3 Americas 10 The Alpha Dopes (and the rest of the Rotland media)

(Last updated: February 27, 2021)
3 Americas: The Alpha Dopes (and the rest of the Rotland media)
by DR Wolfe

{As I continue a full revision, this is one of the new chapters from my revised autobiography, “3 Americas”.}

(Includes strong language.)

I was listening to KXL earlier this week (the first week in August, 2020), a “news and information station”. After the morning news, there’s this sort of social gathering between the morning news hosts, Veronica Carter and Brett van Camp, and the hosts of the next show, featuring three able-bodied, right-winged white guys, Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dumb, and Tweedle Even Dumber.

Veronica made the following comment, “You know what’s really funny, is people who have funny shaped heads!” And she giggled.

I thought about all the people with brain cancer, who wear something to cover their heads. This is because the tumor grows outward, creating a massive lump, and they are embarrassed by it. When the tumor grows inward, and they don’t look so “funny”, it usually kills a person fairly quickly.

Not to mention, how do you think people who are born with Downs, or some other birth defect, might feel about being made fun of because of their misshapen heads?

So this last chapter is about the sick Portland media. Although the Alpha Dopes seem to be especially vicious. It probably has something to do with the management, or more likely, the ownership.

By Alpha Dopes, specifically I mean KXL and KGW (channel 8), and the sports talk morons at “The Game” (a twenty-four hour sports talk station).

This is because the liberals who run the media, have a feminist, gay agenda. And white guys with disabilities aren’t welcome, unless of course, they’re gay or treansgender. Or, they are part of the elite media, or attended some Ivy League school.

Hispanics are included, but only if they’re a woman, gender-impaired, or undocumented. Hispanic men who are accused of a crime, who are here legally, like Erik Menendez or Pedro Hernandez, can expect no help from the left or right. Which is exactly how it is for men with disabilities.

African-Americans are also included, but usually only if they are a gay woman, like Celeste Carey. City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty, who is obviously straight, is an exception, as you can tell by the number of African-Americans giving us the corporate evening news.

Until 1927, African-Americans weren’t allowed in Oregon, unless they had a white sponsor. As a result, they only make up about 5% of the population.

When I lived in Eugene, the media was very different. As I wrote about, there were two Register Guard front page articles about me. And my roommate, Olga, had another front page article written about her, as a Cuban refugee who was blind and had graduated from an Ivy League school, with honors.

I would call Victor Boc from time-to-time, and regularly talk to the two knuckleheads from the local sports talk station. While we may have sometimes disagreed about things, they were always civil.

And they didn’t make nasty little comments about the caller, after hanging up, which is apparently a regular practice here in Portland.

Make no mistake, the persecutor, Bob “Hermann Monster”, Beaverton Detective Dennis “Duffess Marley”, and the Public Pretender, “Gregory Troll”, are responsible for helping my wife destroy my like and taking away my son, Abraham

I also believe the media has played a role in what is happening to me today, and it may be Marc Abrahms who is partly responsible.

Almost every day I am being sprayed with something and shot in the genitals and rectum, and every where else, with some kind of laser. I heard a young African-American man tell City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty over the air that this weapon is called a “shock popper”, and that almost everyone in the hood has them. Jokingly, I call it a “Rotland Tail Laser”.

But it’s not funny.

And it is sexual assault.

And usually, it’s a crime.

When I was about fourteen, I started calling Larry King at night, and became a regular caller to his show, I think that he liked that some little kid was calling the show, in the middle of the night. I probably sounded younger than I was. However, when I got older, he was kind of a jerk to me, and I stopped calling, but I never gave up calling other radio shows.

I began calling the ESPN affiliate here in Portland, and became a fairly regular caller. It was especially kind of cool, because they didn’t know I was blind. I would talk about sports like everyone else.

I remember once they were talking about Scott Padget, who I think played for the Golden State Warriors at the time. He had put the ball in the wrong basket and everyone was wondering why.

So I called the station and said, “I can sum up the Scott Padget play in one word, Ken.tuc.ky!” I added a little southern twang to my voice on the last word, and everyone laughed.

If you don’t know, Padget [played basketball for the University of Kentucky.

Some of my time back then was wasted listening to the sports talk morons. But usually I listened to KPOJ, which was part of a new liberal network called “Air America”. Ironically, the same name that was used by the CIA to put out their propaganda during World War II. Apparently Randy Rhodes and the other hosts didn’t know this, or at least they never mentioned it.

In the afternoon I would listen to Colin Cowherd on the only twenty-hour sports talk station back then, who did a sports talk/political show, where he would spew out his dime store philosophy about sports and life. Sometimes it was funny, although it was mostly stupid stuff about gambling and “mouth breathers”. I didn’t realize until years later, when he joined ESPN, what a really sick bastard Cowturd , was, as I’ll explain later.

We moved from Beaverton to southeast Portland after Abraham was born. So I dropped out of school and I stayed home to take care of him (while Christel worked on her “education”).

One day I was listening to “The Rookies”, a Saturday morning show, featuring Gaven Dawson, Isac Roth and Chad Doing (the dog). And I was shocked by what I heard.

Dawson told his Saturday morning audience “Brett Boone ought to be a paraplegic,” after the Seattle second baseman had missed a couple ground balls the night before.

Being the outspoken advocate I have always been, I quickly E mailed the show at their Intercom address and questioned them about the appropriateness of this comment.

About a minute later, Chad Doing responded by telling the audience, “Look at this, he told Roth and Dawson. Some pissed off guy in a wheelchair can’t take a joke. Get a life buddy!” He said.

Except I’m not a wheelchair user, although I know many people who are. So, when Doing found out who I was, In retaliation, he created this radio character on his show called, “Angry White Cane Guy”.

For years, he joked about it on air as a host on Paul Allen’s new Blazers radio network, who owned the Portland Trailblazers and Seattle Seahawks. Allen sold the station about a year later, and it became part of Alpha Media, owned at time by Larry Wilson.

This is when I moved to Lake Oswego, and was evicted a year later because of my coerced plea bargain.

As I mentioned in another chapter, about a week or two before they came after me, in August of 2004, I called Victoria Taft show. She had a far right-winged talk show on KPAM, which is part of the Pamplin Group.

During the brief call, I told her that George W. Bush and his brother were known drug runners when they were younger, which is true. And I told her that I thought his administration was behind 9-11, along with our military and the Israeli government. She hung up on me, and literally blew a fuse.

It was pretty funny, listening to her rant for ten or fifteen minutes about what a lunatic I was…and how they were going to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, someday.

Meanwhile, the Clackamas County District Attorneys Office was being used to create the infamous “Swift Boat Ads”, belittling the military career of presidential candidate, John Kerry (who didn’t seen to want to win). I just happen to be campaigning for Kerry at the time, canvassing in the West Linn and Lake Oswego area, which outraged the Clackamas County right-wingers. That’s why I believe the Clackamas County District Attorney, John Foote, and his drug-addicted wife, former-Washington County Circuit Judge Susan Upton, made a dirty deal with the District Attorney from Washington County, Robert W. Hermann, and his Deputy District Attorney, Gregory Olson, to destroy my life.

The following fall, a few weeks after I was released from jail, the Portland Tribune, which is part of the Pamplin Group, printed a picture of my step-daughter, the alleged victim. It was a picture of a painting my wife had painted while I was in jail. She was shown looking down into the water, and a very deceitful face was looking back.

It was very important to the Pamplin Group and Clackamas County, where they’re located, to promote my case, and my alleged victim. Except, it only served to embarrass her, and raised a lot more questions about what my wife knew at the time about my persecution.

I moved back to southeast Portland in the spring of 2005, and began listening to the local community radio station, KBOO.

Stephany Potter was one of my favorite hosts, because she sounded very kind when she spoke. Boy, was I fooled.

What a great concept, I thought. It was commercial free, presumably collecting a little something from all of the listeners. So I joined the station, and became a regular contributor. Every month they took a little out of my social security check, and I hardly noticed.

And unlike NPR (National Pentagon Radio), they didn’t accept money from far right groups, like the Pamplin Group, and didn’t try to squeeze in a quasi commercial every half hour, just before the news.

So, in 2008 I contacted Stephany Potter, and told her I was a fan. I gave her one of my piano CDs, called “Jammin’ With the Whales”, and she promised to play it on the air. I even hooked up her husband Rob with some weed, or medical marijuana as we called it, and thought we had become friends.

So I became a volunteer, working in the news room, but soon discovered it wasn’t the friendly group of people I thought.

Because of my own experience, I began covering a lot of the police stories involving misconduct and corruption.

Because of Dave Bryant’s failed leadership at the Florida Flambeau, I appreciated the way Jenka Sodaburg ran the news room. She seemed very efficient, and extremely helpful, and I was impressed.

