3 Americas: More Truth Than We Can Handle 10 The Lesbian and Radical Feminist Plan (To make every poor man a registered sex offender, even if they have to lie under oath)

(Last updated: November 29, 2021)
3 Americas: More Truth Than We Can Handle
Chapter 10
The Lesbian and Radical Feminist Plan (To make every poor man in America a registered sex offender, even if they have to lie under oath)
by DR Wolfe

{As I continue a full revision, this is one of the new chapters from my revised autobiography, “3 Americas”.}

(Includes some strong language)

Homosexuals are obsessed with “turning” every straight person into a homosexual, and among themselves that’s all they talk about. In fact, among the homosexual community the word “turn” has come to mean “playing a game”, in which you try to get the person of the same gender to do anything homosexual, like kissing.

And that’s a good reason why we don’t want our children raised by homosexual couples, unless it’s their own children. It is said at least 40% of kids raised by homosexual households turn out to be gay, or bisexual.

Further, the homosexual community supports this new gender perversion, known as transgenderism, where men pretend to be women. But is that what we, as a healthy society , want for ourselves and our children, men pretending to be women?

In Latin the word turn means “vertere”, or to pervert, and I think that says it all.

Any rational person who can see, knows Bruce Jenner and Bradly Manning are men, although we’re told by Billy D. Williams and the gender-fluid media they are in fact women. Is this crazy or what?

Maybe this is part of a long term strategy to depopulate the earth, and the sex offender registry, which targets straight men, is part of it? It’s frightening to think that the Office of Naval Security, who let Israel bomb the U.S.S. Liberty, and most likely were responsible for putting a missal in the Pentagon, and the Vatican have been completely taken over by this homosexual cabal. And maybe the Injustice Department itself has been taken over, pushing all these perverted policies on us, including allowing transgender men to use the girls restroom (where they can easily rape a young girl, without being caught). We know J. Edgar Hoover was a real sick fuck, and it appears this lack of morals among homosexuals has taken over the government of the United States.

Why would they put me, a completely blind person, on this death list for life, even though I was determined by a licensed sexual therapist to be at most a low risk sex offender (because that’s as low as it gets). If a person was a predatory sex offender, This might make sense, depending on the crime. But what they did to me was pervertedly malicious, and makes no sense, unless they wanted to destroy my credibility, and my life.

There’s no rational reason to say that a person is low risk, and then put them on a list for life where people are trying to kill them. It was clearly a malice act for Bob Hermann, Greg Olson, Dennis Marley and Washington County’s Presiding Judge Charlie Bailey, to do this to me, considering my disabilities, and what the State claimed I did, “attempting to touch my step-daughter’s breast in a sexual manner” (even though she was only ten-years-old at the time and had not yet developed breast).

Thanks to our politicians, it’s all completely legal. The police create this list of people who may or may not have committed a sexual offense, often depending on the ability of their attorney, and give the list to these Round Circle vigilantes, and nothing can be done.

Certainly no politician or court is going to help, to make sure the police, the correction creeps, or some other vigilante harms anyone on the list, even if they’re completely blind.

Then the police make a million men in America pay this annual fee to create this Death List. Then the law require that the men report to the local police station every year to re-register. They are taken to a back room, where they can kill the person, like the FBI did to that Muslem kid in Orlando, and say you did something to provoke them. Who can prove the cops are lying, and who really cares…after all, it’s only a registered sex offender who was killed by the “courageous police”.

As I wrote about in a previous chapter, why was I assigned the most inexperienced, incompetent public pretender in all of Oregon by the most powerful judge in Washington County, Charlie Bailey?

As I mentioned in an earlier chapter, while I was presenting my business plan to my vocational counselor with the Oregon Commission for the Blind, an attractive rehabilitation teacher, also with the Commission, came in while I was tying my shoe. She walked up to me and boldly asked me if I would also be willing to “do something else while I was down there” (perform oral sex on her, a reasonable person would assume).

And she did this in front of my vocational counselor (Kathlene O’Giblien, who laughed). Was that supposed to be a joke, I wondered?

The previous fall I attended a talk given by the Assistant Administrator of the Oregon Commission for the Blind, Linda Mock, in which she made a joke about husbands, that seemed highly inappropriate. I was learning that sexual harassment against men is okay in Oregon, but not women, or anyone pretending to be a woman.

