the Hollyweirdo’s didn’t try to sell the blind monster a dead bird, although I’m sure that would have been really, really funny, to all the ignorant people who pay to watch this Deep State crap from the perverts at Disney, and the CIA, and the rest of the Hollyweirdo’s.

But just so you know how truly sick the Alpha Dopes’ Larry Wilson is, and why they constantly attack the most vulnerable and pretend it’s humor. Here’s more evidence involving the practice of abusing us little people from third America by the mocking bird scum.

A few years back, during a January ice storms that hit the Portland area, Marshall told her co-host (and the audience) she was going to get a “snowcone” for lunch. Even if you believe her own teenager never mentioned this, and she wasn’t actually referring to a term used by several pop singers to describe performing oral sex on another person’s anus (after having anal intercourse). It seems pretty sick to joke about a coming snow and ice storm, given how many homeless people there are around here.

In fact, a baby (belonging to a homeless couple) had froze to death that very same night during the storm. But to the elite, like Rebecca Marshall and her producer, bad weather is nothing more than an inconvenience.

When Linn County, Oregon announced they would no longer be serving hot breakfasts to accused defendants who couldn’t afford bail, Marshall went on the air and said the following (apparently under the direction of her Zionist Alpha Dope handler). After reading the press release about ending hot breakfasts for inmates, she sarcastically said, “WAH! WAH! WAH!”

And just nine days after the November 2015 bombing in Paris, which killed over one hundred people, mostly pre-teenage girls who were attending the Ariana Grande concert, “Snow Cone Marshall” told the sports update guy, Judah Newby, about how excited she was when one of the players charged the mound and punch the pitcher “Square in the face! It was so awesome,” she excitedly told Newby.

But you should know, how little these Alpha Dopes, or anyone else in the media for that matter, cares about any of us here in third America. A week earlier (just three days after the Paris bombing) Newby told the KXL listeners about how excited he was now that the hockey playoffs began. He said, “It’s my favorite time of year. I love all the blood and fighting during the playoffs!”

And this was just moments after Marshall and her co-host had been discussing the French tragedy, pretending to give a shit.

Here’s another example. Recently (in October of 2018), Marshall explained to the listening audience, in her most serious voice, how the country of England is able to effectively count all of its squirrels without re-counting any of them. In her typical bigoted fashion she went on to say, “Oh, there’s the one with the lazy eye, and there’s the one with the lame foot.”

Knowing her history of bigotry, I was waiting for Marshall to say, “And there’s the one with the cripple back! Oh, and there’s the one with the missing tail, and there’s the one with the missing ear.”

Ironically, knowing the control that Jews have in our media, two days later an obese man named Bob Bowers went up to a place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania called Squirrel Hill and killed eleven “Jewish worshipers” in what is described as being their “place of worship”. Which makes this a “hate crime” under federal law because they are a “protected class”. Not withstanding the tragedy, and Marshall’s sick joke, do Jews really deserve this status? Murder is still against the law, but claiming this was a Hate Crime is very different.

Jewish people consist of many races and many ethnicity, so their not a particular race or particular ethnicity. And Jewish people are both atheist and orthodox , so you could say in some cases they are not religious at all, although worshiping the “Holocaust” for many Jews has become a religion itself.

So why are they considered a protected class, under the law? But the law isn’t about law, it’s about money and control.

So, we could say being Jewish today is more about belonging to this “international cult” called “Jews”, that in most cases, seems to be about worshiping money above all other things (including god and his two genders).

It is revealing that they say the words “International banksters” is considered a slur against Jews? In fact, if you’re not Jewish, saying the word “Jew” is considered an anti-
Semitic slur. And now some Jews are saying that the word “Zionist” is anti-Semitic

But what about claiming National origin, wouldn’t this make Jewish people a protected class?

Maybe not, under the circumstances in which they manipulated certain governments to create the land of Israel. And that’s why they call it a “Jewish State”, even though at the time a majority of the citizens were not Jewish.

Harry Truman was given a bribe by the Zionist to sign off on the Balfour Doctrine, which presumably gave the Jewish people the right to occupy Palestine. Before this, the Stern Group and other Zionist were clearly terrorist, blowing up schools and places of worship.

In fact, some Jewish people believe it is anti-Semitic to now even say the word “Palestine”.

Most of Congress and even his own cabinet was against occupying Palestine. Nevertheless, Truman took the bribe and Israel was created in 1948 on what were stolen land, just like we did to the Native-Americans. Isn’t that also ironic?

However this deliberate manipulation of the public by the media on behalf of Zionists began long before they occupied Palestine, and imprisoned the Native-people.

There was the Leo Frank case in 1913. In that matter, the Jewish controlled media did not succeed in manipulating the truth. Although today, they’re still trying to create this myth in the Washington Compost, and other places that Zionist trolls hang out, about Frank being a victim of anti-Semitism. But this is far from the truth, and it’s an insult to all African-American people, considering the hundreds of innocent blacks who were hung because they were black, and not because they actually raped and murdered a little white girl.

After Frank was convicted in 1913, Frank’s Jewish lawyers bought off the governor of Georgia, “Slimeball Slaton” in the spring of 1915, and blamed a black man for the murder. And when that didn’t work, not surprisingly, they blamed a different black man.

Immediately after bribing Slaton, and Franks sentence was changed to life in prison, his lawyers then tried to get Frank a new trial. He had strangled a thirteen-year-old female employee, who worked for him, and rape her dead body.

Despite this, Leo Frank was only charged with murder, because the prosecutors knew it would totally outrage the community if all the evidence against Frank were presented at trial. If the jury and observers knew that he had raped Mary Phagen’s body, after he murdered her, he probably wouldn’t make it to prison.

Frank was sentenced to death by both a unanimous grand jury and a unanimous jury, that included four Jewish people. When Slaton commuted his sentence, and the Zionist legal machine challenged his murder conviction (before his Jewish supporters were able to buy off some corrupt judge), a group of upstanding citizens in 1915 removed him from the jail and promptly hung him, so he was facing Mary’s home.

The point is, from the very moment Frank was arrested for the rape and murder of “Little Mary Phagen”, as she was known, the Jewish propaganda media machine in New York and California began a nationwide campaign on Frank’s behalf, calling his victim a “floozy” and making up all kinds of absurd lies about her behavior.

This was far from the truth. Mary was committed to her church and her religion, and was a virgin when Frank killed her.

“The charges were anti-Semitic!” The New York Times screamed. “He never got a fair trial because he was a Jew!” The headlines read.

Hollyweird claimed. In the movie, rednecks were yelling, “Hang the Jew!” Except, there’s no account of this happening, despite three local newspapers who covered the trial from beginning to end. In fact, under the circumstances, the crowd was fairly calm, awaiting the verdict.

The Anti-Defecation League, as it is often called by goy, was formed in 1914 to win Frank’s release, any way they could. And even today they still insist Frank may have been innocent, simply because he never got due process. But not one word in 1915 about the thousands of black men who were being murdered, about one per week under Jim Crow laws, with absolutely no due process.

As an example of how this Zionist Deep State exercises its Zionist propaganda today, In Les and Tamara Payne’s 2020 book, “The Life of Malcolm X”, they claimed it was only “flim-flam evidence” that convicted this sick Jewish pedophile, Leo Frank.

As I wrote in great detail in an earlier chapter, and briefly explained above, there’s no doubt of Frank’s guilt to anyone who looks at the evidence. Although, the Georgia Supreme Court ruled in 1986 Frank did not have the opportunity to appeal his conviction. This is true, because the sick pedophile was hung. But he was never proven to be innocent of the crime, despite claims from the Washington ComPost and other Zionists in the media.

Frank first accused a black night watchmen, and tried to frame him with the bloody shirt he used to clean up the blood from his victim. And when the police didn’t fall for this bullshit, he (and apparently today Mr. Payne), blamed the black janitor for the brutal crime (although Mr. Payne doesn’t say who really killed Mary Phagen).

A week later, when police confronted him with the evidence, the janitor confessed that he helped Frank move the body, but didn’t kill her. Frank wanted him to put the body in the company furnace and burn it, but he refused.

Fifty years later, despite an obviously bought-off witness, Alonzo Mann, the evidence collected at the time proves the black janitor had nothing to do with the murder. And his confession that he helped move the body, proves it.

However, Mr. Payne and his daughter did write one fact about the case that was true, that the ADL was first founded in 1915 to get Frank out of jail, innocent or not. Although Mr. Payne left out the fact that the governor was offered a job (bribed) by Frank’s Jewish lawyers to commute the sentence to life in prison, which he did. And this is what forced a group of men from Georgia to take the law into their own hands. And normally, I would never support vigilanteism, except there’s no doubt that Frank had murdered a thirteen-year-old girl, and raped her dead body. So in this case, capital punishment may have been justified, although killing a Jewish man made the Deep State bankster pedophiles very nervous.

Malcolm X wrote, “Zionism is even more dangerous than communism, because it is made more acceptable, and thus more destructively effective.” And this Zionist published book about Malcolm X is certainly an example of that power.

Mr. Payne and his daughter also write that the evidence conclusively proves Earl Little, Malcolm X’s father, was not killed by a racist mob because of his radical black views, like black people deserve equal treatment in jobs and public accommodations, and have a right to live where they want, and a right to self-defense. At the time, blacks were expected to acquiesce to whites in all matters, including very often providing sexual favors.

In his book, Payne claims that a “lone Negro” on the streetcar witnessed the event and according to this black man, Mr. Little had simply fallen beneath the streetcar, where his leg was severed.

It’s very possible that this black man did witnessed the killing, and was told to never speak a word about what he saw, or his family would pay. I lived my entire adolescence in this area, both on Logan Street in Lansing, where the blind school was located, and in the two towns just south of Lansing, Eaton Rapids and Charlotte. And knowing the animosity that most whites had toward blacks in 1972, it’s absurd to think these people in 1937, thirty-five years earlier, weren’t capable of lynching Earl Little for his outspoken beliefs.

Along with a severed leg, Earl Little’s body also had bruises on his neck, shoulders and arms, as though he were beaten with clubs, before being dragged in front of a streetcar. And didn’t, or wasn’t able to, move before he was run over, which was the official cause of death.

For obvious reasons, his widow and children believed he was murdered, although they received little support from the community, black or white.

“Just try and forget all about it, Mrs. Little,” the neighbors compassionately said.

Consider, the Little family lived in an area restricted to only whites, and Mr. Little’s neighbors had told him this, just days before his house coincidentally caught on fire. Only a short time later, Earl Little had an “accident” where he allegedly fell in front of a streetcar, according to the official police report .

But flim-flam writer, Les Payne and his dutiful daughter would like us to believe a healthy forty-year-old farmer, who was also a skilled carpenter and brick layer (who happen to preach the doctrine of Marcus Garvey), simply fell down in front of a moving streetcar?

And all the rumors spread by whites about doing the killing was simply a matter of boasting, and was completely untrue? He ignores the fact that only sixteen years earlier over 2,000 whites stormed into the Greenwood District of Tulsa and killed over three hundred black Americans, burning their neighborhood completely down. And Payne wants us believe suddenly sixteen years later, America was reformed from all that previous racial hatred.

Although Payne admits, that Jackson, Michigan, located just fiftey miles from Lansing, was a strong hold for the Klan at the time, and for decades to come. In fact, the word “hillbilly” originally meant Michigan farmer.

But what really proves that this is another hit job on the truth by a Zionist publisher, is the book claims just two days before Malcolm X was married to his beloved wife, Betty Shabazz, Malcolm was allegedly asking a friend whether he should marry Betty or Betty Sue somebody.

This is pathetic to suggest or mention, with absolutely no evidence, let alone to include in a book allegedly about Malcolm X’s life. There’s no evidence that Malcolm, after becoming a Muslim, was ever unfaithful to his faith or his wife, Betty Shabazz, who bore him six beautiful daughters. I think it probably shows the writer’s real Zionist purpose, to belittle all Muslims on behalf of the Jews, when he refers to the Nation of Islam as a “Muslim Cult”.

But Tamara and Les Payne aren’t the only African-American writers recruited by the Zionist publishers to produce this sort of flim-flam material. In Brandy Colbert’s book about the Tulsa massacre and the cover up, “Black Birds in the Sky”, she blames everyone for what happened, including the Cherokee Nation, who also once owned slaves. Stephen Platt’s book, “Black Wall Street”, is a far more accurate account, if you want to learn more about the 1921 tragedy, without the overt animosity that Colbert provides.

Not to say blacks don’t have a right to be angry, I think Brandy Colbert goes way too far with her version of the truth. At the conclusion of her book, Colbert goes on to blame Donald Trump for police brutality against African-Americans, and compares him to Adolph Hitler.

But most poor Americans know today that far to many police are brutal to anyone who is poor, a racial minority, or disabled, and their hardly ever held accountable, whether their victim is black or white. This was going on long before anyone ever heard of Donald Trump.

Colbert compares this conduct to what happened at Auschwitz, blaming the Germans, even though Jewish experts admit there were no gas chambers at Auschwitz. The prisoners of war were worked and starved to death, like many other prisoners of war.

In her Zionist published book, Colbert doesn’t mention that Hitler was defended by the wealthy Jews, such as Paul Warburg and the Rothchilds. In fact, in the 1930’s the rich European Jews took out ads in America praising Hitler as a great man. At the same time Hitler was preaching his doctrine against the Jews. But the real truth is that it was an excuse so that later the wealthy Zionist could occupy Palestine and create a Jewish State, which had been the plan for at least sixty years. A “right of return” they said justifies this arbitrary killing of Palestinians.