As a blind person there was some significant changes that had to be made to accommodate my disability. In order to have my accessible speech work in the studio, as well as the news room, we had to put it on the server. This is the only way it would load like any other program, but only on the two selected computers.

It took a few weeks for the engineer John to get it right, even if it wasn’t completely legal. We had to purchase a different kind of license that allowed it to be on the server, and I didn’t have the $300 we needed. At Jenka’s recommendation, I applied for a grant from the Blanch Fisher Foundation.

However, before I heard back from them, . things began to unravel at the station, as my alleged “criminal past” became known.

It began, when this nutty woman asked me to participate in a Martin Luther King Jr. show. At first I said yes, but as I got to know her personal, I changed my mind, and told her no.

After telling her this, she became irrational, saying that I had sexually harassed her in an E mail. This was untrue. As proof, I provided the station volunteer coordinator, Ani Haines, with all of our correspondences, which were in the form of E mails. My accuser never did provide any proof. She just made it all up, to get even.

However, I made the mistake of taking Jenka in another room and privately telling her about my “criminal past”, and explained how they had coerced me into accepting a plea bargain. Her helpful demeanor suddenly changed once she learned I was a “register sex offender”. It was never the same for me at KBOO.

Apparently when they say, “Are you a member of a under-represented group? And would you like to be on the air?”, They don’t really mean everyone.

The reason I think Jenka began telling some of her fellow feminists about me, was because of something that happened about a week later.

I was going to use the bathroom. walking with my white cane, and I heard Stephany’s voice, talking to some other women. They were about ten feet away from the rest room, I figured I’d say hello when I came out, since I had to go. Besides, she didn’t say anything to me when I walked bye her, which seemed kind of strange.

I tried one door, on the right, and it was locked. So I tried the other one, and it was open.

So I went in and locked the door. As usual, I pulled down my pants and sat down. Obviously, I never turned on the light.

Suddenly, someone opened the door! So there I was, sitting there with my pants down, right in front of the door, with the lights off.

I knew the lock worked, because sometimes I would find both bathroom doors were locked, and I would come back later. Apparently, the lock I used didn’t work, but there was another lock above it, and it did work. Of course if you were blind, you would never know there was two locks.

When I came out I was too embarrassed to say anything to Stephany, and she may have left for all I know. I did make it a point to tell Jenka that one of the locks in the second bathroom didn’t work, but she didn’t seem very concerned or want to know what just happened. I didn’t say anything else, but I wondered what Stephany and the other women thought, seeing me sitting there with my pants down, and no lights on…perhaps, waiting for some helpless woman or child to open the door!

I think it was the first day of June, in 2008. A group of performers, Lynn, Vicki and Grace, three raging feminists put on a show that seemed very coincidental to my own circumstances.

The radio play involved three women who were being pursued by a man. Apparently, he took all of their clothes, except their panties and bra and threatened them with sexual assault.

When they escaped. Even if he was only joking around, he had kidnapped them and was holding them against their will. This is a crime, and they should have reported him to the authorities, after escaping.

It was a perfect teaching moment. An opportunity to show how the system should work, where everyone gets due process, and justice is served. Instead, the message being sent to the listeners by KBOO is violence and revenge, if that’s what the feminists collective decide is appropriate. Who needs a stinking trial! We know what happened, and women never, ever lie.

In a turn of events, they were able to capture him. So they duct taped him to a chair and began poking out his eyes with a hot poker. First, they slowly poked out one eye, while he screamed. And then, they slowly poked out his other eye. He continued to scream.

The three vigilantes had blinded the man, which seems to violate the station doctrine of “peaceful, non-violent” behavior. The play never revealed whether or not he died, but his screams suggested he probably had, or at least wished he had.

But it seemed pretty coincidental with regard to my own situation, having never been given any due process, before I was “convicted”. I never got to question the witnesses, or confront the evidence against me. And I was never given effective council, that’s pretty obvious.

At the same time, this large black man, who was apparently on parole from Clackamas County, was smacking me every time he saw me. The first time it happened, I was working a pledge drive, trying to raise money for the station. We were in the back area, and there was only one or two people around, when he smacked me across the face. I was shocked, and then a moment later became very angry.

I said, “Don’t ever hit me again”, and let the matter drop. I figured since he was on parole he would stop, but he didn’t…as though he had been ordered by someone at Clackamas County Corrections to do this.

About a week or two later, I was working in the news room with the headphones on, and he smacked me with a newspaper in the back of the head. But what made this even more outrageous was that the News Director, Jenka Sodaburg, was sitting there when it happened, a few feet away.

She said, “Ron, don’t do that,” but didn’t say it with much authority. I thought, smacking a blind guy in the head with a newspaper. Good thing I’m not a dog, or I’m sure Jenka would have been all over him!

Another time, I was working in the news room and he punched me in the arm. I finally had enough, and spoke to the general manager, who suggested perhaps we should not be in the same area at the same time.

So, with all of this, I decided to quit volunteering at KBOO, and a few months later, I ended my monthly contribution. But it wasn’t the sickest thing I ever heard from the “people” who represent this “community” radio station.

KBOO volunteers and staff didn’t end their harassment, just because I stopped volunteering.

A reporter I never met, Miles Bryant the Third, interviewed a dirty lawyer from Portland, named Kenneth Kreusch. Not surprisingly, this mocking bird reporter, Miles Bryant, when on to work with the local NPR station.

Kreusch said he was the President of the National Lawyers Gild, and maybe this was true. he was talking about the subject of incarceration, so it caught my attention. He was allegedly representing one of the unfortunate detainees being held at Guantanamo Bay, who had no idea that one of these Deep State lawyers was misrepresenting him.

We know today that most of these 720 hostages were completely innocent. They were captured when a neighbor or someone else they knew turned them in for the reward money, which the CIA was offering everyone. We needed some Muslims to blame, so people wouldn’t get suspicious about what really happened on 9-11. Kreusch, as his lawyer, did nothing to help this poor man.

Then a few minutes into the interview, completely out of the blue, he said, “If you’re being held in jail or prison, don’t be a Wolfee.” In other words, don’t complain.

It would be hard to misinterpret his message, or threat, considering what happened to me over the last several months at KBOO.

I had sent a draft describing my experiences in the Washington County Jail To another KBOO reporter, Alihondro, who worked with a local organization that investigated civil rights complaints. I also sent a copy to civil rights lawyer, Lauren Regan, who often appeared on KBOO’s evening news.

I had interviewed her earlier that spring, and thought she was sincere about helping indigent people. I told her how the state was trying to take my son away, and wasn’t allowing me visitation. And I told her how it all started with being falsely accused by my wife, who was guilty of abusing both of her girls, regularly beating them with wooden spoons.

This was unknown to me at the time, but apparently she was a “good friend” of Kenneth and his law partner, Ben. Not surprisingly, she refused to take a look at my case, without explanation.

I later turned this writings into one of the chapters in this book. The reader can decide whether or not my analysis of “Bob Hermann Monster’s Isolation Dungeon”, was fair.

Little did I know, my nightmare of being locked up in the Washington County Jail wasn’t over when I wrote this draft. As I mentioned, after I paid the court costs of $860, ten days before I was scheduled to be released from five years of probation (on February 16, 2010), they issued a warrant for my arrest and falsely imprisoned me, once again. Subsequently, they butt search me and put me in an orange jump suit, and later that afternoon they brought me in front of a judge. When he learned that I had paid my debt in full, and he learned of Sheriff Gordon and the dirty prosecutor’s dirty plan, he immediately released me from the jail and probation.

I learned later that Kreusch’s law partner was a fellow named Ben, who was a fellow classmate at law school of Sean DuBois.

As I explained in the last chapter, DuBois was one of the lawyers who pretended to represent me, when I was “accidentally” run down at 82nd and Flavel, by some drug dealer, or more likely, an undercover cop.

I was campaigning for medical marijuana dispensaries at the time, and carrying a white cane, two large signs, and a three foot joint. And despite the minimum settlement they could get, the two Jewish lawyers, Sean DuBois and Josh Shulman, (who appeared first on my search engine), took almost 80% of the money from the settlement. which they split with the State, I only got about 20%, despite The tendon in my right arm being completely severed. The surgeon drilled a hole in my shoulder and reattached the nerve, but it’s never been the same.

I remember, the day I picked up my settlement check, for about $6,000, Shulman came out into the main office, and never said anything to me. I asked the receptionist who that was, who had come out of the back, since I heard someone’s footsteps and the heavy breathing. When I heard Shulman go back into his office, located in the back, I herd several people laugh, including his friendly assistant, Jamie Lynn, which kind of surprised me. But it shouldn’t, since she was probably also Jewish.

On my ride home, the Tri-Met Lift driver told me, “There’s a large coffee stain in the middle of your sweater.” I had no idea.