Maybe this is why the criminal injustice system across America is so bias against men. In my case, I believe my wife should have also been arrested. I may have been found guilty of a misdemeanor, for not reporting what was going on, but I have no doubt she would have been found guilty of at least one or more felonies.

My wife’s crimes against her girls included regularly beating them with wooden spoons and exposing them to sexual explicit material. She also let them watch, or simulate, or actually perform, sexual acts alone or with others (sometimes in front of a camera).

Along with being charged with a Class B felony by the dirty prosecutor, Bob Hermann, I was subjected to the possibility that I was facing a mandatory minimum of six and a half years (if convicted by ten out of twelve jurors). Despite that at no time did I ever touch her vagina or touch her any where else below her waist. Except what I was forced to do on the couch, which I explained in great detail in another chapter.

Rather than facing such an egregious, unjust process, I was forced to take a plea bargain in which I was made a registered sex offender for life, even though I was classified as a low risk offender, and not a predatory offender. Does this make any sense that I would be put on this “death list” for the rest of my life?

The police gladly give out the lists to anyone who wants to grind an axe into the heads of anyone on the list, with absolutely no consequences.

Maybe to understand why the media is so bias against straight men when their accused of any sex crime, unless they have money. Then a simple payoff to their accuser, and like Coby Bryant, the matter quietly goes away.

I realize now, even before I was arrested, the plan was to protect the interests of the Zionist Deep State. and that meant, protecting their own, and their supporters.

That means, for those of us in Oregon, mostly protecting the rights of radical feminists and the Gender Impaired Community, who support the police, the federal government, and the military. “And straight men without money are the losers in this political game, that almost never holds women accountable.

In my case, Circuit Judge Douglas van Dyk and the Catholic Church of Oregon were the ones the Deep State needed to protect the most.

The plan was to get me to accept a plea bargain, which they all knew would forever destroy my life and my credibility. Not to mention, they could use the police to harass me any time they wanted if I made trouble.

They would do this by conducting these noisy, illegal searches late at night, called “sweeps”, which allowed everyone in the neighborhood to know that a registered sex offender lives here. This sounds faschist, doesn’t it?

And by intentionally spreading false rumors about me around the neighborhood, saying, “He’s not really blind.” That is, by showing them my picture and telling people I was faking my blindness to avoid responsibility, Sergeant Bridget Sickcon and the Portland Police had intentionally made me a target for Ron from Florida, and every other psychopath vigilante in the country.

Imagine, a registered sex offender, pretending to be blind. Doesn’t that really, really piss you off!

When I first came to Oregon, an Outspoken lesbian named Jeanene from the state’s vocational rehabilitation agency (Voc Rehab) swore they would do this to me.

Shortly after moving to Oregon, In the spring of 1999, I became a peer mentor in the State’s new peer mentoring program for clients of Voc Rehab. Along with myself, Jeanene and her partner were both peer mentors.

After i became acquainted with the program, there were lots of questions about how it was being run. For example, every hour we worked the State of Oregon paid out $30 per hour. That’s good money, isn’t it?

Except, we only received $10, and the program’s manager, Buddy McKay, and his “hench-cripple”, kept $20. You would think this crook and his partner would at least split the money in half with us.

On a recording that was made just after I was dismissed from the peer mentoring program (for speaking out), I heard Jeanene say, “We’re gonna destroy him, Gweneth.” And that’s exactly what John Kitzhaber and Ted Kulongoski, and the State of Oregon did to me. As I said, they literally destroyed my life.

On a related side note, when I lived in Eugene I once asked that a job coach, with Aging and Disability Services, named Rosalie Gallaher be reassigned to a different client, because of what I perceived to be a bias on her part against men. Before I moved to Portland, I heard she went on to work for Vocational Rehabilitation Services.

Then in 2006, when Christel moved back to Eugene she sought services from Vocational Rehabilitation, because of her apparent mental disability, and Rosalie Gallaher became her vocational counselor. After reading a book about a woman who had Boarderline Personality Disorder, I suspected Christel may have this condition. But I’m not trained in psychology, and she never revealed her actual diagnosis to me.

So nothing would surprise me, including Rosalie Gallagher’s possible involvement, helping Christel in her effort to have me arrested so I would be unable to attend the divorce/custody trial.

You see, Christel had been in two lesbian relationships before we met (ironically, with two women both named “Corine” or “Korina”, or maybe “Korine”, or “Corina”). The point is, they both had the exact same name, and even Christel thought that was very amusing.