And today, the little Jews defend Zuckerbooger, Soros and the other wealthy Jews who own the media and Big Tech, and rule with an iron fist, just like Hitler. The truth no longer matters. So they destroy the life of anyone who stands in the way of their daily propaganda, like me.

Shortly before he was murdered, Malcolm X taught his followers, “You can’t change anyone else, but you can change yourself.”

He was a troubled young man and led a life of crime during his early years. Unlike Elijah Muhammad, who probably started out as a good man and became something else, Malcolm X slowly became a man of honor and integrity during his life. And whatmore can we ask of anybody?

By 1964, the views of Malcolm X began to change. He was expelled from the Nation of Islam when he publicly called out his mentor, Elijah Muhammad, for his hypocrisy, including having sex with multiple minors, impregnating several of them several times. Payne confirms this in his book, that the “great Muslim leader from Chicago had impregnated seven teenage followers, and fathered ten children outside of his marriage.

After being expelled from NOI, Malcolm began to accept people from all races and focused his fight on a war of economics, instead of simply blacks against whites. He began saying that “Zionism is the greatest enemy of black Americans, and all poor people,” so the Deep State killed him.

Payne wrote, “The Nation of Islam’s dramatic growth was reported by the group’s national secretary with enthusiasm, and by the FBI with alarm. Director John Edger Hoover (a transvestite homosexual, blackmailer) directed his field offices to note each new hate group (Muslim temple) in their ledgers, and at Washington D.C. headquarters, with an eye toward infiltration and disruption.”

So, like John Kennedy, the Zionists arranged to kill him too. And if you don’t think the Zionist banksters may have killed President Kennedy, let’s look at another similar case.

According to the author of “The Creature From Jekyll Island”, President Andrew Jackson nearly avoided assassination by a man who claimed temporary insanity, named Richard Lawrence. This was the first time anyone ever attempted to kill a sitting president.

According to G. Edward Griffin, after receiving leniency from the courts, Lawrence boasted of being hired by European banksters.

Throughout our American history, the criminal justice system continues to be manipulated by wealthy and influential people who control the media and the courts.

In the case of Bill Cosby, the persecutor violated his rights and used evidence he was not entitled to use at trial, according to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. Which means, Cosby is not guilty of these charges, and nothing can change that, no matter how loud the Zionist media screams.

Why aren’t the feminists blaming the previous persecutor from Philadelphia, who they claim made a deal with a guilty man, Bill Cosby, if he was really guilty? Maybe because the evidence and all the witnesses, still couldn’t prove even one allegation against him was true. And the prosecutor knew this, so he made the best deal he could, given the circumstances.

If you don’t know, Cosby gave a deposition in a civil trial, and paid off some of his accusers. And that was the end of it, so he thought. The righteous radical feminists and the media only care about the rights of women. No matter how many straight men are screwed by unscrupulous prosecutors, Like ‘
Bob Hermann, who use dirty tactics like this against those who have been falsely accused.

Which means, unlike Cosby, the poor man has no chance under our injustice system. And it may be the reason so many men are resorting to violence to solve their domestic problems, rather than depending on the courts to administer justice fairly.

And are the courts now excluding the unvaccinated from jury duty, including grand juries? This would be frightening. It would certainly make sure the injustice system worked just as it was intended, if only compliant schmucks were now serving on every jury. I’m sure the prosecutor would be more than glad to only get the sort of people who would acquiesce to what ever the government says is true to decide every case.

Other than those who they can exploit, like Breonna Taylor or George Floyd, since when did the media ever care about anybody’s due process?

According to the book, “One Hundred Two Minutes”, written by Jim Dwyer and Kevin Flynn, they wrote this: Some time shortly after the planes hit the twin towers NBC reached someone who was trying to escape the burning building.

“Hi, this is NBC, can you hold for five minutes so we can put you on the air?” The caller asked.

“No”, The fleeing man succinctly answered, because he was having difficulty breathing (because of the smoke). And the reporter responded, “But this is NBC (and not just some local affiliate).” So, this means they wanted him to find another part of the floor that wasn’t burning, so they could get their interview (before he died).

But NBC isn’t the only disturbing part about the media’s reporting of September 11th. The Jewish publisher, Simon and Schuster, released a book in 2019 that included a quote that seemed extremely insensitive toward Asian people, and somewhat perverse.

In Garrett Graff’s book, “The Last Plane in the Sky”, he included several shocking interviews with people involved in 9-11. Richard Eichen, one witness who escaped the bombing, and who is probably Jewish, said the following:
“I saw off to my left shoulder an Asian man coming toward me. He looked like he been (deep) fried. He had his arms out, and his skin looked like seaweed…and he did a face plant right between my legs. He died between my legs.”

So do we blame the author, who is only reporting the exact word-for-word that was said, or the Jewish publishers who decided to not take this insensitive remark out of the book because it represents the sort of sick humor that passes for Jewish rhetoric.

Meanwhile former-Governor Quomo is forced to resign, not for murdering thousands of older people by sending Covid infected patients to nursing homes, and then lying about it. But instead, he resigned for harassing women on the job, which he had been doing for at least two decades. Aren’t the lives of the elderly as valuable as a few women being groped in New York? And why isn’t the Injustice Department prosecuting the former-Governor for murder?

Here’s an example of how our injustice system works, and how they were once again easily able to deny me any sort of due process. On February 5, 2010, I paid these bastards in Washington County $860, and then what seemed retaliatory, the very next day they arrested me for failure to pay this debt, which wasn’t due until February 16th, 2010.

Apparently, the Washington County District Attorney’s Office put out a warrant for me, even though the debt wasn’t due until I was released from probation, on February 16th. But it was paid in full on February 5th, and I no longer owed them anything.

But the next day they arrested me any way. Then this Washington County Deputy ordered me to strip, and then he proceeded to butt search me (without just cause, other than being another perverted Oregon cop)!

Later that day, I went before a judge and I was released, but the hatred I now feel toward all cops and persecutors can never be erased. And that’s what happens, when the justice system is perverted by a few dirty people with power, and no one will fix it!

Ever since The ADL was formed, as well as the SZLC, they have used the Zionist media to spread false narratives about anybody who speaks out against them, whether it’s occupying Palestine, or planting explosives inside the twin towers and Building 7 on 9-11.

And isn’t it interesting that, along with China, Iran, Israel’s sworn enemy, has been infected with this Covid-19 virus, more than any one else.

During WWII, the Jewish People succeeded with another similar hoax (similar to the Leo Frank hoax), blaming the Palestinians for what the Nazi’s did, or didn’t do.

Prior to WWII, Germany and Russia both invaded Poland, but the Russians invaded Poland first, According to the Zionist version of WWII it was only Germany who invaded Poland. You’ll read nothing in our history books about what Stalin’s Army did to the Polish people, because that distracts from the false narrative about the evil Nazis. In fact, under Stalin, the Russians were far more brutal to the Polish people then the Germans, committing worse Atrocities than the Nazi’s ever did.

But apparently, the Jewish publishers decided to leave this out of every American textbook, and vilify the Nazi’s, and protect Russia, who had changed sides during the war. The only objective that mattered to most wealthy Jews at the time, including Albert Einstein, was to occupy Palestine and create the great Zionist State of Israel. And if that meant unfairly vilifying the Germans who weren’t Jewish, so be it.

Nuremburg was a disgrace on humanity, and one of the greatest lies ever told, and should never be forgotten.

Even if you believe all the lies that were told at the Nuremburg Trials, about Jewish babies being burned in Pitts of fire, apples being thrown over the fence to prisoners, and Jewish prisoners being made into soap and lamp shades, does this give the Jewish people of Europe the right to occupy Palestine? The global Zionists and their slut media always says yes to this international injustice, and anyone who disagrees is quickly silenced.

And even if you believe all the long winding tales told at the Nuremburg
Trials, about Germans using gas chambers to kill prisoners, and one Jewish boy who claimed he had survived the gas chamber six times, does this give them the right to falsely imprison all the Palestinian people, murder their children, and take their land.

In Mahmoud Abbas book “The Other Side: The Secret Relationship Between Nazism And Zionism,” he exposes this lie, that the Nazis used gas chambers. But in America or western Europe to question the “Holocaust Religion” is equivalent to heresy , especially for politicians, those who work in the media, or anyone working in Big Tech.

But the truth is, there is only one true Holocaust, the Nuclear Holocaust, which is the death of every human on earth because some nation decided to use nuclear weapons to settle a dispute. It’s arrogant for Jews to suggest the death of Jewish prisoners of war is somehow a holocaust of humanity. But if Ron Wyden and the Jews don’t stop people from exploring this simple truth, people may begin to question whether European Jews had a right to occupy Palestine and steal the land.

The current President of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas, defended his allegation as part of his dissertation, which was later made into the book referenced above.”During his dissertationhe he provided 93 documents that prove global Zionists conspired with the Nazis before and during the war to commit atrocities on average Jews in order to justify creating a “Jewish State”.

He goes on to articulate that many of the stories regarding Jewish prisoners of war was fabricated or exaggerated, including that six million Jewish prisoners died during the war. He states that the evidence proves only one million Jewish prisoners died.

And even if one believes this lie, the reader would have to agree when compared to other wars using gas chambers is a much more humane way to kill a prisoner. Attila the Hun and the Apaches were far more brutal in how they tortured their prisoners, like burning out the eyes and removing the skin, before eventually killing them. And not to mention, in some cases the victors in war ate the heart and liver of their prisoners, while still alive!

So I must ask, what did the Palestinians ever do to the Jewish people to deserve having their land taken away and their children burned alive by the so-called “Jewish Settlers”, who are actually brutal occupiers and terrorists?

According to an alleged expert on Israel (and everything else), from the show Coast to Coast AM, Howard “Bloom the Buffoon”, claims this is justified because of something that allegedly happened in a village three thousand years ago, involving Jews and Arabs. Except someone should tell this pseudo-intellectual there’s no documented proof that can be verified, so who do we believe, Howard and the righteous Jews or the Arabs, who only want the occupiers, who are mostly not Semitic people, to leave their land?

But as usual, Howard is only half right (or half-honest), since he isn’t telling the whole story.

In 720 BCE the Syrians captured the Kingdom of Israel and enslaved or murdered most of the Israelites. The remaining Jews, known as the Judites from Juda did nothing to help their fellow Jews. In fact, they claimed it was god who was punishing the Israelites for their debochery and heathenism, and turning away from god, according to the Old Testament.

At the time, Isreal and Juda were the only two Jewish kingdoms in the Middle East. The righteous people of Juda, who were favored by god were known as the Judites. This is also where modern day Jerusalem is located. And the reader needs to understand that modern day Israel is a different place and people than the Israel described in the Old Testament. The original Kingdom of Israel was located further north, before it was destroyed by the Syrians.

All of the people in this region, Arabs, Christians, Jews, Persians, Coptic’s, and the other tribes, were all called Semitic, the “people of the desert.”

However, today the Anti-Defecation League (ADL) and the Southern Zionist Law Center (SZLC) call most straight, poor white men, who aren’t Jewish, anti-Semitic. But the fact is, most non-Jews, who aren’t wealthy or influential, including African-Americans, don’t like the practices and beliefs of the Jewish people, and their perceived love for money and the miracle of compound interest. But most goy have nothing against the Arab people of the Middle East. Yet the media, as well as the ADL and the SZLC, always claim that all straight, white men are “anti-Semitic”, as if anyone really cares any more what the corporate media thinks.

Meanwhile, Zionist Hollyweird, the networks and the Jewish publishers continue to vilify all Arab people, the people of the desert, as being terrorists. So who is the real anti-Semitic?

In 701 BCE, the Syrians attacked Juda. But to save their city, the Judites offered to pay the Syrians a tribute every year. So the Syrian Army withdrew their troops and Juda survived as a tribute nation, for a little while. However, according to the Old Testament they began erroneously calling it an act of divine intervention by their Jewish God, and claimed because of it they were the “chosen people.”

Similar to how it is in America today for those who can buy our injustice system, in 701 BCE, it was about paying the Syrians enough money to call off the attack. And it had nothing to do with god or the Judites being the chosen people of god.

One could argue, that certianly would explain why god abandon the Judites 114 years later when they were conquered by the Babylonians (for perhaps lying about the tribute paid to the Syrians, and for using blood sacrifices to honor their Jewish god).

When the Babylonians conquered Juda, they took the remaining Jews back to Babylon as slaves, and this is where the long winding tale of Moses and the “Wandering Jew” began.

The Semitic Jews swore revenge, and referred to this holy quest as their “right of return.” As a result, in the mid 1800’s the Jews of Europe and America, who had no genetic ties to the Middle East, joined a few Semitic Jews from Palestine in this vendetta, to re-create the land of Israel, at all costs. Most Semitic Jews from Palestine didn’t support this invasion of Palestine by the Jewish terrorists from Europe and America, and who didn’t support their brutal tactics.

Maybe since the Syrians and the Babylonians were Arabic, and since the Palestinians are also Arabic, the Jewish people across the world can rationalize the violent occupation of Palestine? Or like the State of Arkansas and Howard Bloom, maybe they just don’t care?