After I thought about the crappy settlement they made, I figured that’s probably why Shulman was laughing about what a pathetic loser I must be, and how easy it was to rob the blind, blind.

At around the same time, in August of 2008, another KBOO host said something that was completely outrageous, once again. At this point, I discontinued my membership, which automatically withdrew the money from my account every month.

It was the “Abe and Joe Show, featuring two Jewish guys promoting their own version of Zionism.” Joe was gone on vacation, and Abe was in charge. He was talking about abortion, which I don’t believe in, but I don’t think we should tell anyone else what to do with their body, unless their a child. I was torn in my belief, but not any more, and this is probably why.

The Jewish professor told his audience, “If I knew a baby was going to be born with Downs, I’d slit its throat ten seconds before birth!”

The State of New York recently voted in favor of a bill that made it legal to abort a baby after birth, as long as the abortion began before the baby passed through the vaginal canal. So I have to ask, how long before these radical liberals would want to abort people with disabilities, after birth, I wondered?

And it’s not surprising that Professor Proctor would say this since Oregon was the last state to end eugenics, in 1983. But they never ended it, it’s just being done using the protective services, social workers and teachers who pressure the parents of children with disabilities, in order to sterilize them. But it wasn’t only the disabled that Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, wanted to sterilize.

But the African-Americans aren’t being told the truth about a lot of things by the Jewish controlled media, not just how many abortions are being performed in the African-American community. Did you know “black face” was exclusively used by Jewish performers, as part of their performance, long before any white-looking person did it?

But it wasn’t the only time Abe Proctor would put on a monkey suit and perform for the gullible goydumb. Another time on the show Joe mentioned that Abe was wearing a Portland Timber jacket into the studio, which he proudly confirmed.

If you don’t know, the Portland Timbers are the local soccer team, and they’re owned by Merit Paulson.

Merit Paulson is the son of the former-Secretary of Treasury, Henry Paulson. And “dirty Hanky” Paulson was the man in charge during the 2008 mortgage scandal. Regrettably, the older Paulson never went to prison, even though experts say him and his fellow banksters swindled the world out of an estimated three hundred trillion dollars.

But since the Injustice Department didn’t prosecute anyone in the Bush White House for 9-11, and no one was ever charged with the crime, including Osama bin Laden. In fact, not one person lost their job over 9-11. Its not likely that they would prosecute Paulson or any of the banksters for their role in the derivative scandal, is it?

Most KBOO listeners knew about the Paulson’s, and didn’t support the Timbers because of it. But Professor Mocking Bird did.

And here’s the funny thing, they hired little John Strong from Lake Oswego High School to be the Timber’s play-by-play broadcaster. Obviously, it wasn’t because of his talent or experience, since he was barely out of high school when the Timbers picked him. It was probably because of his dad, Bob Strong, who had a home repair show on the Alpha Dope Network at the time. And that’s probably why, before this Paul Allen gave him a show on the new Blazer Radio Network.

One day on his show he ask the question, “What goes with a lolly pop fellas? You can call in anonymously. But let’s first get the scores from our hot sports babe, Jessica.”

Jessica Simpson was one of the update people that worked at the station, although she was the only female on air. She sounded like a young, attractive woman when she gave the updates every fifteen minutes, in her casual, care-free way (sounding board out of her mind). I imagined her licking a lolly pop while updating the scores. So unless you were a gay man, the answer that “Little Bit” Strong was fishing for, seemed obvious.

So I called in, anonymously, and said “I know what goes with a lolly pop.” I paused, then said “Jessica”.

He hung up on me and started ranting, “I don’t want any registered sex offenders calling in here, okay. That was really creepy. Wasn’t that creepy Jessica.”

She unenthusiastically answered, “Yeah, sure John. Really creepy.” although I think she knew who the real creep was.

the other host, Kenny Vance, who used to work for the Pamplin Group, jumped in and said, “He got one bye you John. That’s really funny,” and laughed really loud. That’s true, John Strong looked like an real idiot that day, so I sent him a lolly pop, anonymously.

It’s regrettable that Jessica Simpson didn’t sue Paul Allen and the station, since his behavior was clearly sexual harassment on the job. To have embarrassed her like that over the public air waves, she should have sued for at least two or three million, I figure.

But John Strong wasn’t the sickest sports talk moron on the radio. Colin Cowherd would sin that award.

Every day he would attack the disabled, constantly calling everyone he didn’t like a “mouth breather”. That’s interesting, because breathing out of the mouth can be a symptom of either a physical or mental disability.

The reason people breathe out of their mouth can be either because of a nasal blockage, or a problem with their throat, such as having a tracheotomy. More often, it’s a simple allergy, which most people have from time to time.

Mouth breathing can also be the result of having Downs or some form of retardation, either mild or severe.

But that’s not why they fired him. Apparently he made some comment that offended women, but apparently, his daily attacks against the disabled were okay with the Disney bastards.

One day I was listening, around Halloween, 2008. Cowherd had been ranting all week about how Halloween was his favorite holiday (probably because, he’s kind of a monster). He was angry because his wife was given the kids, even though she would be with her new boyfriend, and would be distracted. He went as far as to argued that the court had endangered the kids by awarding her custody during this chaotic holiday.

Then Halloween morning, this sicko said his eight or nine-year-old daughter would be wearing a “M&M” suit for Halloween. Whether he meant the candy or the singer, I don’t know. But his intentions suggested that it was the candy, which seems pretty perverse if you ask me. Although he works for Disney, and that’s pretty normal, making comments about kids masturbating and dressing up like little pieces of candy. And what makes his intentions even more perverse is that he never mentioned what his son was wearing for Halloween.

At the same time, the celebrity moms of young kids in Hollywood were fighting to illegal taking pictures of their kids. Obviously, for their safety.

So, it seemed rather reckless to inform his mostly male audience that his daughter would be dressing up as a piece of candy. Many times, he mentioned her name over the air. He also mentioned the town where his wife lived, with the kids. So it seemed really reckless to give out this additional information about what she would be wearing during trick or treating. It seems like the kind of information a predator of celebrity kids would be listening for, who wouldn’t be noticed on Halloween (just another dad). That’s if you want to call “Cowturd” a “celebrity”.

In 2008, I wrote about this on my blog, J. Edger, a father intentionally endangering his daughter. He apparently found out about it and decided to get even. So he, and the two other creeps in the morning, Mike and Mike, came up with a special show for me on the morning of the NFL Draft, in 2009 (since they knew I would be listening).

Cowherd, mike Golic and Mike Green put on what they called the “Blind Prognosticator”. He was made to look like a mumbling, bumbling fool, kind of like my lawyer, “Gregory Troll”. But unlike me, all of his Prognostications sounded pretty stupid

I have a strong feeling that Eric Knudsen, with Multnomah County Corrections, had something to do with all these sports talk morons who were attacking me over the public air waves. Knudsen was my Probation Officer at the time, and he coached youth basketball. He made sure to make his coaching and his relationship with the Blazers front office known, as it was some how a badge of honor.

He once told me as a “recovering alcoholic” he used to be a very, very mean guy. Except, I don’t think he ever changed, although he might have stop drinking.

And I believe he arranged to have me fired from my job, with Blind Industries (run by two able-bodied women).

Knudsen was forced to resign (quietly fired) from the Portland Police when he kicked a homeless man have to death, who was sleeping in a sleeping bag at the time. Although not surprisingly, he was never prosecuted.

That’s how he ended up at Multnomah County Corrections supervising sex offenders. Apparently, his supervisor, Alison Kinsey, and the Oregon Department of Corrections didn’t mind if he happen to brutalized one of us, physically or mentally.

We shouldn’t be defunding the police and correction officers, just holding them accountable when they violently abuse one of us, under the color of law. This way violent, abusive people won’t become police officers, as they so often do today. And that’s a good thing, even if we only have a few dozen officers left.

Obviously, the district attorneys aren’t going to prosecute police and correction officers. So maybe we need a separate state agency, that can’t be threatened with the “blue flu”.

According to my supervisor at Blind Industries, John, I could smoke medical marijuana as long as I wasn’t on the clock. So, as I was required to do, I clocked out during my breaks and lunch, and usually smoked a little.

When the owners found out, they threatened me with firing, so I stopped smoking while at work. But when I sent them a letter about John’s computer and his pornography, they promptly fired me the following Monday.

The owner sat me down in her office, and said, “You didn’t write this, did you?” I didn’t answer, but laughed to myself. “Who helped you?” She said.

But, the audacity to think that a blind person wasn’t capable of writing a coherent, legal argument, such as this, in only two days. In the letter I explained that she ought to reconsider her opinion about medical marijuana, and that her little business wasn’t as clean as she pretended.

I’m sure it infuriated her, a BLIND man treating her this way, an able-bodied woman. But I wanted to put all my cards on the table, and let her know what I was told by both John and Tony, in case that it ever came up in court.