Back then I could only speculate about whether or not there was some sort of connection between my legal problems and Oregon’s Gender Impaired Community, and the radical feminists from the disability industry, but now I’m certain of it.

Then, my fake “lawyer” had the audacity to assure me that being “labeled as a “registered sex offender” wasn’t so bad, as though they planned it this way. Except, it’s actually worse than death, especially if you can’t defend yourself against the dirty cops, politicians, and judges, and all of their sick friends from the U.S. Marshal’s Office (not to mention all the radical feminists and the programmed neighborhood vigilantes).

From the moment a person signs a plea bargain, the deck is completely stacked against them. Especially if the person is blind, and doesn’t know what they’re signing (and has no one there to witness what they are signing, except the crooked lawyer from the county.

Most Americans, thanks to our useless media, don’t even know that our government recently created three separate levels of “sex offenders”, and for that matter, care nothing about the level a particular person is listed as having, once they reveal that they are one of “those registered sex offender people!”

The words “registered sex offender” has a vial meaning, and nobody waits around long enough to hear the rest.

“But I’m only a level…”.

And I think it was intentional to make it confusing for the public to understand, to create this ambiguous system. It’s easy to understand “low risk” and “high risk”. But having three different levels, most, including the media, don’t bother to make this distinction. They just say, “Their all sex offenders, who cares what level!”

That’s one reason why the current system is unconstitutional. How can our politicians and judges allow this law to stand. Which groups minor offenders with the very worst of the worst, because of the stigma that has been created by Lardass Larson and the sleazy media, as well as the government, around being called a “registered sex offender”. In fact, it’s not uncommon to read a comment, “We ought to kill all these sex offenders!” Not just the predatory offenders.

And what makes this worse is that every year the police or federal marshals will come around to conduct what they call a “sweep”. Except, it’s a violation of our right to privacy under the constitution. Here’s why.

First, they come to your door, especially if they have an axe to grind, and begin pounding with their clubs, and yell at the top of their lungs, “SEX OFFENDER CHECK! SEX OFFENDER CHECK! SEX OFFENDER CHECK!”

This is done intentionally to let all the neighbors know, so hopefully they will also punish the individual, by ostracizing them from the community.

But what public interest does it serve, other than to terrorize everyone in the neighborhood…and hopefully, get the targeted individual evicted,

Conservative talk show host, Alpha Media’s Lard Larson, once suggested all landlords take the following action:
“If you’re a landlord, and you have a registered sex offender living on your property, you need to evict them, now (without cause),” Larson pontificated.

Even though a person is no longer on probation or parole, the police or U.S. Marshals will demand to walk through your home and look around, with no warrant or probable cause. even if you have a room mate, they have apparently surrendered their right to privacy, by choosing to live with a “registered sex offender”. Even if they had rented a room from the landlord, and had no idea, they would have no way to object.

Once this happens, the unsuspecting room mate becomes angry at the targeted individual, although before this happened everything was cool. It’s called “poisoning the well” and creating a “hostile living environment”. And the dirty cops do this, intentionally.

The legislature made it so that low level offenders would not be identified online, although the police and correction creep department will gladly hand out the information about a certain individual if requested. There’s obviously no one to complain to about this sort of “ex post facto punishment”, since no one cares if they violate the rights of a “registered sex offender”, especially the judges (even if they happen to be screwing our wives behind our back, while we sit in jail).

And removing low level offenders after five or ten years doesn’t matter, because almost all housing or job applications always ask, “Are you now, or have you ever been, a registered sex offender. You could lie on the application, of course?

And you wonder why there is so many homeless people?

so maybe the courts are the ones to blame for allowing these laws to stand. Imagine casting a wide net over a group of mostly poor and disabled Americans, so you can get as many as possible under the government’s control, and regularly extort money from their monthly social security checks.

And what’s even worse, the general public has no clue why the government, and our politicians, did this to us poor, straight men…other than its another fairly reliable stream of revenue for the correction industry.

The State of Oregon generates at least 2.1 million every year in registration fees — $70 per year per person, throughout America.

Seventy million dollars is being drained from the pockets of men, who are mostly low income, and many of whom are disabled.

But if the State of Oregon was collecting this fee from only “predatory offenders”, as it should be, they would only be able to collect about $50,000 a year. You can see why they needed to create such a wide net and entrap so many straight men.