So after 2,648 years, Howard and the Jews claimed they have a “right of return”, to justify what they are doing today to the Palestinians, murdering two female reporters in the summer of 2022.

Around 1900, these Jewish terrorists using terror began the take over of Palestine, and it worked. For example, they bombed the Golden Dome killing hundreds of innocent Palestinians, and denied their involvement. Then later, after the State of Israel was created, they boasted of the Golden Dome bombing and having killed innocent Palestinians. And the reader really doesn’t think they may have been involved in the September 11th attacks?

In 1948, using their accumulated wealth, the wealthy Jews bribed President Truman and members of Congress to, disregard the Jewish terrorism, and recognize the “State of Israel”, even though most Americans at the time did not approve the occupation of Palestine.

Islam has always been vilified by the west, as if we are always the good guys, wearing the white hats. But history says something very different about the Middle East during the 1920’s, if we take the time to study the Stern Group and other Jewish terrorists, and what they actually did to the Palestinians. What really happen at the Golden Dome that the Zionist media won’t tell us?

And now Howard and the Jews want another endless war with Iran, Ukraine, or Syria, but never Russia directly, fought with our American army, or some other proxy army. And Congress, as usual, will give the Jewish weapons industry more than they ask for, rather than be exposed for what they really are (thanks to the Epstein’s videos, obtained by MOSOD and Les Wexnerstein).

I can almost hear Albert Einstein, Poppy Bloom, and the rest of the Jews strategizing about this, back in 1947.

“And how bout if we call what happened to the Jewish prisoners of war a word that means the end of all of humanity on earth, and instruct the media to say this word over and over, and over, and over, as if it were a chant used in a sacred satanic religion?”

“It won’t take long before the real meaning of the word, the end of all of humanity, is forgotten. And the word only means to the goy, Jewish prisoners of war who were killed by the brutal Nazi’s. That’s a real hoot, isn’t it?”
“And we’ll have our friends in Hollywood put out movie, after movie, after movie, promoting our version of the truth, and eventually the goy will just assume every bit of it is completely true. This will give the event and the victims even more gravitas.”

“And we’ll blame the Nazi’s for all sorts of atrocities, making Jews into soap and lamp shades. And how bout if We accuse the Germans of committing genocide, while we genocide the Palestinians?”

“Because everybody knows our Jewish prisoners of this particular war are more important than all the prisoners, of all the wars, in all of human history!”

“And it will be the excuse we use to occupy Palestine and create the land of Israel. So the Christian schmucks will protect us, especially if we tell them that this is the only way Jesus will return to the HOLY LAND!”

“It won’t matter what we do to the Palestinians, because the media will always portray us as the victims, because of WW II. The Palestinians can launch balloons, and we’ll hit them with guided missals and fifty ton bombs, and no one in the media will say anything.”

“And if anyone in the media happens to grow a pair, and doesn’t say exactly as we tell them, we’ll make sure their careers are destroyed, or something worse.”

To make sure everyone remembers our version of history, we’ll eventually get every western government to make it against the law to question our truth. And to prove it, we’ll build a museum on every corner in America (next to the liquor stores, the bail bondsmen, and the abortion clinics).”

Maybe the Jewish people should have been given half of Germany instead (for killing approximately one to two million Jewish prisoners of war)? Oh that’s right, we gave them Germany anyway.

And that’s when this social experiment began in Germany, that has become a a sort of zombie apocalypse. Today to utter even a word questioning the “Holocaust Religion” is punishable with exorbitant fines and imprisonment.

And curiously promoting homosexuality and the sacrificing of babies through abortion also became part of this modern Jewish culture in Germany, following WW II. In fact, in 2022 thirteen Jewish organizations including the ADL have come out and admitted that abortion, the killing of unborn babies, is a cultural right of Jewish people.

So when Israel uses their American made artillery on an area like heavily populated Gaza, the largest outdoor prison in the world, with two million occupants, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. And it’s apparently another Jewish cultural right, the right to cleanse the goy from their land.

The Palestinians are shooting off what is equivalent to bottle rockets, which may kill one or two Jewish people. While the Israeli’s are using cruise missals and 5,000 pound bombs to kill hundreds of Palestinians, claiming to only kill the “Hamas Commanders (who look a lot like Palestinian women and children).

Israel claims they are using precision bombs and carefully picking their targets.

However, as you can see from the documentary “Killing Gaza”, what they are actually doing is completely flattening entire neighborhoods. These bombs primarily target schools, hospitals and homes, where the Israeli’s conveniently always say there is hidden tunnels. But, the video doesn’t lie, if you have the stomach for it.

We Americans give them three billion dollars a year (above the table) to carry out this massacre, and the Israel Death Squads and members of the Knesset spit in our face and laughingly call killing the Palestinians, “mowing the grass.”

The Israel Death Squads and the Settlers wear these t-shirts with pregnant Palestinian women, with a bulls-eye surrounding their bellies , with the saying, “Two For One!”

Then the Zionist bastards always arrogantly claim, “We have every right to defend our (stolen) land!”.

Dateline: May 2021
People killed in the latest Israel massacre (instigated by Israel evictions):
260 Palestinians killed, including 66 children (posing as Hamas Commanders)
12 Israelis killed, including 2 children

Like China, Israel is not, and has never been the friend of the American people, no matter what the neo-cons and the neo-liberals say. After bribing Truman, they helped kill President John Kennedy, because he wanted to make sure the Middle East was nuclear free.

Today, Israel has about 300 nukes, while Iran has none. And while Iran hasn’t started a war with anyone in over 270 years, the Israelis are suspected of committing dozens of false flag attacks, including bombing the U.S.S. Liberty and killing President John Kennedy.

And most of the Jewish people who have duel citizenships are probably actual spies for Israel, most of whom work for law enforcement and the American media propaganda machine. The problem is, that they always put Israel first.

So why in the world would we send our police officers to Israel to be trained by the Israel Death Squads? Who are these cold-blooded murderers, who lure Palestinian children into the open with taunts and rubber balls, then blow their heads off (see “The Gaza Diaries” by Chris Hedges)?

Did you know that the technique of placing a knee on the neck to restrain a person, and what was used to murder George Floyd, was taught to our American police officers by the Israelis?

Because of the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and all the others, we should not allow anyone who has been trained by the Israelis or ever been in combat to work as law enforcement, in any capacity. This would be a good first step toward getting the right people to equitably enforce the law in our communities, rather than someone who’s looking for an enemy to kill.

And do you wonder why we keep paying for the killing of Palestinian children, as well as allowing the killing of the disabled and people of color in America? It’s because of the video that Jeffrey Epstein collected on everyone who ever had sex with his girls,

So, MOSOD and Israel have the dirt on most of our politicians, judges, and network executives, be they left or right. This is probably why so many of our State Attorney Generals and lawyers with the DOJ are either Jewish or neo-cons, working for Israel and the Deep State. They let dirty cops go free, while filling their prisons and jails with the poor from Third America.

And the MOSOD motto begins, “By way of Deception,” But doesn’t deception mean by dishonest methods, like offering someone an underage girl, posing as a sex worker, and secretly filming them?

And obviously the networks knew about this. CBS fired one of their own producers, Ashley Bianco, for outing an ABC anchor, Amy Robach, who said off air, into a hot microphone, that the Disney Corporation and ABC were squashing every story about Epstein and his child trafficking business, for years and years.

In the television show “Predator”, the network executives made sure nothing ever happened to the young actresses, as far as we know. But in real life, the government and Israel is letting this happen, and filming the pervs, who are all later black mailed.

And that’s what Jeff Epstein was doing, handing over video to MOSOD so that they could black mail every one that his underage girls had sex with.

Why do you think one of America’s dirtiest prosecutors, Cy Vance, isn’t going after Trump for having sex with minors right there in Manhatten. One of the most well known girls associated with Epstein and Maxwell, Virgina Roberts-Giuffre, said she was introduced to Jeff Epstein while working as a fifteen-year-old towell girl at Trump’s Florida resort, Mar-a-Lago. In addition, sources report that Ghislaine Maxwell has told federal investigators about both Donald Trump and Bill Clinton frequenting Jeff Epstein’s island and private jet. I’m sure it was all about business, that is monkey business.

And this isn’t the only time Cy Vance disregarded sexual assault charges against someone who was influential. Vance looked the other way when his office first became aware of the sexual assaults being committed by Harvey Weinstein, right there in Cy Vance’s jurisdiction (and it had nothing to do with those campaign contributions he got from Weinstein’s lawyers).

And we learned in 2018 that Cy Vance’s Office went to court to get Jeff Epstein’s status as a wealthy predatory registered sex offender reduced to the lowest level, even though Epstein had already been convicted of raping a fourteen-year-old girl from Florida (who was referred to by Vance’s Office in court documents as a “prostitute”.

Maybe the Injustice Department and the FBI should investigate Cyrus Vance. Of course, that’s a joke.

But seriously, does Cy Vance really know who kidnapped Etan Patz, like maybe some wealthy, gay pedophile from Brooklyn? We know from examining the evidence, it certainly wasn’t Pedro Hernandez. Here’s the proof.

Vance went after Pedro Hernandez, a severely mentally ill Hispanic man, who told everyone he regularly saw angels and demons. It took Vance two times, but he finally got the jury of bigots he needed, and he convicted Mr. Hernandez, despite having absolutely no physical evidence.

Etan Patz was the first missing kid to appear on the side of a milk carton, and he happen to live in Pedro’s neighborhood, but the two probably never met. Pedro had cut an article out of the newspaper about Patz disappearance, and put it in a shoe box, with some other odds and ends. Sometime before his divorce, his wife went through the shoe box and found the article, and that’s all Vance needed.

Meanwhile, Hernandez joined this church of Christian zealots. They told him they needed him to confess all of his sins and cleanse his soul,, no matter how horrific. So what would be better then confessing to this front page murder, so he made the mistake of telling them he had killed Etan Patz, the original milk carton kid, since he had read the article.

Pedro claimed Etan came into the store where he was working, and asked for a soda. According to someone who saw him the morning he disappeared, He had a dollar and wanted to buy a soda on the way to school.

Pedro said he convinced the boy, despite having a dollar in his pocket, to walk downstairs with him and get a free soda. Then, for no reason, Pedro claimed to have suffocated him. Then, according to Pedro’s bullshit confession to the police, he put the boy in a box and left him out back by the trash.

But no one saw him, despite that this was a fairly busy Seven-Eleven with people coming and going.

And according to Vance, nobody found the box, even the trash people, who apparently picked it up and put it in the truck. So there was no physical evidence that the boy was ever in the store that morning.

Apparently, it didn’t matter to the jury, they had his crazed confession, and his wife’s testimony, about finding the article, and according to Vance, that’s all these twelve bigots needed to convict this “crazy Latino”.

But if he had killed the first child ever shown on a milk carton, wouldn’t you think he would have cut out every article, or at least a few of them (to admire his work)? Oh, but he’s too smart to do something like that?

And we’re supposed to believe in New York City, where dozens of people, if not hundreds, walked bye that dumpster that day, and absolutely no one decided to open this box that was just sitting there, next to the dumpster of a Seven-Eleven?

Or is this just another “cripple” being framed by a Jewish-controlled persecutor, in Third America? Obviously, it wasn’t a jury of Pedro’s peers, who would have understood his odd behavior, and bullshit confession. further more, the dishonesty of this zealot persecutor (who needed to solve this infamous crime, would have been obvious to a jury of Pedro’s peers.

The Zionists, with their American slut media, their international Banksters, and the German and American pharmaceuticals, has almost everyone dropping their drawers and taking a vaccine that has never been tested for its long term affect.

Just like Jonestown, they want us to say absolutely nothing, and drink the cool-aide (and take the vaccine). Despite that only three three-year-olds have ever died from the Covid virus, Big Pharma wants to now vaccinate two-year-olds. And the Deep State government is all behind this effort to “poison” kids with this experimental drug. Maybe we should ask, why?

We’ll it make kids sterol or gay, or perhaps transgender? Or maybe, give them cancer in ten years? We just don’t know? And the pharmaceuticals and government won’t admit they can’t predict what it will do.

Maybe, as some theorists against criminal conspirators suspect, the vaccine, or the next booster, or the one after that, includes nano bots or graphene oxide that will track you every where you go. Despite what Margaret Brennan and the media sluts tell you, it’s not just science fiction.

For the last several decades they have use nano-bots to track cancer by putting them in a shot and injecting them into the blood, and directing them to cluster at a particular organ (for imaging purposes). It’s a particle that is put into your body, like a form of graphene, that can do a lot of different things, including tracking your location.

As of 2022, scientists have developed a pill that includes a micro chip, that can be used to track your location. And now in 2022, the drug companies are pushing a pill to prevent the most severe symptons of Covid.

In a November 2021 peer reviewed article from Dove Medical Press, by Dr. Shiva Shahriari and four other scientists,they stated the following:
“graphene has these abundant functional groups in their structures which help them interact with other molecules and disperse easily (in liquid solutions, such as blood). These structural defects are the active sites for electron transfer and subsequently promote electrostatic interactions (and can send out electrical signals).”

So it’s not just tin hat conspiracy theories, as the media whores always like to say, on behalf of their corporate masters (so that they can get their cocaine and mocha latte money).

