2001 W. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.


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2001 W. Martin Luther King Blvd.
by DR Wolfe
{From “The Dirty Secret About Transparensee” Series}


In the year 2032 almost all buildings were completely controlled by computer systems — smart buildings, and they’re all linked together. But then something goes wrong and one of the buildings locks everyone inside. Then bad things start to happen.

We see a well dressed woman walking toward a door marked “exit”, she stops for a moment when she hears a loud snapping sound. Hearing nothing else, she starts walking again.

When she gets to the door, she finds it won’t open. She sees a man walking bye and begins to pound on the door to get his attention. He stops and comes over to help.

Woman: “Can you help? The door seems to be stuck.”

Man: We can’t actually hear him but we see him mouth the words, “I can’t hear you.”

When she realizes that he can’t hear her, she points to the door handle and says “help”. Apparently he figures out what she’s saying and starts pulling on the handle. She tries too. But the door won’t open.

After a minute he gives up and shrugs. She quickly pulls out her electronic pad and says “Can you get some help?”And holds the pad to the window.

He shrugs again and nods his head side to side. She pulls the pad away from the window and looks down at it, and realizes the screen is blank. The pad is off.

After trying the power button a few times, she realizes it isn’t working.

Quickly she begins to scramble through her purse and appears to be looking for something to write on, or something to write with- A moment later she pulls out some lipstick and writes “get help”. The man nods yes and points at something off in the distance. She nods back, and he briskly walks away.


We see a man holding up his hands. Suddenly the people around him become quiet. It looks like they’re standing in a cafeteria and look upset.

Supervisor”: “All right everyone, let’s figure this out together. Obviously we’re some of the most brilliant minds any where, so let’s calm down and work together to figure this out.” He pauses.

Then he continues. “Apparently something has happened to the computer system and it thinks we are in some kind of regional or world emergency life threatening status-”

First Man: “How do you know we’re not!” He looks and sounds extremely panicked. “Our phones aren’t working either, how do you explain that if it isn’t some kind of massive event?”

Send Man: Another man interrupts. “Maybe Russia or China has lunched their nukes!”

Supervisor: “If it were nucks it would already be over, so let’s calm down. It’s true, I can’t explain what happened to the phones. But everything else that has happened tells me that the computer system has triggered an automatic shut down for our own protection.

So, other than being a little shook up, is everyone all right, physically?”

First Woman: She holds up her hand. “I feel okay right now, but I’ll need more medicine soon. Do you know how long this emergency lock down will last?”

Supervisor: “No, but let’s let you and the nurse get together over there (he points across the room), and talk privately and let me know exactly what we can do to help. Marcy, where are you?” A slender woman with short black hair raises her hand.

The room is filled with fifty or sixty people grown.

Supervisor: “I’m going to let our security chief, Ben, tell you what we know. And then we’re gonna break up into some working groups and get organized. Everyone with me?” A few people number, as an athletic tall man steps up to the front of the room. “Thanks everyone for your cooperation.”

Ben: A tall athletic man steps forward. “Here’s what we know. All outside communications have been shut off. The doors are locked tight, and the windows and vents are impenetrable. We’ve apparently gotten a hold of someone from the outside (he looks toward the woman from scene 1) and help should be here very soon. Let’s stay calm and divide up in to some groups with some specific tasks.

“First we need our computer security people over here with me. And I want some people gathering up some food and start thinking about sleeping arrangements. We may be in here until morning, given the late hour.” He looks at his watch.

“You have my permission to search everything below the seventh floor and grab what ever you can find that you think we might need.” He continues naming some tasks, and we see him pointing toward a few specific people holding up their hands.

Then the supervisor is seen talking to another man.

Supervisor: “So you’re saying Johnson never called in or anything?” The other man nods his head. “You know he was expecting a bonus from the Averal Project, and he would probably know how to pull off something like this without any one else knowing. Come with me.”

The two men walk toward the security chief.

Supervisor: “Ben, we might have something. Johnson didn’t show up or call in today, and he’s been bitching lately about not being appreciated enough, and maybe moving on. Apparently, he was expecting a big cut from the Averal deal.”

Ben: “Do we know if he could get away with something like this, without security knowing?” Ben looks very doubtful.

Supervisor: He nods his head, affirmatively. “He has Level 9 clearance, so yes, it’s possible. Let me talk to Rena and a few other people and I’ll get back to you.” As he turns away and begins to look around, his cell phone rings…and the whole room instantly goes silent.

Hesitantly he answers. “Hello?”