There are only about 1,000 predatory offenders in Oregon, out of the 30,000 currently required to register. It’s all about the money, since it’s the only way to fund the registry.

But is it fair to the other 29,000 men (and a few women) who are labeled for life by this Death List?

Under this massive net are men who have been caught urinating in public is placed under the same net with adults who have forcefully raped children and then murdered them, such as Ward Weaver. Does this make any sense?

Which level does the reader think the worst convicted sexual predator should be classified as having, Level I or Level III. Well, since a first degree felony is a lot worse than a third degree felony, and First Degree Murder is worse than Third Degree Murder, obviously Level I is a lot worse, right?

No, not in this Orwellian age where the government can experiment on us, by putting fluoride in the water. And by putting dangerous chemicals in our bodies with the food or vaccines that gives us cancer, and makes men think they’re women.

Or if they want, the government can just as easily kill a bunch of us and say it was terrorists, like they did on 9-11 or Oklahoma City. With no one to protect us. Do you think Attorney General Garland cares about anybody? Obviously, he didn’t care about the children in Oklahoma City who were most likely murdered by our own government.

For example, I never heard a word back when I wrote to FBI Director Christopher Ray in October of 2019, explaining how, as a blind person, I’m being sexually assaulted every day by someone who is using some kind of laser. , And law enforcement appears to be involved.

This began in 2009, when I moved into the Southgate Death Camp. At first they began terrorizing me, by throwing rocks and fireworks at my RV at night, and stealing my mail. They also began regularly shutting off my power, water and telephone, rotating their attacks on each of my vital public utilities. It even seemed as though PGE and the phone company, Century Link, were involved.

They started “gang stalking” me, by following me around. Running me into traffic, and trying to distract me, by yelling or throwing something at me. Once a man grabbed my arm and jerked me back, just seconds before a train flew bye.

A group of these gang stalkers had chased me all the way downtown, and I was fruitlessly trying to out run them. Ironically, I was on my way downtown to deliver a letter to Mayor Hale and the fire marshal over some similar abuse my neighbors had been inflicting on me at night, throwing fire works and other explosive devices at my RV and its propane tanks, while the park manager would sit around and pick her nose.

And say, “I think it’s all in your head, Don.” And then gently pat me on the head, like a dog.

Then around 2010, shortly after I was run down and almost killed, they began shocking and poisoning me with some sort of spray. Curiously, right around the same time I began writing this book.

Not surprisingly, I have never heard from anyone from the FBI or the Injustice Department, other than the same Oregoon State cops who murdered one of the Bundy protesters here in Oregon, Robert Lavoy Finicum.

These are the same State Police who have ignored my pleas for help, while demanding their annual extortion money. They put me on a list, and hand it out to anybody who asks, as long as they say they will do no harm. And when someone uses the information they got from the police to try to kill the person on the list (or make them wish they were dead), the State Police will do nothing. Should men continue paying this extortion money to the State Police?

But these are the kind of people, like Mike Kelly, Tom Burgen, Rhonda, and some nasty lady-cop named Beardsley, that work for the State Police.

Rhonda was the name of a State Police officer that called my P.O. the first time I registered in 2005, saying that there was a boy, about six-year-old, who was crawling all over me. My P.O. said, she wanted to arrest me for having contact with a male child. Except, the court said that while I’m on probation I could not have contact with minor females, but nothing about having contact with minor males.

Rhonda also lied about his age. He was only three, and he was my son, which the State of Oregon stole from me two years later.

Establishing a confusing, counter-intuitive rating system doesn’t really make sense, if they really wanted to promote public safety, does it? Or maybe it’s just about money and distracting the public?

And maybe this is because our government has a whole lot more to hide under that other shell, the one we’re not supposed to look under. I know from personal experience, and as my writings document, it seems as though they certainly do have something to hide.

It seems as though the real pedophiles and their enablers, who run the congress, legislatures, the courts, and the government, intentionally wanted to make it as confusing as possible for the general public by making Level III the worse level, and Level I the ones who shouldn’t be on any list like this (where misinformed neighbors, and the city’s dirtiest cops, have the right to openly harass and torture a severely disabled person), like they do in Chicago.

If it were about the “public interest”, as they claim, there would be one, and only one, list of those who truly do pose a threat to the community.