But maybe using a pill to track your spouse around from the couch is exactly what we need? It’s not like the old days, using a cell phone to track someone, since the cell phone can easily be left behind. This technology will be in you for life, and well beyond.

We’ve been trained like little monkeys to accept what ever they want to put into us, including what we eat and drink, without ever knowing exactly what it is. And that’s probably why they have found micro-plastic in everyone’s blood, which we know also causes heart attacks and cancer, and may be one source of the hormone disrupters being put into our environment.

But the FDA Directors are always selected by Congress from the drug industry, and they care nothing about what goes into our food. That’s probably why every processed food is made with tons of salt and every form of sugar. Of course, the good news is that the drug companies have a drug to treat the conditions that too much salt and sugar cause.

We need a separate federal agency to monitor our food, to make sure it’s safe and healthy. But we know Congress and the drug (and chemical) companies will never let this happen. So maybe they’re already tracking us, and that’s why they’re collecting our DNA.

But no one’s asking more questions about what exactly is in our food or water, or this vaccine, of the prevention pill? Oh, that’s right, Congress decided that all vaccines are proprietary, to protect the interests of the pharmaceutical corporations, as though the corporations and the Deep State has dirt on almost every person in Congress. And we know it’s true, because whenever the Deep State wants something the media joyfully proclaims “We have bi-particent support.” Yeah, for free vaccines, which enriches the pharmaceutical industry, and money for the Ukraine war, which enriches the weapons industry.

Elected in 2020, Congressman Madison Cawthorne from North Carolina, claimed that as soon as he got to Washington D.C. he was invited to several sex parties, as though this was completely normal. And he claims that once a congressman accepts one of these generous offers from the lobbyist, they are forever compromised, whether it’s cheating on a spouse or having sex with a minor.

I don’t expect Congressman Cawthorne will be in office very long, if Pizza Gate or Jeff Epstein haven’t taught us something about what happens to people who don’t keep secrets.

And who would have guessed, in 2022 Cawthorne was primaried out by the Deep State during his re-election, giving his opponent tons of money, and secretly giving the media allegations of impropriety by Cawthorne that were both true and untrue. And not surprisingly, conservative voters in his district were completely misled about who are the real criminals in Washington D.C.

And if this wasn’t enough, if the drug companies happen to kill or injure one of us with their vaccines they have complete immunity. In other words, we can’t sue the pharmaceutical company, thanks to Congress.

But maybe we should ask, why would Congress do this to the American people, take away our right to seek compensation from those who would harm us. Or perhaps, are they all being blackmailed by the Deep State? Sure looks like it, if we closely look at what they did with vaccines, and are now doing with funding the Ukraine war.

Imagine that, no other industry in America has complete immunity for their product other than the vaccine industry, even if it’s grossly defective or made with malice? And the injury reporting system is also corrupted, but there’s probably nothing the American people can do.

But who knows, maybe in a few years we’ll actually be able to see the results of this vaccine experiment, and maybe we’ll start growing horns, gills, and a tail. Although I have to admit, an extra appendage would be nice, especially when I play the piano.

A few years ago, a German Court ruled it was okay for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies (Bayer) to merge with one of the largest (and dirtiest) chemical companies (Monsanto).While most of the food companies are pouring tons of salt and sugar into the processed food, which makes us sick, so we need more drugs, which means all the drug and chemical companies are getting rich.

So why does the FDA even exist in its current form. They pretend to watch the food, to make sure its safe to eat, while they serve the drug and chemical companies, who own most of the food manufacturers. While the FDA rubberstamps everything the drug companies do.

And like I said, what makes this even worse, the unindicted cons in Congress won’t let you sue the drug companies when their vaccines are defective? The FDA doesn’t protect anyone, except the drug companies and the chemical companies, who always contribute mightily to the political campaigns of their loyal whores in Congress.

At the same time, the Jewish controlled German courts lock up Monica Schaefer, a Canadian woman, for publicly saying that she did not believe all of the testimony given at Nuremburg (based on what her mother told her) about Germany in the early 1940’s? And a year later the German Jewish Court locked up Monica’s brother, Andrew for the same thing — telling the truth.

But the truth is, at Nuremburg not a word was ever mentioned about the 800,000 Germans the Allies intentionally murdered after the war, even though most of them weren’t soldiers. They were locked in these outdoor prisons, without proper shelter or winter clothing. Not surprisingly, most of them froze to death that first winter, following the war.

And not a word was ever mentioned at Nuremburg about the prisoner of war camps America set up for the alleged “Japanese spies”, innocent or not. After being locked up in these American prisoner of war camps, just like we did to the Native-Americans, the Japanese-Americans had their land and property stolen.

And nothing was ever said at Nuremburg about the worst internment camps ever, the reservations. Where millions of Native-Americans were starved and murdered, and had their land stolen.

and not to mention, all the hundreds of thousands of French, Pollish and German Women, and girls, who were raped by the Allied Soldiers during and after the war. Not to say the German soldiers weren’t equally brutal, raping anybody they wanted to rape.

There has always been war criminals during war, on both sides. While the cause may seem justified at the time because of the lies of government and the media, eventually the winners always say, “Well, you know in this case, the ends justify the means.” And very soon, everything is forgotten and forgiven.

Courageous men and women go off to war, but sometimes monsters come home (with their minds and bodies permanently disfigured). But should we blame the Frankenstein Monster who only wanted to escape from the Valley of Death?

Or perhaps, should we blame Dr. Frankenstein and his friends, who always seem to profit from every one of these tragedies, with weapons or vaccines?

Thom Hartmann, who likes to talk a lot about Republicans getting limp dicks from Covid on his show, thinks we should drop our drawers and put on the blinders. And he thinks we should trust the government. As well as, Dr. Fauci, and the pharmaceutical industry, While we ignore their history of greed and dishonesty, which they proudly call “by way of deception”.

So take the vaccine (and win a million dollars, if you live in Oregon or some other liberal state), just like the Guatemalans did. Not so long ago our American scientists and doctors proceeded to inject the Guatemalans with STD’s, telling them it was a vitamin supplement. But seventy-five years later, we’re willing to admit this fraud.

Not to mention what the doctors and mad scientists did at Tuskegee and Willowbrook, and all the other prisons, jails, and institutions, like the school for the blind in Lansing, that are used by the government and private corporations to experiment on people. Mostly young people and the disabled. Not to mention, prisoners and drug addicts who need the money and soldiers who are given no choice.

And most of them, if not all, never knew or gave their consent, like me!

And isn’t it interesting, many of the recent shooters in these endless tragedies, like Bob Bowers, James Holmes and James Fields, had, or have, some sort of physical, mental, and/or emotional disabilities.

James Fields was extremely near sighted, and we should question whether the State of Ohio should have given him a driver’s license, but they did. He was attending the rally in Charlottesville protesting the tearing down of a Robert E. Lee statue. For most protesters, who shared Fields views, it was more about tearing down another statue of yet another straight, white guy.

We know the two main Jewish terrorist organizations, the ADL and SZLC, and the gender-fluid government, are behind promoting this growing racial animosity toward all white men, and it has nothing to do with slavery.

Maybe there’s some truth in what Malcolm X and the white nationalists are saying, “Beware the Jewish predator, who controls the mass media and the banking system. Always playing the victom, pitting everyone against everyone else!”

When fields drove from Ohio to Virginia, he was confronted with dozens of people on the side of the road, swinging bats and clubs at his car. According to Fields, they were also screaming hateful, racist slurs, and threatening to kill him.

He freaked out! But under these circumstances, given his visual disability, wouldn’t you?

Fields reacted violently and attacked the protesters with his car. Unfortunately, a woman, Heather Hire, who may have been completely innocent in all of this violent behavior, was run down by Fields vehicle and lost her life.

Fields definitely used his car to kill Miss Hire, and there’s no question about this. But shouldn’t the attackers who were waving their bats and clubs at a man who was a visually-impaired driver,who would be easily distracted by anything, also be charged as accessories in this crime?

After reading this chapter, you have to wonder if the Zionist controlled media is intentionally pushing people’s buttons with their sick humor, while the government is electrocuting them, or letting some sick shrink. Especially people with disabilities who are disposable, pushing them off the shelf?

So I have to wonder, before they committed their crimes were Bowers and Fields being electrocuted by some government paid shrink or agent, just like myself, Jeremy Christian and Mark Gago ? They may be using the Zapper weapon, also called the “Shock Popper” (as it’s known in the hood).

The mad scientists and their agents know by using scalar wave technology they can invisibly administer small shocks to a targeted person from hundreds of yards away. By doing this over and over while the individual sleeps they will become angry and violent, if they’re a man, and depressed and suicidal, if they’re a woman. The targeted individual may never know they’re being targeted by the Deep state and rolled off the shelf, because maybe they pissed off or married the wrong person.

This chapter documents that the Zionist corporate media is becoming more and more vicious every day with their nasty, snarky jokes and advertising, almost always directed at vulnerable people. And that’s what passes for news and entertainment today, using people like Colon Cowturd, John Strong, Rebecca Marshall, lard Larson, and the rest of these “Marc Morons” to carry out this attack.

Although Katie Couric has to be one of the sleaziest people in America who came out of the Mocking Bird Media. Apparently, she thinks everyone forgot or doesn’t know about her close friendship with pedophile Jeff Epstein, and what she knewabout his “private family business”.

But before we explore Katie Couric’s relationship with Jeff Epstein, let’s first look at her relationship with Matt Lauer and the Jews at NBC.

Couric and Lauer hosted the NBC show, “Today”. Apparently Lauer installed a switch under his desk, so he could lock the door when young women came into his office, so that he could sexually assault them, while Couric looked the other way.

Katie Couric and the NBC executives knew about the lock, and allegations of Lauer’s behavior, yet they said nothing. Perhaps Couric should be in prison for letting this happen to other young women, including several interns. But that’s not how it works in the Jewish controlled media. Harvey Weinstein is proof of that.

And now Katie Couric and NBC are going to investigate Matt Lauer. Are you fucking kidding!

I first learned about Katie Couric’s friendship with Epstein in Vanity Fair magazine, when it was mentioned how she admired the eye balls Epstein kept in these glass cases in his living room. I never heard whether the eye balls were real or not, and law enforcement’s seemed indifference, but you have to admit that a billionaire pedophile that collects eye balls is suspicious, and very creepy.

And it says something about Katie Couric and her husband, doesn’t it?

She is married to one of these network executives, who was also apparently a very, very close friend of Jeff Epstein’s (and Matt Lauer).

And when Epstein was released (from thirteen months of hard labor), Katie Couric and her husband were among the 400 guests invited to Epstein’s exclusive release party, which curiously, included a lot of Russian girls (who appeared to be barely eighteen).

And now this sleazbag friend of Epstein’s, Katie Couric, is talking about re-programming the people who don’t support this obvious Deep State coo.

Are you fucking kidding!

Here’s why most people don’t trust the election results, or for that matter, the DNC, the media, and Katie Couric.

In May of 2016, Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the DNC, and most likely, President Obama, and his Attorney General, Loretta “Lynch a wwhite cripple man instead” conspired with the Deep State to spy on the opposing candidate, Donald Trump. First, they hired this questionable character, Christopher Steel, to write this completely fabricated dossier. Steel was described by some as an active-alcoholic.

Steel’s job was to create what was called the “Steel Dossier”, and blame the Russians and Donald Trump for stealing the election. And today, some Democreep shills, like Thom Hartmann, want to blame Senator Marco Rubio, Trump’s opponent during the primaries, for paying for this dossier. But maybe the Deep State Paid for it, since gathering dirt on everyone is the business of the NSAholes, who exclusively work for the Deep State to collect everything on everybody. This way they can eventually control everyone with blackmail and coercion, like they do to most of our elected officials.

“Law enforcement” only needs to create an alternative explanation as to how they obtained the evidence against a person to use it in court against someone . And don’t forget, it all can be completely fabricated by the government and no one else would ever know, except the targeted individual. And who do you suppose the jury will believe?

Despite the effort of the DNC and the Clinton Foundation to make up all sorts of salacious allegations, including Russian sex workers who were paid to urinate on Donald Trump’s bed, no credible evidence was ever found to support these allegations. Even though the FBI paid for some of what the DNC is calling oppositional research, until it became public and was published in January of 2017.

Apparently, one of these groups secretly released the dossier to Mother Jones Magazine, who released some of it days before the election. Obviously, to hopefully change the result of the election and give Clinton the victory. But this didn’t happen, and the election deniers still say today the 2016 Election was stolen by Trump and the Russians.

There’s no doubt, this proves the FBI and the media is working for the DNC, apparently to help the Deep State depopulate the world, not just to change the election results.

And despite the deep hatred of Trump by the media and the neo-liberals, and all the phony allegations they made, there were never any serious allegations involving Trump having sex with young girls, according to veteran reporter for the Miami Harold, Julie K. Brown. Isn’t that curious? The one crime he may have commited, if you read Brown’s book, “Perversion of Justice.”.

We shouldn’t be surprised since Trump’s from Palm Beach, and we know Palm Beach is mostly a extremely wealthy Jewish community that protects its own. Besides, if they prosecuted Trump for having sex with underage girls it may put the DNC’s blackmailed politicians at risk.

In order to sabotage his campaign, the FBI, and the Injustice Department took the Steel Dossier to the FISA Court and lied about its authenticity. As a result, they obtained several unlawful warrants, from a FISA Court judge. It appears the FISA Court is a sleazy secret Deep State court formed to combat terrorism, but who is actually helping the government agents spy on every one of us, who doesn’t have a million bucks to spare.