Then Knudsen tried to arrest me, since I had violated the terms of my probation by leaving the job without his explicit consent. As he was taking out his handcuffs, I informed him that people with disabilities, who are on Social Security, are not required to work (since the state can extort money from our social security checks, whether we work or not).

What’s funny is the able-bodied bigot that ran the little shop, where we sewed labels for the marines, told me that she drinks a fifth of vodka every week, and said “But it’s not the same.”

No, it’s a lot worse, I thought

According to a fellow employee, Tony, who had a home computer repair business on the side, John had brought his computer into the shop and it was loaded with pornography. And some of the girls, according to Tony’s sighted girlfriend, didn’t all appear to be “of age”.

About half of the employees of Blind Industries are partially sighted. Obviously, John is a high-partial, as his collection of pornography suggests.

But I wasn’t surprised by this hypocrisy. The two women who ran the shop, and the niece of one of them, would use alcohol to wipe off our blood from the labels, whenever possible. Because of the sewing needles, it was almost impossible to keep our fingers from bleeding, as we sewed on the labels, and obviously, half of us couldn’t see the blood.

Most marines are very suspicious about having someone else’s blood on their name tags. And would probably feel “cursed” if they knew the women were doing this, wiping off some of the blood (but probably, not all of it).

Especially if the marines knew the shop discriminated against totally blind males, like ray and me, who were not referred by the Oregon Commission for the Blind (OCB). Specifically, the men who were not referred by OCB were paid less then everyone else.

For many years, the media and most people who worked for the government (who are regularly tested), would say marijuana is a “gateway drug” that will lead to heroin and meth addiction. Actually, as we are learning now, it’s the exact opposite. In states where marijuana is legal, alcohol and hard drug abuse are down, among all ages.

Although they are now trying to promote a THC free version of the plant, without the key ingredient , there is very little medical advantage.

Those of us who use marijuana regularly know that the THC in marijuana is the key ingredient, combined with the other almost 200 compounds in cannabis, that helps with depression, sleeplessness, chronic pain, and many other medical conditions, including apparently preventing cancer. But you can’t say this in an ad, according to the FDC, who apparently think its okay to put high-fructose corn syrup and Maltodextrin in almost everything we eat. And you wonder why there’s so many obese children in America?

But having the media, government and pharmaceutical industry lie to us is not unusual. In fact, the government lawyers announced that they had obtained an Alexander Acosta settlement, where the manufacturers would have to pay eight months of their profits in damages. The corporate whores in the media applauded.

In other words, for intentionally, and systematically, killing millions of people they would get away with a virtual fine that, in corporate terms, was equivalent to a cup of coffee and a bagel. If marijuana were legal, many of these people would never have started taking pills, and ending up on heroin when they couldn’t get any more.

For decades, one of the biggest obstacles to legalization of marijuana was an organization called the “Partnership for a Drug Free America”, who was ironically funded almost entirely by the pharmasuetical and alcohol industries. In other words, take our highly addictive drugs and alcohol, but don’t touch the natural stuff, that grows from the earth. The stuff that we call “dope”.

First, did you know no one has ever gotten lung cancer from only smoking cannabis? This is because, once the complex compound gets into the blood stream, and saturates the blood (The Rick Simpson cure), it seeks out mutant cells in the lungs and body and literally smothers them to death (by completely coating the exterior of the tumorous cell. This blocks nutrients from getting into the membrane of the cell.

The targeted cell literally starves to death.

You notice, the corporate media whores are being paid to never tell you this little secret about why it’s so important that a person also ingests the THC, along with the CDB’s and cdd’s, in marijuana?

Studies from outside of the United States prove that the higher the level of THC in a plant, the more effective it is, industrially or medically.

When it comes to industrial hemp, the more THC in the plant, the more elongated the individual fibers tend to be. This means, if you’re making rope, plywood, or cloth, the hemp fibers with more THC will be stronger, which will make the product more durable. And isn’t this better?

Furthermore, hemp with higher levels of THC make a richer, better bio fuel. Similar to how sweet potatoes make better bio fuel than corn , yet you notice the government promotes the use of the corporate controlled GMO corn over hemp, or anything else, when it comes to making bio fuel.

Doesn’t that sound like some sort of collusion is going on? I can assure you that the Alpha Dope, Lard Larson, Eric Knudsen, and the petroleum industry is very happy about America producing a lesser quality bio fuel.

But there has always been a collusion between the media and the government, when it comes to the medical use of marijuana. Apparently, they don’t mind a recreational use, as long as we don’t claim there is some medical advantage. However, I believe everyone uses it medically, even if it only makes them happy, and helps them sleep (unless they’re being shot in the feet with some sort of laser by the State Police).

About two years later, the selfish Portland Mercury, a gender-impaired friendly newspaper, came out against medical marijuana dispensaries. Their suggestion was that disabled people, who are blind or in wheelchairs, “need to find a friend.” In other words, “Find a local drug dealer in some back alley, who also sells meth and heroin, who can provide the marijuana…like the rest of us do.”

Subsequently, the proposition to create medical marijuana dispensaries failed, and the police and drug dealers won.

And the two cops, or drug dealers, who intentionally ran me down while I was campaigning (in 2010), got away with it, thanks to Officer Daniel (Jeff) Leonard.

Similar to how I believe a Lake Oswego police officer used his vehicle to shove me across the Safe-Way parking lot, to see if I was completely blind, which I am. When I went up to the Lake Oswego Police Department to report the crime, I believe the same Lake Oswego police officer came in from the parking lot to talk to me. First, he got down on one knee, like I was a little kid that had a problem, and said, “We have no jurisdiction over a private parking lot. I’m so sorry.”

“You’re saying that even if a person is shot or raped, you can’t do anything.” I thought to myself. How gullible do you think I am?

It was probably that same racist cop from Lake Oswego, Terry Timeus, who once worked as a cop in Lake Oswego, that fucked over Michael Fesser, a black man, by having him falsely arrested. He eventually got $600,000 for his false imprisonment, but I got nothing.

In the mornings I would listen to Tom Hartmann and Heidi Tauber on KPOJ. This one morning Heidi told a joke that began, “Maybe we could hire the homeless to collect fairs.”

Portland had decided to end what was called the “free zone, where people could ride the buses free in this ten block area downtown.

She went on to say, “Oh but that wouldn’t work. They would keep the money, wouldn’t they?”

Then the following week she saw Tom Hartmann wearing a pair of wrap around glasses and said, “You look so funny, Tom! You look like one of those blind people!” And she laughed.

I wrote to Tom and Clear Channel and told them about her two jokes, that to many of us listening, weren’t that funny. I said it seemed pretty hypocritical that a liberal woman who is working on a liberal network that claims to support the homeless and the disabled would tell such offensive jokes.

Later that week, they fired her. I don’t know if my E mail was the only complaint they received, but I felt that on behalf of both of these two communities it needed to be said. There was no intent to have her lose her job over it, but apparently, that’s what happened.

Before this, she had worked at several of the talk and information radio stations around town, and was fairly well known. However, after getting fired from KPOJ, she never worked in Portland radio again.

About a year later, she was trying to get onto the Interstate, when she drove up the wrong ramp and was struck and killed by a semi-truck. Her death was ruled an accident, but I always wondered–.

Another time when I was listening to Sam Seder, formally with Air America, I heard Sam tell a joke that went like this:

“A blind man goes into a restroom.”

And if you didn’t get the joke, that was supposed to be the punch line.

And speaking of the Al Franklin [scandal, who made a joke about me with the next caller, just after I called his Air America show and spoke about the same sort of subtle discrimination that goes on around blindness.

And once I heard another one of these Air America trolls, Randi Rhodes, out of the blue screaming over and over, “GEORGE BUSH IS A BLIND MAN! GEORGE BUSH IS A BLIND MAN! GEORGE BUSH IS A BLIND MAN!”

Since we can reasonably assume that George W. is of the male gender, do you suppose she was intending to be complementary by calling him “blind”, over and over?

And maybe that’s why someone assaulted her one night while she was returning home from a local pub, with her dog?

Although it may have had something to do with her comment during her show about the Caribean trip that Rush Limbaugh and his nine mysterious male traveling companions (apparently, without their wives) took. Rush was busted by border agents with prescriptions in someone else’s name. , This is despite that he was on probation for a drug felony at the time.

Do you think the average person could leave the country, under the same circumstances? We know it wasn’t job related, since his job didn’t require him to travel out of the country.

Specifically, he was busted with three bottles of viagra in his possession, under someone else’s name. This is also a felony under the law, for most of us. But apparently not for a wealthy Florida man, with unnamed billionaire friends, who may not want to be embarrassed by the publicity.