I would argue the true reasons County Commissioner Jessica Vega-Pederson and the rest of these righteous, arrogant politicians want these longer lists is really to accomplish the following goals:
* To dilute the list as much as possible;
* To use the correction department to control and track as many men as possible;
* To extort as much money as possible from the men who are placed on this list;
* Lastly, and most importantly, to steal our DNA (which can be turned into a weapon, and planted at some crime scene in the future).

Because, not only does this practice of diluting the list of “sex offenders” with men who pose no threat to the community, protect the dangerous wealthy predators, it leaves far less time and money available to supervise those who are truly dangerous, like all of Jeff Epstein’s powerful friends and customers from New York, Florida, DC, New Mexico, and California.

Most “convicted” sex offenders are required to attend “treatment”, which is usually a twenty-four month therapy session.

My assigned therapist was an intelligent, kind, young woman, named Johneen Mano-Verbeck (who I always wished I could have met under better circumstances).

However, I was surprised to discover that during group sessions she would always insist that every “sexual offense” was equal to every other offense, and every “Offender” was the same as every other “Offender”. Does that make any sense?

Because of our conversation at our very last appointment, and something she said, I know this wasn’t what Johneen really believed in her heart. But rather, some ridiculous idea the government is apparently pushing on all licensed therapists who provide this sort of “treatment”. And it’s not free, even if you’re indigent.

The therapists are apparently all forced to show the “clients” a movie called “The Tooth Ferry”, in which one registered sex offender is shown beating up another registered sex offender because of what he perceives is a violation of the offender’s conditions. It happens a lot to low risk offenders, by angry, obese women and guilty men, who think we should all be sent to some island or isolated city, somewhere in California.

The reader should ask, in this age of daily shootings and stabbing’s, why in the world would the government want to promote violence, in any form?

Do they want all Americans to believe that some of us poor people (without private lawyers) are permanently defective, and therefore, disposable?

During a group session, I told Johneen that I felt my wife, Christel, was a “sexual deviant”. Johneen asked, sounding outraged, and threatening to have me arrested, “Do you know what a sexual deviant is?”

Knowing that I couldn’t explain why I felt this way in a few sentences, I answered confidently, “Yes”.

After reading the last four chapters, the reader can decide for themselves whether or not this is true.

I believe the real sexual predators, who run the “gender fluid” deep state government, want to divide us by making as many straight American men as possible to all be thought of (by their family and neighbors) as murdering, child rapists to be feared by every one, regardless of the facts. Because this is exactly what they’ve done when they call all of us “registered sex offenders”.

Consider this, criminal charges are brought against the accused, and if found guilty, the defendant is required to face the consequences and accept the punishment, and that doesn’t change. But to include this extra penalty, being placed on this death list, is not fair to most men, who are not child rapist.

Congress passed the Adam Walsh Act, which is the federal law that gives the federal government the power to harass anyone on this “death list”, regardless of their designated level or tier.

However, since there was absolutely no evidence that Adam Walsh was ever sexually assaulted by anyone, I think this law proves how truly corrupt our government really is, when it comes to abusing children (especially if they’re disabled), as I’ll explain.

First, Congressman Foley, a RepubliCon from Florida, was forced to resign shortly after this law was passed for groping the butts of (molesting) underage male interns on the floor of congress.

The White House staff, the Secret Service, and the FBI already knew this about Foley before they invited the Walsh’s to the White House to appear with Foley and Bush when the law was formally signed. And their son’s name was dishonestly confiscated, for selfish reasons that were not exactly clear to most at the time, including the Walsh’s.

Similar to what Disney did, the Bush Administration had no problem of once again embarrassing Mrs. Walsh by having her appear on stage with a man who was seen by dozens of staffers molesting underage boys. Despite this, the Bush White House was able to convince the Walsh’s that it was a good idea to use (exploit) their murdered son’s name to create this Draconian law, that is obviously being used today to protect the dangerous, wealthy suspected pedophiles (who aren’t on the list).

After all, it is common knowledge among the elite, if a person has enough money, they can pay some billionaire law firm (or politician) to have themselves completely removed from the list, no matter what the crime.

If you don’t know, or don’t remember, Adam Walsh was a young boy who was kidnapped from this mall, just north of Miami, in 1973. About three weeks later, Adam’s head was found floating in a canal, near the mall, but the rest of his body was never found.