I make these allegations because These warrants were issued against what the FISA Court knew was the opposing candidate, and the secret judge “assigned” never vetted the evidence provided. In fact, they were given several of these warrants, giving the FBI and the Injustice Department the right to spy, after Trump became president. And just like the FDA and the CDC, they were all rubberstamped bythe the FISA Court.

In a lot of countries, if the opposition engaged in such treasonous behavior they would be imprisoned or executed immediately by the incoming president, but that’s not what happened. Under our Deep State shadow government, McCabe and the rest of these criminals received a fat pension and a slap on the back, on their way out the door.

Consider this, they wasted millions of dollars over an investigation, by the same guy who, as the FBI Director, didn’t bother to investigate the type of bombs that were used on 9-11, despite over a hundred witnesses who heard explosions. Not to mention the chemical evidence that was found all over New York. In fact, no one was ever charged with the crimes of 9-11, and no one ever lost their job for what was unquestionably the greatest blunder in American history.

For over two years, every day the pressitutes only wanted to talk about the Mueller investigation. Despite this, his investigation came up with absolutely nothing, but at least they didn’t blame a group of Muslims this time.

On a side note, maybe we can all agree that limiting presidential pardons would be a real good first step toward reform. Congress can statutorily limit the number of pardons issued by a sitting president, and they wouldn’t have to revise the constitution, which may be impossible in this political environment.

No matter which party is in control, the wealthy can buy their way out of anything, or blame it on affluenza. This is not true, for those of us here in third America.

Trump did several good things while he was president. First, he ended the practice of allowing transgender people to serve in the military, which makes perfect sense, since people with disabilities can not lawfully serve. Further, the U.S. Military has no rational basis for favoring one type of disability over all others, and that’s the legal test to lawfully discriminate against a person who belongs to a protected class.

I suspect most male soldiers or high school boys don’t mind if a woman wants to wear men’s clothes or jump in the shower with them. I suspect most straight men think it’s kind of sexy when a woman wears men’s clothes. So it’s not surprising that other women may also be attracted by this.

However, Other than a boyfriend or husband, most women do not want to be watched by a man while taking a shower, or use the bathroom. Or be forced to see a strange man naked. So shouldn’t we respect their right to privacy and personal security?

Trump also ended allowing a gender bias process in sexual harassment and assault cases, in all public colleges and universities. Which restored due process to the accused. This is completely rational, unless you’re a female who wants to get even. It seems like a person is truly victimized, then they should want the accused to receive due process, so that there’s no doubt in the jury’s mind about their guilt.

When Mueller’s investigation didn’t work, and we now know it was a complete hoax, “Cocaine Mitch” and the mocking bird media, and the Democreep Party tried to impeach him again. Even though he was a private citizen at the time of the second impeachment. Which seems completely unconstitutional, and Chief Justice John Roberts agreed. And refused to preside over the proceeding, even though that’s what the Constitution requires.

So the impeachment began, even though the first evidence of Covid-19 reaching America became available. There was no chance that this second impeachment effort would be successful, but they proceeded anyway. And now, the media and the Democreep shills want to blame President Trump for being distracted by the impeachment, letting hundreds of thousands of Americans die.

It should be mentioned, one of the sickest things Trump ever did happened long before he was ever a candidate for President. After a woman was brutally raped and murdered in Central Park, five teenage boys were arrested and framed by police. Donald Trump took out ads in several new York papers, calling for the execution of the five boys. Except, thirty years later, DNA evidence proved all five were completely innocent, and were awarded 21 million by the City of New York. But Trump never apologized, or admitted he was wrong.

Everyone who watched his television show “The Apprentice” knows he can be a real asshole. And I don’t like Trump’s arrogant personality either, and there’s no doubt that he’s for the wealthy, the ruthless persecutors, the “killer pigs”, and the psychopath soldiers, like child-murderer, Ed Gallagher.

Ed Gallagher was an American soldier who murdered at least two unarmed Iraqi children, and maybe more. But he was never held accountable by the U.S. Military, because the war in Iraq was unjustified.

One of these children was a fifteen-year-old boy, who was tied up at the time of his murder. Gallagher walked up to the sitting boy and for no reason plunged a knife into the boy’s neck.

The other murder we know about was a thirteen-year-old girl who, unlike her two friends, decided she would be safer if she wore a flower hijab that day, making it clear to any American soldier that she was a girl. Unfortunately, the three girls ran into Ed Gallagher that day, who specifically picked out the girl with the flower hijab and blew off her head, for no reason.

Despite being a want-to-be tin soldier, just like his hero, Ed “Sick Fuck Gallagher”, Trump is right about a few things. The Chinese Government is not a friend of the American people, or the Chinese people, or any one on earth to believes in freedom.

The freedom to smoke weed and say a man isn’t a woman. The freedom not to have a steel piece of metal jabbed through your skin barrier, and then have an experimental, unknown substance injected into your body. Just because the government and the pharmaceutical industry claims it’s safe, like fluoride in the water, this may not be true. And the vaccines may have some long term negative effect on the natural immune system, but thanks to Congress, like the Sack-of-shit-lers, Big Pharma has complete immunity for these experimental vaccines.

I understand Lebron James, it’s all about the bling that the NBA gets from the Chinese Television Network, which is owned by the Chinese Government.

But I have to ask, do you care that China is removing the organs of prisoners to pay for their incarceration?

I’ll bet the Alpha Dope’s former “superstar”, Rebecca Marshall, probably thinks this is a good idea, removing organs to pay for a person’s incarceration, innocent or not.

Other than how the Israelis are treating the Palestinians, or how the Saudis are treating the Yemenese, the Uighurs are the most abused people on earth. At this very moment they’re also being genocided by the Chinese government, while we watch mind-numbing sports and mind-control movies and pretend it’s not happening…or that it doesn’t matter.

Meanwhile, unfortunately Asians are being attacked across the country by both young white and black men, presumably for bringing over the Covid Virus. But maybe we were infected by wealthy Chinese business men and women on private jets, or American politicians, like Representative Eric Swalwell, and his Chinese escort, Fang Fang.

Or are we being sprayed by the American Military? Since most of the first people to get the virus in the United States didn’t have contact with anyone from China or anyone who was contagious. That’s curious?

The American Military (and the CIA) held some sort of Olympic games in Wuhan Province in October of 2019, just weeks before the first case of Covid-19 was reported.

So maybe our military and the CIA, along with the Chinese Government, released the virus during this competition. I would imagine the actual military athletes would have known who were the CIA plants, and probably had a good chuckle among themselves.

But no one’s laughing now, except Dr. Fauci and the elite who are all getting rich on this tragedy. Senator Rand Paul suspects that hundreds of scientists and employees at the CDC were collecting vaccine royalties from the drug companies. Except apparently under the law the American people aren’t allowed to know.

There’s no doubt that the Chinese Government kept the information about the virus secret for at least a month, allowing the first forms of the virus to spread throughout the world. So maybe Trump is right, they did this intentionally. Although it’s very likely our own government conspired with the Chinese Government to stay silent and let the virus spread.

There are two claims as to where the virus began. One claim says that three lab workers were infected, which points to the laboratory in Wuhan. The other claim is that the first cases were shoppers at a food market in Wuhan, and they were infected by eating bats, or some other animal. But maybe both claims are true since we know that they were also working on Gain of Function Research at the University of North Carolina.

But what we do know for sure, neither government has been honest with their own people about the origin of the virus. So while they point fingers at each other, the media promotes fear porn and vabcines mandates. Meanwhile, they say it doesn’t matter where it originated or who made it. I disagree, and I think our lives depend on finding out who made it.

The Chinese Government and the American scientists first started doing this dangerous Gain of Function Research some time before 2014. Gain of Function Research is where they use a virus normally only contracted by animals, like bats or some kind of rodents, and enhance it, so that it infects humans. Then they enhance it again so that it is transmittable between humans. And we the American people are paying for it. Isn’t that great!

Then under the authority of the NIH, Anthony Fauce changes the definition of “gain of function Research, and then tells Congress that he isn’t conducting gain of function research, under this new definition. Isn’t that sneaky?.

And according to Senator Rand Paul the Chinese Government is working on a new virus that is 60% more deadly called “NIPHA.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Frankenstine-Fauce and his mad scientists say there is some positive reasons for doing this research, but I can’t think of a reason to create such a monster, other than to use it as a weapon to kill lots of people, and you’re into killing people.

Not to mention what they’re doing today with Pegasus, in 2010, Israel and the United States created a computer virus called Sputnic and used it to disable Iran’s nuclear program. Except, the virus got out and infected computers throughout the world. So why wouldn’t these knuckleheads know the same thing would probably happen with the coronavirus virus which uses this Gain of Function Research to enhance and make more deadly?

Or did these unintelligence people think they were going to keep the virus contained in Iran and China? I don’t think so.

In 2014, President Obama finally banned the Gain of Function Research after there was several accidents at the CDC in Atlanta and at the University of North Carolina. But the Defense Department secretly continued the research at the Wuhan Institute, in China, claiming they had a National Security interest.

But then eleven days before President Trump took office, on January 9, 2017, the Obama Administration sabotaged the Trump Administration with the virus. And maybe that’s why the Deep State raided his home and searched threw his wife’s underwear drawer, because they thought he may have kept documents that prove Biden and Obama’s role in creating the virus.
And perhaps that would explain why the media and the Democreeps don’t want to know where the virus came from, even though our lives depend on knowing the truth.

They may call Robert Kennedy, Senator Rand Paul, Kevin Barrett, and James Corbett conspiracy theorists, but maybe they’re saying something we need to know. Unless they start talking about the flat earth, big foot, ghosts, aliens, or UFO’s, we should wonder why Ron Wyden and the Deep State media doesn’t want us to know what they’re saying.

President Obama, along with Vice-President Joe Biden, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and former-FBI Director, Jimmy “Lordy, Lordy, Lordy” Comey, rescinded the order. And the Gain of Function Research began again in the United States, at the University of North Carolina. But the research never really ended, and maybe the CIA took it over to China to start this scamdemic, as James Corbett would say, on behalf of Big Pharma. Similar to September 11th, a lot of hands have been greased to make the scamdemic work.

They may call Robert Kennedy, Senator Rand Paul, and James Corbett conspiracy theorists, but unless they are talking about the flat earth, big foot, ghosts, aliens and UFO’s, they may be saying something we should know. It used to be in ancient times, member of the tribe would want to know what’s being said, and make up their own mind. Yet this message is being sensored, that the FBI and the American Government isn’t as innocent as they pretend to be, . And maybe we should wonder why?

The Chinese Government and the American Military were conducting this dangerous Gain of Function Virus research, thanks to the Fauci funding (who changed the definition of “gain of Function research”). It was a collaborative effort at this Level 4 Lab that Obama and Bill Gates convinced the Chinese schmucks to build. But maybe the Chinese Government did this so that they could keep an eye on us, and do you blame them?

But this is a very dangerous game are unintelligence people at the Defense Department, the CIA and the Israelis are playing with our lives. And now the virus is loose, and we don’t have the technology to make it go away, as it continues to mutate into a vaccine-resistant strain, as it may eventually do. We can never get herd immunity using the vaccine because it will always mutate into another variant, that is constantly fighting to overcome the vaccine.

Imagine if the spike proteins that these vaccines create become the target of the virus, and so it mutates into something that specifically seeks out these artificial anti-bodies, which are being created by the vaccine.

So when this virus mutates into a vaccine-resistant variant, people who have not been vaccinated will be able to use their natural anti-bodies and natural proteins to fight the virus. And they will be the only ones who are capable of successfully fighting it off. And the artificially-created cell walls of the righteous vaccinated, like Thom Hartmann, will be completely defenseless in stopping the new variant from entering the cell. I wonder if the government and Big Pharma will tell anybody?

Unless of course you can create herd immunity and vaccinate everyone on earth before the virus mutates again, as apparently this moron from the Kentucky Health Department seems to think we can do. Good luck!

Not withstanding the arrogance of us humans, especially the ignorant rednecks from Kentucky who work for the State (and who support the legal execution of people who look like Breonna Taylor), I think the coronavirus virus is smarter than us. Obviously it’s a lot smarter than Dr. Fauci or the unintelligence community. After all, the virus has been around for over a billion years and has only one mission, to survive. For this reason, the virus is well-experienced in penetrating the wall of any cell (and absorbing its contents).

Until now, vaccines have used a more wholelistic approach, the same approach that is used in homeopathic medicine. It uses a very small part of the actual virus or decease to give the body immunity from the bug. However, the MRNA, or the messenger RNA, vaccine is very different than normal vaccines, and that’s why it’s controversial.

The FDA has already rubberstamp the MRNA vaccines for Big Pharma, as it almost always does with everything Big Pharma creates. But did you know, the vaccine trials won’t be completed until 2023, and the corporate media says “authorization” is good enough, and the Nuremburg Code about experimenting on humans against their will doesn’t apply here because the FDA says it’s no longer experimental. Even though the actual trials don’t officially end until 2023, when it may be too late to unvaccinate people.

And were going to give this vaccine to children, as young as five, even though there’s no threat to their health? Are the adults selfishly protecting themselves, and risking their children’s health to protect themselves? But that doesn’t make sense, because you can spread the virus whether you are vaccinated or not.