Johnson: “Hi boss. Hope you don’t mind me calling you on your private line? You seem busy.” Johnson chuckles.

Supervisor: “Do you have anything to do with what’s happening?

Johnson: “Why would you assume I would know why you’re trapped? It almost sounds awful accusatory, boss?”

Supervisor: We were just starting to figure it out before you called Johnson, but it’s obvious why you never came in today.” He pauses. “No one’s gotten hurt so far, so let’s stop this now, before someone really does get hurt.” He pauses again. “Do you hear me Johnson?”

Johnson: “Okay boss, I’ll get right on it.” The phone goes dead and everyone around the supervisor looks stunned.. The camera zooms in the digital clock, in case the viewer hadn’t already noticed the the time is stopped at: “03:33 PM 09 11 2027”.

We see two men carrying a bag filled with tools approach a metal door, marked emergency exit.

First worker: “Well if the emergency door don’t work in an emergency then we’re all in big trouble.” Both men laughed, nervously.

First one, then both of them pushed against the release bar. Nothing happens.

After a few more tries the second worker pulls a slender metal bar out of his bag.

Second Worker: “Stand back.” The first worker moves away, and the second worker inserts it in to the frame directly next to a panel marked, ‘Weaver Electronic Lock’.

“give me a hand,” and first worker joins him and they push against the release lock.

Suddenly we see and hear a loud electrical pop. Both men are eliminated by a bright orange charge coming from the door. When it stops, they collapse to the ground, dead.

We see the supervisor talking to the same man who earlier brought Johnson’s absence to the supervisor’s attention.
First Man: “They were both electrocuted by the security door. It must have thought they were trying to get in, and for our protection the building made sure they couldn’t open the door. Or that’s what I figured happened.”

Supervisor: “I can’t believe it. That’s the stupidest security design I have ever heard of. And it’s all because Johnson put us in this emergency status?” Both men shake their heads in disbelief. “Well, let’s just make sure no one else tries to open any of the doors. Can you do that right away?” The man nods yes and quickly walks away.

Once again his cell phone rings and we can see him growing more angry with each ring. He stares at the phone. When Johnson first called, he tried dialing out, but apparently the computer would only allow Johnson to call in.

Supervisor: “I warned you Johnson!” He screams in to the phone. “The secure building thought two of my men were trying to break in and killed them! Are you happy Johnson!” The supervisor glares at the phone.

Johnson: “What are you talking about. That’s impossible.” He sounds sincere.

Supervisor: “Think about Johnson. We’re locked in, with no way out. So try a little force, but the building doesn’t know why or who is opening the door. The building only thinks it’s protecting us by stopping them. So was this your plan Johnson, to kill them?”

Now end this, Johnson and I’ll defend you. We’ll say you just lost your mind for awhile.
Johnson: “No, of course not. I didn’t mean for this to happen. I’ll make it stop right now, I promise.”

Supervisor: “Okay, Johnson, just get it right, real quick.”

Johnson: “I’ll need to do a work around to shut the program’s automated sequencer down early.” In what kind of sounds like an apology or explanation Johnson says, “I had a bunch of these gags set up for you guys, but no one was supposed to get hurt. Don’t worry, it’s over. I’m so sorry. Please tell everyone I’m so sorry.” The phone goes dead.

SCENE 5-10
These scenes will be added later, but we see a series of what first appear to be accidents, but then it’s not so clear. By scene 10 it becomes clear someone is making the building seek out each of its victims, one-by-one, and no one’s heard from Johnson since the first employees were killed.

Scene 11
There is now one survivor left, and he standing over the body of the supervisor. His arm appears to have been severed at the shoulder by the metal cabinet he is lying in front of– The last survivor steps back and looks around.

Then the cell phone rings.

Last Survivor: “Hello?” He quietly asks, knowing who it is.

Johnson:”Hello there,” the voice says calmly. “It’s Johnson, is the boss busy?”

Last Survivor: Looking outraged. “You killed him, you bastard! You killed them all, you sick bastard!” He screams.

Johnson: “now that’s ridiculous, I know exactly where I came from. Accusing me of being a bastard is not only a very cruel thing to say, it’s absolutely wrong. So how are things going?” Johnson pauses. “Now what exactly was I supposed to do again, I seem to have forgot. I had to take a short nap, and just woke up, and can’t remember a thing. Can you help me remember my friend, or let me speak to the boss man?”

Last Survivor: “You won’t get away with this Johnson.”

Johnson: “Get away with what. Is something wrong?”