His father, John Walsh (from the show “America’s Most Wanted”), and The cops eventually decided that a cereal killer named Ottis Toole did it. And they accepted Toole’s third confession as being truthful.

However long before this happened, after watching the network movie from his cell in the Jacksonville Jail, Toole promptly wrote his first confession and sent it to Adam’s parents. In the letter, Toole also demanded $5,000, if they wanted to get the rest of Adam’s body back.

Except, his confession wasn’t true and Adam’s body was never recovered. The facts he claimed in his first, or for that matter second, written confession didn’t match up to the evidence, and the cops knew it. Including the most revealing fact in his first confession, which was that Toole’s gay lover, who allegedly participated in the crime (according to Toole) was locked up in Maryland when Adam was kidnapped and murdered.

But the Hollywood-Keystone cops wouldn’t give up on blaming Toole, since obviously, they were sure Toole had done it since they knew he had kidnapped dozens of other young boys, molesting and murdering them.

But then, unfortunately, or perhaps conveniently, the cops lost the piece of carpet they removed from Toole’s back seat, which they claimed had Adam’s facial imprint on it (and presumably, Adam’s DNA all over it).

Curiously, this happened just a few years before DNA technology became available, which would have absolutely proved Adam Walsh had once been in Toole’s back seat…or perhaps, absolutely proved that Adam had never been in the back seat of that particular car?

But thankfully, they still had a picture of it and convinced Adam’s desperate mother that the image in the carpet looked exactly like Adam Walsh (assuring everyone that no artist had doctored the carpet to appear that way when they took the picture).

So the reader has to ask, was the “shroud of Adam”, something these cops came up with, and intentionally planted in the mind of Mrs. Walsh? If true, these cops would have look really bad if the DNA test had proved that Adam hadn’t ever been in that back seat, wouldn’t they?

And maybe the cops knew it all along and knew they had to destroy the evidence from Toole’s car to protect themselves? Then who knows, maybe John Walsh would have hosted a show called “America’s Most Dirtiest Cops”. Except, perhaps the network executives needed the complicity of the cops to stay out of jail, and stay off the list.

Next Disney got one of its best propaganda gals, Sharon Preston, to host Mrs. Walsh on the ABC show, “Perspective”. And during the interview, Preston got her to say the pic looked like the “shroud of Adam”.

Apparently, the Jewish producers at ABC didn’t realize it would cause such a flack, but it did. Southern Christians were offended by how similar it sounded to the sacred “shroud of Turin”. And to many Christians, Mrs. Walsh sounded a little like a crazy woman, who had only herself to blame for wandering off to look at lamp shades, and left her six-year-old son unattended.

So perhaps, what they wanted to do, by embarrassing her, was to make sure Mrs. Walsh and her husband didn’t ever blame the dozens of suspected pedophiles who run all of these sleazy propaganda television networks for the Deep State, who then protect Epsteain and his friends. And to make absolutely sure of it, they hired Mr. Walsh to work for the FBI and two different networks, hunting the “bad guys”. But maybe the reader should ask, who are the real bad guys?

Additionally, the Disney corporation knowingly funded several movies directed by a convicted pedophile named Victor Salva, called “Jeepers Creepers” and “Goonies”. Salva molested several of the young boys who starred in his Disney funded movies, which included a scene in which one of the young minors is caught masturbating.

Is that supposed to be funny, Disney? You did fund these movies, didn’t you?

Would it be as funny if it were a young girl who was caught masturbating, or don’t young girls touch themselves in that way?

Even though this man was convicted of child rape, and Disney was deeply involved in supporting and hiding his behavior, millions of American parents continue to take their children to watch movies from this Jewish-owned, Jewish-controlled company, while these same parents are obsessed about the government’s dirty little death list (that is clearly missing a few names).

Are Americans being programmed to be schizophrenic by the same networks and their plastic, painted whores?

We learned in 2019 that ABC (owned by Disney) had been intentionally covering up the Epstein crimes for several years by quashing any story involving Epstein, or his accusers. They knowingly allowed Epstein and his closest friends (including some from the same television network) to continue raping underage girls, even after he was convicted in 2008.

Then, so you know all these networks work together when it comes to protecting wealthy pedophiles, CBS fired the reporter who broke the story about ABC’s cover up.