The MRNA vaccines use a replication process to create this artificial immunity, and the process itself is still fairly new, and many would say still experimental. Curiously, the Delta Virus is replicating at a rate of a thousand times faster than the Alpha Virus did, the original variant. So if we extrapolate, its very unlikely any booster shot created by these German pharmaceutical companies will be able to compete with the virus when the next variant comes along, or the one after that, or the one after that–

Other than the Zionists at the Times or the Compost,C the BS, and the rest of the corporate-pharmaceutical-friendly media (because that’s where they get most of their advertising dollars), we know that these doctors and scientists are not that smart, or not as smart as they pretend to be. And I think, subconsciously, it scares the shit out of us!

According to Robert Kennedy Jr., the United States has 4.5% of the worlds population, yet we have suffered 20% of the world’s Covid-19 deaths. Does that make any sense, unless there’s something nefarious going on?

One reason may be the therapeutic Ivermectin, which over one billion people have used successfully for several other conditions, shows a two to three day recovery in most people after contracting Covid. But the pharmaceuticals don’t like it, and their media whores have repeatedly lied about it, calling it a horse de-wormer, for one reason, and one reason alone. It is really, really cheap!

Hydroxychloroquine is another therapeutic being maligned by the media and these pharmaceutical “experts”, probably because Donald Trump mentioned it, although there is another reason. In its medical form it works in treating Covid.

But the Big Pharma whores (the corporate media)claimed it can only be used to clean aquariums and should never be taken orally, in any form, giving this example of an intellectually challenged couple from Arizona who drank the aquarium form of Hydroxychloroquine and died.

On the other hand, the Department of Health and Human Services recommends a more expensive treatment called Rendesivir for anyone hospitalized. Except, that in early testing it was found that Rendesivir causes Myocardial Infraction (heart attacks) in more than 20% of patients who used it,. and apparently the vaccines have the same effect on young healthy men, and the media and the government won’t talk about it. Instead, they mock Robert Kennedy Jr.

In case you don’t know, there are many other inexpensive therapeutics used to strengthen the immune system, which helps to fight the coronavirus virus, like zinc, cannabis, aspirin, tonic water, black pepper, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D3, Big Pharma and the gender-fluid government doesn’t support any of this, because the PharmaJews can’t make money (unlike the vaccines, which never end).

Was Covid created by the government’s mad scientists to kill off the elderly and people with severe medical conditions, who are quickly draining medicare and Social Security?

I suspect most deaths today are marked down as being “Covid related”, and the media sluts report the results, and nobody ever knows what was the actual cause of death.

So how can anyone claim we know what we’re doing, when we mandate vaccines for everyone, especially children, who face no significant risk of dying from the virus? In fact, only about 150 kids in America out of 28,000,000 have died from Covid. But a person is four times more likely to die of a heart attack if vaccinated, according to Robert Kennedy Jr.

Ben Franklin once said, “Those who are willing to give up their liberty for security, deserve neither.”

Remember when liberals stood for being completely natural, and using the natural immune system, along with therapeutics, to be healthy? But fascist have used the mainstream media to take over the Democreep Party, who politicizes everything. Along with pushing transgenderism (which is as unnatural as it gets), and wearing masks, the neo-liberals think the unvaccinated are putting them at risk, when it’s more likely the other way around.

Not that I would ever trust the Israelis (or the Saudis either, for that matter), but they claim that an unvaccinated person who has caught the Covid Virus has thirteen times more protection from their natural immune system than a vaccinated person.

So why in hell is the government forcing healthy people to be vaccinated? Are they trying to kill us, (with the corporate media’s help)? Sure seems like it.

According to Robert Kennedy Jr., Big Pharma and the government plan to force this vaccine on everyone and try and shut down all debate or descent, using social media. So there is no debate allowed. Even though what makes science, science is an unfettered, rigorous research and debate process, before coming to a conclusion.

On the other hand, those who support Fauci oppose all debate on whether to vaccinate children or not. Or whether to force children to wear a mask in school. As if everyone doesn’t know breathing your own air is extremely unhealthy, especially for children and their developing brain.

And if we can’t see what a scam all of this is, drummed up by the media. And we don’t care who created this virus, then we are willfully blind and there is no hope. But I suppose it’s probably better than war, the other method the rich use to get richer, while the corporate media beats the drum and the poor people die.

Meanwhile, Disney’s Stephen Asshole Smith thinks we are really dumb if we ever question what we are putting into our bodies, like the vaccines. Kind of like taking some performance enhancing drugs and ending up with testicular cancer, right Stephen?

But isn’t this the same “Disney shoe shine chump” who said “Forget about Aaron Hernandez, he’s just a dumb Negro.”

Aaron Hernandez was an All-Pro NFL football player who suffered from severe brain trauma because of playing football, ironically, for the State of Connecticut, as well as the Florida Gaiters, and the New England Patriots. He was knocked in the head so many times (for our entertainment, and the profits of these Bristol bastards), one day he went into a rage and shot and killed a friend, before allegedly hanging himself in prison. Coincidentally, just like Sandra Bland, who allegedly hung herself in a Texas jail after being arrested for a minor traffic violation.

And Wakeisha “Weaver” Wilson, who allegedly hung herself in a Los Angeles jail after arguing with guards, when she was scheduled to be released in two days.

It’s the poor people, some minorities, the elderly, and the disabled, who will pay the price for the Injustice Department’s indifference in letting these elite criminals get away with everything they do.

Along with exposing the media for the corporate whores they are, for the money they get from the military, the government, Big Tech and Big Pharma to lie to us about the vaccines and everything else, another good thing Trump did is protecting little boys’ penises from the Gender Impaired Community.

An eight-year-old boy should not be allowed, or be manipulated, to surgically remove his penis, or take some gender-altering drug, until he is an adult. My god, this is clearly child abuse!

So let me understand how liberals think, mutilating a little girl’s genitalia is horrific, but doing this to little boys is okay?

This is apparently what is happening in some more liberal states, thanks to many of our corporations, who are pushing this “Woke Culture” on us. It’s true, the facts about the horrible things America did to blacks and Native-Americans has been hidden from us, but being “Woke” is apparently much more than that.

Conservatives say that 40% of kids raised by gender-impaired parents end up being gender-impaired themselves. If true, it’s most likely because the kids are being manipulated, coerced, or molested.

If this wasn’t true, and young people being raised by gender-impaired parents weren’t as likely to be gender-impaired, above the statistical average, you would think that liberals would do their own study to prove it. But they may not have gotten the results they wanted, so we’re left to assume conservatives are probably right. Yet, in adoption cases, the courts seem to favor the gender-impaired over other parents, especially parents with disabilities.

Nevertheless, all disabled people should be allowed to raise their own kids, including the gender-impaired. However, adoptions are very different, and only the child’s rights truly matter.

Unfortunately, some adopting parents, like Jennifer and Sarah Hart, who were themselves gender-impaired, appear to be only doing it for the money (and perhaps, what ever sexual favors they can take).

An allegation was made by a family friend who noticed that it appeared that the adopted children of the Hart’s weren’t being properly fed, and withholding food from them was being used as a form of punishment by the Harts. So a woman from Clackamas County Protective Services came to the Hart’s home in West Linn and pretended to investigate them.

They say there’s a special hell for woman who don’t help other woman, but I think there’s also a special hell for women who lie for other women. And this woman with Clackamas County definitely lied, and it cost six children their lives.

Unless you were blind, anyone could see all six of the children were under fed. So look at their pictures, and tell me otherwise.

In other words, This Clackamas County “investigator” didn’t even notice that not one of the six children were even a little over weight, even though 70% of Americans are obese. This should have been a clear red flag, given the nature of the reported abuse. That is, food was being withheld from the children as a form of punishment. And that’s a crime.

The incompetent Clackamas County case worker gave the Hart’s a positive report, claiming there was no evidence of abuse or withholding food. This was a god damn lie!

How anyone could say these Clackamas County Child Protective Scum people weren’t grossly negligent, is beyond me. Not seeing this abuse seems intentional, and it may have led to uncovering other forms of abuse, including sexual. Simply because they were lesbians living in Oregon, they were given a free pass.

A short time later the children were all murdered in a van when Jennifer and Sarah Hart, who were on the run from Washington State authorities, drugged the children and drove off a one hundred foot cliff in California killing everyone.

But to the Democreep shills in the media it’s okay. Like the Deep State’s Thom Fartmann, who you notice is always peddling the pharmaceutical’s latest vaccine, more weapons for Ukraine, and the Gender Impaired Community’s agenda to change society as we know it.

Apparently, Thom Hartmann believes it’s okay if kids are raised or taught by some gender-impaired, closeted “Cylvester Molester”, posing as a coach, teacher or priest from Michigan.

But this shouldn’t surprise the reader either, since Thom Hartmann’s father-in-law was once the Lieutenant Governor for the State of Michigan, around 1970. And this means, his father-in-law was most likely aware of the child molestation taking place a few blocks away at the school for the blind, in Lansing, long before Jack Provencal became an enabler in Eaton Rapids, and Larry Nasser became a cereal molester in East Lansing.

But maybe we should ask, if the Governor and the Lieutenant Governor for the State of Michigan are okay with molesting disabled children, why wouldn’t it spread throughout the state over the next one or two decades? Because, that’s exactly what happened.

President Biden has rescinded former-President Trump’s band on transgender people serving in the military, but not for any other type of disability. In fact, he has ordered the military to pay for any transitional medical procedures, if the accommodation is requested by an active-duty soldier.

But I have to ask, why aren’t veterans eligible for this same accommodation?

It’s probably better than spending the money on bullets and bombs, I suppose. Of course, the military will probably ask for more money, and the chickenhawks in Congress will give them even more than they ask for (rather than end up like Senator Paul Wellstone).

The local NPR affiliate, OPB, did a story in which a mother, who admitted she supported the Gender Impaired Community, said she also supported her four-year-old son’s decision to be a girl. She explained that her son, Avery, believed he was female. But there’s no way a boy at this age would understand what he was saying. He was clearly being manipulated by his mother and the Gender Impaired Community, and maybe it should be considered a form of child abuse?

But able-bodied white women in Oregon, like Jennifer and Sarah Hart, and my ex-wife, are rarely ever arrested for abusing their children. Even if they starve them to death or break a wooden spoon over the side of their kid’s head, it’s apparently not considered to be child abuse if the crime is committed by a woman.

For more than a million years humanoids have known there was only two genders. Sometimes people were attracted to persons of the same gender, but usually not. Despite this, we humans survived. We even went along with gay marriage, although many Americans are now regretting having acquiesced to the homosexuals because of the transgender movement.

Under this form of neo-liberalism, they say a transgender man can use the women’s restroom, or locker room. They say a transgender man should be able to compete against women, taking away scholarships or other opportunities from biological women. But many men and women are saying no, absolutely not.

Conservatives are saying “I’ll never go along with this behavior! It’s not about being black, Hispanic, or disabled, but about a behavior.”

Other than a few men who are intentionally pretending to be women, for the attention, or so they can sue for damages under a particular state’s liberal discrimination laws, most transgender men truly believe they are women.

It’s obvious that something went wrong during the prenatal stage of development, or shortly afterwards and really messed up their hormones. This disability or impairment is known as “gender dysphoria”, But exactly what caused this disruption in their hormones? And who is responsible? That will be a difficult question to answer, especially when we’re so distracted by the scamdemic. But maybe that’s the plan, and climate change is only a distraction from how they’re poisoning us, “Look over here, don’t look over there.”

But the transgender people will have to admit that they’ve been injured to collect damages. That’s probably why the government, on behalf of its corporations, is granting these extraordinary rights to transgender people, while John Roberts and Neil Gorsuch are covering up for the corporations. Meanwhile, the Democreeps, posing as Chicken Little, are claiming that climate change is the real threat to our survival.

But if transgenderism is caused by some product, or some byproduct, the transgender people are entitled to damages, but they’ll have to stop pretending it’s “normal” to be transgender.

I believe that’s what Chief Justice John Roberts, Justice Neil Gorsuch, and Mitt Romney, are all about, protecting the interests of the corporations, who are poisoning us, while claiming that “Corporations are people (my friend), and men are really women.”

But if we think about it, we know Roberts, Gorsuch and Romney are not anybody’s friend, except the billionaire investors.

I think if the transgender people start suing the corporations for damages, for what they most likely did, you’ll find out who the real Christians are, and who are these “Judeo-Christians”, as if any real Christian could put Judeo (of Juda) before Christ. And if you look at some of these Temple of Bal ivory towers, posing as churches, the Judeo-Christians — the Zionist Christians, seem to worship money more than god.

But I believe god gives us free will to do as we choose. We can be evil, and behave as the Israelis do and worship money and jewelry, or we can choose to be compassionate to the least among us. And in the after life we will let god decide our fate.

And if you don’t know the difference between real Christians, and these bought-and-sold Judeo-Zionist-Christians, just mention paying reparations to the descendents of people who were stolen from Africa (by primarily Jewish and Dutch slave traders), and were brought to America against their will, and helped build this country for nothing.

I think we’re all being played by the elite, once again. For god’s sake Gretta, it’s the poisons these corporations are pumping into the environment and our bodies that is going to certainly kill us, long before climate change ever does!