Apparently the men were on their way to Costa Rica, not the Dominican Republic…an important correction I noticed Randi Rhodes had made shortly after someone had knocked out one of her front teeth while she was walking home with her dog. Hmmm…

Meanwhile, around the same time we learn about a group of “Christians” from Idaho who were caught transporting a group of orphans from the storm ravished country of Haiti to the Dominican Republic, and handing them over to a known international child trafficker.

Thankfully the children were returned to Haiti. And then, miraculously, all the charges against the Idaho “Christian” kidnappers were dropped! Double Hmmm…

Some would say it’s karma. But I would say it’s the consequences of his behavior, sitting in those smoke-filled back rooms, smoking Cuban cigars, making deals…

Q-Anon, much like the Flat Earth Society, was obviously created by the Deep State to manipulate lesser minds, whose true intentions may be good. The only problem with Q-Anon allegations is that they only look to the left for this sort of pedophalia, when we know in fact it’s, as the story above suggests, also prevalent among those on the right.

Maybe the Deep State is blackmailing all of them, and that’s why the F.B.I. appears (publicly) not to be interested in Hunter Biden’s alleged lap top, which allegedly includes videos of Hunter Biden having sex with a very young girl (and smoking crack cocaine). But their not saying that it was a fraud being perpetrated against his father, presidential candidate Joe Biden, which would be a crime.

And maybe that’s why they didn’t look into Epstein, whether he was murdered, or disappeared. We know he definitely didn’t commit suicide.

And that’s probably also why Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s co-conspirator, is only being charged with minor crimes. when in fact all of them, including her two sisters, Christin and Isabel Maxwell, deserves so much more.

In fact, I’ll bet anything the Injustice Department, and some corrupted U.S. Attorneys, are going to strike a plea deal, where she allegedly turns over alleged information about other Epstein clients in exchange for “time served”.

In a sworn deposition made by one of the victims, she said “Ghisy trained all of us. And sometimes she was very rough.”

This means, she , forty-year-old Ghislaine Maxwell, was also molesting some of these young girls. And we can only imagine what she was forcing them to do, to pleasure her?

Well, back to the vicious Portland media and their corporate masters, and how it’s helping the Deep State enslave all of us, starting with the little people here in third America.

Around 2008 or 2009, Paul Lindman, a former-anchor for both KATU and KGW television, was raising money on a local radio station, KEX. The annual fund raiser was intended to help kids who were visually-impaired, or hearing-impaired get glasses or hearing aides. This is certainly an admirable charity, raising money to buy glasses or hearing aides for underprivileged kids, whose families may be unable to afford them.

However, he subconsciously said something that seems to reflect how the entire community appears to feel toward those without vision or hearing. Especially, those without both hearing or sight. And this book certainly proves it.

“If your kid is blind or deaf they are never going to succeed.”

I was shocked by this remark, but I shouldn’t have been. What he really meant, that without glasses or hearing aides, it’s going to be almost impossible for a kid to compete in the classroom. And this is true.

However, what he said, and the message it sent, is that if a person is already completely blind, like me, or is completely deaf, and can’t benefit from hearing aides, they will never succeed in Oregon.

Well, with this sort of attitude among the Oregon politicians, judges, and the media, it’s not surprising what has happened to me, is it?

After all, while I was presenting my business plan to the Oregon Commission for the Blind, a rehabilitation teacher, with the Commission, boldly asked me if I would also be willing to perform oral sex on her in the office, in front of my vocational counselor (who laughed). Was that a joke, I wondered?

To understand how the Deep State is manipulating the general public, and why the Deep State doesn’t want you to know what they know about what is on Hunter Biden’s alleged laptop.

And why is the government and the media so vicious toward the disabled, while always pleading the case for the gender-impaired community, whom they claim isn’t actually impaired?

So let’s begin with “Project Mocking Bird.”

Similar to what was going on during the 1960’s, the federal government through Homeland Insecurity is now paying influential members of the media to spy on activists and manipulate the truth. To understand how this works, let’s examine the following two former-Portland’s News Directors, Lisa Loving and Rebecca Marshall. The evidence would suggest they were both compromised by the Deep State, in what they said and did. Then when they were no longer useful, others were brought in, and the operation continues. Here’s the evidence, you decide?

I first met Lisa Loving in 2008, while I was briefly a volunteer in the station’s news room. When a class on researching news stories was being offered, and Lisa was listed as being the teacher, I quickly signed up.

And I wasn’t disappointed, since not only was her class very informative, her presentation was inspiring. You might say, she was both sexy, and sassy. I’m sure, any backwash sailor from the Barrios would have been proud of how she used so many colorful four letter words in her examples and explanations.

However, I had mixed feelings when I learn that Lisa had been selected as the new News Director in 2015 to replace Jenka Soderberg.

At the time of her selection, Loving had been a volunteer at the station and editor of an African-American local newspaper called “The Scanner”. 

And I would say I have never worked with anyone quite that unprofessional. But as long as you get the job done, who cares, right? WTF!! 

For example, a few months later, I worked with Lisa Loving on an environmental project called “Follow the Garbage”. Along with several volunteers, the story track the
path of our everyday garbage from our home trash can to its eventual destinations. 

My part of the project involved an interview with Dr. Dennis Ericson who help expose the great “ring of plastic” that floats around the rim of the Pacific
Ocean. Apparently, these trillions and trillions of tiny pieces of plastic are no bigger then a grain of rice. And there’s no effective way to remove them
from the ocean! 

In fairness to Lisa, it was a good story idea, and put together well. It clarified Dr. Ericson’s main point, that there is no such thing as “waste”.

However, as a journalist and activist who has primarily focused on the criminal “injustice” system, along with disability rights, I’ve always been alert to the media’s own bias against those who live in urban areas and are accused of any sort of criminal offense. 

So, the first red flag I noticed occurred around 2009 when Lisa Loving interviewed the publisher of a fore-profit newspaper that included the mug shots of anyone arrested in Portland. Even though most, if not all, of these unflattering photos — catching people at their very worst moment, were taken before the person had been convicted of anything! They may have been conned into signing a plea bargain later, rather than resting their future on an indifferent, self-serving “public pretender”. 

One must wonder , how many of these oregonians who were publicly humiliated by Lisa’s friend ended up committing suicide, sometime in the future?

Did Lisa’s promotion of this exploitative publication contribute to their depression and eventual deaths, being publicly shamed by Lisa and the righteous left? 

But what is most furious was Lisa’s decision to keep the little creep’s true identity secret from the same public, whose pain he was exploiting for profit. 

The next incident involved a story Lisa did in which she featured a single, able-bodied white mom who had served in one of the corporate wars and was given a “free” house by the banksters. Sounds good on the surface, doesn’t it? Especially if you’re into the whole “war hero” idea.
But remember, most Americans born with disabilities are prohibited from directly profiting from the military industrial complex, even though there are clearly many jobs in the military that could be effectively performed by persons with disabilities. 

Sure, they may give you a small vending stand around the corner [Randolph Shepherd Vending Program], but most state blind agencies take a good cut off the profits in a business that the “vendor” really doesn’t own, just “operates”, and pretends to own… 

And how often do we hear that “disabled vets” always deserve more than anyone else, including those who were born with an impairment and are automatically disqualified from military service. In fact, a majority of those who call themselves “disabled vets” became disabled well after their “service” ended. 

The fact that Lisa Loving had never bothered to look to see who was the previous home owner, is itself revealing. Especially, since at this
same time KBOO was publicly defending the rights of an African-American mother who was being evicted by this same bank! 

Then about a week later, Lisa managed to squeeze eight Portland police officers into one studio (WOW! Impressive-). In this pro-police-promo “story”, Lisa and her female guests went on to describe how they intended to, in so many words, further vilify straight men, which used to be one of the unspoken policies at KBOO.

And then, Lisa Loving interviewed a female, former-Portland persecutor about her newest crime book, “The Ex’s”. Not surprisingly, this particular self-serving promo piece described how a male cereal killer goes after his ex, who just happened to be a “lady” lawyer. 

Just between you and me, rumor is, the Deep State, as well as the cops, the prosecutors, the politicians, and the corporate war mongers, all really, really, really love Lisa…and
coincidentally, her family circus is planning yet another international tour. But the bigger question is, on who’s tab? 

I do know what KBOO used to pay its news director, and it isn’t much. In fact, you probably couldn’t afford a bus ticket to Eugene…and back, let alone
a ticket half way around the world…and back– 

By far the Alpha Dopes have been the most wicked among the news twisters in our community, although Mark “The Moron Mason”, with KEX Radio, isn’t far behind. I understand, he stands about 6’6″, and was probably a real big kid, and a bully.

Mason and the outspoken support for allowing elementary school kids to continue “playing” a violent game,such as dodge ball, while insisting that simply saying the word “fag” in public, is somehow more offensive? This is why many no longer trust the media. Their views about “political correctness” is irrational, and here’s why.