So, ask yourself, is the “registered sex offender” list actually being gathered by the government to protect themselves and their Deep State masters (who own all of the television networks and most of the movie production companies, magazines, and newspapers)? Is it about providing the correction industry and the cops a guaranteed source of income, while protecting themselves?

By placing almost a million American men on this “death list”, who can be openly abused and ridiculed by both the government and the media, the cops and the local correction creeps any time they want, ask yourself, is this being done to distract America, and keep us from knowing what the elitist are doing to our children every day on their private estates, private islands, and private New Mexico ranches.

I first rote about Jeff Epstein and his friends in 2008 in my blog, “J. Edger blog”, in which I played a psychopath billionaire. In retrospect, I shouldn’t have done it because I angered both the left and the right. The left was too dumb to figure out what I was doing, And the right, because it was mostly true…like the things I said back then about Jeff Epsteain.

So why did it take the FBI another almost ten years to visit Epstein’s ranch in New Mexico after his crimes against children became known to them in 2006, which was only a stone’s throw away from the Mexican border (where perhaps he could find desperate children willing to do anything to come to America)?

And how in hell did Alexander Acosta, the U.S. Attorney who drew up this crazy plea bargain (which for the first time in history, specifically granted immunity to all of Jeff Epstein’s named and UNNAMED co-conspirators), get to be the U.S. Secretary of Labor?

Remember, before you blame Trump for this, many of the same Congress critters from both parties, who overwhelmingly passed Foley’s Adam Walsh Act ten years earlier, also overwhelmingly approved Acosta’s appointment to be Labor Secretary. Who knows, maybe it was some kind of sick inside joke between the White House and the Senate about Acosta getting all of the young girls in America good paying jobs!

So while the thugs from the U.S. Marshals Office, along with the state and local cops, are torturing and slowly murdering those of us on the list (who dare question this dirty practice), Epstein’s accomplices appear to have once again gotten away with their crimes, and nobody’s mentioning Prince Andrew.

For example, I believe America’s ongoing practice of covering up for these murdering pedophiles is the reason why in 2009 two thugs, posing as Portland Police Officers, had the power to come out to my home (while I was gone), under the direction of a suspected lesbian cop named Sergeant Bridget Sickcon, and beat $5,000 in damages into the side of my RV. This happened just a month after I moved into this trailer park, the Southgate Death Camp on 82nd Avenue.

Then, as apparently Sickcon had instructed them to do, these two “really ugly cops,” (as my manager described them) walked around the entire neighborhood, pretending that they were looking for me, and showed everyone my mug shot.

I was in complete compliance at the time, so there was no reason for them to “hunt” for me. Unless of course, they knew I was going to be out of town, and planned it all to embarrass me as much as possible. And this is exactly how Sickcon would do it.

When I went down town one year to register with Bridget Sickcon, she said, “You know that guy that was here just before you. Well, he’s under investigation. I thought you should know in case you were talking to him.”

Except, I forgot my umbrella. So when I went back and got it, I got on the elevator at the Justice Center with someone else. Apparently this guy who had just registered, asks me,”So, you’re under investigation?”

Obviously, I answered no, “as far as I know”. And he responded, “That’s what Sergeant Sickcon told me.”

So when the cops walked around, “pretending to look for me”, they told every person they could find that I was a “dangerous registered sex offender”, and showed them my mug shot, implying that I was a “predatory offender”. As I said, they conveniently failed to mentioned my level to anyone they spoke with, as they apparently often do with us low level offenders.

So you know, I have always been listed as a “low risk offender”, which meant that they had no legal right to show my mug shot to anyone. I presume the State doesn’t show our faces online to protect us from Sheriff Mike Reese’s “Round Circle” vigilantes and others. So it seems pretty outrageous for these two ugly Goons to have done this to me, especially since I’m blind and can’t protect myself.

And if this wasn’t enough of a violation of my civil rights, they also told my neighbors that I was “faking” my blindness, to avoid responsibility for my “crime”. Which is exactly what the masculine-sounding, female deputy told my last cell mate, Thornburg, which I talk about in another chapter.

Women are absolutely right in feeling outraged, and describing the Texas law as a cowardly way to prevent abortion. They’re right, this is nothing more than a vigilante empowerment bill.

Personally, I oppose abortion, and think there’s a lot better way to convince women not to do it. For example, maybe we should pay mothers a working wage to raise our nation’s children, and give all biological females safe access to free birth control.