But we’ve been train to focus on sports and movies, and what ever is trending. The news is more about entertainment then actual news, especially for Disney. It’s no wonder the Deep State is able to so easily pull hoax, after hoax, after hoax. We’ll probably never learn the truth, not with so many selfish people running things, handing out peanuts and tennis shoes, and telling us it’s gonna be all right, goydumb.

Meanwhile, under the Biden Administration and his mostly Jewish Cabinet, we are enlightened to know that their are at least several dozen different genders. Isn’t that amazing? And it’s not proper to use pronouns any more, like he and she, and him and her.

But who is really spreading the shit around, and telling us it’s the “real news”? Can you C the BS in almost everything they say?

Like when African-American slugger, Hammering’ Hank Aaron, the greatest home run hitter of all time, died just two weeks after taking the vaccine. Hardly a word about his death was ever mentioned, on radio or television, or in the Compost or the Times.

When Aaron died that weekend, all the Zionist controlled media wanted to talk about was the death of Jewish radio and television interviewer, Larry King.

As I mentioned earlier, from my own experience calling his show, I think Larry King was one of the rudest bastards in all of radio, unless of course, you were a Jewish celebrity.

So with the help of the neo-cons, maybe the Deep State Zionists killed both of the Kennedy’s, and Senator Wellstone, as well as Dr. King, and Malcolm X. We know they bombed the U.S.S. Liberty, and probably bombed the Oklahoma City federal building, as well as the twin towers and Building 7 (on 9-11). But there I go again, being a theorist against criminal conspirators, worrying about the future.

And isn’t it interesting that according to the book, “One Hundred Two Minutes”, a repeater that had been recently tested by the New York Fire Department, wouldn’t work in the North Tower. Although at the same time, it was working in the South Tower? So there was nothing wrong with the equipment, as the “Bullshit 9-11 Commission” claimed.

How many more fire fighters and people from the North Tower died because of this “equipment failure”? Or was it being intentionally jammed by some electronic weapon, similar to what’s been happening to my radio? Maybe some kind of laser that was being used by the same MOSOD agents who were coincidentally filming this tragedy, as dozens of desperate people jumped or fell to their death.

But the fact is, we may never know. The same Deep State operatives probably also did the Anthrax Attacks, since we know it came from Fort Detrick, which is an Army facility located just up the road from Washington D.C. But unfortunately, the Army researcher suspected of the Anthrax crime, Bruce Ivins, allegedly committed suicide just hours before he was to be indicted. How convenient for the Deep State.

It’s too bad the Boston mob’s favorite FBI agent, “Bobby Mole”, couldn’t figure that one out, either.

In another rush to judgment, before they went after Ivins, the FBI and the Injustice Department falsely named a suspect in the Anthrax investigation, Professor Steven Hatfill. They accused him of removing the anthrax from ft. Detrick, but couldn’t explain how he got it out of this highly secure military base.

So, we’re supposed to ignore the truth, and never say or write anything that contradicts their version. And never, ever, for god’s sake, offer an alternative theory, even though we know the media and the government have lied so many times before, spreading false narratives. Like for example, Iraq having “weapons of mass destruction”.

Despite having no credible evidence, our government and members of the media began saying on the very afternoon of 9-11, “Osama bin Laden did it!” And it didn’t take long for the entire corporate mocking bird media to pick up on this line, although they had absolutely no direct evidence, other than in a personal message bin Laden had expressed some personal joy over the 9-11 attacks (even if he knew it was probably an inside job).

On the other hand, five MOSOD agents, who happen to be in New York at the time, were filming the attack for their government (Israel). Except, they were cheering the attack on, which was a hell of a lot more than bin Laden ever did. How did these MOSOD agents know the attack was going to happen? We have the evidence.

And why did FEMA schedule a training drill in Manhattan for the same exact day? The answer is obvious.

Afghanistan agreed to turn Osama bin Laden over to any third nation for trial, as long as they were neutral. But the Bush Administration and the military refused their offer, and went to war with the Talaban. And all the sudden 98% of the world’s heroin was imported from Afghanistan and the CIA’s getting rich. And who says we didn’t accomplish anything there in twenty years?

But it shows how uninformed the American people are, and I blame the corporate media.

Vietnam, Cambodia, and Louse, the Golden Triangle, became the main source for the world’s supply of heroin during the Vietnam War. This is because the CIA was smuggling heroin in the body bags of dead American soldiers. Of those who were not killed, 20%of our soldiers were coming back from Vietnam with heroin addictions, which they could readily purchase at any of the American Service Clubs in Vietnam, which were run by the military and the CIA.

Then President Richard “Dickhead Nixon”, launched his war on marijuana, to get revenge on those anti-war hippies, who were threatening the profits of the weapons industry. The same industry that was coincidentally fundding Nixon’s 1972 campaign, and who is profitting off the Ukraine conflict.

According to author, Lamar Alexander, Nixon was taking money from the Jewish Mob for helping the mob distribute heroin in American cities.

The cops would yell, “I smell you smoking’ that heroin. Come out with your hands up!” Or in some cases,they only need to smell the marijuana, then they open fire and ask questions later.

By 1970, you could find heroin on every corner, and then later crack cocaine. But marijuana became very scarce, as the penalties increased, thanks to Nixon, and later Reagan and HW Bush.

But probably the sickest thing Dickhead Nixon ever did was to start spraying marijuana fields in Mexico with paraquat, an odorless, tasteless poison, to get even with those evil anti-war hippies. They claimed marijuana was harmful, so they intentionally made it harmful.

They could have used something that would have made the marijuana taste horrible, whether it was smoked or consumed in brownies. And this would certainly have detered consumers from consuming it. But apparently the government and our military wanted to kill Americans, without them knowing it, until years later when they were all sick or dead.

Until then, paraquat was exclusively used as a herbicide, because it was so deadly, but the government used the paraquat at forty times the recommended level on marijuana. And Thom Hartmann thinks we should trust the government? Maybe that’s because Joe Biden supported using paraquat, before he supported the Crime Bill, and Fartmann is obviously a Deep State trroll for the Democreeps and the Jews.

It’s estimated that at least 30% of the marijuana imported from Mexico was contaminated, meaning that almost everyone who smoked marijuana would be sooner or later smoking marijuana sprayed with paraquat. How many Americans were killed, or got Parkinson’s, because of Nixon, Reagan and Bush’s war on drugs?

And even though legal action ended its use, the DEA in 1988 secretly began using it again in Georgia on marijuana fields. But it wasn’t until the 1990’s did our government completely stop using this deadly poison on harmless marijuana smokers who opposed the war in Vietnam, and all future wars. But the truth is, if the hippies weren’t stopped they would end up costing the weapons industry billions and trillions of dollars (in the future).

But the “Vietnam War” had nothing to do with fighting communism, as the government and the media claimed. It was about making money, selling weapons and heroin, and trafficking children.

If the media ever did its job, as defined by the Constitution, and the truth was ever to come out, the world would see the United States, and our “good friends”, the Israelis and Saudi’s, for the sick bullies we are, always picking on one of these smaller countries (when there’s not a “cripple” around to bully).

Off the record, they say all of the major powers are playing this very, very dangerous game, and if we don’t play, we’ll pay.

I fear the human race doesn’t have long on this earth, since there’s no way to reverse this trend toward complete authoritarianism, reckless militarism, and unrestricted technocracy.

Even though it was common knowledge in the rest of the world Osama bin Laden had died of kidney failure in December of 2001, we conducted a raid on a compound where we claimed he was staying. And when our military courageously killed “him”, the navy’s Seal Team 6 dumped the body in the ocean, “Because It’s an Arab tradition,” according to President Obama.

Yeah, Arab people usually love to drag the dead bodies of their relative across the desert to the sea, for days and days, to give them a “proper burial in the ocean.

I thought this was yet another joke from President Obama, who perhaps should have been a comedian, but no one in the media (corporate or alternative) commented on this. Obama said he had use Federal Express to deliver the DNA of an aunt to confirm that it was Osama bin Laden we killed.

Except, wouldn’t military or CIA transport been a whole lot faster and more secure, rather than Fed-Ex? Does this make any sense, yet the corporate media whores didn’t question this comment, or anything else, from their self-appointed “Black mesa”.

But then again, their paid not to ask the right questions, aren’t they?

Then there’s this mysterious crash of a military transport ship a few months later, where eighteen Navy Seals are killed, including some of those who participated in the Navy’s raid on bin Laden’s alleged compound. You have to agree, what a strange coincidence, unless your a coincidence theorist, then you’ll never question anything the government says, will you?

But maybe these Navy Seals did question their government, and were unwilling to keep President Obama’s lie to themselves?

Consider these two facts about this tragedy. First, there were two helicopters available, yet the Navy wanted to pack all these Seals, their support staff and equipment, along with a few Afghanis soldiers, into one helicopter. But wouldn’t it be safer if they were split into two groups, since they had two helicopters? And isn’t this even more egregious since it was the Navy that change its policy about grouping brothers together on combat missions, in case of an attack, because of the Sullivan Tragedy during WWII? And aren’t the Seals considered some kind of special brotherhood, that should also be separated during missions whenever possible?

And another odd fact is that the mission should have only taken ten minutes, yet it lasted seventeen minutes before they were hit. Why can’t or won’t the Navy explain this delay? Did the Office of Naval Intelligence set up these murders, to silence the Seals who threatened to talk about this phony raid?

If the reader listens to the Navy Seal that claims to have killed Osama bin Laden, but apparently killed some old man instead. And the cop who murdered Breonna Taylor (if the reader listen’s to the interview that corporate pharmaceutical whore, Shari Preston, did for Disney), these trained killers both sound like they’re on meth or some other Amphetamine. But since we don’t drug test our cops or soldiers, should we ask if they’re being jacked up by our government on some pharmaceutical drug to make them more vicious and sadistic?

“Slut Preston’s” very first show in 2022 for ABC was all about Dr. King and the struggle of black Americans, and why we need to teach Critical Race theory in our schools. This is partly true, but it’s not the whole truth. Before Dr, King was executed by the military, he began talking about class disparity, which is the real problem in America. Most whites know we have been lied to by the media and the government about black history, like what happened in Tulsa, and want to hear the truth.

So why did Sharon Preston do a show defending the cops who executed Breonna Taylor, making it appear as though they acted in self-defense? And, the following weekend, identical to the scenario in Preston’s show, the cops in Philadelphia killed Walter Wallace, a mentally-impaired African-American man in what they called “self-defense”.

For ABC and the other networks, it’s not about telling the truth, it’s about promoting something called CRT, which is a back door way of letting the billionaires promote homosexuality, transgenderism and pedophilia in our schools. And you’ll never guess who owns Preston and ABC?

According to some history books, the German soldiers were given something like meth during WWII? Is our government also doing this to our soldiers and cops?

And if this is true, should we be surprised when the cops or soldiers behave like psychotic psychopaths, shooting everyone, including killing a fourteen-year-old girl in a dressing room who was simply trying to avoid the bullets. We know our government rarely holds cops or soldiers accountable, no matter how many bullets they fire.

But the lies that are told by our government are pervasive throughout the media. For example, Larry Silverscum (and his MOSOD partner) must have known there was bombs planted in the twin towers and Building 7, because of his comment on live television to the BBC “to Pull it.” Since we know this is a expression used in describing the demolition of a building, you would have to agree this is a very strange coincidence.

And we know that jet fuel and office fires in the twin towers could not have caused this sort of damage; launching twelve foot steel pillars through the air, like missals, into the surrounding buildings. In fact, never before in history has office fires cause a re-enforced steel building to collapse, but on 9-11 three re-enforced steel buildings collapsed because of office fires. That’s another amazing coincidence about 9-11, isn’t it?

The insurance companies knew they could make more money by saying nothing about Larry Silverscum. This way, by charging a new “terrorist tax” on every building in America over three stories high they would get rich. So, in the name of profit, the insurance companies involved in paying out the four billion dollars decided not to investigate the bombing any further, and say nothing about what they suspected, that “It was an inside job.”

Not to mention the private security companies who would make billions of dollars because of this tragedy. And who are probably the ones out here torturing and killing anyone who is a “9-11 Truther”.

This is why I suspect the Navy put a missal into the Pentagon on September 11th, claiming it was hit by a plane with Barbara Olson aboard.

But consider this, the offices that were hit, were the same offices where an ongoing investigation about a missing 2.3 trillion dollars from the defense Department was going on.

Obviously, “Dirty Donald” Rumsfeld didn’t want that report coming out, exposing the financial corruption within the Defense Department and the U.S. Military. So on the afternoon of September 11th Rumsfeld apparently decided to help clean up the alleged debris from the alleged plane. But wouldn’t you think the Secretary of Defense would be in hiding, for security reasons, since we didn’t know if we were under attack from Russia or some other foreign nation? In fact the decision to go to war, if necessary, would be made by the president and secretary of defense, which means exposing himself to the enemy like that, made Rumsfeld look like an idiott, or an insider.

Rumsfeld knew it was an inside job, and his presence on the lawn that day proves it. Did he think he was going to save somebody, and maybe pull them from the “burning plane”?

Ted Olson, who was Solicitor General for the United States at the time, said he spoke to his wife several times during the alleged hijacking . Except, the FBI said there were no cell phone calls between his wife and Olson that lasted more than one second. Why would he lie about this, and why wouldn’t the media go after him for lying? And what the hell happened to his wife, Barbara Olson, who coincidentally had just written a less than flattering book about the “Clinton crime Family?”