As I mentioned in the first chapter, I weighed about forty-five pounds in Forth Grade when we first started playing this vicious game, called “dodge ball.” The object of the “game” is to not let the ball hit you, which is being hurled at you with full force from less than ten feet away, by a kid that’s at least double your weight. Maybe “grown ups” think thirty or forty pounds difference isn’t much, but to a little kid it’s a lot.

There was this kid, who probably weighed eighty or ninety pounds, named Rocko DeSantis(or maybe it was Ron DeSantis). He would deliberately smash me in the head with the ball every time, while the gym teacher and Principal Mock watched with amusement. Since I couldn’t see it coming and therefore, couldn’t get out of the way (I couldn’t dodge it), which made me an easy target. I suppose, to these same sort of bullies around here, I still am.

Even though it was against the rules to hit someone in the face with the ball, almost everyone in my class, except maybe Dorein Nixon (who was just as small as me), cheered, as pieces of my glasses went flying across the floor. I could have taken off my glasses, but that would have probably only made it worse.

And it’s not like Mark Mason, who pretends to care about visually-impaired kids, would have bought me a new pair of glasses.

It wasn’t because, as “Moron Mason” puts it, I was afraid, I just didn’t see it coming. Do you get it, Mark?

Maybe that’s why public taunts on the public air waves, like this (January 13, 2021), from Mark Moron and members of the sick media are what actually made Bob Bowers and James Fields, and many other shooters, do what they did.

One Saturday, Bob Bowers drove from Ohio to Pennsylvania to apparently get even with the people who lived on “Snob Hill”, who he, and many others, perceive run the Deep State media. And maybe it was something they said, just like this, that set him off.

Let me give you a few more examples how truly sick the people who run the media really are, and why Donald Trump supporters are so outraged at the lying, snarky media has gotten away with it. Trump is right about one thing, the corporate media shouldn’t be trusted, ever.

Remember this one, “There are weapons of mass destruction, so be afraid, be very afraid.” And, “If we don’t fight them over there, we’re gonna have to fight them over here.” How many died in those two wars? Do you even know.

It was all a bunch of crap, but the corporate media kept feeding this shit to us…saying, “We need to get even with the people who did 9-11!” except, we never did.

And now they want to vaccinate everyone for a virus, that is constantly mutating, and force the Congress to impeach a private citizen. I wondering, have we lost our mind?

So back to dodge ball. Connie Willis, an author and part-time host of Coast to Coast AM, once told her audience “Dodge ball is a great game for kids to play.” But she should have added, “If you’re a big kid, and have no impairments, and you’re not too slow.”

A few years ago, George Norry did an April Fool’s joke where he pretended to interview a three headed person, where the middle head died. To those disabled people and parents listening, who know from time-to-time people are born with two heads, this wasn’t funny.

But it’s usually the producers and editors who are responsible for seeding this sort of mischief, like using this sick example on April Fool’s Day. But it only promotes anger and hate among us, which only creates more violence, While they pretend to oppose all violence. It’s a sadistic game being played on the American people by the Deep State (the media, the technocreeps, and the billionaires and trillionaires.

Sheila Hamilton, a former-news anchor at KXL, once said, “My kids had the right to enjoy the game of dodge ball. It’s part of the learning process,” she argued. But do we want to teach our kids that the best way to hurt a smaller kid is to hit them in the head with a ball, and say it’s just about having fun?

In other words, this fake liberal, who once said she supported putting fluoride in the water, and “consuming it”, thinks it’s a good idea to let the bigger kids abuse the smaller kids, by smashing their heads with a rubber ball. Apparently, like rubber bullets, that do no harm, according to the Israeli Death Squads.

And the gender-fluid media wonders why there is so many school shootings?

Rebecca Marshall, former-news director at KXL was one of the most vicious people I’ve ever heard on the radio, among the mocking bird media. She now works for the Red Cross, which raises some serious questions about the kind of people the Red Cross hires, doesn’t it?

It’s not just what she said, herself, but Rebecca Marshall would often use other people to promote her sickness, and bigotry.

One of those people was the Orgonian’s movie critic, Kristi Turnquist. One day Marshall said, Hollyweird, recently came out with it’s own ‘blind monster’ movie, where the monster can only find you if it can hear you! According to Turnquist, the Alpha Dopes “expert” said, “It’s the SCARIEST MOVIE EVER!”

Well, at least this time Kristi and the Hollyweirdo’s didn’t try to sell the blind monster a dead bird, although I’m sure that would have been really, really funny, to all the stupid people who pay to watch this Deep State crap.

But just so you know how truly sick Larry Wilson and the corporate media is, and why they constantly attack the most vulnerable and pretend this is humor, here’s more evidence involving the practice of abusing us little people from third America by the mocking bird scum.

A few years back, during a January ice storms that hit the Portland area, Rebecca Marshall told her co-host (and the audience) she was going to get a “snow cone” for lunch. Even if you believe she wasn’t actually referring to a term used by several pop singers to describe performing oral sex on another person’s anus (after having anal sex). It seems pretty sick to joke about something like this, knowing that a baby (belonging to a homeless couple) had froze to death that night, during the storm.

And when Linn County, Oregon announced they would no longer be serving hot breakfasts to accused defendants who couldn’t afford bail, Marshall went on the air, apparently under the direction of her Alpha Dope supervisor. After reading the press release, she sarcastically said, “WAH! WAH! WAH!”

Just nine days after the November 2015 bombing in Paris, which killed over 130 people, mostly pre-teenage girls who were attending the Ariana Grande concert, “Snow Cone Marshall” told the sports update guy, Judah Newby, about how excited she was when one of the players charged the mound and punch the pitcher “Square in the face! It was so awesome,” she said.

And just so you understand how little these Alpha Dopes really care about any of us, a week earlier (just a few days after the Paris bombing) Newby told the KXL listeners about how excited he was now that the hockey playoffs had begun. He said, “It’s my favorite time of year. I love all the blood and fighting during the playoffs!”

And this was just seconds after Marshall and her co-host had been discussing the French tragedy, pretending to give a shit.

Here’s another example. Recently (in October of 2018), Rebecca Marshall explained to the listening audience, in her most serious voice, how the country of England is able to effectively count all of its squirrels without re-counting any of them. In her typical bigoted fashion she went on to say, “Oh, there’s the one with the lazy eye, and there’s the one with the lame foot.”

Knowing her history of out-spoken bigotry, I was waiting for Marshall to say, “And there’s the one with the cripple back! Oh, and there’s the one with the missing tail, and there’s the one with the missing ear.”

Ironically, three days later a man named Bob Bowers went up to a place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania called Squirrel Hill and killed eleven “Jewish worshipers” in what is described as being their place of “worship”. Which apparently makes this a “hate crime” under federal law.

Given that Alpha Media, and most of the American media, is owned and controlled by Jewish billionaires, you have to admit it is a rather curious coincidence that Mr. Bowers, who himself is disabled, drove all the way from Ohio to Pittsburgh to, apparently in his own mind, “set things right”.

In fact, many of the recent shooters in these endless tragedies had, or have, some sort of physical, mental, and/or emotional disabilities, you have wonder the media is pushing people’s buttons with their sick humor. This chapter documents that the Jewish, corporate owned media itself is becoming more and more vicious every day, with their nasty, snarky jokes, almost always directed at vulnerable people. And that’s what passes for entertainment today, to people like Cowturd, and the rest of these media morons.

For example, following the first major snow storm of 2018 to hit the midwest, which grounded over 1200 planes, Marshall asked her audience, “Are you wondering why you can’t get rid of crazy Uncle Joe?”

In an earlier chapter I told the story of my Uncle Joe, who killed himself. So maybe it’s just a coincidence that she said this, if you believe in coincidences, rather than actual theories.

But Katie Couric has to be one of the sleaziest people in America who came out of the mocking bird media. Apparently, she thinks everyone forgot, or doesn’t know, about her close friendship with pedophile, Jeff Epstein.

I first learned about Couric friendship with Epstein in Vanity Fair magazine, when they mentioned how she admired the eye balls Epstein kept in these glass cases in his living room. I never heard whether the eye balls were real or not, but you have to admit that a billionaire pedophile that collects eye balls is very suspicious, and very creepy. And it says something about Katie Couric, doesn’t it?

And when Epstein was released (from thirteen months of hard labor), Katie Couric was one of 400 guests invited to Epstein’s exclusive release party, which curiously, included a lot of Russian girls (who appeared to be barely eighteen).

And now this sleazbag friend of Epstein’s is talking about re-programming the people who don’t support this obvious Deep State coo.

Are you fucking kidding!

First, in 2016 President Obama and Hillary Clinton conspired to spy on the opposing candidate, Donald Trump. They conspired to hire an alcoholic, through the Clinton Foundation, to create what was called the “Steel Dossier”, and blame the Russians for stealing the election, despite no credible evidence.