But using private vigilantes to enforce state abortion laws by giving them the right to use the courts to collect a $10,000 reward, is so wrong. And it’s problematic, as they’ll soon find out, if the law is ever enforced.

It’s unfortunate that women don’t feel the same about vigilantes going after low risk sex offenders, who are very often disabled and can not defend themselves. And like me, we’re always overcharged by the prosecutor. Not to mention, usually we’re represented by an indifferent, under-funded public pretender, who deals out his clients from the bottom of the deck, as if they were playing cards in the prosecutor’s rigged game.

Christel told me that when she was subpoenaed to appear before the grand jury on December 30, 2004 (curiously, the very last day of the month), Marley and the DDA, Greg Olson, who was suspended by the Oregon BAR in 2006 for a similarly deceitful practice, pulled her into an office and encouraged her to lie to the grand jury.

They told her to say I had hit her. This wasn’t true and she said she wouldn’t go along with it, and told me all about it that evening.

She did lie to me about one thing, telling me that the grand jury had not yet come to a decision as to whether or not to indite me.

curiously, she did feel it was important to mention that an Hispanic man on the grand jury had asked her if I was “really blind?” As I recall, she never did say what she told him, and I always assumed she was truthful…but what if that was part of the plan (to get me out of the picture); the plan to mislead the grand jury about my total blindness (other than a little bit of useless light perception)?

For the record, when I was eleven or twelve-years-old my brother and I were subjected to two days of these strange brain test, some of which I don’t remember. I do remember that they made my mom wait in the waiting room.

When the tests were evaluated, Dr. Richard A. Lewis, from the University of Michigan’s Medical Center wrote a report which said that my older brother and I had a rare form of a degenerative eye condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP).

So you know, there are estimated to be about thirty different forms of RP Some cause hearing impairments, such as mine, and some do not. There are also some forms of RP that begin to cause the retina to deteriorate shortly after birth, such as mine, and some forms of RP that do not begin to cause the retina to deteriorate until they are in their late teens or early twenties. These people tend to keep a small amount of vision throughout their lives.

Dr. Lewis went on to say that our prognosis was to both be completely blind within the next ten to fifteen years, at most.

Even though my brother had fairly good vision at the time, and even legally drove for a couple years, I was already legally blind at the age of twelve and lost the rest of my useable vision around eighteen, when I began reading braille and began using a white cane to get around.

My older brother was lucky enough to not go blind until his mid to late twenties.

As far as having ever been physically violent with her, Christel knows, I have never, ever intentionally harmed her, other than speaking the truth. It’s true, I may have stepped on her toe or accidentally bumped her head a few times. But the fact is, I adored every inch of her perfect body and always, always touched her in the most loving way possible. Even if our angry words to each other were sometimes cruel.

Now compare this to what Portland Police Officer Jeromie Palaoro allegedly did in 2015 at 3:30 a.m. when he went to the hotel room of a traumatized, female domestic violence victim. Why were the consequences for Officer Palaoro so very different than what I received?

Apparently, this police officer had just met her while on duty a few hours earlier and kept texting her, saying “I know I shouldn’t be doing this.” Then after telling her twice “Remember, I write the report”, he showed up at her hotel. After inviting him upstairs, the cop unexpectedly pulled a gun out of a bag and through it on the table and took off his clothes, and told her to start rubbing him, according to the complaint.

Rather than being charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment, aggravated sexual assault, and brandishing a weapon during the commission of a crime, and being labeled as a registered sex offender for life (as they did to me), as Maxine Bernstein’s July 22, 2015 Oregonean article suggests should have been the case, he was only charged with “official misconduct”!

According to Bernstein’s article, the victim describes at least three separate sexual assaults committed against her by Officer Palaoro in the presence of a weapon, which the victim said she felt was an ‘implied threat of violence’ if she didn’t do as he said.

Instead, The Multnomah District Attorney Rod Underhill and DDA Chris Ramris, arranged a very special plea bargain for this cop in which Palaoro can’t be a police officer again. But this only applies to the state of Oregon. Oh, and he has to do an entire 18 months of “supervised” probation.

Of course, this means being watched by mostly former-cops, some of whom we know were kicked off the force for having a drinking problem or using excessive force on the job.

Unless he ends up working for the Dallas Police Department, want to guess what job Officer Palaoro will be doing next? Monitoring (and assaulting) alleged sex offenders for the county (who couldn’t afford private attorneys)?