When a person signs up for the military they agree to give them everything, including their body and life, if asked. This means, the Office of Naval Intelligence can and does legally kill its own people, such as what really happened at Pearl Harbor. And the president or Congress can legally do nothing (not that they would ever question the Deep State or the Office of Naval Intelligence).

In Margaret MacMillan’s 2020 book, “War: How Conflict Shapes Us”, she wrote “Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in 1990, because he wanted Kuwait’s oil.” This isn’t true, it wasn’t Kuwait’s oil.

This is how Jewish publisher’s, like Penguin Random House (or Simon & Schuster), will rewrite history to fit its Zionist agenda. Which is to promote war in the Middle East, so as to eventually create a “Greater Israel” (the “Seven State Solution”).

The truth is, Kuwait was drilling sideways into Iraq’s land, stealing its oil. So Saddam Hussein consulted the United States about what to do, we privately gave him the nod to go ahead and invade Kuwait. So he did (what we told him to do).

We started the first gulf war, claiming Kuwait was an innocent victim being invaded by the evil Iraq. Just like the U.S.S. Maine and the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, we instigated the war with a lie. Or more accurately, another false flag.

The daughter of the Prime Minister of Kuwait testified to Congress about seeing babies being taken from their incubators by Iraqi soldiers , and thrown on the cement floor. This was a god damn lie. She was attending school in England at the time, and never saw anything.

The so-called “fact checkers” and the corporate media whores knew the truth, but kept the information from the American people. Just like the truth about Hunter Biden’s laptop.

However, thanks to our loyal Deep State pressitutes who repeated this false narrative over and over, and over. As expected, it outraged the American people, who ignorantly supported yet another unjustified war.

And that’s probably why the Deep State wants America to be dependent on oil from the Middle East again, so that our interests will be their interests (and we can help them create this Greater Israel).

The Democreeps have the liberals thinking it’s about stopping global warming, Just as America becomes energy independent. But for now, renewable energies aren’t enough to run this economy, so we’ll probably have to start importing our energy again. “But at least we won’t be polluting America with all that drilling, as if it matters where they drill.

Zuckerbooger and the Deep State media won’t publish, or let you publish, any thought or comment that contradicts their version of the truth or exposes their plans. Meanwhile, the New York Times thinks we need a truth czar to sort it all out. And to keep the American people from reading the New York Post and knowing the truth about Hunter Biden and his infamous laptop, or anything else.

And now Homeland Insecurity wants to create a “Ministry of Truth” to make sure nothing that is true is ever said, by anybody. But the only truth we have is within ourselves and our ability to think criticly. And that’s why the Deep State, the corporate slut media, and the Democreeps must silence all dissentors, as Robert Kennedy Jr. warned us they would do.

As I mentioned above, Judith Miller, a reporter for the New York Times, was one of the most vocal among the Zionist whores, saying Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, according to some anonymous source? But the only chemical weapons they actually had were the ones we gave them during the Iraq-Iran War. And most of those weapons were no longer functional.

Maybe the New York Times ought to start telling us the truth, if they really want a truth czar. But maybe the Deep State won’t let them?

And maybe this is because it is their long term plan to eventually enslave and depopulate humanity, one brick at a time.

Covid-19 was likely a biological weapon, released by the CIA and the military in China. But Fauci and the government won’t even admit it was man made. Who knows, maybe China is also in on this effort to depopulate. After all, they have over a billion people, and a lot more older people than us.

So maybe we should ask why isn’t the corporate media telling us that Dr. Anthony Fauci, the media’s favorite Covid-19 doctor, had secretly used our tax dollars to invest heavily in this dangerous “Gain of Function virus Research”, using coronavirus virus at the Wuhan lab in China. In fact, in the same lab where Newsweek says the outbreak came from. What a coincidence!

And Fauci did this, funding this research, with the public support of President Obama and Bill and Melinda Gates. They did this, knowing that we don’t allow this type of dangerous experiments, Gain of Function Virus Research, in the United States, for some funny reason.

Isn’t this the classic definition of a “mad scientist?” But CBS and the other networks still go to him for “expert advice” on Covid-19.

We know Bill Gates wants to depopulate the world. He’s not shy about saying this. And by investing in Fauci’s dangerous experiments, is he hoping to kill most of us?

I can tell the reader, Theorists against criminal conspirators know that our last six presidents, going back to Ronald Reagan , are all owned by the Deep State and Israel, and their told by their Zionist Masters, “We need to depopulate the earth, beginning with the elderly and the disabled, and of course, people of color.”

similar to 9-11, Covid-19 appears to have many purposes, including using fear porn to control the population. Like getting people to say wearing a mask all the time is freedom. Isn’t that ironic?

And the right to choose what you do with your own body doesn’t mean you can refuse the vaccine, if you want to work.

But one of the main purposes of releasing the virus on humanity appears to be reducing the elderly population, and those with underlieing conditions, who are severely disabled.

In the United States over a half million have died so far, and almost all of them are people with disabilities and the elderly (who mostly receive Social Security and Medicare). Why isn’t the media telling us this?

The bean counters from the University of Chicago and Stanford have most likely informed the wealthy Ivy Leaguers that the elderly and the disabled are costing them tens of billions of dollars every year, and that number is expected to rise.

They know this is not sustainable, unless we can significantly reduce these populations. So they start by convincing young people that Social Security and Medicare won’t be around for them, and any one under fifty begins to resent these programs, and “us people”.

I believe that is why the Alpha Dopes, on the right, and OPB on the left, and the rest of the media is constantly belittling the elderly and the disabled, so, like a bad stock, the culture can legitimately devalue their worth to society.

Around this time, I use to listen to a show called “Science Friday on NPR”, and apparently the Deep State Shrinks knew this.

During one show (apparently the local affiliate, OPB), included a segment that described how these scientists were shooting birds with lasers because the birds annoyed the owner of some property, similar to what they have been doing to me for more than ten years.

In 2010, Dave “Frankenmite” Miller, who works for the local NPR station (OPB), interviewed Carl Wolfson, an openly gay man who worked for the Air-America Network on KPOJ. Miller played a bit from one of Wolfson’s stand up comedy routines, where Wolfson said, “I think there should be a constitutional amendment that says anyone whose seen Halley’s Comet pass bye three times can not run for president.” In other words, as a gay man, he’s saying that discriminating on the basis of age, is okay.

Another time, at the end of Dave Miller’s show, “Think Out Loud”, OPB included a segmentabout violent juvenile poetry. The poetry was being read by a man who called himself Mike to a female host, who sounded like she might be a lesbian, which included something like:
“I would like to smash your head in with a brick and watch your brains spill out” and “I would stab you in the eye with a fork, and watch you bleed”.

Funny thing is that there was a girl I met at the blind school in Michigan who was repeatedly stabbed in the face by her mother, over and over. As a result of her injuries she was left completely blind , and emotionally scarred for life.

The man who read this violent “poetry” sounded a awful lot like one of the male characters from a previous Think Out Loud show. That show was about two couples apparently from a Rock Creek Polyamorous Group who described how and why they believed it was healthy to regularly swap fluids with the other members of the group. And they claimed this was a normal practice for married couples along the West Coast, but rarely talked about.

I wrote a short story based on this concept, with a twist, called “The Rock Creek Plan.”

And I believe this was all being done by OPB just for my benefit, and I believe no one else heard it. If I complained, they would say it never happened and I was crazy. Except, we know during WWII the military broadcast fake shows to German soldiers, who thought they were listening to German broadcasts. Our military was able to block the normal broadcast, so the listener never knew he was being given false war reports. This is exactly what it seemed like was happening, they were able to interrupt regular broadcasts with these weird segments.

It happened another time when I was listening to KBOO Evening News. At the end of the show, a male reporter was pretending to interview a representative from Homeland Insecurity who was talking about “Domestic Terrorists”.

We recently learned about the government spying on Americans without warrants. We learned that James Clapper, the Director of the National Security Agency, had lied to Congress about this. but as usual, there were no consequences for Clapper for committing perjury before Congress.

Disappointedly, the KBOO reporter only asked softball questions, and nothing about the sort of warrantless surveillance they were using against average citizens.

The man said, in this fake southern drawl, “We need to out these sovereign entities.” In other words, organizations that have no other organization or Zionist master telling them exactly what to do and say, and more importantly, what not to do or say.

He went on to say, “And we need to find out who is running these leaderless organizations-” Except he never finished the sentence. But it was probably something like, “so we can target the leader of these organizations with electronic harassment. And if that doesn’t work, we can just plain kill them (like they did to Robert LaVoy Finicum, as KBOO and OPB cheered them on).”

I called the Newsroom before the segment had ended and left a message for the News Director, Jenka Soderburg. I hadn’t seen Jenka since she had stopped by the County Court House a few years ago to say hello. At the time, I was collecting signatures to recall the gay mayor for lying about having sexual relations with an underage intern. According to a security guard, he was seen in the bathroom kissing an underage male intern. He didn’t admit this until after the election, and said, “We didn’t consummate the relationship until he turned eighteen (and not a minute sooner).”

At first, he blamed another mayoral candidate for spreading this “false rumor” about him, Bob Bal, calling him a “homophobe”. Except, it turns out Mr. Bal is also gay, and as a result of this between the Mayor’s lie and Mr. Bal’s truth, the Gender Impaired Community had unintentionally outed Mr. Bal. Isn’t that curious, by a community who constantly screams about being outed?

When I called Jenka during the Evening News, I left a message saying that I thought this was a pathetic interview with a representative from what is more or less a terrorist organization, known as Homeland Insecurity.

Jenka returned my call the next day, and left a message. She said she didn’t know what I was talking about, and didn’t know anything about an interview with a Representative from Homeland Insecurity. So I tried to download the newscast from the web site to verify what I heard, but curiously, I was being blocked from listening or downloading anything from KBOO.FM.

So I called her back that evening a left another message, repeating what I had previously said. And I asked her to please investigate what I know I heard on KBOO. I told her that based on what she said it appeared to be an interference with the normal broadcast signal.

I also told her that I was being electrocuted, mostly at night, and I felt law enforcement and the Park Manager, Debbie Sleeper, were involved. And maybe this fake broadcast, by who we know are the real domestic terrorist, would interest the listeners. I told Jenka that I suspected it was Homeland Insecurity.

Jenka never called me back, and KBOO never did a story about it. So my conclusion was that Jenka Soderburg, who doesn’t apparently know what the word “integrity” means, is also part of this Mocking Bird media. Which means, It’s not just the corporate media, Thom Hartmann and most of the alternative media is also compromised in this complete take over of the press by the Deep State.

It would be hard to believe that KBOO management and NPR would have gone along with all of this deceitfulness, doesn’t it?

Unless the Deep State ordered them to do so, so they could target a “Dangerous 9-11 Truther”,who believes Jews do run the world . Or at least, they run the banking system. Which means they print the money (although today, it’s just a simple click).

And they run the Congress, the White House, the Pharmaceutical industry, the chemical industry, the petroleum industry, the universities and colleges, the print media, the publishing industry, the record industry, Hollyweird, the radio and television networks,the hospitals, and the meat packing industry. And most importantly, the industry that manufactures weapons (that are used to kill Palestinians).

Along with having a cabinet that is 45% Jewish, despite that Jewish people only make up about 2% of the American population.

And Joe Biden nominated as Assistant Secretary to the Department of Health and Hunan Services a somewhat obese man, who thinks he’s a woman. And maybe transgender men really do think they’re women, but no one is asking the most important question. Why this amazing sudden evolution to the human species is happening? Or, are the corporations doing this to reduce the population, and telling the media and the government to promote the rights of transgender people, to hide their nafarious intent?

Except we know the emperor has no clothes, and he is not a woman, despite the surgury and the drugs. But obviously the truth doesn’t mean anything any more, and this is why the media and Big Tech is shutting the truth down. “To silent the descenters”, as Robert Kennedy Jr. said they would do.

And for god sakes, doesn’t all of this say something about how unhealthy we are as a society? The truth is, there is no healthy debate allowed anywhere, which is why we are all doomed.

If the reader can’t see the malevolence in what these people are planning, especially given what they’ve done over the last five or six years, spreading lies, and practicing deceit. And what the Democreep Party, the party of the people, now seems to stand for, discriminating on the basis of age and disability, sexually manipulating little children, and protecting wealthy and powerful pedophiles, then god help us all, because, there’s no hope for humanity.

As MacMillan’s book points out, no creature on earth enjoys abusing humans, and everything else, more than humans themselves, and then lying about it. We pick an enemy, and sharpen our teeth and claws on their bones, and feast on their remains.

Perhaps, she’s right. It’s in our DNA to make war, and to dominate and abuse the weakest among us. Those of us in Third America already knew this.

Clearly, our technology has exceeded our humanity. Under the technocreeps, it’s only a matter of time before we destroy ourselves. Probably, with some biological weapon that got out of the lab. Or some GMO that went wrong, and turned all the plant life on earth to alcohol.

the story of my life, and these writings, document our lack of humanity under this Zionist technocracy: where we’re supposed to believe that there’s more than two genders; and where were only exposed to propaganda, posing as the truth; and where we’re subjected to endless wars, to supposedly promote the peace But it’s all a big fat lie.

This is why I believe there’s no hope for what they call the “free world”, and those of us here in third America…