Despite their efforts to sabotage his campaign, the F.B.I., and the Injustice Department took the Steel Dossier to the FISA Court and lied about its authenticity. As a result, they obtained several unlawful warrants, from what was apparently a sleazy judge. I say this because These warrants were issued against what the FISA Court knew was the other candidate (to the Deep State candidate). In fact, they obtained at least one of these warrants, giving them the right to spy, after He became the President of the United States.

In a lot of countries, if the opposition engaged in such treasonous behavior they would be executed immediately by the incoming president. However, under our Deep State shadow government, McCabe and the rest of them received a fat pension and a slap on the back, on their way out the door.

Consider this, they wasted millions of dollars over an investigation, by the same guy who, as the F.B.I. Director, didn’t bother to investigate the type of bombs that were used on 9-11 (despite over a hundred witnesses who heard explosions). In fact, no one was ever charged with the crimes of 9-11, and no one ever lost their job for what was unquestionably the greatest blunder in American history.

For over two years, every day the pressitutes only wanted to talk about the Mueller investigation. Despite this, his investigation came up with absolutely nothing, but at least they didn’t blame the wrong people this time.

Maybe we can all agree that getting rid of presidential pardons would be a good first step toward reform. Obviously, no matter which party is in control, the wealthy can buy their way out of anything. This is not true, for those of us here in third America.

Personally, I think it was more about the fact Donald Trump is a straight, white male, but who will they hate now, since obviously, they can’t hate themselves?

Trump ended the practice of allowing transgender people to serve in the military, which makes sense, since people with disabilities can not serve.

Trump also ended allowing a gender bias process in sexual harassment and assault cases, in all public colleges and universities. Which restores due process to the accused. This is completely rational, unless you’re female trying to get even.

And when it didn’t work, “Cocaine Mitch” and the mocking bird media, and the Democreep Party tried to impeach him again, even though now he is a private citizen, which seems completely unconstitutional. And Chief Justice John Roberts agrees.

I don’t really like Trump’s personality either, but make no mistake Lebron, the Chinese Government is not our friend. But for you, it’s all about the bling, isn’t it? You don’t care that China is removing the organs of prisoners to pay for their incarceration (and for a hot breakfast). Especially the Weepies, who, other than maybe the Palestinians, are being genocided by the Chinese government.

Meanwhile, elderly Asians are being attacked in Oakland by young black men, presumably for bringing over the virus. Although, it was more likely that we were infected by wealthy Chinese business men and women, and American politicians, like Representative Eric Swalwell, and their Chinese sex workers, like Fang Fang.

Or more likely, it was our own military that spread the virus, since most of the first people to get the virus didn’t have contact with anyone who was contageous. That’s curious?

Maybe instead of protecting the Chinese government, you should tell some of these young brothers it’s not the Chinese people we should blame. However, it may be difficult to tell the government operatives from the refugees. You can bet, not all of the Chinese spies are Chinese, right Joe?

I’ll bet Rebecca Marshall probably thinks this is a good idea, removing organs to pay for a person’s incarceration, innocent or not.

Along with exposing the media for the sluts they are, another good thing Trump did is protecting little boys from the gender-impaired community.
An eight-year-old boy should not be allowed, or be manipulated, to surgically remove his penis, until he is an adult. My god, this is clearly child abuse!

But this is apparently what is happening in some more liberal states, and it’s reported that Byden promises to resume this practice.

He’s already rescinded Trump’s band on transgender people serving in the military, but not for any other disability. In fact, he has ordered the military to pay for any transitional medical procedures, if the accommodation is requested by an active-duty soldier. But, I have to ask, why aren’t veterans eligible for this same accommodation?

Well, it’s probably better than spending the money on bullets and bombs, I suppose.

The local NPR affiliate, OPB, did a story in which a mother, who admitted she supported the gender-impaired community, said she also supported her four-year-old son’s decision to be a girl. She explained that her son, Avery, believed he was female. But there’s no way a boy at this age would understand what he was saying. He was clearly being manipulated by his mother and the gender-impaired community, and it should have been considered to be a form of child abuse.

But able-bodied white women in Oregon, like Jennifer and Sarah Hart, and my ex-wife, are rarely ever arrested for abusing their children. Even if they break a wooden spoon over the side of their kid’s head, it’s not considered child abuse.

In some rare cases people are born with both male and female genitalia, and that must be difficult. However, make no mistake, cutting off the penis of a pre-teenage boy whose been manipulated to believe he is a girl, is child abuse. Yet the F.B.I., the Injustice Department, and Homeland Insecurity wants to call anyone who disagrees with the gender fluid Deep State about anything, a “domestic terrorist”, whose “spreading false narratives.”

For more than a million years, humanoids have known there was only two genders. Sometimes people were attracted to persons of the same gender, but usually not. Despite this, we humans survived. We even went along with gay marriage, even if it was personally offensive.

But suddenly now, under the Byden Administration, we are enlightened to know that their are at least one hundred different genders. Isn’t that amazing?

But who is really spreading the shit around, and telling us it’s the “real news”? Can you see the BS in everything they say?

Like when African-American slugger, Hammering’ Hank Aaron, the greatest home run hitter of all time, died just two weeks after taking the vaccine. Hardly a word about his death was ever mentioned, on radio or television, or in the Compost or the Times.

Instead, all the Zionists media wanted to talk about was the death of Jewish radio and television interviewer, Larry King. However, I know from personal experience, King was one of the rudest bastards in radio I ever spoke with.

Except we all know the emperor has no clothes, and the Deep State probably killed both of the Kennedy’s, and Senator Wellstone, as well as Dr. King, and Malcolm X. We know they bombed the U.S.S. Liberty, and probably bombed the Oklahoma City federal building, as well as the twin towers and Building 7 (on 9-11).

They probably did the Anthrax Attacks, since we know it came from Fort Detrick, which is located just up the road from Washington D.C. It’s too bad the Boston mob’s “Bobby Mole” couldn’t figure that one out, either.

In another rush to judgment, the F.B.I. and the Injustice Department falsely accused a professor from MIT of removing the anthrax from ft. Detrick. Unfortunately, the professor committed suicide before he was exonerated. Not to say the MIT Science Department isn’t capable of committing foul play, much like the science department at Cornell University (who were regular visitors to pedophile island). In fact, perhaps one of his fellow scientists at MIT helped to frame the professor? I wouldn’t be surprised, but we’ll never know, thanks to Mueller’s failed investigation.

So, we’re supposed to ignore the truth, and never say or write anything that contradicts their version. And never, ever, for god’s sake, offer an alternative theory, even though we know the media and the government have lied so many times before, spreading false narratives. Like Iraq having “weapons of mass destruction”.

Despite having absolutely no evidence, our government and members of the media began saying, on the very afternoon of 9-11, “Osama bin Laden must have done it.” And it didn’t take long for the entire slut media to pick up on this line, although they had absolutely no evidence, other than in a personal message bin Laden had expressed some personal gratitude over the 9-11 attacks.

On the other hand, five MOSOD agents, who happen to be in New York at the time, were filming the attack for their government (Israel). Except, they were cheering the attack on, which was a hell of a lot more than bin Laden ever did. Did they know it was going to happen?

And why did FEMA schedule a training drill in Manhattan for the same exact day? The answer is obvious…goydumb.

Afghanistan agreed to turn Osama bin Laden over to any third nation for trial, as long as they were neutral. But the Bush Administration and the military refused.

Because, if they did, and the truth was ever to come out, the world would see the United States for the bully it really is, and the war-mongering, terrorist nation America (and Israel) have become.

I fear the human race doesn’t have long on this earth, since there’s no way to reverse this trend toward militarism (and technocracy). Something that President Trump had reversed, or at least somewhat stalled, for the moment.

Even though it was common knowledge in the rest of the world Osama bin Laden had died of kidney failure in December of 2001, we conducted a raid on a compound where we claimed he was staying. And when our military courageously killed “him”, the navy’s Seal Team 6 dumped the body in the ocean, “Because It’s an Arab tradition,” according to President Obama.

Yeah, Arab people usually love to drag the dead bodies of their relatives across the desert to the sea, for days, to give them a proper burial. Oh, I didn’t know that ?

Then, President Obama said he had use Federal Express to deliver the DNA of an aunt to confirm that it was in fact Osama bin Laden we killed. Except, wouldn’t military or CIA transport been a whole lot faster and more secure, rather than Fed-Ex? Does this make any sense, yet the corporate media sluts didn’t question this fact. But then again, their paid not to ask questions.

Then there’s this mysterious crash of a military transport ship, where over two hundred and sixty Navy Seals are killed, including some of those who participated in the Navy’s raid on bin Laden’s alleged compound. You have to agree, what a strange coincidence, unless your a coincidence theorist, then you’ll never question anything the government says. But maybe these Navy Seals did question their government, and were unwilling to keep the lie to themselves?