Scene 12
Suddenly we see a man sitting at a bar watching a blank television.
Johnson: “What’s wrong with the TV?”He says to the bartender whose cleaning some glasses. ” I was just watching the Predators game and it went blank about minute ago, and hasn’t come back yet.”

Bartender: “Sorry about that, let me take a look.” He walks over to a box on the back wall and begins to examine it. “Everything seems to be on and connected, but we’re not getting a signal. I’m sure it’s temporary. The satellite goes out sometimes. Can’t tell you how long it will be, sorry,” he says, giving Johnson a serious look.

Johnson: Well, I guess I should hit it. It’s getting late, and, I guess I should go into work tomorrow and play the slave one more day.”

Bartender: “Yeah, just until you get another job, then you can tell them to get screwed!” Both men laugh.

Scene 13
Suddenly we see the last survivor collapse as a sharp razor object protrudes from one eye. Behind him we see a small cleaning robot holding a tube that looks kind of like a spray bottle.

Scene 14
We see a group of people standing in a stalled elevator. Suddenly the elevator jerks and someone says “Okay finally.”

Just then the elevator begins to plunge downward and we hear everyone screaming.

Scene 15
We see a flight attendant walking down the isle pushing a cart. Suddenly all the lights go out and the plane becomes silent. Before anyone begins to panic, the plane begins to slowly tilt forward spilling both the cart and the flight attendant. As the passengers begin to scream, the plane begins to pick up speed and plunges to earth.

Scene 16
We see an operating room. A woman in a white coat is sitting at a counsel with a large screen. Over her shoulder we see there is a patient laying on a table behind a glass wall, in another room.

Suddenly the doctor begins to panic, as the screen goes blue.

Doctor: “Something’s wrong, the security bot has disconnected me from the patient.” She begins to push and then pound on the counsel. She yells, “This has never happened before!”

Jumping to her feet, the doctor runs in to the glass room and a male nurse follows her.

Doctor: “We have to remove the bot now!” She screams. But before she can put on her gloves, we see a fountain of blood squirt from the patient’s chest in to the air.

Male Nurse: “Oh my god!” He screams.

Both of them freeze in place, as a large hole appears in the patients chest and a small metal object slowly emerges from the hole.

Scene 17
We see a bullet train approaching a draw bridge which appears to have been incorrectly raised. A moment later the train is seen falling in to the canyon below.

Scene 18
We watch a woman screaming and banging on the door of her automated car as it pulls into the on coming traffic and collides with an approaching semi-truck, marked “WARNING! HIGHLY EXPLOSIVE MATERIAL!”

Scene 19
It’s a sunny day as the camera zooms in on a residential neighborhood. We watch as one house, then another, and then a whole row of houses burst in to flames for no apparent reason. As the camera pulls away, we see the entire neighborhood is in flames.

Scene 20
We watch a group of passengers as they pour themselves in to a raft, as the passenger ship begins to sink. As the survivors are floating away from the ship, which falls out of view, several drones appear in the sky above them and begins to shoot sharp projectiles in to the sides of each of the inflatable rubber dingy’s.

As the camera pulls away, we see a number of large sharks circling the rats as the rafts begin to sink.

Scene 21-25
We are shown five more scenes from across the world showing how the humans are being murdered by the machines in every way imaginable.

Scene 26
In the final scene we see a group of hunters in a mountain camp.

First Hunter: “Did you see that? All the lights just went out in East Town.”

Second Hunter: “Yeah. That’s weird, let me check the cell phone.” We see the man pull out a phone but it doesn’t seem to be working either. “It’s out,” he tells the others.

Third Hunter: “So much for bringing only one cell phone for emergencies.” They all laugh.

Forth Hunter: “Maybe I should have told you guys, but my flashlight has a built in radio for emergencies. Want me to check it out?”

First Hunter: “Sure, then we’re gonna strip you naked and make you sleep in the creek for breaking our most sacred pledge.”

They all chant, “NO ELECTRONICS!’ And they all laugh again.

As the hunters sit quietly around the campfire. We hear the radio silently crackling.

The viewer thinks, ‘at least some humans will survive’.

But suddenly, we see a satellite crashing through the atmosphere. As one of the men notice a flash of light he looks up. A moment later we see the entire camp explode and burst into flames.

Scene 27
We see a kind of command room filled with computers. Most are mounted on tables or walls, but a couple of them appear to be movable bots for cleaning or security.

Then we hear the voice of Johnson say, “Mission accomplished.” And the machines suddenly power down to a low hum, as the credits begin to roll.

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