We know Larry Silverscum and his MOSOD partners put bombs in the twin towers and Building 7, because jet fuel and office fires could not have caused that sort of damage. And the insurance companies knew they could make more money by charging a new “terrorist tax” on every building in America, so they decided to say nothing about what they knew. This is why I suspect the Navy put a missal into the Pentagon on September 11th, and claimed it was also hit by a plane with Barbara Olson aboard. But consider this, the offices that were hit, were the same office where There was an ongoing investigation about a missing 2.3 trillion dollars from the defense budget. And I suppose Donald Rumsfeld didn’t want that report coming out, exposing the financial corruption within our military, so he offered to help clean up the alleged debris from the alleged plane. But wouldn’t you think the Secretary of Defense would be in hiding, for security reasons, since we didn’t know if we were under attack from a foreign nation? But Rumsfeld knew it was an inside job, and his presence on the lawn that day proves it.

According to Ted Olson, who was Solicitor General for the United States at the time, said he spoke to his wife several times during the alleged hijacking . Except, the F.B.I. said there were no cell phone calls between his wife and Olson that lasted more than one second. Why would he lie about this, and why wouldn’t the media go after him for lying? And what the hell happened to Barbara Olson?

When a person signs up for the military they agree to give them everything, including their life, if asked. This means, the Navy could legally kill its own people, and the president or Congress can legally do nothing (not that they would question the Deep State).

In Margaret MacMillan’s 2020 book, “War: How Conflict Shapes Us”, she wrote “Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in 1990, because he wanted its oil.” This isn’t true.

This is how Jewish publisher’s, like Penguin Random House, will rewrite history to fit its Zionists agenda. Which is to promote war in the Middle East, so as to eventually create a “Greater Israel” (the “Seven State Solution”).

The truth is, Kuwait was drilling sideways into Iraq’s land, stealing its oil. So Saddam Hussein consulted the United States about what to do, we gave him the nod to go ahead and invade Kuwait. So he did (what we told him to do).

We started the first gulf war, claiming Kuwait was an innocent victim being invaded by the evil Iraq. Just like the U.S.S. Maine and the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, we instigated the war with a lie. Or more accurately, another false flag.

The daughter of the Prime Minister of Kuwait testified to Congress about seeing babies being taken from their incubators by Iraqi soldiers , and thrown on the cement floor. This was a complete lie. She was attending school in England at the time, and never saw anything.

The so-called “fact checkers” and the corporate media sluts knew the truth, but kept the information from the American people. Just like the truth about Hunter Byden’s laptop.

However, thanks to our loyal Deep State pressitutes who repeated this false narrative over and over, and over. As expected, it outraged the American people, who ignorantly supported yet another unjustified war.

And that’s probably why the Deep State wants America to be dependent on oil from the Middle East again, so that our interests will be their interests (and we can help them create this Greater Israel).

The Democreeps have the liberals thinking it’s about stopping global warming, Just as America becomes energy independent. But renewable energies aren’t enough to run this economy, so we’ll probably have to start importing our energy again. “But at least we won’t be polluting America with all that drilling,

Just like talking about election fraud is “conspiratorial”, and dangerous to our democracy. Wouldn’t you think it would be the opposite, not talking about election fraud would be more dangerous to this democracy?

Truth is, there’s always been some kind of election fraud, ever since we began pretending to have secret ballots. Yet, the Deep State apparatus claim there was absolutely no fraud in 2020, or not enough to make a difference. But How would they know unless they looked at it, forensically.

Obviously, their Zionist-controlled judges have been told by the Deep State to not look at any of the evidence. That’s probably why all of the court decisions so far have been thrown out based on procedural questions,
rather than any substantive question.

But were told there was fraud in 2016 when, according to the Deep State media, the Russians helped Trump steal the election. Except, after two and a half years, Mueller found absolutely no evidence of this allegation. In fact, the evidence suggests the Russian mob was actually helping the Democreeps conspire to win the election.

What we do know now is, Kevin Clinesmith, another dishonest Jewish lawyer, lied to the FISA Court on behalf of the F.B.I. and the Injustice Department (so that they could get a warrant to spy on the candidate they happen to oppose). And Rob Rosenstein, yet another dishonest Jewish lawyer from the Injustice Department, help Clinesmith cover up his falsified E mail to the FISA Court. And now, Zionist Merrick Garland, who helped cover up the truth about the Oklahoma City Bombing and the identity of “John Doe Number Two”, is going to be our Attorney General. Exactly how long before we start the war with Iran, with some false flag event, I wonder?

But “Jack Off” Dorsey, Mark Zuckerbooger, and the Deep State media won’t publish, or let you publish, any thought or comment that contradicts their version of the truth. Meanwhile, the New York Times thinks we need a truth czar to sort it all out (and keep the American people from knowing the truth).

Remember, Judith Miller, a reporter for the New York Times, was one of the most vocal among the slut media, saying Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, according to some anonymous sources. But the only chemical weapons they actually had was the ones we gave them during the Iraq-Iran War. And most of those weapons were no longer functional.

Maybe the New York Times ought to start telling us the truth, if they really want a truth czar? But maybe the Deep State won’t let them?

And maybe this is because it is their long term plan to eventually enslave and depopulate humanity, one brick at a time.

For example, Covid-19 was likely a biological weapon, released by the CIA and the military in China. But Fauci and the government won’t even admit it was man made. Who knows, maybe China is also in on this effort to depopulate. After all, they have over a billion people, and a lot more older people than us…

So why isn’t the corporate media telling us that Dr. Anthony Fauci, the media’s favorite Covid-19 doctor, had used our tax dollars to invest heavily in these dangerous types of experiments, using coronavirus virus, at the Wuhan lab in China. In fact, in the same lab where we suspect the outbreak began. What a coincidence!

And he did this, with the support of President Obama and Melinda Gates, knowing that we don’t allow these sort of dangerous experiments in the United States, for some funny reason.

Isn’t this the classic definition of a “mad scientist?” But the networks still go to him for “expert advice” on Covid-19, and always say, “According to many experts-“

We know Bill Gates wants to depopulate the world. So is his wife, Melinda Gates, helping to make this dream come true, by investing in Fauci’s dangerous experiments?

similar to 9-11, Covid-19 appears to have many purposes, including using fear porn to control the population. But one of the main purposes of releasing the virus on humanity appears to be reducing the elderly population, and those with underlieing conditions. In the United States over a half million have died so far, and almost all of them are people with disabilities and the elderly. Why isn’t the media telling us this? I suspect most of the people who died were receiving Social Security and Medicare.

The bean counters from the University of Chicago and Stanford have informed the elite that the elderly and the disabled are costing them tens of billions of dollars every year, and that number is expected to rise. They know this is not sustainable, unless we can significantly reduce these populations. So they start by convincing young people that Social Security and Medicare won’t be around for them, and any one under fifty begins to resent these programs, and us people.

I believe that is why the Alpha Dopes, OPB, and the rest of the media is constantly belittling the elderly and the disabled, so, like a bad stock, the culture can legitimately devalue their worth to society.

In 2010, Dave Miller, who works for the local NPR station (OPB), interviewed Carl Wolfson, an openly gay man who worked for the Air-America Network on KPOJ. Miller played a bit from one of Wolfson’s stand up comedy routines, where Wolfson said, “I think there should be a constitutional amendment that says anyone whose seen Halley’s Comet pass bye three times can not run for president.” In other words, as a gay man, he’s saying that discriminating on the basis of age, is okay.

And now, Joe Byden has appointed as Secretary of Health and Hunan Services a somewhat obese man, who thinks he’s a woman. Doesn’t this say something about how unhealthy we are, as a society?

If the reader can’t see the malevolence in these people, especially what they’ve done over the last twenty years, ever since 9-11, spreading lies, and practicing deceit. And what the Democreep Party seems to stand for, discriminating on the basis of age and disability, sexually manipulating children, and protecting wealthy and elite pedophiles, then god help us all, because, there’s no hope for humanity.

As MacMillan’s book points out, no creature on earth enjoys abusing humans, and everything else, more than humans themselves, and then lying about it. We pick an enemy, and sharpen our teeth and claws on them. Perhaps, she’s right. It’s in our DNA to make war, and to dominate and abuse the weakest among us.

Clearly, our technology has exceeded our humanity. Under the technocreeps, it’s only a matter of time before we destroy ourselves. Probably, with some biological weapon that got out of the lab.

the story of my life, and these writings, document our lack of humanity under this Zionist technocracy: where we’re supposed to believe that there’s more than two genders; and where were only exposed to propaganda, posing as the truth; and where we’re subjected to endless wars, to supposedly promote the peace But it’s all a big fat lie.

This is why I believe there’s no hope for the third world, and those of us here in third America–